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The Voyages of Sonic the Hedgehog: The Blue Blur is a fan made videogame  by Williamcost. He really wanted to make something and a game that Sonic fans would recieve well too. This game's about Sonic and the duo stopping a very unique villian who instead wants to use time to take over the world. In the process, a prophecy about a "Blue Blur" is told who will save the world from darkness. A struggle is put between our heroes and all they can stick to is survival and friendship.

Chapter 1: The Start of a New Adventure

Sonic has witnessed a dangerous event that occured in Central City, there's been an invasion from whom? What are they? Intentions? Plans? That'll all lead up to an epic adventure...

This all began one simple day in Central City. The day was veiled in night, but everything went well for Sonic's home city. Suddenly, all screens turn off.

The camera switches to presumably a family watching TV, they're prepared to watch when all over a sudden the screens turn off too. The next time the camera switches to different people and Team Chaotix eventually. Their screens turn off too (Charmy is playing video games). Although, eventually, Central City is literally a blackout. Nevertheless, the screens turn on again. But there's a shadowy figure that unexpectedly appears on these screens. This figure possess a deep voice and threatens Central City. He talks about how it's a funny world we live in. How "everybody lives to just one day... fall." He then mentions Sonic. He says how he's witnessed Sonic the Hedgehog from the beginning and sooner or later, the end. This figure talks about how he has an army, he asks Sonic to come out wherever he is or...

The figure doesn't conclude his sentence, although when all screens pop back on a squadron of ancient-looking creatures attack the city.

Sonic , on the other hand, is stopping a robbery in another part of Central City. It is a robbery that takes place in a very mansion-looking bank. The robbers shoot at them but Sonic either uses his Spin Dash or Homing Attack to attack them and dodge them. With a crazy event like this happening, the blackout was very unnoticeable. Sonic succeeds however and the police congratulate him, then like the usual night transforms into day. The next day, Sonic does meet Tails in his his laboratory. They talk about what possiblyDr Eggman is planning now and what other crimes might be stopped today. Tails does talk to Sonic about the blackout and how this person knows who Sonic is. Sonic assumes it's possibly Eggman playing with people's minds which Tails agrees too. The two have a stroll on the main road until an asteroid busts through presumably a G.U.N helicopter and hit the ground. But an army squadron commence from the cloud of rubble (which doesn't spread). They looked very mythical in some ways and Tails even pointed out he must've seen a minatour throwing a car. Of course knowing Sonic, he decides to react and find out whose behind this. (Night Takeover:Night Conquering ) (Playable Characters: Sonic, Tails).</p>While Sonic is on the run with Tails, they spot Amy Rose who is fighting a bunch of these creatures but Sonic and Tails do realise she is struggling. So Sonic and Tails jump into action. (Night Takeover: Furnace Darkness) (Playable Characters: Sonic,Tais, Amy). G.U.N helicopters commenced, while the three watch. They observe all the destruction and damage being caused.

The camera zooms in on Shadow who is using a machine gun, firing at multiple minatours. A typical G.U.N soilder tells Shadow about how he saw Sonic somewhere here on the way. The G.U.N Commander asks Shadow if he wants to assist them. But, right before Shadow could answer, a minatour and a dragon jump/fly onto the helicopter an try bring it down. Sonic, Tails and Amy spot this happening but they have to stop a gigantic monster in order to get through. (Night Takeover: Boss: Savori Minotauros) Sonic sucssessfully defeats the Minotauros but when it's defeated the helicopter is nearly on the verge of crashing. Sonic jumps on the helicopter to rescue Shadow and G.U.N team untill it's left with Sonic hanging on. He prepares for death untill a blur catches him. It's so fast even Tails and the team don't notice it. Sonic stands up, bewildered and confused. A figure approaches them, he wears a hoodie and jacket (in disguise). The figure takes off his hoodie and tells the heroes they need to go now. He looks like Sonic, but brown-coloured. The heroes are not convinced and ask why, he shows a Chaos Emerald and how they're in deep danger. Amy asks where they'd go in the first place. He tells them to come and see, he says he's not the person they hate. The G.U.N Commander tells Shadow that apparently there's been attacks at G.U.N Prison.

Chapter 2: Meet the Family

Sonic encounters a mysterious character back in Central City, Sonic's hometown, during the invasion. He takes them to his treehouse and they also meet his sister, Atrocia, a fearsome girl with the bow. They gradually begin to be fed some more info about what happened, and why it did. They also meet more old allies....

(Forest Hill:Misty Path ) (Forest Hill:Great Trees ) (Playable Characters: Sonic, Tails, Amy, Unknown). Sonic and the trio are walking through a dead-straight forest. The unknown figure apologizes for the rush, and introduces himself as Craig to Sonic. Craig explains about how his life is extremely complicated, but he's managed. He also explains about how Sonic's world is in great danger. Craig tells Sonic about how your world recieved a threat from an unknown 2 days ago. Sonic points out how Tails told him that before, he says that he thought it was Dr Eggman. Craig, not knowing who Dr Eggman, is cracks jokes about who is an why his name is that. Tails suddenly joins in and says he did anaylze the footage and how he was able to take down all satellites. He says how he has contacted Professor Pickle to assist them and help them out.  
Hooded Figure


At the G.U.N Prison and Main Base, it's being attacked by Savori (the mythical creatures). G.U.N Soliders are battling against them, some troops join the battle and the G.U.N Commander and Shadow fight against the creatures too. E-123 Omega is seen being released from preumably a some sort of charging mechanism by Rouge.

Shadow, Rouge, Omega and the G.U.N Commander join forces and fight the Savori who are also breaking people out of prison. (G.U.N Base:Iron Walls) (G.U.N Base: Prison Chaos) (Playable Characters: Shadow, Rouge and Omega).

There's a short cutscene where we see the Savori breaking the criminals free. One of the criminals, nevertheless is none other than Fang the Sniper. The Savori creature that breaks him out is a lion with a wolf's face and snake tail. It angrily stares at Fang, but doesn't attack. Fang smiles. The Savori then runs away. Fang retrieves his guns and his hat, then he flees away on his Marvelous Queen. 

Back to the exterior of the G,U,N Base, G.U.N Fleets and helicopters are evacuating G.U.N Soilders. The G.U.N Commander takes a helicopter to go north while Team Dark leave in the largest fleet. Although, the fleet is attacked by the Savori creatures. (G.U.N Fleet:Chaotic Strike) (G.U.N Fleet:Collapsing Hell) (Playable Characters: Shadow, Rouge and Omega). Unfortunately, a centaur shoots an an arrow at Team Dark's fleet engine and it crashes in a mysterious place. 

Though, in a far future, Silver confronts a base polluted in robotic troops. It's snowy. While, Silver is gazing, a robotic troop collapses at his side. Silver turns his head and sees Blaze with a fireball. (Destroyed Lab:Expiremental Madness)(gp) (Destroyed Lab: X-Lab ). Silver and Blaze eventually encounter Nazo the Hedgehog in a room where robotic troops are scattered all over the place, all defeated. Nazo has just finished the last one off. He turns to see Silver and Blaze, he smiles and after a short conversation between the three. They clash. (Disarrary Lab: Boss: Nazo). Nazo is defeated, but using his abilities creates a portal to the past. Silver and Blaze go after him.

But, the portal doesn't close.

Sonic and his trio arrive at Craig's base, it's hidden treehouse. Tails admits that it does seem pretty impressive. The team begin to enter, Sonic enters first but before he can climb, an arrow is pointing directly at his eyes. Craig syas he's (Sonic) is with him. The team arrive at Craig's treehouse. It is suprisingly quite huge, and there are tons of homemade weapons. An escape room is seen and some other trapdoors. The girl who pointed the arrow at Sonic earlier is revealed to be Craig's sister, Atrocia. She's blond, wears a cloak and is an echidna. Atrocia explains how the threat put on Central City is likliest to be Argo . Craig explains to the team how Argo is a time master. He can control time and mess it up. Tails asks how they know this. And Craig said Argo was his late brother's best friend. He tells the team about his past and about how his father was a scientist Echidna. How, Craig and Atrocia's father died of chaos radiation. He went crazy and blew up. Their mother apparently went missing. After Sonic explains his sorrow for the two, they ask where to go next.

