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The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: I Am the Future is an action, shooter videogame developed by Sonic Team and published by SEGA. It is the sequel of the game The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Rise of the Heroes. Like its first installment, it is an Action, Adventure, Platformer game as well as a Third-person shooter and strategy. The game was released in 2011, 8 months after its predecessor for the Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and the Wii. 
The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: I Am the Future
Release Dates
Jaguar European September 9, 2011

Jaguar american September 9, 2011
Jaguar flagen September 9, 2011

Jaguar Australian September 9, 2011
Sonic Team
Action, Adventure, Platformer, Third-Person Shooter, Strategy, Epic
Playstation 3, X-Box 360, Wii
Preceded by
Followed by
Crush 40, Steve Jablonsky (cutscenes), Various
PEGI: 12+ (Violence, Bad Language)


Sonic is teleported to a devestated, post apocalyptic, alternate world, 100 years in the future, where humanity is on the verge of extinction. There, Sonic meets a group of Freedom Fighters and agrees to help them save the future.
Two steps from hell - Am I not human

Two steps from hell - Am I not human

Music for the trailer

There will be 2 types of Stories in the game. The one is Sonic's Story which can be played only be Sonic and the other one is the Future Freedom Fighter's Story where the player can only play the Future Freedom Fighters.

Detailed Story

Main article: The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: I Am the Future/Story Mode''

Head here to see the complete story of the game, explained with every detail. The story is completed as of 1st of August 2011.


Gameplay for The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: I Am the Future somewhat differs from its prequel. The game is divided into 2 kinds of gameplay. These are Sonic Unleashed-like gameplay and Ratchet & Clank-like gameplay with some elements of Third-Person shooter gameplay, similar to that of Metroid: Other M.

In the first type of gameplay, Sonic is the only playable one. Like in Sonic Unleashed, this type of gameplay focuses on Sonic's speed and to this extent, sees the player control Sonic through fast-moving stages containing both 2D and 3D styles of gameplay. 2D sections are reminiscent of the Mega Drive/Genesis-era Sonic games, where the player controls Sonic in a side-scrolling fashion, while 3D sections sees the camera placed behind Sonic, so the player may move in all directions. In addition to moves available in past games, such as wall jumping, spin dashing and the homing attack, new moves are also introduced. For instance, a new side-step feature is available known as the Quick Step, allowing Sonic to dodge left-and-right, and a Speed Drift feature allows Sonic to turn around corners at high speed, without slowing down. The game also affords a gameplay mechanic for speed used in the Sonic Rush series in the form of Sonic Boost, which temporarily increases Sonic's speed, as well as allowing him to smash through objects, destroy enemies instantly, or even access different level paths. An on-screen "Ring Energy" meter is used to display how much boost is available. The amount of boost remaining may be increased by collecting more rings, and is decreased when the player uses it.

In the second type of gameplay, it resembles that of the Ratchet & Clank series. The player takes control of more than 15 different Future Freedom Fighters in a mix of platforming and action gameplay elements presented in the third-person perspective, focused on the use of unique weapons and gadgets. Each Freedom Fighters has his own versatile weaponry. They start of with a weapon, usually a sword or somesort for melee attacks and obtain various kinds of weapons through the game. Weapons can be either bought from a vendor, obtained by completing several missions or by finding their components on each level and fixing it yourself. Most weapons have a limited amount of ammunition, requiring the player to use weapons effectively to avoid running out of fire power. Ammunition can be restocked from vendors or by breaking crates scattered around the levels. Weapons can also be upgraded by using them often. The player may also get aboard tanks and/or other vehicles found scattered across levels. The player's screen shows the character's Life Gauge, which is very similar to the Ring Energy in Sonic's gameplay and can be restored by collecting rings, the ammoes, time, score and a small segment of a map. The game also allows players to change their camera into that of a Third-Person Shooter perspective, similarly to Metroid Other M, and play in that game style. Of course, in some parts of the level, the camera will automatically switch into that mode and the player must play in that perspective. The player takes control of the character and can switch weapon during gameplay. The weapons now are all targeted. They can also crouch and hide behind small walls for protection. Most of the game is in the Third-person perspective rather than free platformer. All other functions, however, remain the same as the previous kind of gameplay.

