This page consists of the Blue Blur's Stages and Boss Battles (and counting) and there are quite a lot.  These are descriptions of the stages and boss battles. So, as you can tell its quite a long game. The fan game Sonic World inspired me with these stages. 


Night Takeover

Night Conquering is the first stage in the entire game which consists of a lot of Savori and destruction. There's asteroids that are seen hurdling to the ground in the background. As you can see by the title it is night but the sky is orange. The player goes past collapsing buildings, ablaze buildings, and falling debris. The platforms also sometimes collapse unexpectedly. This is meant to be Central City, Sonic's hometown.
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Night Takeover

Furnaced Darkness is the second stage which consits of even more collapsing platforms, and loads of buildings ablaze and platforms ablaze too. Theres loads of falling debris and lots of explosions and flames too. It is kind of a creepy stage at some points in the stage since the stage is a bit hellish.There's lots of inferno, and devestation and there are an increased number of falling platforms. The boss here is the Savori Minotauros, its a huge minotaur that has sharp horns and is fought on collapsing buildings. It does have a core which is in the centre of its body. It looks like a spiral thats orange. The Savori Minotauros can swipe at the player, it can also shoot from its core. Which, is its weak point. You can control Shadow, only in the helicopter. All Shadow can do is fire his machine guns at it, which does become useful as the boss battle continues.

Forest Hill

Great Trees is the first stage of this level. Of course, from the name, trees do play a big part as you do start from a catapult which launches you up into the trees. You run on these trees for the half the stage and you purposely drop an d are running in a beautiful setting. The sun is shining, and you do see lots of bits of nature like giant animals. Savori do come across as enimies in both stages. 

Misty Path is the second stage and takes place mainly on ground. You do race to the Goal Ring. There is a hill here and as you can tell the path is misty. Savori do appear as common enimies here too. You can use large tortoises and stuff like them as gimmicks to get you across. Most the stage is down a hill. This stage is notified to having the best graphics in the game.

G.U.N Base and G.U.N Fleet

Iron Walls is the first stage in the G.U.N Base. Savori do appear as common enimies and G.U.N Soliders do fight with you. This stage is based  (no pun intended, if you intend it go ahead) in the exterior of the base. The player has to fight off the Savori. Its night and its raining. You can use motorbikes and G.U.N Buggies to fight off enimies. There is a giant wall fencing the Savori and the stage is being counted.

Prison Chaos is the second stage of the level, and of course, is based on the interior of the place. Some prison cages are empty and the lights are flashing. You have to catch certain enimies that escaped, there are 5 enimies you catch and you are timed. Savori and normal Prisoners are common enimies here. Fang the Sniper is seen in the distance flying away when you've reached the Goal Ring.

Chaotic Strike is in the fleet, this does take place in the exterior. There is lightning and the rain has worsened. Savori do appear as common enimies here. The player jumpe from fleet to fleet destroying enimies. G.U.N Soliders do fight with you so attacking them will lower your score.

Collapsing Hell takes place where Chaotic Strike left off. You are now in the interior of the ship, everything is collapsing.Therefore, there are loads of falling platforms and ablaze parts of the ship. Savori, of course are the common enemy here and the G.U.N still fight beside you. You do jump from fleet to fleet to avoid the collapsing fleets. The Goal Ring is located at the end of the fleet where everything is just being torn apart. The stage does have a coumtdown, and when your close to the Goal Ring, the game will tell you to press certain buttons to do a combo (therefore avoiding the debris). 

There is a boss called the Savori Dragon. It attacks the player, by breathing fire and swiping its head, also firing lazerd and explosions. It also uses its tail sometimes too. It is fought on the exterior of the fleet and it is raining and there is lighting like last time. The player has to climb up its tail and try break its spikes at his back. You hold a certain button, until the dragon wiggles you off. When you destroy all the spikes, you go inside its mouth and destroy it from the inside.

Destroyed Lab

Expieremental Madness is the first stage of the entire stage. It takes place in the exterior of the base. Nega's robots appear as common enimies here. There is a base in the background, and its snowing. Its foggy too. When you defeat enimies, you do gain these chemicals. On the pause section, you click on the Chemicals bar and you can either mix them or leave them as it is. In game, you can use them to destroy enimies. This feature is mainly only for this level.

X-Lab is the second stage of the level. It takes place on the interior of the base. Nega's robots also appear as common enimies here. They're camears, turrets, lazer beams, detecting systems and drones. The base is a little messed up and there are loads of destroyed robots and its overall destroyed,. You do see loads of Nega posters and statues. Nazo is heard at certain points, and does create blocked paths during the stage thus which you have to complete. Nazo is the boss of the level. He is not a very hard boss, but he can deliver powerful attacks, and does have a weak point. He is a very agile character too. He is fought on the interior of Nega's base.


Rushing Sands is the first stage of the level. You run in a wide plain desert here, there can be sometimes occuring ancient temples, there are some sandstorms that occur too. Especially at the end of the stage. The Savori appear as common enemies until the end where Eggman's robots are more present than them. At some points, you go inside temples too, activate switches, changing gravity and such. 



Glorious City is the second stage of the level. Here, you see the city itself. Its not quite changed from how it was in Sonic Unleashed. It still retain somethings the same. People are present here. Savori and Eggman's robots are common enimies here. Sometimes, there are side missions to help some people. For example, a Savori has attacked a woman then you have to save her. This stage is known for its great graphics and memories. 


Egg-Bull 1000

The Egg-Bull 1000 is the boss of this stage. The picture on the left is its design. It is quite a hard boss, Eggman is controlling it within the inside. To make it weaker, the tubes you see in the picture. You need to hit them, and break them to stop the ammount of energy going into the robot. Once, you've destroyed all the tubes, it does become weaker and doesn't really attack. Though,in the meantime, the Egg Bull can charge at the player, he can shoot lazers, rockets  and can stand up and fly to where you are. This battle takes place in Spagonia. Everyone is running here. Eggman's robots will also come to assist the boss, therefore they are a common enimies. No Savori are present here.

E.G.G Fleet

Robot Mania is the first stage of the level. There are loads of robots that attack you in this stage and there are loads of trap, some the player has to purposely fall into (for story sake) and some that are optional (so you can get lucky of you do miss them, and they don't effect the story). This takes place on the interior of the fleet. As you can tell, Eggman's robots are common enimies here. 

Scrap Highway is the second stage and takes place in the exterior of the ship. Its very dirty and dark and looks more like a wasteland. Eggman's robots also appear as common enimies here. The player is going down a hill during the stage. EGG Dragon 1.0 is the boss of the stage. Eggman also pilots the boss, it can fly, fire rockets, and also fire breath at the player. Its weak point is where Eggman pilots it, in this circe-window at the centre of it. The player has to run from its tail up to attack it, but thats optional. 

The Peak

Floating Pyramids is the first stage of the level. Of course, by the name, there are loads of floating pyramids in the background. Its a dusk sky out there. And, again, of course, the stage takes place in the exterior. The base is techinically a desert, but there are sand temples and pyramids everywhere. The player has to go through the temples and pyramids, sometimes, he uses these gravitational switches, etc. Savori are the common enimies in the level, overall. 

