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Green glowing Stone


The Chaos Array Tribe were the main users of the Chaos Stone when the one leader of the tribe would have it attached to a string necklace around their neck. When a new leader took the place of the older leader, then the stone got passed down to the new leader. Rector, being the most recent leader, held the stone after it was passed down to him. Now, due to recent events, Sulten The Civet is the current user of the stone and still holds it attached to a string necklace around his neck.


Sulten The Civet, the current user of the Chaos Stone is actually the first wielder of it as well. When Sulten has unlocked magically abilities from the stone that is most commonly referred to as “chaos powers”. Sulten didn’t realize that the stone had magical abilities, since he had never seen Rector, previous leader of “The Chaos Array Tribe”, use it before and hadn’t known why his brother, “Ire The Civet”, was after it. Now that Sulten knows what the stone can do, he uses it more often, but only in times of true defense, whether he’s in danger or someone else is. The Chaos Stone is now Sulten’s weapon and a means to protect himself, as well as others.


“The Chaos Stone”, when in close contact of any user/wielder, allows them to use magically abilities, most commonly referred to as “chaos powers”. The Chaos Stone may also grant the ability to fly, if the user is trained enough in using chaos powers. In order to unlock the full ability of the Chaos Stone or at least a bit of it’s ability, one must be connected to it, either spiritually or emotionally. The reason for this connection comes from the reference of the actual power of chaos, better said by Tikal the Echidna, “The servers are the Seven Chaos...Chaos is power, enriched by the heart... The controller exists to unify the chaos”. This means, the Chaos Stone’s power depends of the user/wielder’s spirit or emotion while the Chaos Stone only acts as an amplifier for the power enforced by the spirit or emotion.

Strong Will

Sometimes, the Chaos Stone will feed off of the bare essence of it’s user/wielder’s spirit or emotion. If they grow a strong will to crave more power for whatever reason it may be, then the Chaos Stone will give them a good or bad super transformation from which they will unlock more chaos powers and automatically be given the ability to fly. If they receive a good super transformation, they will be in full control with the addition of a furious spiky aura and a gold/yellow appearance. If they receive a bad super transformation, the chaos stone will take over their body, react by following the intention of their spirit or emotion alone. They will have a calm, mellow aura and a red appearance.

Overly Strong Will

There will be cases when the Chaos Stone helps a user/wielder unlock a super transformation, but then the super transformation is broken beyond itself to unlock an almost impossible and unstable power. If a good super transformation is broken beyond it’s limit, then the user/wielder’s personality will become ultimately mellow and their appearance will be average, but with a white water like aura and a half blinding light coming from their body. If a bad super transformation is broken beyond it’s limit, then the user/wielder’s personality is gone and the chaos stone will completely take them over by their spirit and emotion alone on a point which they cannot to return, unless someone else intervenes and succeeds. The user/wielder’s appearance will be a terrifyingly dark version of themselves with a completely black lined aura and pure white eyes with no pupils.


Passed down since the dawn of time according to the tribe

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