The game features a plethora of Modes. For Sonic's gameplay, players can race online. There is also the existence of leaderboards. For the Freedom Fighter's gameplay, there is a sanbox-like mode where up to 12 players can play online. They are put into a very large world, along with an army of mechs, and must defeat all of the opponent's army and base, while protecting theirs, similarly to the Ratchet & Clank multiplayer. Online players may also team up and use their own, customized weapons on the battles. They can also switch the mode to that of a Third-Person perspective or a Normal perspective and adjust the number of their teammates.


Sonic's Moves

Playstation 3 Controls
X Button Jump, Double Jump, Homing Attack
O Button + Left Analog Stick Quick Step
Square Button Light Dash, Sonic Boost
Δ Button Spin Dash
R1, R2 Button Stomping, Crouch, Slide
R1 + Left Analog Stick Sonic Drift
X-Box 360 Controls
A Button Jump, Double Jump, Homing Attack
B Button + Left Analog Stick Quick Step
X Button Light Dash, Sonic Boost
Y Button Spin Dash
RB, LB Button Stomping, Crouch, Slide
RB + Left Analog Stick Sonic Drift

Freedom Fighters' Moves

Playstation 3 Controls
X Button Jump, Double Jump, Float/Hover
Square Button Ground Attack
O Button Activate Weapon/Shoot
Δ Button Change Weapon/Board Vehicle
R1 Button Rotate camera
L1 Button Aim
R2 Button Crouch/Hide
L2 Button + Left Analog Stick Dodge
Right Analog Stick Adjust Screen
Select Change perspective (Third-Person Shooter Mode)
Start Pause, View Map
X-Box 360 Controls
A Button Jump, Double Jump, Float/Hover
X Button Ground Attack
B Button Activate Weapon/Shoot
Y Button Change Weapon/Board Vehice
RB Button Rotate camera
LB Button Aim
RT Button Crouch/Hide
LT Button + Left Analog Stick Dodge
Right Analog Stick Adjust Screen
Back Change perspective (Third-Person Shooter Mode)
Start Pause, View Map


Main Article: The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: I Am the Future/List of Characters

The game features mostly new characters. Many of the Freedom Fighters are playable in Multiplayer Mode, where Sonic is the only one in his gameplay style. There are a total of 9 main Freedom Fighters, which are playable in Story Mode and have their own, unique weapons, whereas the other Freedom Fighters are playable in Multiplayer and have to be unlocked, once found in Story Mode. Their weapons are selected by the player.

Non-Freedom Fighters

Outpost X Freedom Fighters



Like its previous installment, the game features a wide variety of levels. Both characters' levels are all located within specific Adventure Fields where the player must go and access them from there.

Sonic's Levels

Sonic's Levels
Stage Name Act 1 Act 2 Boss Adventure Field
Zelion Happening City Devestated Drive Outpost X
Great Forest Great Ent Feral Forest Placido the Wolf Outpost X
Training Room Cyber Chamber Virtual Network Testing Robo Outpost X
Eloch Hallowed Ruins Lost Sanctuary Gravitus Guard Eloch
Isle of the Angels Green Realm Angelic Springs Isle of the Angels
Gravitus Fleet Sky Rush Atmosphere Terminal Immarius Isle of the Angels
Eloch Red Valley Tricky Turnpike Gravitus Buster Eloch
Space Colony ARK Debris Canyon Fallen Colony Space Colony ARK
Sector Z Naval Fortress Hidden Harbour Gravitus Terminator Space Colony ARK
Downunda Faraway Oz Arid Plains Gravitus Knight Space Colony ARK
Mt. Greyhorn Iced Gate Frosted Mines Gravitus Decimator Mt. Greyhorn
Northern Tundra Frigid Fields Arctic Acropolis Gravitus Yeti Mt. Greyhorn
Soumerca Marsh Jungle Tremendous Treeway Gravitus Moth Space Colony ARK
Gravitus Reservoir Bionic Barrage Wild Waterway City of Men
City of Men Downtown Highway Route 106 Gravitus Draco City of Men
Kingdom of Mercia Metropolis View White Walls Kingdom of Mercia
Kingdom of Mercia Kingdom Crisis Final Run Placido the Wolf Kingdom of Mercia

Freedom Fighters' Levels

The Freedom Fighters' levels are much longer than Sonic, most of them varying, from 5 minutes in simple missions to 15 missions in long stages.