Death Ambush is the second stage, and this takes place in the exterior of one huge floating pyramid. Its quite like a normal base, they're hallways, camera, lazers, turrets etc. Its quite futuristic since the exterior is a sand pyramid. Savori are common enimies here too and they're quite a lot. Near the end of the level, there's a huge number of Savori that attack the player. And, the Goal Ring will spawn when they're all defeated. The Core is a blue dragon that is actually a pretty hard boss. It can shoot fire from its mouth, give a swoosh of its wing. But, it can also teleport and unleash Savori to assist it in battle.

Lost Island

Nature Madness is the first stage, in the level. Its a widespread and beautiful enviorment. Its obviously outside, the sun is shining and there's a blue sky. There are loads of animals, some as gimmicks. Such as large tortoises, lions, cats, large birds, elephants etc. Eggman Nega's robots are the common enimies here. 

Great Waters is the second stage, it continues where the first stage left off. There are loads of waterfalls, that the player will go down. Here, the player sees sea animals, such as fishes, sharks, whales etc. Nega's robots are the common enimies here. Near the end of the stage, there is a shadow slowly overlapping the player and the player will see animals running away. 

Egg G.Y.R.O is the boss, and it is piloted by Nega himself. Its bassicaly a transparent rolling ball with Nega inside. There are miniguns beside it that is one of the weapons he uses to attack the player. It can also grow claws, and can grow forcefields, also it can go on fire therefore it'll make the player not attack. There's an oval door in the middle (with Nega inside and transparent) where Nega enters the robot. The player needs to attack that spot in order to defeat the boss. 


They're four stages and one boss that the player has to get past/face. Its a massive and dangerous cave containing mysterious creatures. This is all explained in the Blue Blur's Story.

Dark Hallway is the first stage of the level, and takes place in the interior of the cave, most of the stage is a straight hallway but towards the middle of the stage there's some traps that occur unexpectedly. So, the player can be running in the hallway like nothing is goanna happen but the surface the player's on can drop etc. There's also some jumpscares that occur as well. Skeletons are the common enemy of this level.

Death Valley is the second stage of the level, this takes place in a widespread valley covered in darkness. The player follows the path, the stage ends where the path ends. There's grass all around as well as huge mountains that are seen in the distance. Although, there's an intimadating music, playing in the background. There's also dark clouds that are seen hovering above the player, some clouds unleash scary screams that affect the player's health. There are skeletons that pop out of the grass and attack the player also at unexpected times during the stage. This stage is basically an illusion.

Skeleton Assault is the third stage of the level, the player goes through narrow caves, climp up ropes, there's falling platforms that occur. Its nothing too different except the place the player's in is the interior.

Trap City is fourth stage, the player is still in the interior of the cave but by the name they're many traps that occur. Such as falling platforms, falling to he/she's death, etc. There's loads of traps that can occur for different players and they're all quite unexpected. 

Angel Island

Angel Island

Floating Paradise is the first stage of the level, it takes place on Angel Island and the player's on the sides of Angel Island. They're a lot of Savori that attack the player, Eggman's robots are also the common enimies too. Half the stage, is the player fighting Savori. They're some walls that the player climbs up, some narrow caves etc. The stage ends in a more forest type part of Angel Island. 

Mystic Ruin is the second stage of the level, it starts where the first stage left off. This stage takes place in the forest. They're still narrow caves that occur, large walls the player climbs up, ropes that are seen, as well as some large animals that the player can use as ways to get through the stage. Only Savori are the common enimies here.

Savori Manikin and Argo are the bosses of the stage, the Savori Manikin however is more of a boss than Argo is as Argo is quite an easy boss to defeat here. A Savori Manikin has telepathy, physcokenisis and can make the player turn into a manikin. When, the Savori Manikin stands still like a Manikin the player has to keep moving as if the player just stands still. The boss can mind control the player, tampering he/she's buttons. Argo, nevertheless, can teleport and turn the player into darkness. 


Forest Light is the first stage of the level. Its a widespread forest filled with sprinkled light dust that goes all around the place. Its very beautiful in a way and the graphics are also known as one of the best in the game too. It starts off in a normal forest, it looks more like a rainforest at the start as they are way more trees pollutung the area than say, Forest Hill. During the stage, there's goldust that starts to drop really slowly. The player runs through it, like normal, although they're catapults that ae in the stage that appear as gimmicks. When, the goldust beings to drop that's when Savori begin to attack. So, Savori are the common enemy in this stage. 

Gleaming City is the second stage in this level, here is when the player spots ancient tombs and temples. This stage doesn't start off where the first stage left off but starts off near a small ancient city where no one is. The player goes through the ancient temples and actually inside them. They're less trees here but it is still unpopulated (not even by animals). The player can see the Devestation in the distance a bit far away as the player comes closer to the end of the stage and the player can see a small dot (which is Argo) and something spewing from it. The Goal Ring is out of the ancient city and back into the forest type area.

The Savori Orb are a giant spider, that can let its legs go inside itself and turn into a ball. It doesn't make webs at all, though its really fast. It can swipe at the player, it can grab the player and strangle them till it loses half thier rings. It can also turn into a ball and roll at the player (therefore squishing him/her) and can bounce creating vibrations that damage the player. 


Dystopian City is the first stage in the level. Its an abondened city, that's destroyed. They're destroyed buildings, shops etc. The player starts off on the ground and goes through the place. The sky's red, and there's the Antique Vaisseau in the background. There are no common enimies here since the place is deserted but there are things like hidden platforms, high platforms and hidden places here in this stage. The Goal Ring is located near the ship.

Antique Vaisseau is the second stage which takes place on the interior of the ship and leads to the outside towards the end of the stage. There are corpses as common enimies, and there are through just dead. Its a pretty slow paced stage and its kind of a "take it slow" kind of stage. Towards the end, the player is at the exterior of the ship (still on it though) and goes back inside later on. The soundtrack gives off a creepy vibe for this stage.

Undead Captain is the boss of this stage and is fought within the interior of the ship. It is a skeleton that has red eyes and has armour on it with a golden sword. It can of course charge at the player with its sword, it can also use physic powers to throw the player back, make the player dizzy, or make the player see things. So, it is a very hard boss and is capable of many things. It doesn't have a weak point, but the best way is to just keep hitting it.

Nega Zone

Inferno Lane is the first stage which takes place in the interior of Nega's ship. There are flames that are seen and the alarm has gone off. Debris sometimes fall on the player, so he/she has to be careful. Of course, Dr Eggman Nega's robots are the common enemies for this stage. 

Exploding Funtown is the second stage which takes place on the exterior of the ship, as you can tell by the title there are loads of explosions that occur randomly through the stage. There is a part where the player slides on the railings reminiscent of Sonic Heroes. The ship is not exploding but the player does see weird explosoins occur that are reallly weird looking. Towards the end of the stage, Nazo is seen flying away from the player in the background. The Goal Ring is located in the interior in this wide and large room where Nazo awaits.


The Egg Master

The Egg Master is the boss of this stage, it is being controlled by Nazo. It is quite a hard boss, it can of course swip at the player, it can shoot energy beams, it can fly around the place and suddenly land at the player, it also has lazer eyes. It also can grow miniguns on its hands and above its neck. It does have a core which is where the "T" is. That's where the player needs to hit to defeat the boss. Eggman Nega's robots can also be summoned and close to the end of the stage, Nazo will assist the Egg Master.

The Devestation

This level has 4 stages and 2 bosses, its one of the stages that have this much stages and bosses (the other was Alagorg). 

