"As you drink more from the vile well of power, you can feel it clawing your mind, corrupting your goals. AND IT FEELS SO GOOD!"
—The book's original author.
"When I realized my potential, I also realized that power is simply not enough. Without Knowledge, Power is useless. Without Power, what point does Knowledge have?"
—Alcagorn the Black, after his penning to the book.
"You can't win with cheap tactics, nor can you win with honor and valour. You need to do whatever is necessary to, even if it means lowering you're moral standards."
—Spirit of Nightgrasp after she penned.


The book is composed of wraith-like cloths weaving parts of the cover together, on top of dark grey dragonhide that makes up the two covers. The spine itself, along with the multiple "claws" on the front cover are made of very dark obsidian. On the front where the claws converge, there is a purple orb gem.

There are multiple runes glowing the spine that roughly translate to "To mutilate thy soul and forsake it for power." The back is fairly barren. Only a blood red Pentagram is on the other side. Inside is the rune for "Insanity". The book itself seems to emanate dark energy.


The book is an encyclopedia of some of the most horrible, some of the most vile, most madness inducing dark screts and knowledge known to beings both mortal and beyond. It is said that any good person who so much as touches the real book will be paralyzed and driven mad by it's evil.

The book has changed hands over and over and over, each time the new writers added their own knowledge to the book. As such, the book contains thousands and thousands of years of knowledge of anything dark and vile. The concentration is so great that simply holding the book will greatly amplify the powers of an evil person.

The book itself is infamous among many magi cults today. Infact, it is so infamous that people such as Alcagorn the Black and the Spirit if Nightgrasp have captured the book and indulged on it's dark secrets. Some have even penned their secrets to it.

Chapter One -Last Words

(This part is written in blood, and the writing slowly becomes shakier and more erratic at the end.)

Haha! Hahahahaha! I have done it! Done it all! I have become unmortal. I have have found a way to cheat death itself. Before I partake the ritual, I have decided to write down a few things...a few words...I wish to share my knowledge with the brave fool who thinks he bests me. All my dark secrets. How to control death, the most horrible of magicks, and all the secrets of what mortals were never to know.

(The next part is smudged slightly...)

I have taken the ritual. I am now unmortal. My flesh slowly rots away, and I feel no hunger, no fatigue. There is great power afoot, and it is all at my fingers. I knew quite a bit at the beginning, but becoming a Lich has given me farther knowledge of the darkness. As you drink more from the vile well of power, you can feel it clawing your mind, corrupting your goals. AND IT FEELS SO GOOD!

I now have eternities to learn whatever fancies me. I shall have more power beynd this nigh immortal existance. Soon, all shall become mind.

(The very bottom of this page is torn, as if by fingernails.)

Chapter Two -Necrotic Arts

How to attain Lichdom

To become a Lich, one must have the needed components. First is the Phylactery. Commonly, this will be a crystal of very high value and quality. Other forms include a small chest containing bloodstained pages from a spell book. Regardless, the Phylactery is crucial.

The second step is to gather the ingredients to cheat death. These are the most vile and horrible ingredients possible, and each must be gathered in truth. No substitutes. The price of immortality is not nearly as high as the payoff.

The base of the potions, the Ichor of a slain demon is needed. Summoning a demon only require simple words or a ritual. Killing one is another story. To then find the second part. The blood of an infaint slain by your own hand in front of it's guardian is required. The next step is the thickening agent: The shredded remains of a vivisected maiden. After these three ingedients are added, in the order of obtaining, the thickening agent should coagulate the elixer into a gelatinous form. It then must be set to ferment in an area hidden from all life and light.

While the potion ferments, other ingredients must be gathered. The first are the Herbs of Liferot. These herbs must be grown from Seeds of a plant bathed in the blood of someone who killed themselves under your suggestion. The seeds are to be sown inside the corpse of a holy and loved man (such as a priest or a medicine man) you murdered.  The body must be kept inside a coffin lined with obsidian and wraithcloth, both soiled by your own dark will. For the next 39 days, the herbs must be left alone to grow, away from ANY light. The second regeant is snake vemon. This venom must be at least 6 days old. The final ingredient is fourteen leaves of bellodana.

After each and every of these items are found, two last conditions must be met. The first is to gather the hearts of 9 orphans you've killed yourself. Said orphans must have been conscious while dying. The hearts are to be stored in a box inflicted with three horrible and malicious curses.

The second and final condition is an area of worth. This area must be unholy ground. The person who wishes to become a lich must go the a location such as a monastary or a castle or a holy knight's outpost. To make the place unholy, they must slaughter all life there, leaving none but their self.

The blood of everyone slaughtered must be bottled, and then mixed into one mixture. Finally, the ritual can be preformed. The gelatnious regeant must be taken out of the light. It should now be very cloudy, and almost like vapor. The snake vemon must be added. The potion should fizz violently, rocking around. The leafs of Bellodana must be crumbled up and added the mixture.

The herbs must be added one at a time. This will cause the potion to have the same consistency as blood. It will smell like stagnated holy water. Now, the coffin where the Herbs of Liferot grew must be turned into an alter. Around this alter, a circle must be made with all who were slaughtered by your hand in the area.

The coffin is to be places at the end, and a small flame that must contain the soul of a good person. The flame must be in an obsidian bowl. Additionally, a pedestal holding the phylactery must be on the coffin. Starting at Midnight, the spellcaster must then focus on the tortured screams of the person in the flame. After a full day of meditation, at midnight, the spellcaster must drink the potion.

The potion has a taste and smell you likely will not live long enough to tell how horrible it is. The potion must be ingested fully and willingly. On this moment, the spellcaster will feel ungodly pain, and die horribly. Their soul is then cast into the Phylactery. The soul then returns to the body, and the lich shall rise.

(This specific entry seems to be covered in scratches and blood stains.)

Chapter Three -Magics

Chapter Four -Psychic and the Mind

Chapter Five -Artifacts

Chapter Six -Elements

Chapter Seven -Madness and Evil

Chapter Eight -Eldritch Lore

Chapter Nine -Demons, Devils, and the Planes

Chapter Ten -Constructs

Chapter Eleven -Afflictions

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