Freedom Fighters' Levels
Stage Name Mission(s) Boss Adventure Field
Valcon Defeat 50 enemies Outpost X
Great Forest Placido the Wolf Outpost X
Eloch Destroy the enemy's base Gravitus Statue Eloch
Isle of the Angels Isle of the Angels
Angelic Springs Destroy 5 airships Gravitus Sentinel Isle of the Angels
Outpost X Defeat 60 enemies Outpost X
Outpost X Defend the base Gravitus Obliderator Outpost X
Space Colony ARK Destroy the enemy's base Space Colony ARK
Sector Z Defeat 65 enemies Gravitus Terminator Space Colony ARK
Downunda Detonate 5 bombs Gravitus Knight Space Colony ARK
Mt. Greyhorn Destroy 5 Gravitus Pillars Mt. Greyhorn
Protect the Greyhorn Alliance Gravitus Decimator Mt. Greyhorn
Northern Tundra Mt. Greyhorn
Northern Tundra Gravitus Yeti Mt. Greyhorn
Soumerca 3 different missions Gravitus Moth Space Colony ARK
Gravitus Reservoir Destroy the reservoir City of Men
City of Men Defeat 65 enemies Gravitus Draco City of Men
Kingdom of Mercia Activate the Attack Units Kingdom of Mercia
Kingdom of Mercia Gravitus Punisher Kingdom of Mercia

Final Story Stages

The following stages cannot be accessed through an Adventure Field. Instead, the player can select them from Free Play Mode.

Final Story Levels
Stage/Boss Mission Playable Character(s)
Gravitus Utopia Sonic
Battlefield Defeat 100 enemies Freedom Fighters
Viral Velocity Sonic/Super Sonic
Finale Freedom Fighters
Gravitus God Super Sonic

Adventure Fields

The game also features large "Adventure Fields" very similar to those of Sonic Adventure, only much larger, in order for the player to explore, talk to the locals and acquire weapons. From each Adventure Field, the player can access other Action Stages. These Adventure Fields can be played by both Sonic and the Freedom Fighters. So far, these are the Adventure Fields that are confirmed.

  • Outpost X - The main adventure field at the start of the game. It is a destroyed base with red sky and very small buildings. Most of the stage is underground.
  • Isle of the Angels - The Angel Island, it features many locations such as waterfalls, lakes, forests, jungles, plains, rocks and canyon. It also features many hidden locations within
  • Eloch - A site of ancient ruins. It is a small adventure field.
  • Space Colony ARK - The main adventure field in the second half of the game. It is one of the largest in the game as it features many stages. Most of the Adventure Field takes place outside the ARK. The field has a lot of broken machines and craters.
  • Mt. Greyhorn - A small adventure field. It is snowy and features large mines and ancient gates of rock.
  • City of Men - The last city of the humans. It is a nearly destroyed city with skyscrapers and highways.
  • Kingdom of Mercia - A huge city and the last city remaining that stands against Immarius' tyrany. It is heavily based on the city Zion from the Matrix, only extremely less larger. It is mostly underground and surrounded by huge, white walls and ceiling.



Main article: The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: I Am the Future/Story Mode''

The main Mode of the game where it is devided into two parts; Sonic's Story and the Freedom Fighters' Story, each having a different gameplay style and storyline. When the Story Mode is completed, players can still replay all of the levels they have completed, as well as the Bosses.


Multiplayer Mode features gameplay for both Sonic's gameplay and the Freedom Fighters. For Sonic's gameplay, up to 4 players can play. Players pick a stage from the Story Mode to play and must race each other, ultimately reaching the Goal Ring. Whoever reaches it first wins. Sonic is the only playable character and players can attack each other, similarly to Sonic Rivals. As for the Freedom Fighter's gameplay, there is an open world mode where up to 4 players can play simlutaneously. Players select a map of over 20 locations, each one based on a stage in Story Mode and put into an open-world environment of that location, along with their army of mechs, which serve as soldiers and can be from 20 to over 50, and must defeat all of the opponent's army and base, while protecting their own squad and base. They can also switch the mode to that of a Third-Person perspective or a Normal perspective and adjust the number of their teammates. In addition, they can pick over 30 different Freedom Fighters to play as, while choosing their own weapons and gadgets. They can also use various items to help them, scattered across the sandbox world. The game ends when 3 of the teams have been vanquished.