Spaceship Raid is the first stage and takes place on the exterior of the ship. The player jumps from ship to ship here, sometimes ships start to sink and there multiple spaceships battling each other especially Eggman's fleet versus the Savori's fleet. Savori are the common enimies in all stages, and Eggman and the G.U.N are assisting the player. So, hitting them will lower your score. There's a lot of mayhem that is caused in this stage, and the player has to be very cautious when jumping from fleet to fleet as fleets can crash into each other.

Savori Sea is the second stage and takes place on the interior of the Devestation, the Savori are the common enemies in this stage and bassically pollute it as they're alot of it. Its very dangerous here as Savori do appear out of nowhere and sometimes even jumpscare the player. Eggman and G.U.N's robots assist the player here as well. The Goal Ring is located near Big and Cream. 

Shatare Way is the third stage which takes place in an incredibly dark hallway filled with cages. Savori do appear as common enimies and there are jumpscares in this stage. The player has to run through dark hallways and shortcuts. Its a very creepy sound in terms with the track and noises the player hears, the Goal Ring is located inside this dark cloud. 

The Kingsnake's Lair is the fourth stage and is quite a widespread stage, there are more cages than last time, and it looks very mystical. There are tenticles that are seen during the stage. and hisses that are also heard. Savori are the common enimies in this stage, and this stage is when the Savori start to become more stronger and tougher. The player has to run through portals, to get to different parts of the stage. Speed and Fly Characters are very pivatol to this stage. 

The Savori Assasain is the first boss of the stage, he is wearing gladatorial armour and looks pretty badass. He is a very strong boss and wields a sword and shield. He can charge at the player, and can spit out fire. He also has martial art skills depending on if the boss is near no life. It is a very stealthy boss, he also has the ability to use magic, headbutt the characters and he also has blades in his hands that he can use. The player needs to try destroy its helmet, since that's feeding him the power, and then the boss becomes more vulnerable. 

The Kingsnake is the second boss of the stage. its a giant snake that also has a long tounge. The snake can create portals, through the centre of it. There's a core there and that's where it unleashes the portals which also unleash Savori. The player after defeating the Savori that assist the Kingsnake, can go through the portal and can probably land on the snake and different places in the boss battle area. The Kingsnake can crush the player that slivering over the player and also can swipe at it, and use its tounge at the player, eating it. Of course, the core is the Kingsnake's weak point. 

They're two missions, the first is to escape the Devestation in 7 minutes. The player runs through falling debris, and collapsed platforms. There's a timer at the top left counting down from 7 minutes. If the player doesn't make it out of th Devestation by th time the timer finishes, the whole ship will collapse on the player. The second mission is to fly Eggman's fleet, in this your bassically in either Tails' tornado with Sonic shooting at the incoming Savori ships similar to the Sonic Unleashed stage with Sonic and Tails flying to Spagonia. Only here, there's a view of Angel Island and its been paid attention too. 

Pirate Village

Pirate Sea is the first stage, and here, judging by the title, takes place in a village. There's loads of huts that are there, with robot pirates that pollute the area. The robot pirates are the common enimies in the stage. Its bassically a wide sandy beach in the morning with loads of huts and trails. The player goes through some little forests etc. The player also spots casual civillians (robots) that are walking around, there's also weird creatures that occur, as in cyborg animals. 

Bounty Island is the second stage and there's a little cutscene with the robot pirates putting up posters showing Sonic's face, also saying that whoever kills Sonic is rewarded 10,000 Rings. The stage begins where the first left off, the player is still in the widespread beach with the huts. Now, every robot pirate including just civillians attack the player when seen. So, the robot pirates are the common enimies of this stage. This stage takes place during the afternoon and torches are seen but not lit. The robot pirates do say pirate-y type things and also mention how Captain Whiskers will have the newcomers for breakfast. 

Captain Whisker is the boss of this stage, he's in his own cave and there is treasure everywhere. Skeletons are also present here as statues that are on the sides, and in the beginning (kinda like a mini cutscene introducing the boss), he's with some girls explaining his personality in a way. Captain Whisker has a sword at his possesion which he uses quite a lot during the stage. He also has a minigun that can grow out Whisker's arms, he also has a phasma blade that grows, its quite rare when the player is fighting him, but can occur when the boss has low heart damage. The player can also throw the treasure chests at Whisker too.

Dark Seas

Stormy Tidalfight is the first stage, it takes place on the exterior of the Antique Vassieau. By the title, the weather is quite bad as there's storms that occur as well as thunder, lighting and even heavy rain. Sometimes, the lightning can hit the player or it hits the dead corpses (being the common enemy of that stage). They're also really mad waves that occur, so the player does have to keep he/she's balance. 

Fury Waves is the second stage, the storm is still happening, and the stage still takes place on the exterior of the ship, but the waves are really crazy in this stage as they even go over the ship and can even knock the player off the ship, killing he/she. There's still the same hazards as the last stage as it is still raining heavily, and the lightning and storms are immense. The dead corpses are still the main enemy.

The Savori Destroyer is giant Savori robot that emerges from the portal. It has a visor on its head, and has claws on its hands. It can of course swipe at the player and shoot beams out of its visor at the player. It can also stomp on the water so hard, that there's a huge splash that can knock the player off the ship. The player's main aim to defeat the boss, is to go for the visor. The boss holds the edge of the ship, and tries to tip the ship ever. The player therefore has to climb up it's arms, and attack the visor. The boss will react, and get off the ship. It will do that until, the player defeats it.


Night Sky is the first stage, and here this takes place on the exterior of the colluseum. This takes place in the village and the colleseum is seen in the background. Obviously, this stage takes place in the night. The player does spot normal villagers walking by (cats and echidnas) some are cooking outside with huts there next to them. The common enimes are villager protectors who are wearing gladatorial armour and colleseum guards who are echidnas. 

Doom Ritual is the second stage, the player starts off in a round sort of room with windows, its kind of like a spiral that the player goes through in this stage. The windows look weirdly shaped, there's no glass. The player can see a crowd of echidnas and cats though screaming and singing songs. As, the player goes further up, they see more of what's going on through the windows. Colleseum guards are the common enimies here. Near to the end of the stage, the Demon Child (boss) shoots a red beam at the wall where Silver is (not knowing Silver is, but maybe demostrating his power). Silver has to dodge this, as Blaze warns him. The stage ends up at the top where they're on the top of the colleseum, exposed to the night. Here, there's a better view of what's going down. 

Demon Child is the boss of the stage, its an echidna boy who's wearing a thin wrapper around the front of him. His hair is also weird, as its a little point pointing upwards. His eyes have black mascara around it heavily put. The people of the Dormamo, are still in the colleseum sitting and watching the battle. The Demon Child releases these weird creatures around the place, that attack the player. The Demon Child has a variety of abilities. He can summon creatures, give the player illusions, and can mentally damage the player. He's quite a hard boss to defeat, since he does have a lot of powers. He also teleports using portals around the arena and uses magic to attack the player as well. So, he's very dangerous and also powerful. He's noted to be one of the hardest bosses to defeat in the game. 


Rollercoaster Destruction is the first stage, this takes place in the dusk of day. There's destroyed rollercoasters that are there, and the rides have collapsed. The player runs throug the carnage, sometimes the rollercoasters are a gimmick to use, but sometimes the player needs to fly over with one character in order to find a way for the other characters to make they're way. Some rollercoasters, usually smaller, are things the player can use. Savori are the common enemies here. 

