Yo, wassup? These be the hippest and most swankiest boyz this side of the east-side, ya heard? Hide yo swag, hide yo self, and hide yo bae, cause they be comin' fo you if you got some beef with da boss and will pimp-slap you with mountains of deadly dosh faster than a floored sportscar, y's(h)ee? (I cannot believe I have just written this)


Unome: The self-proclaimed leader, Unome is the one who generally calls the shots. His pompadour is the most balanced, being not too sharp or dull, not to wide or thin, and not too long or short. He's also the one who manages all of the group's money as well as the jobs they take up. His snout is marked by a single scar.

Dosume: Second in command in the brotherhood, Dosume always takes the place of Unome when he's unavailable. Dosume is an expert in planning, always making directions for his brothers to follow, usually ending in success if done right. His pompadour is the second longest, while also being the second-most thin, having been groomed to resemble a blade, and, humorously enough, is as sharp as one too if he were to ever need it. He also has two medium-sized scars on his snout, one for each side.

Tresume: While not holding any real position of power in the brotherhood, Tresume is still a very important member. Being the weapons-manager means that he examines and fixes the weapons used by his brothers for wear or potential malfunctions. His pompadour is the thickest, though is also the shortest, having been rounded to instead encircle his head and provide shade for his eyes, as well as three small lines going one another to form an invisible circle on the outside.

Quattrume: The literal definition of "Middle Child," Quattrume is simply in the middle of everything. While being more skilled than half of his brothers, he's still not as good as the other half of his brothers. Quattrume is also the kindest member, posessing sympathy for younger and even poorer folk, which his brothers just do not mind unless it interferes with their current job. Quattrume also has no pompadour, but has two 4-pronged-star-shaped scars on both sides of his snout and does not use the standard dosh-MG's like his brothers, but rather uses a katana forged of solid Palladium.

Sincume: Bold, brash, and full of self-loving, Sincume is probably the more annoying member. Being the scrawniest and overall smallest member, Sincume is often lagging behind his brothers for more than just his vanity and tendencies to overestimate himself, which leaves him using a large diamond-firing blingzooka rather than the standard doshMG's. His pompadour is the longest and widest, plus he also has 5 scars on his snout in a star-pattern facing upwards.

Seisume: More of a thinker and a fast-hitter than a consistent fighter, Seisume is the spy of the Brodosh Brothers. Due to this, he is always sent to observe their targets and their behaviors, sometimes for days at a time but it's all okay, he's also the most patient and quiet of the brothers, barely ever talking above a whisper to even them. His dosh-MG is smaller and can fire faster than the others, though he only carries one as opposed to the usual two his brothers carry. On both sides of his face are a total of six scars in a similar pattern to Tresume, though instead on the skin around his eyes as well as his eye-lid, as well as the 3rd-thinnest pompadour as well as the second-shortest

Seitume: The biggest as well as the least-intelligent, Seitume is really one to stay away from. Rather than using the conventional dosh-MG's like his brothers, Seitume instead wears armor made of extremely-dense and thick platinum, mostly around his chest/stomach and his arms. Seitume's strength allows him to not only carry the armor with ease, but can even pick up extremely heavy objects not possible by many without breaking so much as a sweat. However, Seitume is also the least intelligent, being ahrdly able to form competent sentences when speaking and also does not think very far ahead. His pompadour is the thickest and the second-widest, almost resembling a small version of a sperm-whale's snout. He also has seven scars randomly scattered across the front of his snout.


The Brodosh Brothers believe in only one thing, that being the only meaning to life is to be the richest men in the world and also flaunt what they got, even if it blatantly negatively effects them. This idealogy also coincides with their weapons, often being based on money or valuable metals being used to damage opponents. The ones with the most money are their friends, and the rest are just prey by the rich's request.

Base of Operations

The Brodosh Brothers live in a massive undersea mansion in an undisclosed location. This mansion is not stationary, always moving with the current and never really staying in one place for too long. This is also where they hoard not only their massive wealth, but also their weapons and other technology they might steal when on the job.


All of the brothers wear similar outfits, these being dark-green undershirts with unbuttoned black overshirts, those having the collars fully extended upwards. Connected to the edges of their shirts are small gold coins from nearly every nationality, past and present. They also wear tight black pants with a dark-blue belt holding each one up. One other thing they wear are small filters on their gills that convert air into water, allowing them to breathe and survive on land.


The Brothers Brodosh have no real known history. They simply just broke out in recent history after gunning down an entire cities' population at the request of a rich business-owner who wanted the city demolished to build his mansion on. Since then, they have been hired only by the richest eccentrics and have tended to their job with admirable gusto, if only for the massive pay they get in the end.

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