In Campaign Mode, players can select up to 30 different Freedom Fighters to play as. Players then must complete certain objectives in stages while using the selected character. There are 6 stages, each one from a stage in the Story Mode. Stages include Doununda, Outpost X, Soumerca, Northern Tundra, Sector Z, Space Colony ARK, Gravitus Utopia, Eloch, Angel Island, Kingdom of Mercia and the Mt. Greyhorn. These stages are massive and resemble sandbox-like levels. The stages appear in random order. In the first stage, players must complete an objective in order to move to the next level, such as defeating a certain amount of enemies, detonating bombs, destroying or protecting bases, or acquiring hidden items. Once the objective has been completed, the player moves to the second level, where it takes place on a different stage with a different mission. Up to 2 players can play co-operatively in this mode. When the player completes level 6, they battle a Boss from the Story Mode. That Boss is randomly chosen. Players are rewarded with a special weapon or bonus item in the Gallery whenever they complete the mode with a certain character. However, the player is only rewarded when they clear it with one of the 9 Outpost X Freedom Fighters.

Free Play

In Free Play, players can simply choose any stage they have unlocked from Story Mode and play it with the desired character. Players can select both characters' gameplay stages.This mode is simply for replaying and is not rewarded with anything. It is a quicker way of playing stages once instead of going through Adventure Fields.

Weapon Construction

In Weapon Construction Mode, (human) players can build their own weapons by assembling multiple components of weapons, found scattered across each Freedom Fighters' level. Many weapons can be collected this way. Each component can be assembled with various other components to create various, different weapons, including firearms and melee weapons.


In Gallery, players can view hidden bonus features which have been collected throughout the game. These include concept arts, artworks, renders, box arts, voice clips, cutscenes, deleted scenes, music and character profiles. It is exactly the same mode as in The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Rise of the Heroes.

Online Play

Online Play is the same mode as Multiplayer Mode (see above). However, up to 8 different players can play online along with their teams. The players can also work together with another team to defeat the opposing team. Players vote for the stage they desire and can also trade weapons and gadgets.

Achievement Board

Achievement Board is a board where the player is ranked according to all of his Achievements. Achievements can be unlocked when a player satisfies certain in-game requirements, such as upgrading all of the Weapons to Ultimate, clearing Story Mode or clearing Campaign Mode with all characters. Achievement Board can also be viewed Online and players are rewarded with Weapons for each Achievements.


In Options, players can make various modifications such as altering the camera, the sound, the brightness etc. It is the same mode as the prequel.


Main article: The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: I Am the Future/ List of Weapons

Each playable character, aside from Sonic, uses various kinds of weapons, each one with their own unique ability. Weapons can be obtained by the following ways:

  • Acquired at the start of the game. They are acquired automatically at the start of the game.
  • Bought from the shop at the Adventure Fields. Their cost depends on how good the weapons are, useful weapons reaching a very high price while normal and ordinary weapons reaching low and normal price. Each time, more and new weapons will appear at the shop, mostly when the player completes a stage or Chapter. In order to buy the weapons from the shop, the player must acquire rings from in-game stages.
  • Given automatically at the end of a level, during a cutscene.
  • Completing specific Achievements. Most weapons unlocked this way are extremely powerful and have only 1 upgrade.
  • Finding various components, hidden within playable stages, then assembling them at Weapon Construction Mode.

All available weapons will be posted here, each character's own weapons will be posted on their page. There are various types of weapons in the game; these are Shooting Weapons, Melee Weapons, Vehicles, Gadgets & Equipment.

Shooting Weapons

Shooting Weapons are available to all Freedom Fighters. They are very similar to those of the Ratchet and Clank series. They have the same function. These weapons are also upgraded if they are used quite often. Some of them have to be targeted while others do not. The criteria for acquiring them are listed above in the bullets. Each Outpost X Freedom Fighter has his own unique arsenal of 20-22 weapons, some of which are listed below.

For details regarding each weapon please click here.