Neon Dissaster is the second stage, this takes place at night. They're neon lights on the rollercoasters now, in a place in Marnage called the second stage's name. The player have to go past more destroyed rollercoasters only that this time they can actually explode since they're bombs placed on these rollercoasters. Near the end, there's falling rollercoasters. Savori are the common enimies.

Savori Joker is the boss for this stage. this boss is a smiling Savori solider who laughs really creepily and is quite weird. It is a unique boss in the game. It can do all things Savori can. but also uses its ability to laugh creepily to damage the player's ears, and give them scary illusions. Really, what the player needs to do is just hit the solider as much as it can. 

There's also the first Detective Mission that occurs here, the player is bassically free to roam and ask civillians in peril for clues. They'll actually talk this time. Once, the player has got enough info from civillians. There'll be an RPG type thing, where the player chooses what scenario might've happened. 

Tidal Seafight

Black Waves is the first stage, there's Savori ships that are here in this stage. The player has to jump from one ship to the other. Savori are the common enemies.  They're of cousre loads of waves that occur and therefore soe ships that the player jumps on, tilts and some even completely topple into the water. Towards the end of the stage, the waves become more immense, and some Savori soliders, wearing special suits, ride the waves.

Savori Takeover is the second stage of the level, it starts off from where the last stage left off. The player still continues to jump from ship to ship fighting Savori. They're still waves that occur in this stage, although this time, the Savori have done something to the waves since they've turned black and the player therefore needs to avoid the waves consedering if the waves hit, the player will get poisoned. 

Shade is the boss of this level. This is the first time, she's a boss in the game. She's not as powerful. She has the ability to shoot energy blasts, and also minapulate people. She also has superhuman strength and can headbutt and use charge attack. She's quite a hard boss, but there won't be as much difficulty in defeating him. She can fight, using martial arts on the player and can jump quite high, so she's also a boss the player needs to watch out for. Although, the player will realise when she's about to an ability (like super jumping, since she has a special stance she does, signaling the player). 


Dusty Roads is the first stage of the level, its a deserted stage as there's nothing too it and its destroyed, like Odijin, but just with survivors and actual common enimes the player faces. The common enimies here are these werd alien-like creatures that aren't Savori. They look quite strange. The player goes through destroyed buildings, and there are speed pads that appear. The player can see side missions that are there, the player can't acsses them, but it is for when the player free roams. 

Sandy Ways is the second stage, by the name, its quite sandy here and they're sandstorms that occur during the stage. The destroyed buildings are still there, that the player has to go through to complete the stage. The weird creatures are the common enimies again like last time. This stage is bassically a sandy road and its more like a desert (literally)- like place of the level. They're actually hidden traps that are in this stage, set by survivors who think that the weird creatures go past here, since they do appear more than they do than the last stage.

The Caniball is the boss of this level. This is also a weird creature, its really tall, and looks disgusting overall. It's quite a hard boss, since it has a sharp end to its hand somehow, so it can jab at the player, the Caniball can go on its all four and charge at the player. It can grab the player and throw the player, it can spear the player, and can eat the player alive at any point. It can roar and the roar does cause a vibration on the ground. which the player has to avoid by jumping. 

Diamond Village

Heat Destanation is the first stage of the level, it takes place on a widespread beach, which the player goes through. Its morning and the sun is shining. They're diamonds that are seen engraved inside the walls and floor. They're even some giant diamonds with sharp ends as gimmicks. Savori are the common enimies here, At the end of the stage, the player is in a forest. 

Emerald Island is the second stage, and the first half takes place in the forest while the second half takes place in an island. The forest consists of Savori as common enimies, large diamonds, they're some animals that are present like latrge turtles, to which the player jumps on to get somewhere. They're also ropes that the player can (optionally) swing through. The second half, which is the island, is how you'd expect an islandd to be. There's grass everywhere with butterflies flying around in the sunlight. They're emeralds in this stage on the floors and on rocks. 

Savori Crab is the boss of the level. the Savori Crab looks like a crab, but is giant and has armour on itself and there's a mere Savori solider that stands on top of it riding it. The Savori Crab have multiple abilities such as, it can grab the player with its claws and crush him, it can walk on the player, it can eat the player (rarely) and can grab the player and throw him upwards so the Savori solider can attack the player. To defeat it, the player just hits the middle of the boss when the player has the chance and when the crab isn't doing anything. 

Central Clamber Bridge

Roadway Speedwagon is the first stage of the level, it takes place in the morning when the incident hapened. The team are on thier way to the bridge in both stages. The player runs through loads of roads, collecting rings etc. Savori are the common enemy in this stage. They're also some objects to help the player go further, so the player is launched and runs at top speed and can use the cars as a way of getting past somewhere they can't. 

Cars Mania is the second stage, and it takes place where the first stage ended. They're loads of cars here, and the player is running on the pavement with speed pads that are also occur. The player can be launched like last time, but they go onto a catipult which launches them over the cars. Some cars are parked, and specifically those cars are things the player can use to get further in this stage. Towards the end of the stage, there is immense traffc. And, of course the Goal Ring is located at Central Clamber Bridge where the G.U.N are waiting. 

Negative M is the boss of the stage, its a robot made out of cars. Its a giant robot and is quite an easy boss to face, it has the same capabillities as a robot, the only differences are that, the Negative M can carry the player and throw the player off the bridge and into the river, it can kick the player, and trap it in its mouth. The player obviously just hits it like usual, and at the end of the boss battle, the boss drops and explodes. 

Western Canyon

The Pursuer is the first stage, the player is chasing Fang in this stage in a sort of canyon which is not populated as much. Fang's seen flying in the distance, and he can drop bombs or his Marvelous Queen can fire at the player from behind. The player uses quick step to dodge these. There's no common enemy as its bassically a chase. They're loads of speed pads here, as well as loads of jumping platforms. The Goal Ring is near a platform where the player runs on a spee pad which goes up and he/she jumps onto the rooftops.

Regal Rooftops is the second stage and takes place on the roofs of the buildings, right where the first stage left off. The player is still chasing Fang who's on his Marvelous Queen, he/she still does use Quick Step to avoid the things Fang throws at the player. In addition, he shoots rocket launchers at the rooftops, and can drop sacks on the ground hitting the player. The rocket launchers hitting the roofs of shops and such requires the player to jump from one building to another. Fang is laughing maniacally during this stage. 

Fang the Sniper is the Boss and is fought on main road on top of a truck where there's trafffic. Fang caan shoot at the player with his guns, such as AK-47 and (near the end of the battle) miniguns. He can actually just box the player, and his punching does do quite a lot of damage to the player. He can go on his Marvelous Queen and circle around the player confusing he/she and landing. He's not a hard boss, but he can do quite a lot of damage consedering his weaponry.



Satio (image from TylerEddinArt)

Bright City is the first stage which takes place in the morning, on the way to the marketplace. Its a main road and lane that the player is progressing through. The city looks like a steapmunk city and they're steapmunk cars that go past and there's civillians walking past. There are no common enimies here. The player progresses down a hill at one point which is where the player sees the beautiful city and the sun. The stage contains speed pads, gimmicks such as weird robotic animals that the player can use which are the most common. The Goal Ring is at a bridge, or at least near to one.