Tails mentions Professor Pickle and how he said they could come whenever they felt like it. Sonic and the team then head to Proffesor Pickle to get the questions answered.

(Spagonia: Rushing Sands) (Spagonia: Glorious City) (Playable Characters: Sonic, Tails, Amy, Craig, Atrocia). Suddenly, on their wya they spot Dr Eggaman's fleet soars over the heroes. Shooting at them. Then, one of Eggman's robot attacks the five. (Spagonia: Boss:Egg Bull-1000). The team struggle and even though they defeated the Egg Bull. They're still eventually captured. Dr Eggman's fleets head for his E.G.G Metropolis. The team are knocked out unconscious, they're all trapped in cages. Dr Eggman walks up, sinisterly to Sonic's cell and asks if he is enjoying the vist. Angrily, Sonic threatens Eggman and how he'll foil his evil plans. A few hours later, Sonic is sitting there in his cell, thinking. Untill, suddenly, Craig breaks him out and the other teamm members as well.  Then, the team try to find thier way out of the fleet. (E.G.G Fleet: Robot Mania) (Playable Characters: Sonic, Tails, Amy,  Craig, Atrocia). Amy though, finds a hidden door, he sees all Eggman's failed robots and some old robots. Among them, she sees Gamma. Not knowing she did, Amy accideantly presses a button which unleashes Gamma. Thus, triggering an alarm. Eggman orders his robots to go after them and Amy is suddenly surrounded by all the failed robots. Her Piko Piko was confiscated so she didn't know what do, untill Gamma brakes out remembering Sonic Adventure. Sonic and the team unite with Gamma and carry on to find Eggman. (E.G.G Fleet:Scrap Highway) (Playable Chracters: Sonic, Tails, Amy, Gamma, Craig, Atrocia). 

The heroes then come upon a robot piloted Dr Eggman himself. (E,G,G Fleet: Boss: Egg Dragon 1.0 ) (Playable Characters: Sonic, Tails, Amy, Knuckles, Gamma, Craig, Atrocia). When the Egg Dragon is destroyed, Dr Eggman falls to the ground. With rage, Sonic asks if Eggman has contribution to the army that attcaked Central City. Eggman declines, saying whoever's behind that is just wasting their time. Eggman notices Craig and Atrocia and questions their apperance. Atrocia is aabout to blow an arrow but Craig signals her not too. Eggman notices since they both have the same enemy, he suggests working together. Some deep thought kicked in, and even though by the end of this Eggman will go rouge again. Sonic does anyway, and Eggman and Sonic shake hands. Though, the fleet is attacked by Savori and Argo goes onboard the ship. The Savori guide Argo's walk by killing all Eggmaan's troops. Eggman tries to land the ship safely and when they do they crash on some flying island.

Chapter 3: The War of Angel Island

Sonic and co have crashed in Eggman's ship, they form an alliance. Until, they come across a cave by the name Alagorg. It blocks thier path and go through it. They also find Knuckles, gradually turning into a statue. They uncover this mystery, but Argo has found Sonic and co and an epic battle occurs...

Team Dark wake up after the crash, Shadow wakes up and sees Omega giving some sort of medical treatmeent to Rouge. To which she stands up. Shadow asks where they are, Team Dark leave the destroyed fleet and find themselves in some island. There's floating pyramids, and some of these pyramids actually fly away. Argo's voice is heard, introducing himself and the base as "The Peak",and threatening Team Dark, knowing their arrival. Argo mentions how his Savori are prepared and ready an time they are. Shadow threatens Argo and says that he destroyed the fleet. Argo villanously laughs, Rouge says they will find a way out of here and Argo replies, "Good luck." Rouge asks Omega if he has any co-ordinates to escape, and he says they'll need to get the Core. Omega doesn't even know what the Core is, but Shadoww mentions that they'll just have to wait and see. (The Peak: Floating Pyramids) (The Peak: Death Ambush) (Playable Characters: Shadow, Rouge, Omega). 

Team Dark spot the "Core", which is a robotic dragon that attacks Team Dark. (The Peak: Boss: The Core). When the Core is defeated, Rouge spots an emerald. She calls Shadow and Omega and tells them to look. It's an emerald, but doesn't look exactly like a Chaos Emerald. Rouge spots this, and isn't clear what it is. Shadow tells the team they should keep the emerald just incase, if it has any ties to the destruction of Central City. Suddenly, the emerald begins to glow and a portal is unveiled. Team Dark have a little arguement about if they should go in. Eventually, Shadow gives up and jumps in. Rouge and Omega notice this and decide to jump in after Shadow. 

Silver and Blaze find themselves in Central City, there is some reconstruction made. Silver and Blaze realise they have no lead on Nazo, untill suddenly they hear 2 people talking about a flying figure that went right above their heads. Silver realises this and asks the two for info. They gather up that people saw a flying hedgehog going east.    (Lost Island: Nature Madness) (Lost Island: Great Waters) (Playable Characters: Silver, Blaze) The two ask themselves if this is really the place Nazo went. While, they're walking, Dr Eggman Nega appears out of nowhere. He commands these "Time Emeralds" from Silver andBlaze. The two are confused with what Time Emeralds are, Nega acts negative and he unleashes his robot. A rolling gyrosphere with guns attached to it. (Lost Island: Boss: Egg G.Y.R.O) Silver and Blaze have almost finished defeating the boss, untill Nega unleashes a type of gas (from the G.Y.R.O) making the two faint unconscious. 

Sonic and the duo wake up, on a mysterious island, they exit the ship. Sonic asks where they are, Dr Eggman plops his head out of some debris and stands up in the background. They realise that there's a tomb of some sort. Sonic and Tails are first to notice this and see a scripture on the wall, the heroes all wonder what it is. Craig notices that it's a gate, and they figure a way to enter. Atrocia then takes a closer look and states that her Dad told her about this. She states that this is the scripture of the ancient Echidna tribe, about a Blue Blur who will rise against darkness. Tails tries to scan the text, and realises there's pictures. Loads of them. Of diffrent kinds of ancient people. Tails theorizes that these might be pictures of ancient Echidna scientists but one of the pictures is one hedgehog-like person running. Tails scans the text and finds out it says,"Light before Dawn. Alive before Death. Algorgian will rise. The tribe shall fall". Tails reads it out and unleashes a puzzle. Atrocia and Craig decie to solve it. (At this point you solve a puzzle).

The gate opens, and the team walk in, there's a parade of statues everywhere. Knuckles is seen almost turning into stone, Sonic zooms towards him and tries to free him. Amy asks what happened, and Knuckles answers by saying a figure came up to him, while he was guarding the Master Emerald and brang him to this cave then it cast a spell and turned him into stone. Knuckles was frozen for 3 hours here. Knuckles warns Sonic by telling him he only has 10 minutes left. The team decide to explore the cave, Tails and Amy stay to protect Knuckles and warn Sonic, Craig and Atrocia if anything goes wrong. (Alogarg: Dark Hallway) (Playable: Sonic, Craig, Atrocia). The three hear sounds, and find 3 diffrent ways to go. Right, Left and Centre. Each one goes each way. (Alogarg: Death Valley) (Playable: Sonic) (Alogarg: Skeleton Assualt) (Playable: Craig) (Alagorg: Trap City) (Playable: Atrocia) The three end up together, and skeletons are about to commense untill they're called to a halt. A man with a dragon head and snakes slivering all over him, asks who they are. Sonic asks if he knows what happened to Knuckles, and he says that he does, and attacks them. (Alagorg: Boss: The Dragonsnake) (Playable: Sonic, Craig, Atrocia) They defeat the Dragonsnake, he stands up and grows wings, he shoots fire at Craig from its mouth. Sonic saves Craig (who was already a bit injured), the Skeletons attack and after an endless battle, Sonic and Atrocia are cornered. Atrocia's out of bows. Dragonsnake's about to turn them both into stone untill Craig zooms from behind him and stabs the Dragonsnake with his fists. Tails says (through a Walkie Talkie), Knuckles has been freed and the gate entrance has closed. 

