The Chaotix is a group in the series made up of Vector, Espio and Charmy. They are a detective agency in Sonic Heroes and Sonic X.


Sonic X the Remake

  • Vector the Crocodile(leader)
  • Espio the Chamelon
  • Charmy Bee


In NAOSTH, the Chaotix members include:

Sonic Underground Remake Series

Only Charmy, Espio, and Vector are among the members of this wily trio. They are completely in debt and owe mafia boss, Don Weazo, some loot, thus enabling these three to work in his turf until their debt's been paid (despite their relationship with his other men, especially Sleet and Dingo, being on good terms). They first appeared on Coco Island, gaining medallions during the whole Wizpig and Kukku Battle Army fiasco, despite not gaining anything valuable. They later helped out against Gruntilda, gaining some loot along the way, though not enough to get out of debt. Later, the trio meet with Sleet, Dingo, and Nic where they learn that Sleet and Dingo are not only alive, but also are forced to be Robotnik's minions. All while after getting out of the trap meant for Robotnik, Team Chaotix was secretly made members of the Freedom Fighters.

(More to come)

Sonic X Next Gen/ Sonic Crystal Universe series

  • Vector the Crocodile
  • Espio the Chameleon
  • Charmy Bee
  • Hali the Hedgehog

......Knuckles the Echidna joins them for a mission or two

Will the Echidna storyline

The Chaotix retain all their members from Archie, so they include...

In addition, a number of fancharacters join, giving the group a more mercenary band or army-like appearance. These people join both before the series and during it. These include...

more coming!

Sonic the Hedgehog: Speed Chronicles

The Chaotix, consisting of Vector, Espio and Charmy, appear in the Korean anime where they. like all other characters, have new designs of themselves. However, rather than being minor heroes and a detective agency group, they are major antagonists and a criminal group who steals jewels and make fake duplicates of the jewels to be sold for high prices. Other criminal activites they are involved in are commiting arson on every building, mind controlling victims using the Chaos Emeralds and stealing special technology. Vector is the leader of the criminal group and a master thief even known to Shadow and Rouge, Espio is a usually quiet but deadly ninja who stabs his victims with paralyzing shurikens to distract them, and Charmy is a misbehaved child who got kicked out of school for bad behavior. Vector owns a large van which contains the Chaotix's stolen treasure. However, when defeated by the Sonic Saviors, they were all arrested and sent to prison for their crimes, but were eventually released from prison by Shadow and Rouge and then hired by Dr. Eggman to take down the Sonic Saviors, as well as steal the Chaos Emeralds to fulfil his plans for universe domination.

Sunny the Hedgehog's Fanfics

Members of the Chaotix include:

Vector the Crocodile
Charmy Bee
Espio the Chameleon
Elsie the Merekat
Myra the white tiger
Falon the Fennec Fox
and Ivy the seedrian

BearfootTruck's Universe

In this universe, the Chaotix' personnel include:

BearfootTruck's backstory

The members of what would become the Chaotix were free citizens of the world who came together one day and decided to have fun. Eventually, they came to an amusement park on Carnival Island and decided to go. Actually, Ray chickened out because he was afraid of rollercoasters. His decision turned out to be fateful: The park was merely a trap set by Dr. Robotnik, who ended up kidnapping the rest of them. Espio managed to break free of his cell and joined up with Knuckles to free the rest of the guys. After this incident, they came to realize the magnitude of Dr. Robotnik's campaign. Thus, they founded the Chaotix, a private detective agency/covert Freedom Fighter group.

And Down Will Come Sonic – Cradle and All

Espio is conducting surveillance in Eggopolis when he notices an influx of Robotnik's troops in the city. Thus, he informs Vector, who in turn informs Sally. Upon further investigation, Espio discovers that the troop buildup is due to a new superweapon that Robotnik is manufacturing - the Atomic Decoupler, which is capable of destroying entire planets. During this time, Charmy tries interrupting Vector by singing over the microphone.

Sonic's Weird Birthday

The Chaotix meet Sonic outside of the Great Forest, where they give him a gift from all of them: A 1970 Chevy Camaro Z/28, which was restored thanks to information they got from the internet. Vector is only too enthusiastic to tell Sonic about the car's features. At first, Ol' Blue isn't interested in the car because he can already go fast without one. However, Vector & Espio bring up times when Sonic has driven a car in the past and remind him that this is a payment of gratitude. Also, since Charmy is begging so much, Sonic changes his mind.

Initially, Sonic doesn't know how to start the car due to the lack of a start button, but Vector gives him the keys. The moment Sonic hits the gas, Big Green comes to regret his decision as he is freaked out by the high speeds. In contrast, Charmy is really enjoying himself, and Espio is unfazed. The drive ends when the Blue Blur takes the Camaro off a jump, landing in Knothole. Thanks to the fact that Espio reinforced the chassis & suspension, the car is largely intact upon landing. Vector bolts out of his seat, having had enough of Sonic's driving, whereas Charmy wants to do it over and over.

When the United Copyright Police shows up after Sonic blows out his candles, Espio knocks out the two officers using blow darts coated with Potassium Tetratrychtate. Vector is a little freaked out at first because he thinks that the Purple Phantom killed them. At the end of the story, Vector decides to go to IHOP to get away from the weirdness going on at Sonic's party, and the rest of his comrades follow him, along with Antoine.


Members of the Chaotix

Mariala Anime



MarvelFan2012's Universe

In this continuity, the Chaotix team consists of:

Tomasrocks123's universe


Sonic Adventure 3

Sonic Universe 3

Sonic R 2:Second Race-Espio,Charmy,Vector,and Mighty are playable.

Neon Duo FanFics

In these fanfics The Chaotix consist of:

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