Starlight City is the second stage, and here the player progresses from where the last stage left off. There's no cars here and they're civillians that are walking past. The stage is kind of like the first stage of Sonic Adventure 2, as the player does grind on rails but they're no stairs or enimies. Although, they're hills that occur generally during the stage. In the middle of the stage, there's a sign saying "Starlight Lane" which is the name of the marketplace Tails wants the special device from. Towards the end, the player is going past the marketplace. They're civillians that are selling things and buying things from people. The player can even hear some arguements going on and they're some side missions which the player can't go too, but in free roam, can. 

The Keepers are the boss of this level, and are actually quite powerful bosses to take on. They have the ability to wack thier massive sledgehammers at the player which is what all the Kepeers have the ability to do. Since, there's three. One Keeper which is the main one, wields an axe and can wack that at the player. It can make the player see things, it can grab and throw the player, shoot a beam from its core and jump quite high and land. The second has the same abilities (not weapon) but can also headbutt the player and shoot fire from its core. The last can grow energy in its head and headbutt the player, doubling the damage and can make his whole body, become full of energy and eventually can either jump or blast the energy at the player. To defeat it, really, all the player has to do is wait for one, two or all of them not to be doing anything. The player has to hit the core since they all have cores. 

Woodland Walk

Shadow's Peak is the first stage of the level, this takes place in a forest but its a very misty forest and the vegetation has withered. The player goes through the mist to progress through the stage. As the player progresses, they're can be ropes that the player can go on, they're may be climable trees as well. Savori are the common enemy of both stages. There's also large animals that are seen, such as tortoises, deers etc. All these animals are either seen lying around, or they run past the player. Some can be used as a way to to progress through the stage. Savori jump at the player consedering the mist. The Goal Ring is at a cliff where there's a pit of nothingness below the player.

Zero Gravity is the second stage, the player starts where the first stage lefts off. The player jumps from the cliff to the other side. They're temples here that are half destroyed during this stage. When, the player progresses through the stage, they have to go past the temple therefore going inside. There's a switch, that the player presses to activate Zero Gravity, since there's platforms that the player can't jump to. Same for other temples that the player goes past. They're still animals that are seen, and Savori that are the common enemy. 

Deadly Spider is the boss of the stage and bassically does everything a spider can, but uses it to its own advantage against the player. Therefore, the spider can trap the player in a web, the spider can create a web and go up it. It can drop from the web, a vibration will occur which damages the player so the player needs to jump to avoid it. The Spider can actually eat the player defeating he/she. It can toss the player across the forest, it can tear down trees etc. The Spider can also curl up in a ball and roll at the player which the player has to dodge. 


Glistening City is the first stage which takes place on the main roads of the city. Its a very futuristic city and therefore they're futuristic cars that roam past. Civillians are seen walking on pavements and some robots too. The player goes past the main roads. The Morpolia Police Soliders and Robots attack the player as the common enimies. Some civillians may attack the player after seeing the player attack a police solider. The stage ends on a park. The player can see people in the park doing picnics, and playing in the park. Over that, there's the view of the morning sky and Morpolia. Its quite beautiful in terms of graphics.

Clean Grounds is the second stage, it takes place back in the city. This time, the only difference is that the player actually goes in buildings to get through the stage as well as outside. The player does cause a little bit of havoc there, but the player does go out and in etc. Morpolia Police still attack the player and this time civillians don't. The player does go past a shopping centre in this stage near the end and the stage ends when the player's at the main city with the screens on the buildings showing pictures of Anthony. 

Future Highway is the third stage which is the last one. This time, the player progresses past a really long bridge and there's immense traffic. The player is on the pavement, civillians  will attack the player as common enimies. The stage ends off the bridge, the player does do a little roundabout and at the end is back with the rest of Team Dark.

Unknown is the boss of this stage, this is a monster that wears a cloak and a helmet with a visor. It can grow and shrink to the size of a normal human being. When, tall and monstorous, it can step on the player, shoot a lazer beam from its visor, grab the player with its hand and crush the player and kick the player. When normal size, it can super jump and hit the ground (a vibration is seen so the player needs to jump), it can shoot a beam from its visor, it can grow claws and teleport. It is quite hard to defeat as there's no way of telling that its goanna shrink or grow, it has no special stance like other bosses. Although, the Morpolia Police do help the player though.

Phase 2 is the same, its just that time's frozen so its just harder to face as no one's helping the player.

Mystic Ruins

Mystic Ruins

Wild Card is the first stage of the level, and takes place in a forest-type area. They're loads of tall trees, they're different types of animals that are seen roaming around. Some that actually help the player progess further through the stage. The sun is shining through the trees as well and the graphics which also look perfect. The player does climb vines, and can sometimes be launched to the trees etc. When launched to the trees, the player gets a beautiful view of Angel Island (in the distance, the player isn't on Angel Island here)  as the sun rises above it. Savori are the common enimies here. 

Green Beauty is the second stage of the level, and starts off in the forest again. Although, this time the player progresses through ancient temples as well as large walls that the player needs to find a way to proceed past. In the middle of the stage the player is in a greenfield, as there's grass everywhere and there are still some trees that are still there. There's also some ponds thar are seen as well as rivers (that the player can't acsess) and oceans. 

The Blob is the boss of the level, its a giant blob obviously and is not that difficult. It can squash the player, the slime trails are also a threat to the player as if he/she runs or touches it, they lose thier rings. It can make a slime-like web trapping the player in it and can turn into this weird-looking liquid and move around as that liquid and emerge massive again. The second problem is that it can multiply itself while it goes smaller.

The Desolation

The stages'll be here: The Desolation

Blue Typhoon

Flying Doom takes place on the exterior of the ship, and the player just defends the ship from loads of Savori which is bassically it. The Savori ships do shoot at the player and some ships actually land. The objective is just to not let the Savori inside. The stage'll just end by itself. 

Death Wish is the second stage of the level, this takes place on the interior and its the same objective as the first stage, but the Savori are just harder to face. The stage'll end by itself.

Shade is the boss, and she's upgraded from last time. She can shoot energy blasts, headbutt, teleport, make people see illusions, actually fight the player, and can shoot a beam of energy from her helmet. She does do these things at random times. The player just hits her when she's not doing anything, but when so, she'll immediately react.

The Realms

Falling Frenzy is the first stage and by the title, the stage is kind of a boss battle but the player is dropping in different enviorements and places. The player is fighting Nazo, there's no Goal Ring as the stage'll end by itself. There'll be some obstacles such as things that fly out at the player which the player has to dodge. 

Dimmensional Travel is the second stage and by the title, in this stage this time, the player travels through dimmensions. They're still falling, in some dimmensions they're monsters in the background, floating rocks, destroyed buildings, fire etc. The player is still fighting Nazo, in one dimmension there's a monster. It swings its hand at Nazo or Silver. At the last point of the stage, there's a huge portal that the player drops through. 

Nazo is the actual boss of the stage, he can shoot chaos beams, chaos energy, energy blasts, chaos blasts and can punch the ground creating a vibration that damages the player's health. The player's fighting Nazo on a floating city like Central City. Nazo can teleport along with the player to different areas in the boss battle area. He's a hard boss. 