Sonic notices the cave's about to collapse, the three rush back to Tails, Amy and Knuckles and escape. There's a gap on their way between the outside world and the cave. Sonic and the duo speed through there and make it out. The cave collapses, with the six watching. (Dr Eggman joins). Amy spots Gamma flying towards them. Gamma tells the team that while he was "unconscious", he saw Argo. Argo told Gamma to tell Sonic that the world is ending. Gamma continues by saying that after he escaped from the destroyed ship, he scanned the place and he says that he thinks this is Angel Island. Sonic asks how, because he remembers how the Angel Island collapsed. Gamma doesn't know about that and says that they should explore the island to seek answers to their questions. (Angel Island: Floating Paradise) (Angel Island: Mystic Ruin)  The heroes are now in a widespread space polluted in wildlife. A portal appears in front of them and Argo appears. He wears a hoodie, wth a cloak, and his face is unexposed. He tells the team it's about time he came to visit Sonic. And Sonic and Argo stand face to face, Argo asks Sonic where the Chaos Emerald is. The team currently have 4 Emeralds, the other two are unknown. Argo casts a spell in his mind, and a giant ball of dark matter is carried by his hands. Argo then asks where the Time Emeralds. The team do not know of this, Atrocia gets another pack of arrows. Multiple portals appear circlinghe team, and Argo's army are all standing there preparing to attack. Gamma and Atrocia nod to each o tther, Argo's abut to fire at Sonic, then Gamma grows a machine gun and fires at the squadron who attack. Atrocia arrows everyone in thier sight, while Sonic fights Argo. ((Angel Island: Boss: Savori Manikin and Argo) Argo calls his ships from a spell, and these Pyramid-shaped ships unleashing more armandas of Savori.

Tails asks Eggman (through a Walkie Talkie) if he can call reinforcements and Eggman responds by saying that his link with the ship has been breeched therefore he can't call his Egg Fleet. Tails gets away from the battle and tries to hack into whatever's been breeching Dr Eggman's signal with the ship. (A game is played here at this point. There's a signal that is unleashed, you have to guide it to the next exit while some obstacles occure similar to GTA 5: The Fleeca Job: Driller's Mision) Tails hacks it and calls the Egg Fleet, Tails realises this isn't Argo, but someone deffinetly hacked into it, and not manualy. The Egg Fleet appears just in time, the Egg Gunner appears and picks Eggman up.


Argo's "Devestation" Fleet

The team continue fighting, Knuckles asks who Craig and Atrocia are. They introduce themselves, but ask why at this time. Argo casts a spell that calls out his Devestation (his fleet) which unleashes an armanda of Savori that attack. The Savori are more superior now and the Eggman's robots are losing. Sonic is seen injured by Tails, who flies straight towards him. Tails asks what happened and realises that Sonic's iris' are purple. Tails keeps asking him and Sonic continues saying,"Help me! Help me! Help me!" He's breathing for his life which worries Tails. He contacts the team telling them that Sonic is injured and that it's only them now. Tails tries to give him medical treatment and Sonic fires lazers from his eyes somehow. Tails murmurs "what has Argo done to you?" Argo, suddenly, flies up into the air and shoots out dark matter everywhere in circle which spreads.  It doesn't effect the heroes nor Eggman's robots nor him. The heroes wonder what he's doing. 

Meanwhile, at Cream 's house, there's a birthday party occuring. It's Big's birthday party, he plays with Cheese and 

Team Dark step out the portal after the Core into some sort of futuristic-looking dystopian and destroyed city. They see loads of corpses and destroyed unearthly like vehicles. Rouge asks if this is Silver's future, and Omega replies by saying this isn't it, Silver's future has been restored. They continue to explore.

However, in Cream's house, Big's birthday party is occuring. Him and Cream are playing with Cheese and Big thanks Cream for arranging this for him. Vanilla brings a cake out, and lays it on the table. Cream, Cheese, Vanilla and Gemerl sing Happy Birthday to him. Cream stops him from blowing the candle and says that before he blows the candle he has to make a wish. Cream tells him to close his eyes, think and blow. Big did exactly so and right before he blew, Cheese makes a sound and flies out into the garden warning Cheese. All the flowers have just died. Cream apologizes to Big and runs outside, her heart broken. She looks around and all she sees is all her favourite flowers gone. Big hugs Cream, and Cream is determined to find the person behind this. Big notes that its a coincidence and Cream just runs away. Vanilla shouts Cream's name, and Gemerl blocks Vanilla from getting into any trouble. Gemerl asks Big to find out where she's going and protect her. (Goldust: Forest Light) (Goldust: Gleaming City)(Playable: Big, Cream*) (Cream goes solo as you play only her in the second stage*). Big spots Cream who's being assualted. (Goldust: Boss: Savori Orb) (Playable: Big, Cream). Big saves Cream, and Cream thanks him. Big tells her she has to go back now, but Cream says that she doesn't want to and wants to stay and explore. Big tells her that it's dangerous out here. She took the one flower that didn't wither and she tears. But Big helps her by hugging her and Cheese with no choice but to go as well.

Omega implies that his sources tell him this world is Odijin. Shadow asks what that is, and Omega says that all he knows is that a meteor hit this world turning into nothingness. 



The sky is red, and the sun is blocked by immense clouds. Shadow suggests they explore it to seek answers to their questions. The team spread out. (Odijin: Dystopian City) (Odijin: Antique Vaisseau) Team Dark wonder inside the Antique (the ship on the left of the picture), they're all wondering how the ship went on land. More corpses are present, the heroes wonder aroound. Omega and Shadow see two corpses on the controls, Rouge sees an emerald unlike no other. It's dark and she mistakens it for treasure, she calls Shadow and then there's a roar. Shadow and Omega figure out how to get the ship working again. Rouge finds her way and notes the fact that she heard a roar. Shadow spots that there's something Rouge has behind her back and she reveals it. Or as she says," Treasure!" , Omega takes it and analyzes it. Shadow looks at the control panel and realises there's an emerald-shaped socket. Omega puts it in and everything turns on. When they're about to leave the dead corpses rise which Rouge notices. They begin to attack. (Odijn: Mission: Defeat 35 enimies) Then, one corpses rise, and it's a skeleton in a half destroyed sea captain suit. It has a sword and asks who they are. Shadow gets his rings out, not bothered by this, throws it at him and drop kicks him. Omega moves the joystick and the ship moves. Nevertheless, the captain's bones are put back together, and when they're all are, he's more prepared and says this is a ghost city now. And this time with red eyes, and somehow upgraded armour, attacks them. (Odijin: Boss: Undead Captain) After being defeated, Rouge asks him what this place is, the captain refuses to speak. Omega grows his gattling guns, which are reaady to fire. The captain says that this is Odijin, another world. It's another dimmension. Shadow asks about Argo, and the captain refuses to talk about him. He murmurs under his breath, a threat to Argo and a spell. Shadow has enough of this and tells Omega to deal with him. Omega then fires at him, while the camera pays no importance to that and the camera pans up. 

