Nerin the Cat

Speed type Nerin is the leader and the mastermind of the group. She is always coming up with schemes.

Slish the Cat

Power type Slish provides some muscle for the group. She does most of the "dirty work" and simple tasks that the other members are unwilling to do.

X-Nad the Robian

Flight type X-Nad is the elite fighter of the group. He is usually the last to appear and is in some cases a "secret weapon." Although he listens to Nerin, he still considers himself better than the others.

Zappy the Evil Hedgehog

The newest member of the group. He is more like a friend of the Squad rather than a full-fledged member.

Gicandice the cat

A part time member, but a valuable one due to her abilities and willingness to do it for free. Although she does not know Nerin's full plans, she still is happy to help the group. Unless her father says no, but he is unaware of Nerin being connected to the Suppression Squad or Scourge. Gicandice may even be more clueless then Slish at what they are doing.


This is a group of villains with goals of their own self interest. They are interested in domination of the prime zone. Their only "policy" is to do whatever it takes to accomplish their goals.


The Cat Squad's primary base of operations is a secret underground bunker they "found". It has surveillance systems and a place for keeping prisoners. It is located in an undisclosed location.


Usually Nerin comes up with a scheme, then Slish is sent first to execute basic tasks. Nerin will come in as needed depending on Slish's sucess or the level of any opponents. X-Nad comes in last in more dire situations when heavy fighting is required.

Fighting Formations

In addition to having all of the traditional Sonic Heroes formations, they also have these:

Tag Team

In this formation each of the members takes turns fighting one at a time.

Power Duo

In this formation, Slish and X-Nad fight together as a team. They have special moves such as X-Nad launching Slish with his arm or Slish deflecting his laser bolts in all directions with her "Whirly Tornado".

Full on Assault

This is when all three members fight together. Nerin will lead the charge breaking through with her chaos abilities with Slish and X-Nad coming up from the sides. This formation is especially powerful when they have their part-time members with them.

Allied Teams

EggPlankton Empire

Rival Teams

The Cat Squad (right) facing off against Team Weasel (left)

Team Weasel

Team Spirit (Jared the fox, Shard, Candice the cat)

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