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The Chameleon Crew
Sly the Chameleon (Speed type and Leader), Patch the Chameleon (Power type), Bolt the Chameleon (Fly type)
Time of Formation
Sometime before the events of The Legend of Ashura 2: Oak Strikes Back
Equipment and/or Weaponry
Mystery Cane (Sly's choice weapon), Latch (Patch's choice weapon), para-gliders, several other gadgets and weapons
The Legend of Ashura 2: Oak Strikes Back (first appearance; upcoming), The Legend of Ashura 4: Ashura Unleashed (upcoming)
Vocal Theme
"Chameleon Crew"
Cquote1 Sly: To remain free even after we die! Patch: To always outrun the coppers like crazy! Bolt: To take down anyone in our way! All: To become the greatest thieves in history! Sly: Sly! Patch: Patch! Bolt: Bolt! All: We are.......the Chameleon Crew! Cquote2
Their catchphrase

The Chameleon Crew (also known as Team Chameleon) is a Sonic Heroes-style team of antiheroes in MewtwoLucario's The Legend of Ashura series. The team strives to become the greatest thieves in history, and they're already pretty close to that.


Leader and Speed type: Sly the Chameleon

Power type: Patch the Chameleon

Fly type: Bolt the Chameleon

Formations and Abilities

Speed Formation

Patch and Bolt line up behind Sly as he takes the lead. The team's attacks in this formation are the basic spin, homing attack, dash, and the Espio-style triangle jump. Sly uses attacks that involve swinging the Mystery Cane, as well as the ability to turn invisible.

Power Formation

Patch moves to the front as Bolt and Sly follow behind him. Patch can throw his teammates at targets and swing his sword, Latch, to attack, as well as turn invisible and stick to walls. His main combo is to take off, bend, and throw his peg leg around him in several directions. Patch's finisher involves extending his hook and swiping all around him, destroying anything that comes close to him.

Fly Formation

Bolt creates a small storm cloud that lifts him, Sly, and Patch into the air. Bolt can make the cloud fly and Thunder-Shoot his teammates. When alone, Bolt can shoot powerful bolts of lightning from his fingers, turn invisible, and stick to walls.

Team Blast: High-Sea Storm Thieves

Out of nowhere, everything on-screen becomes flooded, followed by a pirate ship and a huge electrical storm. Each of these deal damage to anything on-screen. Riding the pirate ship is the Chameleon Crew, with Bolt controlling the storm and Patch steering the ship. Sly leaps off of the ship and swings the Mystery Cane so much that he steals the health from any on-screen enemies. In the aftereffect, the team becomes invincible and steals health from any enemies they come into contact with.

If They Were in Sonic Heroes

  • They would be referred to as Team Chameleon.
  • Gameplay would be like Team Chaotix's, only they are supposed to steal a certain item in each level.
  • Extra missions would involve destroying a certain number of enemies.
  • The team's in-game dialogue would be written by the writers of Sonic Unleashed, making it less of hints and more of funny and/or smack-talk comments about the situation.
  • Rival battles would be against Team Vengeance and Team Glitch.
  • Their spin auras would be grey for Sly, red for Patch, and green for Bolt.
  • If Patch was at level 2, he could perform his finisher. At level 3, the peg leg inexplicably grows larger and causes more damage.
  • Their end-of-level pose would be Bolt shooting several lightning bolts into a "V" for victory, Patch rolling Latch across his shoulders, and Sly holding the Mystery Cane victoriously in the air.

Base of Operations

The Chameleon Crew's hideout is an underground base, whose entrance is well-hidden somewhere deep in a forest. The base, which they refer to as the "Chameleon Cave", has state-of-the-art technology that can track a rock in a quarry, meaning that it really helps when tracking treasure and stuff. The Chameleon Cave also has a large bedroom that they all share, a rec room, a training room, a library, and a hidden room that Patch uses as a giant chocolate shrine.


The First Heist is Planned

Sly, a chameleon from a family of master thieves, had recently been let out of the orphanage he grew up in. The reason was that he had turned 14, and was old enough to look after himself. His parents had disappeared under mysterious circumstances when he was a kid, and all he had to remember them by was his father's thieving cane and his family lineage, a book called the Thievius Chameleonus. Sly decided that just because he was an orphan didn't mean he had to not be a thief, so he planned his first heist since the "Kooky-Steelin' Plaan" (Cookie-Stealing Plan) back in the orphanage. The first thing he would have to do was get together a team: a super-strong Power type and a super-genius Fly type. As such, Sly started searching Mobius.

Vocal Theme

The team's vocal theme, called "Chameleon Crew", is a remix of the song "Team Chaotix" from Sonic Heroes. Most of the lyrics have been changed to match the team and their intentions.


Note: Words in bold would be changed to "Team Chameleon" if the team was in Sonic Heroes.

(Chameleon Crew)
Once upon a time
Every good and bad guy
Lived to see their loot another day!
But now they'd never manage
Dude, they'd be brain damaged
Just to think they could hide it away!
The power's breakin' in as a dream team!
A force that always will be free!
And when the trail's gone cold
And the lies have been told
This crew will be what you can't see!
Yeah, treasure hides
When in the sky they glide
And the lightning bolts fly too!
The muscle is Patch
He has a sword he calls Latch
And he always will come through!
Cha-mel-eon Crew!
They're master thieves
You want on your side!
Cha-mel-eon Crew!
Their directive's
Committin' every crime!
Come along for the ride!
The loot can run but not hide!
For long!
The game!
Is on now!
Remember when stealin'
Never was a good dealin'
And the bandit life would never pay?
Well, now that the team's in town
Thieves have come aboveground
And they're the kings to this very day!
They wanna go down in history!
As the best thieves of 'em all!
And when freedom seems thin
And their outlook seems grim
These three will make their foes bawl!
Yeah, Bolt's thing
Is dishin' out lightning
And the pirate cheers 'im on!
Sly, as you know
Is always ready to go
Never do a mission wrong!
Cha-mel-eon Crew!
They're master thieves
You want on your side!
Cha-mel-eon Crew!
Their directive's
Commititin' every crime!
Come along for the ride! (Cha-mel-eon Crew!)
The loot can run but not hide!
For long!
The game!
Is on!
Cha-mel-eon Crew!
Villains and heroes
What your problem needs!
Cha-mel-eon Crew!
Watch those three go
Make all their foes bleed!
There's no way you can win! (Cha-mel-eon Crew!)
If it's their way you're in! (You're in!)
They're gonna
Kick your....
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