The story switches to Silver, in Dr Eggman Nega's fleet, Silver's hands are held in a tie and so are Blaze's which is still unconscious. Silver tries breaking free with his telepathic powers but it doesn't work. Dr Eggman Nega's robots come in, both armed with guns. Nega makes an entrance with a cane, confetti rains down on him etc. Silver demands Nega to let him go, and Nega refuses saying this is an oppirtuinity for him. He gets the cane and wacks Silver in the ribs and belly, torturing him. Silver says that Nazo is out there and that Nega has to let them go or he'll cause more trouble as it is. In the middle of his sentence, Nega wacks his face, he tells Silver that Nazo is nothing to him and calls Nazo an attention-seeker. Nega talks to Silver about Argo and how Argo is a man who really does something Nega can't. Silver threatens to kill Nega as he is raged after multiple wacks, but Nega intimidates him. Suddenly, a vibration is heard by Silver, Nega's about to give his last wack to the face, but then there's an explosion. Nega gets his raygun from one of his robots and when he leaves, Blaze turns into fire and breaks the chains holding her and Silver. The robots attack and they both work together again. (Nega Zone: Inferno Lane) (Nega Zone: Exploding Funtown) Silver finds Nega firing his raygun at Nazo, who's reflecting the energy. Silver and Blaze watch the battle from behind a door, and suddenly, Nazo's energy becomes so powerful that the blast of the raygun destroys the raygun and hits Nega, making him go flying. Nazo smiles and lands, telling Silver that it doesn't need to end like this. Silver threatens him by saying he'll take his chances. Nazo laughs, and one of Nega's robots attack (mind-controlled by Nazo). (Nega Zone: The Egg Master) The two defeat the robot and Nazo claps. When the robot collapses onto the ground, the floor is teared apart and so is that part of the ship. But Nazo (who is on that part) walks casually like nothing's happening and tells Silver that Nega was nothing. Argo is about to destroy the world through sucking time and space and destroying it. Nazo calls that theory stupid and says that he doesn't wanna take over the world. Blaze states that either way, they'll stop him and Nazo congradulates them sarcastically. He fires at them but when they dodge Silver and Blaze's part of the fleet slowly tears apart. But they don't realise that. 

Nazo waits for their part to tear apart completely and when it does he flies away. Silver and Blaze jump off, and Silver flies off holding Blaze. Meanwhile, Sonic and co are fighting Argo, the island is slowly being teared apart. Sonic stands up after Tails gives him medical treatment but attacks Tails. He still has purple eyes, suddenly Tails and Sonic are abducted by Argo's Devestation. Leaving only that remaining team, Argo has created a force field of the entire island so that no one gets out. Atrocia spots 6 invisible beings who are  holding some sort of source of power and says it could possibly destroy the shield. The team go with her idea and do so. (Angel Island: Mission: Defeat the 6 invisible beings) (Playable: Knuckles, Craig, Atrocia, Gamma, Amy, Dr Eggman) They all do so and the shield's half penetrated.  Dr Eggman orders the next fleet to fly into the broken part of the shield. When it does, the shield dissapears completely. Although, the Savori have gotten stronger and it's a struggle for our heroes. Gamma tells them him and Amy will fly up to the Devestation to rescue Sonic and Tails. Atrocia grabs an arrow from her pack and shoots it at the ship, the arrow creates a rope which Kunckles, Craig and Atrocia climb upon. They reach the ship, Knuckles punches it open and it's awfully dark here. 

Back to Cream we see, Big and Cream behind some trees, they're witnessing the war between the Eggman's robots and the Savori. Big tries to escape the battle and find a way around it. Untill, suddenly, a Savori dragon-man caatches them and abducts them to the Devestation. With everyone in the Devestation, Argo lands. Shade appears with her mask and asks Argo when they'll begin and Argo says they will soon. Argo tells her to finish the job and the camera fades to black. 

Chapter 4: The Journey To The Truth

We skip over to the Devestation, Knuckles, Craig and Atrocia are inside the ship, which is being intensely guarded by Savori. (The Devestation: Spaceship Raid) (The Devestation: Savori Sea) (Playable: Knuckles, Craig, Atrocia). They reach Big and Cream who are held in tubes. Knuckles is about to punch the glass but a figure rises from the ground and attacks them. (The Devestation: Boss: Savori Assasain) The three defeat the boss and free Big and Cream. Knuckles tells Cream to stay quiet as they're looking for Sonic and Tails and so they continue their mission. 

Meanwhile, Sonic and Tails are captured as well, Sonic is out of mind-control, and has just woken up. He sees that Tails is awake too, they're both handcuffed, and have Savori guarding Sonic and Tails from escaping. Sonic asks what happened, and Tails is glad he's awake. Sonic notices that all Tails' devices have been stripped from him including his sack. Sonic tries to break free and sees that a robot hedgehog just like him comes into the room. It shoots the two Savori guards and gives Tails' devices back to him. The robot guides them through here. (The Devestation: Shatare Way) (The Devestation: The Kingsnake's Lair) (Playable: Sonic, Tails) The two realise that this lair has all these weird mythical creatures possibly waiting to initiate although a boss apears and charges. (The Devsestation: Boss: The Kingsnake) The two defeat the boss and when they leave to find the others all the creatures in the cells burst out of it (their cell) and chase Sonic and Tails. (The Devestation: Mission: Defeat 45 enimies) They escape and find thier way to Knuckles and co. The robotic hedgehog comes back and apologizes for leaving Sonic and Tails. Knuckles asks what that is, and the robot introduces himself by "Anthony". He says he'll explain more soon although they need to get out of here. Tails asks how, and Anthony hacks into the Devestation servers easily and it destroys the ship. Anthony tells them that and that they have to go. (The Devestation: Mission: Escape the Devestation in 7 minutes). Anthony lazer-beams a door and tells the team to get into the jet, Tails contacts the Tornado. Sonic gets into the jet, and so do the others escape for Tails and Anthony and so thety escape. (The Devestation: Mission: Fly to Eggman's fleet) (It's optional which one you pick, you can play Tails, Anthony or Sonic).

They sucsessfully fly to Eggman's ship nevertheless, they crash the ship and land. They all leave the destroyed jet, then they see more Devestation ship commensong at them. Anthony uses a spell (as powers come around his hands) and shoots them creating a forcefield that blows up each and every one of the ships. Another destroyed fleet falls out of nowhere on top of the Devestation, ultimately destroying it. Tails hugs Sonic and thanks him for being ok. Eggman asks who's this (Anthony) and Anthony tells them they'll see. 

The camera cuts over to Craig and Atrocia's treehouse, Sonic and the rest of the co are there with Eggman's robots guarding and fleets. Anthony tells them that he's from another dimmension, an alternate reality compared to Sonic's. In that reality, Sonic is Anthony, the new hero. Anthony tells the team that Argo used the Kingsnake unveils portals for him, that can travel between time and space, and dimmensions. Tails notes to Sonic that that's why there were multiple creatures that attacked them. Sonic asks why he came to them, Anthony says that all worlds are in danger. Sonic's, Anthony's etc. Argo wants to suck all time and space in mess it up, turning it into nothingness. Anthony also mentions wanting all Time Emeralds and Chaos Emeralds in order to do that. The heroes found 3 Time Emeralds and have 4 Chaos Emeralds. Amy tells Tails that they could go Proffesser Pickle like the originally planned to see what these Time Emeralds are. Anthony also tells the heroes that Argo is doing some nasty work with people's minds too. Persuading them to join him. 

Proffesser Pickle is invited to the treehouse instead, and when he makes his vist, he brrings all his books etc. Tails, Sonic, Anthony and him sit down on a wooden table outside. Craig offers some homemade cucumber sandwhiches, and they get going. Craig lays the Time Emeralds on the table, and Professer Pickle states these emeralds are very ancient. More ancient than the Chaos Emeralds. Professser Pickle explains about how almost 2 million years ago, there was the Echidna war,  it was a civil war. The echidnas lost so according to ancient books, Echidna scientists invented these Time Emeralds which were only a piece of marble at thier time. It had the capbibility to make someone travel through time. The Echidna's did this, and what the Echidna's did was use the Master Emerald energy to blow up half thier base before the war even began, ultimately winning. Although, since they used that much Master Emerald power, it caused a nucelar explosion on Mobius devestating it as it is. Anthony asks if Pickle knows anything about Argo, and Professer Pickle stated that Argo is a very popular person in quantum theory. He explains how Argo was from another dimmension serving in the Antique Vaisseau, a military ship. At the time, the the crew were devoloping technology with the help of Echidnas to make people go through dimmensions, when a nucelar bomb hit, Argo actually was the first to try it and when he went in, something happened to him. And that's the story told the scriptures. Sonic states that Anthony said, Argo's plan was to suck the world into nothingness. Professer Pickle states that could be true. Professer Pickle asks Anthony why he thinks that, and Anthony states that he comes from a world where he's Sonic. Professer Pickle says that Argo wants the Time Emeralds that means Sonic needs to find all 6 Time Emeralds before Argo. They thank Professer Pickle for his advice, and he leaves in his car. Atrocia looks out the window and sees that the trees are shaking. Amy asks what happening, Atrocia keeps looing untill she sees horns. Atrocia tells Amy to warn Sonic, Amy gets her hammer and runs, Atrocia shoots at the creature running, and when it falls it's a minatour. Atrocia pulls a lever they made and she escapes the house.