Ghastly Travels is the first stage of the level and it takes place in a dark blue-like background. The player progresses through the empty stage. Locke is bassically a companion in the Undervision stage. The common enemy here are ghost-like beings that have claws. The player can hear voices of ancient echidnas such as Tikal and it echoes. They're bubbles that are slowly floating past which Knuckles either guarding the Master Emeralds or Knuckles in previous games.  Visional Speeds is the second stage but this time, in they're different settings that all are to do with the Echidna's past. So, for example, the player sees Albion, he sees Angel Island during the time of the war etc. The player progresses through these visions as they gradually change each time. Locke is still a companion here. The common enimies here are still the ghost-like beings with claws. They're loads of easter eggs here from the comics especially dealing with the Echidna past. The cat and echidna wars etc. The Goal Ring is back at the dark blue place.

The Memory is the boss of the level. Its a huge brain that can attack the player in multiple ways. Its one of the hardest bosses as it has loads of abilities such as physcokenisis, it can grow robotic legs, spread out harmful slime, give the player illusions, it can shoot these things at the player, it can also copy the player's abilities. It is a hard boss to face, the player simply hits the boss. It does have fast reflexes, when the player attacks. The player has no help from anyone but the player hears the ancestors' voice giving him advice, mainly Locke, who gives the player advice on how to beat the boss. 


Rainy Hill is the first stage of the level, by the name, the stage takes place on a hill but not from the start. The player starts off in a greenland, nature is polluted everywhere. They're butterflies flying around, and bees, the player can also spot large flowers. The player goes past this greenfield, and on the player's way there is a hill that occurs. There are farmhouses that the player can see in the background too. It is also a little rainy, when the player gets to hill, he/she slides down it consedering there's loads of puddles and there's one massive one.

City Colours is the second stage and takes place in a more forest-y place in the fields, the sun is shining and the player can hear all signs of life. The player can climb up ropes similar to Sonic Rivals, the player can be launched across places, and some of the animals that are there are also useful. Towards the end of the stage, the player sees Central City in the background. 

Savori Cockroach is the boss of the stage, it is a huge gigantic cockrach that is controlled by a mere Savori solider, who is standing on top of it. The Cockrach can step on the player, eat the player, summon cockroaches to attack the player with Savori soliders riding them and the Savori on top of the Cockroach can attack itself. 


Crazy Gunfires is the first stage of the level, the player has a miniguns and shoots at the police which is really the main objective in this stage. The common enimies are the police and G.U.N that shoot at the player. The player can take cover behind walls and go inside the bank and fight. The stage'll end by itself. 

Machine Madness is the second stage of the level, the player has different guns that the player fires at the police. This time they're tanks that come and jets that also fire. The G.U.N also are more advanced than last time. 

The boss of the level is Fang/Shadow, Rouge. The player can choose between characters to fight with. With Shadow and Rouge, the player posses more assistance from the G.U.N while with Fang, its all by himself. Either way, no one wins but at certain times, the player has to switch from different characters to another. 

Sky Battle

Dying Skies is the first stage of the level, the stage takes place inside Eggman's fleet (as the player is playing Eggman). The player's in a suit, similar to Unleashed, but just shortened and not boss-looking. Nega's robots are the common enimies of this stage as they're invading the ship. Eggman;s robots will asssist the player during the stage. The player does have the option to command his robots so, he can tell his robots to break the walls down if he can't acsess past, or defeat the enimies, find a way to get across etc. 

Fleet War is the second stage of the level, this stage takes place on the exterior. The player now jumps from fleet to fleet fighting enimies. The player can fly from one fleet to another consedering the suit he/she has on. Nega's fleets can emerge at the player, to which they have to shoot down. The player can command the robots like last time, the Goal Ring is the last fleet where the player spots Nega in a widespread room.

Eggman Nega is the boss of this stage, he's not in a suit and Eggman isn't too. The player throws punches, spears the player, throw them around the place and they can get guns out and fire at each other, the same way that they can summon thier robots. So, the boss does have the same abilities as the player.


There's no stages or boss here. There's only one mission here, and the player just has to defeat 100 enimies.


Robots Galore is the first stage of the level, the player progresses through this sandy like place with robots that are roaming about. The stage takes place in the morning as the sun is shining. The player encounters futuristic-like houses that the player goes through. The ground is sandy, so therefore there might be sandstorms that occur and in some places the ground can sink, sinking the player into the sand. There are no common enimies in the level. 

Bright Day is the second stage of the level and starts off in a huge marketplace, they're still robots that galore the stage. Its dusk and now the player is progressing through a huge marketplace polluted with robots. The player can see robots selling things and also some aliens that are there. They're aliens in special armour that are there, that are the common enimies. When, the player faces them, the robots do react. The player can hear what the robots do say, its nothing really intresting, but they are having a conversation. 



Aluwa is the boss of the stage (the picture on the right). He's a giant robot that can transform from a railway train to a giant robot. In the boss battle, Aluwa doesn't transform into a train at all but in the boss intro, he does. He's quite a hard boss, as he can shoot fire from his core, fire from his eye, he can step on the player as well as scrunch the player. The smoke that comes out of Aluwa does affect the player so the player does need to avoid it. He can grow shurukens from his back (they're not really shurukens until he takes them off his back) which he throws at the player, and he can roar. The player bassically climbs up Aluwa's arm, when he tries to scrunch the player and attack the core. At low heart damage, the boss can shoot beams from his core, eye and arms, leaving the player with nowhere to go.

Devestating City

Savori Encounter is the first stage and it takes place in Central City, its half destroyed as they're some buildings that are, and some that are just filled with Savori as well as the ground which is where the player plays this level. The player progresses through a broken Central City, as cars are broken, and civillians are running for thier lives. The player can use all types of vehicles that are there as cover since the Savori in these last stages are way more stronger than thier last encounter. The Savori are the common enimies in this level. They're Savori spaceships that'll fly by the player and some that crash to the ground on purpose, creating explosions. They're some points in the stage where the player needs to save the civillians from Savori, although in this stage there's all types of things going down. 

Ruinious Palace is the second stage and takes place where the first left off, the player is still on the ground and everything is the same as the last stage. Loads of vehicles, loads of Savori. Only, this time, they're shops with broken windows, which the player has acsses too, to fight off the Savori. The player can spot some civillians taking cover in the shops and some are crying, it is quite sad. Towards the end of the stage, the police join the battle, as at first, the player hears sirens, then the police cars that come. The police will assist the player here. Right at the end, the player jumps off this little platform on top of a bus, and everything goes slow mo, they're buttons that appear on the screen which the player needs to press on time (or tap) the player jumps off the bus, while it explodes and a little beyond that explosion, there's the Goal Ring.

Freeway Chase is the third stage, where the player is automatically running at really high speeds, misleading Savori spaceships that are following the player. The player is running so fast, he/she breaks everything in the way including cars. The player does use Quick Step to collect rings and also dodge the bullets being shot. Savori spaceships are the common enimies so they'll be no actual Savori on ground attacking the player.

Skellig jk

Savori Skeleton

The Savori Skeleton is the boss of the level, and is actually a really hard boss to face. It has a ton of abilities that it uses against the player. It is one of the most unique Savori bosses in the game. The boss has these abilities, martial arts (so he can use his sword professionally), he can shoot power bullets at the player with his sword, he can make the player see things, such as creepy visions (the most creepiest ingame). He can say things that make the player dizzy, headbutt the player, fire dark matter from his hands, if damaged, and a body part falls off, it'll re-grow. They'll be three rounds, the third being the hardest. The boss can also use a lazer beam from his eyes, bring back souls of the dead to face the player, he can teleport, has physcokenisis and telekenisis, the withered leaves and such on him, can turn into tenticles and grab the player stretching the player out till he/she looses all he/she's rings. He also has mind control, so he can control the player (therefore tampering the buttons) so the player does have to switch. He's quite a hard boss, but not the hardest. Savori do assist him.