Weapons Super Weapons Secret Weapons Ultimate Weapons Users Availability
Autonomous Pixelizer Super Autonomous Pixelizer Secret Autonomous Pixelizer Ultimate Autonomous Pixelizer Sullivan Starter
Hot Shot Super Hot Shot Secret Hot Shot Ultimate Hot Shot All Characters Starter
Golden Wheeler Super Golden Wheeler Secret Golden Wheeler Ultimate Golden Wheeler Larson Acquired from Shop
Buster Blaster Super Buster Blaster Secret Buster Blaster Ultimate Buster Blaster All Characters Starter
Rocket Launcher Super Rocket Launcher Secret Rocket Launcher Ultimate Rocket Launcher All Characters Starter
Tesla's Cube Super Analyzer Secret Analyzer Ultimate Analyzer Sky Acquired from Shop
Gatling Gun Super Gatling Gun Secret Gatling Gun Ultimate Gatling Gun E-100000 F-3 Starter
Torpedo Super Torpedo Secret Torpedo Ultimate Torpedo Spiker Acquired from Shop
Radioactive Bomber Super Radioactive Bomber Secret Radioactive Bomber Ultimate Radioactive Bomber Baxter Starter
Leon Cannon Super Leon Cannon - - Baxter Acquired from Achievement
Flamethrower Super Flamethrower Secret Flamethrower Ultimate Flamethrower E-100000 F-3 Starter
Satellite Laser Super Satellite Laser Secret Satellite Laser Ultimate Satellite Laser Shadow Acquired from Shop
Gigatech Beacon Super Gigatech Beacon Secret Gigatech Beacon Ultimate Gigatech Beacon Sky Starter
Gamma Ray Super Gamma Ray Omega Ray Ultimate Omega Ray Sky Acquired from Shop
Zapper Super Zapper Secret Zapper Ultimate Zapper Sullivan Starter
Ectoplasmer Super Ectoplasmer Secret Ectoplasmer Ultimate Ectoplasmer Larson Acquired from Shop
Crossbow Super Crossbow Secret Crossbow Ultimate Crossbow Rosaline Starter
Spray Stinger Super Spray Stinger - - Larson Acquired from Achievement
Missile Launcher Super Missile Launcher Secret Missile Launcher Ultimate Missile Launcher E-100000F-3 Starter
Shadow Gun Super Shadow Gun Secret Shadow Gun Ultimate Shadow Gun Shadow Starter
Darkstar Cannon Super Darkstar Cannon Secret Darkstar Cannon Ultimate Darkstar Cannon Sullivan Weapon Construction Mode
Shining Harmonizer Super Shining Harmonizer Secret Shining Harmonizer Ultimate Shining Harmonizer Rosaline Weapon Construction Mode
Snitch Spiker Super Snitch Spiker Secret Snitch Spiker Ultimate Snitch Spiker Turbulence Starter
Dread Shooter Super Dread Shooter Secret Dread Shooter Ultimate Dread Shooter Sullivan Acquired from Shop
Wind Gust Super Wind Gust Secret Wind Gust Ultimate Wind Gust Rosaline Acquired from cutscene
Shuriken Storm Super Shuriken Storm Secret Shuriken Storm Ultimate Shuriken Storm Turbulence Starter
Shock Equalizer Super Shock Equalizer Secret Shock Equalizer Ultimate Shock Equalizer Sky Starter
Sunflare Magnum Super Sunflare Magnum Secret Sunflare Magnum Ultimate Sunflare Magnum Baxter Acquired from Shop
Crystal Gun Super Crystal Gun Secret Crystal Gun Ultimate Crystal Gun Rosaline Starter
Pistol Super Pistol Secret Pistol Ultimate Pistol Baxter Acquired from Shop
Magnetic Disruptor Super Magnetic Disruptor Secret Magnetic Disruptor Ultimate Magnetic Disruptor Sky Weapon Construction Mode
Plasma Wave Super Plasma Wave - - E-100000 F-3 Acquired from Achivement
Minefield Eruptor Super Minefield Eruptor Secret Minefield Eruptor Ultimate Minefield Eruptor Spiker Starter
Firework Master Super Firework Master Secret Firework Master Ultimate Firework Master Rosaline Acquired from Shop
Ground Destroyer Super Ground Destroyer Secret Ground Destroyer Ultimate Ground Destroyer Spiker Weapon Construction Mode

Melee Weapons

Melee weapons are different for every character and cannot be changed. They are inputed by pressing the X Button for the X-Box 360, the y Button for the Wii and the Square Button for the PS3. When inputed, the character will perform a physical attack, either with a sword or with their hands.