Everyone outside are chilling and then suddenly Savori emerge from the trees, Eggman's robots fire at them. Sonic tells the team they're attacked and a siren comes on initiated by Atrocia. Eggman's robots attack, Eggman's inside one of his robots controlling it and protecting the heroes.(The Ambush: Savori Track )(The Ambush: Boss: Black Death) The heroes realise that Craig and Atrocia's treehouse are being destroyed. There's multiple man-made treehouses. A lion attacks the house and so do more etc. Atrocia looks at the house in devestation, her eyes filled with fury. Craig tells her they need to go, Anthony and Sonic fight back. Then, suddenly Argo's fleet attacks too, the heroes leave, with no way to save thier home. (The Ambush: Forest Attack)  (The Ambush: Boss: Black Death) (Playable: Sonic, Tails, Craig, Atrocia, Gamma, Anthony, Amy, Cream, Big) Tails suggests the heroes go to his labatory in Satio, a small town in Central City to protect themselves. Gamma asks how they'll get there. The heroes do not know how, but when they reach the other side of the trees, they see some robot pirates digging into the sand. Sonic stops the heroes from walking closer, and he walks towards the robot pirates, he asks who they are and they attack. (The Ambush: Mission: Defeat 25 enimies) (Playable: Sonic) Sonic calls the others, and when they come, they see a pirate ship. Sonic eagerly walks inside and defeats all the enimies in aa split-second. The other heroes enter, and  they sail the ship. (Minigame: Sail to the next island) They sail there and are attacked. 

(Pirate Village: Pirate Sea) (Pirate Village: Bounty Island) (Playable: Sonic, Tails, Craig, Atrocia, Amy, Tails, Gamma, Cream, Big). They reach a cave, they're attacked by more robots. They defeat them, and then the heroes see upon them Captain Whisker, who is chanting on treasure. He gets his sword and attacks. (Pirate Village: Boss: Captain Whisker ) They defeat him and Captain Whisker angrily asks why the heroes stole his ship, Tails says they had no intentions to do so. Sonic asks if Captain Whisker can take them to Satio. Captain Whisker tells them to meet him at his pub tonight at least. They're having a party. 

Team Dark drive the ship through stormy sea while it's also being under attack by dead corpses. Omega is sent to protect Shadow and Rouge. Shadow and Rouge figure out the controls, they're driving the ship. Meanwhile, Omega's fighting off the corpses. (Dark Seas: Stormy Tidalfight) (Dark Seas: Fury Waves) (Playable: Omega* for the first stage* Shadow and Rouge* for the second) The team struggle to fight all the corpses, Rouge looks up and sees a huge portal, Rouge alarms Shadow of the portal and a huge monster emerges from it. (Dark Seas: Boss: Savori Destroyer) (Playable: Shadow, Rouge) They defeat the monster and continue moving the ship, it's very stormy and the waves are exteremely hazourdous and violent. The portal reamains there and Shadow and Rouge decide to keep moving the Vaisseau foward. Omega emerges and has just killed a corps, Rouge asks what that (portal) is. Omega implies that he doesn't know, he theorizes that it may be a time portal or another dimmension. Rouge asks if that'd be dangerous and Shadow says they have to wait and see. They head for the portal, the intensity picking up. A giant wave crashes in, Shadow shouts "Breach yourselves!!!" and they head for the mysterious portal. 

Silver and Blaze continue thier search for Nazo, they land and find themselves in a tribe's village. They're most likely to be Echidnas. But they're not the kind of echidnas like Knuckles and his tribe. They're different. Blaze asks Silver if they should go in, Silver tells her risks are the last thing he's willing to take. But at this point, he'll try everything to find Nazo. He and Blaze enter this mysterious village. (Dormamo: Night Sky) (Playable: Silver, Blaze). Silver and Blaze find a kingdom to which people are saying rituals and posssibly doing things traditional. Blaze tells Silver to look and there's a colluseum there. Silver and Blaze sneak in. (Dormamo: Doom Ritual) (Playable: Silver, Blaze) Silver and Blaze are on top of the colleseum, they spot some possibly cats and echidnas cheering. There's cats and echidnas also performing a traditional ritual. They suddenly bring a young echidna to the stage who casts a spell. Portals then appear all over the collesseum. Blaze asks what they're doing, but Silver commenses.(Dormamo: Boss: Demon Child) The Demon Child disappears using magic. The whole collesueum goes crazy as everyone is now running and everything's being sucked up. The crowd are running, and beings are being unleashed from the portal. Silver's in the middle of this crowd and tries to find Blaze. The scene ends with Silver being almost engulfed in the crowd calling Blaze's name, hopelessly with Blaze not seen. 

We skip over to Team Chaotix's office, Vector is sitting down on his headphones. Charmy is trying to fix the TV, Espio is sitting down sleeping, a knife on the table. A figure suddenly comes into the room, Vector asks who is he, the figure answers that his name is Mighty and that he's been recruited. Espio asks who recruited him, G.U.N Soliders come in eventually and the President says he did. Vector asks what happened, and the President decides to tell the group that something occured, Savori have been attacking G.U.N and have been- But before, the President finishes his sentence, Charmy fixes the TV and on the news, it's on the News, and they say that the White House has been attacked. The President looks at the screen, his eyes wide, his fists full of anger. A few minutes later, a G.U.N Solider offers to tell what they're plans are, the President agrees and sits down with G.U.N Soliders comforting him. A typical solider tells Team Chaotix that Earth recieved a threat from an unknown and right after that Central City was attacked. Weird things have occured ever since then, and they need Team Chaotix to help. Charmy asks why not Team Dark, the solider says that they reportedly dissapeared and they think that it has something to do with the Savori. Vector decides not to go, and goes into the kitchen. Espio asks what's in it for them, another G.U.N solider brings 2 bags filled with money and an additional cash on the table. Vector comes out with a sandwhich in his hands and sees this money on the table. Vector, without hesitation, asks where do they start. (Marnage: Rollercoaster Destruction) (Marnage: Neon Dissaster) (Marnage: Boss: Savori Joker) (Playable: Vector, Espio, Charmy, Mighty) (Detective Mission #1: Find out who did this, your able to ask civillians and people in peril for clues)   Team Chaotix solve this mystery, and report it to the President via a tablet. The President congradulates them and the G.U.N Fleet picks them up.  At night, Sonic, Tails, Craig and Anthony enter the pub, every pirate there is singing and partying having a great time. Anthony tells them Captain Whisker is at the further right, the four head there. Pirates are all celebrating and drinking beers too. Captain Whisker is seen dancing in the pub, the crowd spread out to see him dance. Tails chuckles a little bit, Sonic smiles consedering the fact that they're having such a great time and he doesn't want to waste that oppirtunity for them. Captain Whisker calls out Sonic, Whisker mentions how he was the person who made this happen and he drags him to Whisker and Whisker dances with him. Anthony cheers Sonic which starts off Tails and Craig cheering Sonic on. Sonic eventually dances and the scene skips to Captain Whisker sitting down with Sonic and the rest. He asks why Sonic wants to go to Satio. Tails responds that his lab is there and there's been a few things happening. Whisker asks what and Sonic says that these creatures called Savori have been attacking certain places, they attacked Craig's treehouse. Whisker asks how he can be sure, Anthony drops a giant fish on the table and says "Enjoy dinner". Whisker smiles at him, he kisses him on the head and the four leave the pub while Whisker gets a knife out. 