Terror Buildings

Death Palace takes place inisde some wrecked buildings, where Savori roam. The player is inside only one building in this stage, they're lots of Savori that attack and the player has to save all the personell etc. Although, the player does need to be smart, as there is a lift there and the player has the option there on screen to command the player to go inside the lift. Why, the player needs to be smart is because Savori come from all angles and if Savori came while the player has allowed the personell to leave, they'd be attacked and some would be supposedly killed. They're already some dead people there but not a lot.

There is no second stage but there is a mission which is to defeat 30 Savori in a minute and it is quite pressuring. 

Nazo is the boss of the level, and the player flies from building to building fighting Nazo. He is more powerful and has the ability to fire from his eyes, and mouth, a white beam. He can choke the player, summon dangerous sparks that hurt the player, he can punch the player so hard, the player is out of the camera's view, Nazo can also throw things from other buildings using physcokenisis to the player (like Silver can). 

The Awakening

Hell's Devestation is the first stage of the level, the city is devestated and Algorgian is there in the background on fire smiling creepily. The player is progressing through the stage on ground, there's fire everywhere and the player can't see any civillians. G.U.N, the police, and the military assist the player here and Eggman's robots. The Savori are the common enimies here, and they're on fire but it seems like the fire is making them more powerful to fight as they become harder to face. Savori come from all angles in this level, they're literally everywhere. The thing that makes it even harder is that they're minotaurs that are also Savori and they're on fire too hence making them even more powerful. 

Savori Apocylapse is the second stage and takes place on the Blue Typhoon. The player's on the exterior and can enter the interior fighting off Savori. The Savori are also on fire, making them harder to face. They come, again, from all angles, they're portals that are unleashed everywhere and they're Savori spaceships that are alos shoot at the player or unleash more Savori. The stage ends itself.

Malusor, himself, is the boss of this level. Malusor I is a Malusor that isn't that hard. He can punch the player away from the screen, he can do ground pound, shoot his guns at the player, super jump, he can roar, and grab the player's head and squeezes it till the player has no rings after that the boss'll punch the player, defeating the player.

Malusor II can do all he did in the first battle, but now he can also kick the player, go inside the ground and emerge from the ground where the player is standing, he can jump on the player, throw the player, shoot the player rapidly, and can grow claws. 

Malusor III is even harder as he can do everything he did in the last two boss fights, but can also grow not to Algorgian scale, but grow to a point where he is even taller than the heroes, this enhances his strength, and makes him a harder boss to fight. He can also shoot a beam from his eyes, throw items at the player at fast speeds, can punch the ground causing a vibration, can absorb attacks, and can deflect attacks. He's a hard boss to defeat here.

The next boss fight is the Savori Cobra and Argo, who is riding it. 

Savori Cobra

This fight is one of the hardest, the Savori Cobra can crush the player by simply wrapping its body around the player and crushing the player. It can shoot fire at the player, use those extra tenticles to grab the player and eat the player, it can go into the ground and emerge, the player in its mouth. It can sliver really fast around the player, while Argo shoots a beam at the player. Speaking of Argo, he can shoot dark matter at the player, the boss can throw the player up, Argo will attack, and put it in the boss' mouth. Argo can jump off the snake, and attack himself. Savori will assist the boss. When at low heart damage, the snake can absorb all the fire energy and fire it out of its mouth, defeating the player.

The third boss is Argo, they're 2 phases to which you fight the boss. In the first phase (Argo I), Argo has the ability to teleport, use martial arts, give the player illusions, blast beams of dark energy, he can shoot dark matter at the player, shapeshift, and can blow up (of course, he'll come back). Argo II is the hardest and Argo can do all the things he done in the first battle with the addition of slamming the ground, teleporting all over the place, and can shoot eye beams. He can turn into ash and and form unexpectedly, he can also summon weird creatures that attack the player. Obviously, if you've read the story, the stage ends automatically as something happens.

Final Battle

Burnt Darkness is the first stage of the level and takes place inside the Desolation but its not the same place as the last time. Here, is a very unique part of the Desolation. The stage is in the interior and the player progresses through different rooms as well as hallways, they're lazer turrets, machine guns, and some haunting screams that damage the player. Its quite empty, as there's not that much Savori that the player encounters. There's a some fire that is seen around the place, in some areas in the stage, the fire blocks the player's path therefore the player needs to find a way past. 

Polluted Roads is the second stage of the level, this takes place in Central City on the ground and the city is overall destroyed. The buildings are torn apart and they're destroyed cars etc. Savori are the common enimies of this stage and they're way powerful than they were before. The player progresses through these roads and can use vehicles as objects to help the player. Some buildings do collapse towards the end of the stage and Algorgian can be seen in the far distance. 

Algorgian is the boss for this stage and is the second to last boss of the game. He is one of the hardest boss consedering his abilities. The first phase of this boss fight, the player uses only the hedgehog trio. Algorgian has the ability to shoot fireballs, can shoot fire from his eyes and mouth and roar affecting the player. The player just fires at the boss. Algorgian II has extra characters the player can use, there's four robots the player plays as, Jaramax, Tokio, Aluwa and Kilo. The player does still play the hedgehog trio as well. The robots are a huge help. Although, speaking of Algorgian, he has some extra abilities. He has the ability to smile, therefore mind controlling the player, he can swipe his hand at the player, he has pyrokenisis so he can make a huge explosion (in the boss battle area) affecting the player. Algorgian III is the last phase and Algorgian is more powerful than ever. He still has the same abilities he had in the last two phases. He also has the ability to give the player illusions, he can teleport through fire, he can smile, tampering with the player's butttons, he can headbutt the player, he can create portals and he can grow a long tounge, grabbing the player and eating him. There's also buildings that rise as obstacles for the player consedering the Portal to a Thousand World is sucking up everything. In addition, Savori will assist the boss.

Critical Response

Fans enjoyed the stages of the levels, saying that the graphics were stunning especially in the forest-like stages, consedering the ammount of detail put into the stages. The main part of this is here saying the ranks that critcs gave.

The Ambush

The Ambush Stages are stages that work exactly like normal Sonic stages, its only that they're kind of like extra stages in a way. Sometimes, they'll take place in one area, or the player is just fighting a pack of enimies.

The first Ambush stage is Savori Track. This takes place near Craig and Atrocia's treehouse, the Savori have tracked our heroes. The player is on the outside of the treehouses, fighting Savori that continuosly attack. Eggman's robots do assist the player here and hitting them lowers your score.

The second Ambush stage is Forest Attack. Here, the player progresses through all of Forest Hill taking down the Savori. They're vines the player can climb as well as animals the player can ride. Deers are seen running away as well as the player fights the Savori. Some trees may drop as gimmicks for the player, unexpectedly as well as some Savori bombs. The stage ends back at the treehouse as the player just goes around the place.

