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The Brotherhood of Thylacines Coat of arms

The Brotherhood of Thylacines are an elite small civilization of mercinaries who live in secret. You can't see them but they can see you. Their plans are unknown to most people and G.U.N. has only caught a glimpse of them. They make up 99.9% of the Thylacine race.


About 1000 years ago the Brotherhood were once peaceful Thylacines who lived peacefully with humans. Then soon there was a horrible food shortage and the Thylacines were hunted for their beutiful fur and their delicious meat. A large number of Thylacines died out in the main lands and the rest fled to a nearby island. They lived in paradise until the news about humans coming to the area spread. One half of the Thylacines wanted to go into hiding but the other half wanted to stay at the island paradise and fight off the humans. The ones who left the island (The Brotherhood) went into hiding while the others stayed at the island an were murdered in a horrible war. The other Thylacines came to the island shortly after and saw their bretheren dead. They then changed their name to The Brotherhood of Thylacines and now are assasins..their plans remain unknown though.


The king wears a royal robe that has rubies and diamonds on it. Nobles wear a red uniform and monocles. Peasents where casual clothes and Assasins where Ninja and Knight attire.


Being Thylacines the Brotherhood can't run at high speeds so they sneak and stalk their prey until the moment to attack. The have very large jaws and can bite their opponents very hard. They're also very good at eating other mobians. They also can store items in their pouches,which both males and females have.

In the brotherhood parents can buy outrageously priced pills to give to their newborn to give them elemental powers. Only the king is allowed to control more than one element.


Most peasents have an Australain accent but nobles and royals have a British accent. Traitors,Thylacines that aren't part of the Brotherhood usually have a normal accent.

Known members

  • King Grand Thylacine the 78th
  • Princess "Kill Bill" Grand Thylacine
  • Prince "Chuckie" Grand Thylacine


  • All royals nicknames are names of murderers.