The scene skips to the four outside, Anthony lights up a torch and Tails and Craig decide to go sleep in thier huts for now. Anthony and Sonic are the only ones outside, Anthony tells Sonic that it's been a weird ride with him (Sonic), Sonic asks how he knows that. Anthony adressses that he's a robot, and the two laugh. Anthony asks why Sonic thinks they'll always be hope for this world, Sonic looks at the ocean sea, Waves and everything. Trying to gather an answer. Sonic says that he wasn't born to sit down all day and eventually die. He says that this world does have hope and even though he can't say everyone in the process, he's still a hero. Anthony smiles, Sonic asks how Anthony's world was like, Anthony says that in his world, he's Sonic, a more different Sonic in a sense. Sonic asks if he has allies, Anthony says that he does. Prowl the Fox, R-9 the Hedgehog etc. Sonic then asks if there's a Dr Eggman of that world, and Anthony says there's a guy called Dr. Nevo who's always onto evil schemes. The two stop and look at the ocean flow. The moon's up now and the stars are bright, Sonic says that the only question he does ask himself is if this in this adventure, if he'll survive. Anthony says that he believes in Sonic, he went to Sonic's world to help him. Anthony says that Sonic's a great person, he's seen him from the start of who Sonic is now, and he will be there to the end. Anthony spuds Sonic, Sonic goes to his hut while Anthony stays outside. 

They all wake up the next day, and are all set to go to Satio. Sonic and the rest board the ship, Captain Whisker gets his sword and says land ho. Some other citizens of the island farewell them and multiple ships head for Satio.
Your mum

Captain Whisker's Pirate Ship

They begin to sail and they all commense. Whisker tells the crew that it might take approximately 2 days to get to Satio. Sonic asks Tails why they can't take the Tornado. Tails says that it's under repair by Whisker's repair team. They then sail away. It skips over to 5 hours later, Cream and Big are playing chess on the ship. Cream tells Big that she's sorry for the way she acted earlier. Big tells Cream that he's not angry at her, but he tells her that her (Cream)'s mother was very worried about her. Cream says that she knows, Cheese leans on Cream. Big says that things are different now and that they have to try thier best to survive. Cream smiles at him. Whisker then rings a bell saying that they're under attack. He gets his sword in happiness and tells the crew to ready the canons. A weird-looking ship that attacks them. Sonic and the rest fight back. The Savori though start physically attacking the ship, damaging it so Captain Whisker tells Sonic that some of his team have to go onto the Savori fleet and ship and others have to stay. (Tidal Seafight: Black Waves) (Playable: Sonic, Knuckles, Craig, Atrocia, Anthony, Captain Whisker) Sonic enters a room inside the ship. They're portals being formed out of nowhere. Sonic looks around in confusion. The portals unleash Savori, which go through some sort of mechanism to presumably get them under Argo's control. Sonic then sees some scriptures, a hedgehog with others among him running together. There's portals all around them. Sonic leaves the room and continues with the task at hand. (Tidal Seafight: Savori Takeover) (Playable: Cream, Big, Amy, Gamma, Captain Whisker's Pirate #1) Cream is in midway battle, she then spots Cheese in trouble, she rushes to her but a minatour walks towads her towering over her. Gamma miniguns the minatour down, and Cream saves Cheese until the waves are too strong and she's flipped over the side of the ship, hanging on. Amy runs towards her and grabs her hand. 

Stakes are now high for our heroes, Knuckles is in midway battle alongside Captain Whisker. Captain Whisker notes to Knuckles that there's a figure that he thinks is watching them. Knuckles doesn't know where, he looks to ask Whisker, but he's on the other ship. A canonball fires right past Knuckles and when there's nothing but smoke, he sees this figure it jumps really high and lands on the ground and it's none other than Shade. Knuckles gasps, he looks in astonishement. Shade has her mask on, Knuckles asks Shade where she was all this time until Shade attacks. (Tidal Seafight: Boss: Shade) (Playable: Knuckles) It starts to rain, Eggman's fleet join the fight and a monster is being unleashed from the bottom of the sea. Knuckles asks Shade what happened to her, Shade says that a dream happened to her. Knuckles asks why she attacked, and she says that this world deserves better, Knuckles does get angry. He knows Argo's done this to his friend. Knuckles says to Shade, he won't let her go. Shade then kicks Knuckles off the ship and escapes. The ships are suffering, and one of Captain Whisker's ships set on fire. They all go on the next ship, there's a little scenes showing Captain Whisker's pirates just firing canonballs at the Savori ship, and all our heroes fighting. A giant wave hits and the screen goes black. 

Chapter 5: The Dark Side

There's a scene with Nazo, he's walkimg down a bridge. There's destruction in the background, and cars are flippped over. There's a wall of cars there, which block the police. He's walking, police cars come from the front and Nazo uses his energy blasts which makes the cars go flying. So, killing the police too. A portal is unleashed from in front of Nazo, Argo comes out and the two stand eye to eye. Nazo asks what Argo wants, and Argo states that all he wants from Nazo is an oppirtunity. Nazo says that he wants nothing to do with Argo. Argo tells Nazo that this world is a very bad place. Argo says that Nazo has a common enemy. Shade then emerges from the portal and opens a hologram of Sonic and Silver's whereabouts. Nazo asks how he can trust Argo, then Shade gives him 2 Chaos Emeralds. 

Argo and Shade walk out the portal and are in the newly built Devestation fleet. Argo tells Shade that this was only the first part of thier plan. He goes into a room with Shade, and there's one portal unleashing a cyborg minatour. Argo says that Malusor is coming. Argo tells Shade that he needs a key that he locked up in the Operation Base. (The Desolation : Free Roaming Mission. In this mission (which there's only one of) your free to free roam, you can ask other Savori for information. There is a Goal Ring). Shade finds the key, when she's about to go back to Argo. She has a vision, it's in first person view and she's looking at Knuckles and Sonic on a very bright day. Shade comes out of the vision, and goes back to Argo. 

Team Dark wake up in the Antique Vaisseau, they're still on river. Nevertheless, this world is just desolate. It's an abondened world. They stop the ship and get off it, Omega says that they have to keep the ship still, incase anything occurs. They all agree to that and then explore this desolate place. (Earth-3: Dusty Road ) (Earth-3: Sandy Ways) (Playable: Shadow, Rouge, Omega) Omega is searching and finds something, he sees someone buried in the dirt.


Omega gets all the rubble off this figure, and calls Shadow and Rouge. He points out the fact that it looks like a hedgehog. It's cyborg looking, it's coloured red. Shadow suggests asking him what this world is. Omega agrees and carries him over to a pub, which is half destroyed. Shadow and Omega wait, untill suddenly Shadow has enough and slaps him, to which he wakes up. The hedgehog's breathing heavily. Rouge comes into the pub with something that she hides from the duo. She asks who the hedgehog is, and Shadow says they have no option. But to find out, Rouge gets water from the pub and gives it to him. Shadow asks who he is, the hedgehog responds that his name is Xazar. Omega asks what this world is. Xazar says that this is Earth-3. Rouge asks why it's so abondened. Xazar says that he doesn't know, it's been abondened ever since he was born. There are other survivors though. Xazar says that he remebers being knocked out by these caniballs. Rouge asks why Xazar was under rubble, Xazar doesn't know. Omega tries to piece everything together. There's sounds like fireworks, they all go outside except for Xazar who walks. Shadow asks what's happening, there's flares (like in the picture on the left) being fired into the air. Xazar says that its the other survivors, there's trouble. A figure with a hoodie attacks the city. Team Dark and Xazar go to find this figure. (Earth-3: Boss: The Caniball) (Playable: Shadow, Rouge, Omega, Xazar) The four see some deaths of other survivors which is shocking. Rouge asks (after seeing gritty deaths) if this is everyday for Xazar. Xazar says it does. Omega asks if he wants to go to a place unlike this, this a dark and brutal world.  Shadow explains to Xazar how they're from another dimmension. They don't need to live in dissasters like this. Xazar thinks about it and asks how'd they'd even go back to Team Dark's dimmension. Omega says they have a ship they took here, a portal came out of nowhere. Omega asks why the portal came, then Shadow and Rouge realise the emerald. Omega implies that may be the reason why thier here in the first place and it could bring us home. They all head for the Antique Vaisseau.