The boss of this Ambush level, is the Black Death. Its a huge robot that can transform into a deadly rat. In robot form, it can step on the player, grab trees and throw those at the player, it can slam its fists on the ground creating a vibration and can spin really fast making the player go flying away, hence defeating he/she. In rat form, it has a huge teeth, so it can eat the player, it does have lazer beams and turrets that come out of its sides as well as a machine gun that mainly occurs when the rat is charging at the player. To defeat it, the player has to trick it. They need to go on a tree and wait for the rat to focus, it'll charge and the player has to jump off or jump to the nearest tree therefore the rat is damaged. The player has to do this multiple times however. To defeat it in robot form, the player does have to go on a tree and find a way to get on its arm and hit its chest. However, the rat can turn back into a robot any time and vice versa so the player does need to be careful.

The fourth Ambush stage is Missile Parade, the player takes control of only Anthony. Here, they're missiles being fired at the player, the player bassically is protecting the Blue Typhoon from getting hit.


Egg Demolisher

So, the player either shoots it down, or does a combo move etc. They're also fleets that are seen and its optional if the player wants to take them down. Although, if the player does, it does give the player a higher rank. 

The fifth stage is Betrayal City, this takes place on the interior of the labatory. The common enimies here are Eggman's robots. Tails does guide the way through the whole lab, and on the way the player encounters enimies. The boss is Egg Demolisher, its not a hard boss. As all its capable of is shooting from its eyes, hitting the player, can grow metal claws and can headbutt the player.

The Attack is the sixth stage and takes place in the interior of the Desolation, the player just roams the place and defeats enimies while at it. They're are a lot of Savori that attack the player. 

Savori Highway is the seventh stage and the same thing occurs, only more Savori are encountered. The Savori Minotaur is a boss, it can headbutt the player, step on the player, crush the player in its hands, jump really high and can go on its all fours and charge with its horns at the player. 

Minigun Love is the eighth stage and takes place in the darkness, the player plays either Omega or Fang and they both carry miniguns which they fire in circles. The place flashes when the player shoots around the place. The stage ends when all the Savori are defeated. 

Minotaur Trouble is the nineth stage and takes place still in the interior of the ship, by the name obviously, they're loads of minotaurs that reoccur as common enimies. They're no other Savori soliders that attack except minotaurs. Nazo III is a boss and can do things like chaos beams, chaos blasts, eye lazers and can punch the ground creating a vibration. 

Shadow is also a boss and attacks the player, he can get a gun out on the player, chaos blast, home attack. He can basically do all his abilities but use it against the player.

Final Run is the tenth stage and is 1:00 countdown. The player races from falling debris, enimies that attack and falling platforms etc. The player has to make it through here in time and get to the Blue Typhoon, when the player reaches the Typhoon there's a ledge, the player then jumps and lands in the ship (in a slow mo shot). 

N-1000 is a boss, its a gold chrome Sonic-looking robot. It has gold eyes without a iris, and can shoot golden beams from its eyes at the player, can ground pound, can create energy and fire it at the player, can grow an actual iron fist and can make a sort of screeching noise that affects the player. The player basically just hits the boss when it isn't doing anything or when it does its stance (signalling what move its goanna do).

Nazo IIII can do all the same things he did in the last 4 phases, in addition he can grow in size enhancing strength and durability. Argo and Malusor are the bosses, Argo can teleport and use martial arts. 


Savori Crawler

While, Malusor uses ground pound, he ca box the player and can shoot beams from his gun.

Savori Crawler is a boss, it attacks the Blue Typhoon. If it touches the player, the player does lose some rings. The boss also carries a sledgehammer (like in the picture), it can charge at the player, and hit the player. It walks like a zombie, as it limps quite alot, and can headbutt the player. This boss does have the most hardest headbutts in the game as it takes away all he/she's rings. 

Death Wish II is the eleventh stage and it takes place in the interior of the Desolation, the player goes through loads of hallways. Savori are the common enimies in this stage and will attack the player. During the stage, Argo's voice is heard on the speakers announcing that they will be invading Central City and they need to get everything's they've got. 

Stopping Time is the twelth stage and time is frozen or at least, going really slowly. The player still runs at high speeds and has to save the whole team (that went into the Desolation), when the player catches a certain person, they go into normal speed (like Craig) however time is still slowing down. 

Savori Pack #1 is the thirteenth stage and takes place in the Desolation, by the name, the Savori raid the place and the player basically fights a bunch of Savori.

Ships Galore is the fourteenth stage and is basically kind of like Missile Parade only that this time, the player flies around Central City either to mislead the fleets into buildings, or shoot them down. The Blue Typhoon does follow the player and helps at some points.

World Force Xazar is a boss and is quite a hard one, he runs at super high speeds almost like he can teleport, he can also shoot beams from his eyes, create an energy wave that makes the player go flying, actually fight, throw his spear at the player and can at some points, mind control the player (therefore tampering they're buttons).

Speed is the fifteenth stage, time has slown down like in the Slowing Time. The player runs at normal speeds, at the first part of the stage, well the start, the player jumps off the Desolation and lands on the ground. The player knows where the emerald is, when the player is near a certain character. There's an exclamation mark that is seen, when the player is right near that character, they're buttons that appear on the screen that the player has to press then the player grabs the emerald in a mini (really mini) cutscene. The player does the same with the leftover 6 more characters.

Talian Heights is the sixteenth stage and takes place in Central City, its quite devstated. Its morning. This stage takes place on a bridge (motorway) with the stage's name. They're loads of vehicles that are left around this stage, some are destroyed, some are probably abondened, and some are on fire. They're basically obstacles for the stage that the player has to get through. A truck appears at some points, and the player does need to find a way past it. 


The Egg Devourer 2.0

The Egg Devourer 2.0 and Nazo are the bosses after the last stage (Tailan Heights). The Egg Devourer is Transformers-inspired since it does have a face. It can shoot beams from his guns (which are his hands). It can dive at the player, it can grow turrets, shoot lazers, grow a machine gun on its shoulder and when near low health, can upgrade its own armour. Nega does talk though the suit but in a dark robotic voice sort of like Optimus Prime. Nega does give hints to what the player has to do to defeat him (indirectly) and also threatens the player. 

Nazo, can do all the abilities he did in his last boss battles. 

Chaos Nazo is a boss, he has white eyes and his spikes are more longer than original. He also has different boots and has a white aura around him and with white sparks flying out of it. He has all the same abilities, he did in the last boss battles with him. Only now he can shoot lightning at the sky, and then fire it at the player. Nazo can also charge at the player, making the player go flying into a wall. He also can grow a sword and attack the player. He also now has physcokenisis since he can throw objects at the player. That includes fleets or random furniture or objects that come flying out the windows of towers. 

Argo is a boss here and he can shoot dark energy-balls at the player, he can also teleport around the place. He can also use martial arts and can use physcokenisis, he can throw the player with his mind. The player does wield a gun. Its optional to use, its however not like a pistol its like a gun that is quite long although it does look like it was homemade. The player shoots this at Argo or the player can just home attack him. 

Menacing Heights is the seventeenth stage and takes place on the exterior of the Desolation. Where, the player can clearly see Central City being sucked up by the Thousand World Portal and Algorgian walking in the distance. The player goes to the waypoint which is on the exterior of the Desolation (as the exterior is quite wide). Savori are the common enimies here and will attack the player although they don't really attack the player much in this stage.

Slowing Time is the eighteenth stage and the player is in a tower. Its exactly like the Speed and Stopping Time stages, only that the player has exclamation marks already on the top of players and the player then knows what characters the bullets are heading for. This stage is also timed, it counts down from 0:45. 

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