Character Attack Description
Baxter Freedom Flag Delivers swipes with the Freedom Fighters' flag.
Sullivan Flare Blade Slices multiple times with his sword, performing various combos.
Larson Weapon Hit Delivers multiple physical hits with his current weapon.
Sky Electric Whip Uses an electric whip to deliver close damage.
Rosaline Hammer Delivers multiple hist with a hammer, similar to the Piko Piko.
Turbulence Beak Attack Pockes at enemies with his beak.
Shadow Chaos Punch Punches multiple times and kicks, releasing Chaos energy.
Spiker Trident Sceptor Slashes with a trident sceptor
E-100000 F-3 Katana Slashes forward with a reconfigured katana.

Gadgets & Equipment

Gadgets and Equipment can be bought from the shop or by completing specific Achievements and/or Missions. They can be equiped to any Freedom Fighter by pressing Start and then Equip. It allows the player to execute various moves.

Gadget Description
Neutron Shield A shield that creates a force field around the user, protecting him from attacks. When it takes enough damage, it will deplete.
Jet Pack Makes the user temporarily fly and hover.

A shield very similar to the Neutron Shield with the ability to reflect any projectile attacks. It is much expensive than the Neutron Shield. When it takes enough damage, its power depletes.

Gravity Boots Allows the player to walk on metal walls and ceilings.
Dragon Guard When equiped, a golden egg will constantly float next to the player. When the player takes enough damage, the egg will hatch and a golden, mini-dragon will appear and will constantly float next to the user, attacking enemies with various attacks. It is acquired from an Achievement.
Booster A pair of boots which make the user run faster.
Torch When the melee attack button is pressed, the user will attack with a lit torch. It also lights dark places.
Armadillo Shell When dodging an attack, the player is protected by an armadillo shell and if the button is kept pressed, he will roll around the stage in great speed, protected from attacks, until it is let go.
Grenade Glove When inputing the melee attack button, a player will instead throw a grenade which explodes nearby. It has 20 ammoes.

Items, Gimmicks & Enemies

Main Article: The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog (Series)/Items

This is a list of all Items and gimmicks found in-stage in Sonic's gameplay. They are mostly the same as in the previous game. The common enemies are the same in the previous game, with some newer ones. There are only Gravitus as common enemies.


The game's soundtrack is composed by various artists. The music of the stages is composed by numerous artists who have worked in previous Sonic games featuring dark, epic, action-themed music. The game's songs and the game's main theme song are written and performed by Crush 40. Unlike previous Sonic games, the music in the cutscenes is composed by a diffrent composer. The creators wanted an epic, apocalyptic action-themed score to fit with both the gameplay and the story itself. The music in the cutscenes is composed by Steve Jablonsky. The soundtrack of the game received very positive reviews and is considered one of the best and most recognized amongst the Sonic games.

Voice Acting

Main article: The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog (Series)''

This is a list of all Voice Actors in the series.

The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: I Am the Future
Aggregate Scores
Aggregator Score
Metacritic 94/100
Gamerankings 93.09%
Review Scores
Publication Score
Eurogamer 10/10
Famitsu 38/40
GamesRadar 7/10
Game Trailers 9.7/10
Gamespot 9.5/10
IGN 9.8/10
Nintendo Power 10/10
X-Visual 10/10
Destructoid 9.1/10 A+

Critical Reception

The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: I Am the Future received universal critical acclaim from fans and critics alike. IGN gave the game a rare 9.8/10 saying "A powerful epic adaptation to the Sonic Chronicles fleet. SEGA has mastered it once again" while praising the game's epic and powerful storyline, visuals and musical score. Nintendo Power gave the game a perfect 10/10 saying "A unique gem. I Am the Future is a powerful and emotional epic which is one step towards perfection". Nintendo Power praised the game's unique storyline, character development and exciting gameplay. Gamespot awarded the game a 9.5 out of 10 saying "An instant classic. With its unique story, thrilling gameplay and intense visuals, it [I Am the Future] is a game you don't want to miss". Game Trailers gave the game a 9.7/10, praising the game's epic climax in the story mode. The highest rating came from X-Visual which awarded it with 10 out of 10. The game also earned a rare and perfect score 10/10 from Eurogamer who praised the game for its "magnificent atmosphere and dark epic storyline". GamesRadar was more ctitical to the game who awarded it with a 7 out of 10, critisizing the game's controls and camera.


  • The title "I Am the Future" refers to Sonic, who by saving the future, is the future.
  • The weapon upgrades Super, Secret and Ultimate are references to the card rarety in the game Yu-Gi-Oh!.
  • The game was released 8 months exactly after its first instalment.
  • The game's working title was "The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Future Echoes".
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