The camera goes back to Silver, the crowd are still running. Portals are being unleashed everywhere. They're now in a forest. All the tribesman are still running. Some echidnas are sucked up into the portal, and some are stomped on. Silver is in the middle of this and is running as well. He stops to look back, the crowd speeding in front of him. The colleseum has collapsed and eventually is sucked up into a portal. Silver's face is frozen in shock, and anger. The crowd's force becomes stronger as Sillver is pushed back.

Silver's now sleeping along with tribespeople at a beach. He wakes up in the morning, it's nice and bright. He stands up and continues going. (Diamond Village: Heat Destanation) (Diamonds Village: Emerald Island) (Diamond Village: Boss: Savori Crab) Silver then continues walking, after he defeats the boss, he finds this emerald which he takes. He realises its not a Chaos Emerald, but continues walking on his quest to find Blaze. He's in a field now, filled with butterflies and great (in size) trees. He walks further and sees a destroyed treehouse. Silver sees a dead minotaur,  and sees a bow at the left side of its chest. He takes the bow with his physcokenisis and eventually takes it. He takes the bow and emerald and continues walking. 

Team Chaotix are playing cards on the fleet, Mighty, on the other hand, is looking at a bowl with fish in it. He smiles since he loves the zoo. He then gets a book out with a small phone. He writes in presumably his diary, and the phone shows him a video of the President informing them of thier next mission. Vector asks Espio if he minds Mighy, Espio says that he's not that talkitive. Charmy flies towards Mighty, and starts a conversation. A G.U.N Solider tells Team Chaotix that there was an accident an hour ago that occured. Espio asks where, and the solider says Central Clamber Bridge. The team head there. (Central Clamber Bridge: Roadway Speedwagon) (Central Clamber Bridge: Cars Mania) (Playable: Vector, Espio, Charmy, Mighty) (Central Clamber Bridge: Boss: Negative M) (Detective Mission #2: Investigate what happened at the car accident scene, you can ask civillians) Team Chaotix gather up that there was a person in white that emerged and people said that they saw the figure talking to two others. They don't solve the case, Mighty, though, is looking at one of the destroyed cars. Mighty states that this car was no ordinairy "hit by other car" or "blown up" car. Its in an unusual state, the burnt bits arent black as well, they're actually white. There's also a huge dent on the side of the car. Vector, Espio and Charmy are amazed about how much Mighty looked into this. They congradulate him. Mighty smiles and the G.U,N Fleet picks them up. 

Team Dark are now on the Antique Vaisseau, they're in the control room. Omega gets out the emerald and places it in its slot. The controls turn on, the ship then goes. Xazar asks when this portal will come, and Rouge says that when they're driving a portal will come out. It eventually does and Team Dark sail for it. Omega tells the team he can somehow hack the portal to find a safer place but he doesn't know if he has the coordinates to get back to thier world. Shadow tells him that they might as well try, a portal does start to take form. But then portals emerge from each side of them. Xazar asks if that's meant to happen. Figures in hoodies emerge from these portals and attack the ship. They carry spears and break the walls open. Omega gets his gattling guns out, and Xazar gets his spear and go defend the ship. (The Ambush: Broken Walls) (Playable: Shadow, Rouge, Omega, Xazar) Xazar is seen fighting, then some of the ship is torn apart. He runs towards it and sees that the ship's tilting and warns Team Dark. Shadow is seen fighting and one of the things that emerge from the portal is the Shadow Android. It glares at Shadow, Shadow looks at it back. Suddenly, its shot at by Omega. The ship's under high risk, Shadow tells the team there must be an emergency boat somewhere,  he goes to check. Rouge stops Shadow and tells him its too dangerous. Shadow tells her to tell the team to go, Shadow uses Chaos Control and dissapears. The portals then begin to suck up everything. Water starts going upwards towards one of the portals. Xazar states that they're meant to go to the one in front of them. Omega tells the team grab onto him, and hold tight. The enemy is becoming to strong and the ship is slowly destroyed. They all hold on, Omega grows jetpack wings and flies up into the portal. Rouge calls Shadow's name, as the team head for the portal. Xazar sees the ship in flames and sinks. Rouge lets out a tear, and Xazar looks down. Omega tells the two he only has one shot and they head for the portal. 

There's another short cutscene at G.U.N Fleet, Mighty looks out the window and a portal comes out of nowhere. Figures emerge and one throws a spear directly at the window, which cracks but doesn't break. Mighty's about to warn them untill a G.U.N Solider gets a blow at the head by a spear. And his part of the ship is torn apart with G.U.N Solider along with it. Theres another part with Sonic at a beach, there's covers for sand everywhere but no one's there. A portal comes out of nowhere and a figure jumps out and attacks Sonic. Argo is then seen, his eyes are white, he's casting a spell. He looks up and there's loads of portals all over the place unleashing figures that go through this sort of mechannism, Argo smiles and sees a cyborg minotaur, Malusor is fully awake. He opens hi eyes and stares at Argo. Malusor asks "you dare to awake me now. Is time at its weakest?"

"Indeed... It is, indeed..." smiles Argo and the camera fades black. 

Chapter 6: A War Your Not Prepared to Fight

Sonic is fighting one figure from the portal and does Homming Attack to finish it off. Sonic then speeds off as more small portals emerge. He speeds for his life, as Savori begin to attack. There's a short chase scene with Sonic and some Savori.

Fang is seen at a pub, he's drinking beer. There's a fight between two people in the background, Fang has a gun in his hand. Metal Sonic comes in and the people there start to mock him. Metal Sonic then easily fights all of them really easily. Fang (since he's sitting next to a couple of girls) tells the ladies to excuse him. He stands up gets his gun, but Metal Sonic grabs Fang's hand and pushes it back, blocking the other hand. Metal Sonic implies he wasn't here to start a fight. The scene skips over to Fang and Metal Sonic sitting down in the pub. Fang asks  what he wants, and Metal Sonic says that he has been thinking for a while. Fang tells Metal Sonic, that he's wasting his time. But Metal Sonic tells Fang, that Savori are going after every one of Sonic's friends. Fang implies he is not a friend of Sonic whatsoever. Metal Sonic says that that is what he wants Fang to understand. There's a short conversation put in betweenn them, Then, Fang states that he doesn't need Metal Sonic's help, and that he wishes to kill Sonic after putting him in prison. Metal laughs villianously and threatens Fang, Metal does give Fang a device and walks away. Fang takes the device and after a short silent moment drinks his beer. . 

Over to Sonic, he's walking through a part of the city. There's lots of pubs and shops and is not that local. Fang is then seen on his Marvelous Queen, riding it sneakily with a gun at his possesion. He wacks Sonic in the face and an Chaos Emerald rolls out of Sonic's pockets. Fang grabs it and flees, Sonic chases after him. (Western Canyon: The Pursuer) (Western Canyon: Regal Rooftops) (Playable: Sonic) Fang gets a bomb shaped in a head of a clown, and drops them and Sonic tries to dodge them, (Western Canyon: Boss: Fang ) Fang and Sonic are now on top of a truck, they're fighting. Fang angrily says that this is for putting him in a cell for 10 years. Fang points a pistol at Sonic's head. Fang's about to pull the trigger and Sonic's ready to run and then there's a beep sound that comes from the truck and it goes east. The driver has been killed. Consedering there's traffic, the truck starts destroying multipe other vehicles. Fang shoots Sonic in the arm and escaapes in his Marvelous Queen. Sonic then sees a figure in white standing there. It looks like a hedgehog. It points a hand out and the truck Sonic's on flips. Sonic then escapes before the truck lands. He runs super fast and Nazo then freezes gravity and walks over to Sonic, he grows phasma blades. He tells Sonic he's a very funny guy "but sometimes jokes aren't necessasary". Nazo then attacks, although Team Chaotix's fleet comes in time and a G.U.N Soilder uses a machine gun to fire at Nazo. Nazo un-freezes gravity and dissapears, Sonic jumps onto the fleet on time.  Inside the fleet are where Team Chaotix and the rest. Sonic shows his gratitude for picking him up and asks how they got everyone in time. Vector explains that after the wave, they found Tails, Craig, Atrocia, Anthony, Gamma, Amy, Big and Cream in the water. Tails says that the fleet is taking them to Satio where his base is situated at. They all start talking about the Savori and what happened earlier. Espio explains the crack on the walls, since a part of the ship was torn apart so they rebuilt it.


Interior of Tails'base

They do arrive at Tails' base, Tails leaves the fleet first and shows the others around. He tells them he is personally proud of it since he built it himself. Sonic says that it looks awesome. Craig asks what are they going to do here and then Tails says that he overheard something Argo said. He turns to Sonic and tells him to remember when they're in the Devestation. He says that Argo used the Kingsnake to unveil Savori. Tails says that he saw some weird thing that was fading in, inside the room. Tails says that it does look like a figure being unleashed. Tails states that he senses something big going down with Argo. Sonic then asks what Tails' suggesting and Tails says that he needs Anthony for some of it. Tails is then near a computer, with Anthony, he asks Anthony if he's able to hack into the ship. Anthony says that it was destroyed, he then goes through the data and tells Tails that Argo built a new ship. Tails asks if Anthony can full-on hack into it and Anthony says there's a blockage. The ship is secured by passwords and puzzles. Gamma suggests not maybe hacking it fully, but at least give data at where his base is at and Anthony says that his base is still currently reconstructed but the only info he has on it is that it's in this place called Wither's End. Tails asks Sonic if he can go out to a shop and buy a special device Tails needs in order to go through the data. Sonic then leaves and heads to the city of Satio. 

(Satio: Bright City) (Satio: Starlight Lane) (Playable: Sonic). Sonic does buy the special device, although while Sonic's on his way back, a robot with red eyes appears out of nowhere. People are running away in fear. There's robot points at Sonic and asks if he is the Blue Blur. Sonic doesn't really know how to answer and says yes in a really awkward manor. The robot grows a chain with shurukens on it, and says that this world doesn't belong to you, and two more robots are formed out of the one robot and attack. These robots look old and ancient. (Satio: Boss: The Keeper) (Playable: Sonic). When
The Keepers

The Keepers (young, look at Chapter 9)

Sonic defeats them and is about to walk off. One robot (who is malfunctioning) stares at Sonic, it tells him that Sonic is destined to destroy the world and time itself. It says that he's the centre of what happens next. Sonic stares at it, and then looks at the people around him. They're all shocked, scared, frightened. The camera does go slow motion and pans 360 degrees, Sonic then steps on the robot's head and goes back to the others.  Sonic arrives and gives Tails the special device, Tails then goes through the data. He leaves the device in the computer and says that should buy some time. Tails then states he has something to show the group. Tails opens the door and unveils his project "1". 
Ships and stars

Tails Updated Blue Typhoon

Sonic smiles to Tails and says just like old times. He walks around the ship. Amy asks how long it took for Tails to make it and Tails says that it took him 6 years to make the ship. Atrocia asks why they're going to need a ship though. Tails says that they'll need the "Blue Typhoon" to inflitrate the base. Tails says that he's really interested in actually trying it out in combat. After a short while, Cream asks the team where Knuckles is and the camera quickly goes black. 

Knuckles is walking down a pathway, he's still thinking through what happened with Shade. He keeps asking himself he did this to her. Knuckles then continues walking and sees the Master Emerald in pieces, its been destroyed. Some figures in hoodies laugh menacingly (they carried axes and swords) and escape on thier hoverboards. Knuckles, thinking they did it, goes after them.(Woodland Walk: Shadow's Peak) (Woodland Walk: Zero Gravity) (Playable: Knuckles). Knuckles does catch one but when he does, the person's already injured. Knuckles takes thier mask off, and it's an Echidna. But, Knuckles realises this is an Echidna from his tribe, he knows him. Knuckles looks for the others in the fog, then Blaze appears and asks what happened. Knuckles says that nothing happened, its just that he woke up in this weird forest. Blaze tells Knuckles she lost Silver in Dormamo, Knuckles knows of the place. Blaze asks Knuckles if he's seen Silver, Knuckles says that he hasn't. The two have a conversation.They continue walking and a giant spider emerges from the fog and attacks. (Woodland Walk: Boss: Deadly Spider) (Playable: Knuckles, Blaze) They defeat the spider and continue walking, Blaze suggests that this place does look dangerous and she thinks they should move quicker. While they're moving, more odd-looking creatures emerge from the fog. And one giant ant appears, Knuckles and Blaze then run. 

Omega, Rouge and Xazar arrive at a futuristic city, its this time fully functioning and alive. Omega, Rouge and Xazar are asleep on Omega, Omega then "wakes" up and realises he's falling. Rouge and Xazar are strapped behind Omega, so they didn't drop. There's a funny scene with Omega, Rouge and Xazar similar to what happened in the movie Iron Man 3 (when Tony first arrives at Texas, he crashes and the camera flashes back to his suit crashing and Tony in the suit screaming). They do hit some cars, but eventually land. They stand up after a little while and ask themsleves where they are. They explore to find out. (Morpolia:Glistening City) (Morpolia: Clean Grounds) (Playable: Xazar, Omega, Rouge) They keep seeing or hearing something about "Our Missing Hero", and "What happened to our hero?". They wonder what it is since they do see it on a really tall building with a huge TV on it. Its even on the news. Suddenly, they're all captured. 

They wake up in presumably a police station. Rouge and Xazar are put in one, and Omega is being tested and tinkered with. Rouge asks what Xazar thinks they're doing with Omega. Xazar shrugs, then a police officer comes in. They're all wearing exo-suits and are human and hedgehogs. Rouge asks what they're doing with Omega, and the officer tells them they're helping him. Xazar asks how, and the officer says that there were a few bugs in his system. Some coding errors, and he could've self-destructed if he stayed with Rouge and Xazar longer. Omega also tells them it's fine. Xazar asks why they're in prison cells, and the officer says they're in no trouble. But they're questions they need answered, the officer starts by saying that in Omega's coding, they spotted a bug that they thought had to do with dimmensional travel. Xazar says that's exactly what happened, the officer says that they've never cracked dimmensional travel. But, they're hero has gone missing. Rouge asks what's up with that, and the officer says that they had an icon. His name was Anthony, but they called him Sonic. He was a robot who wasn't built but born somehow. He saved lives, he was a good person to the police and Morpolia. Until, one day, there was a threat sent to Morpolia, the threat was recieved directlty to Sonic, and the next day he was gone. Rouge states that she knows Sonic in thier dimmension, but he's a hedgehog, not a robot. The officer says that the robot is shaped like a hedgehog. All over a sudden, an alarm goes off. A hedgehog officer tells the human (talking to Rouge and Xazar) that there's been an attack. The human asks if they know how to fight, and Rouge says a whole lot of it. The human unlocks them and Omega. 

There's a monster attacking the city, it's a very tall monster and destroys half the buildings. The police soliders charge and fight the monster. They call jets and all kinds of vehicles or transportation in. Xazar asks if Rouge knows what it is and Rouge says she doesn't. They fight it. (Morpolia: Boss: Unknown) (Playable: Omega, Rouge, Xazar) They realise the monster does have powers too, because the monster shrunk to normal size. It looks different now, and is wearing a cloak and astronaut helmet. It points a hand out when a jet is firing at it, and the jet explodes. It's about to hit Rouge, Omega and Xazar until everything freezes. A portal shows and Shadow emerges from it, his rings glowing. Rouge smiles in joy, and Xazar and Omega are shocked. Shadow tells the team there's no time to explain everything now, but they need to keep moving. Then, Shadow fights it alone. (Morpolia: Unknown: Phase 2) (Playable: Shadow). Shadow finishes it off by Chaos Controlling all over the place and at one point he's behind the unknown figure and Chaos Spears him to the ground. Shadow slowly walks towards it and takes off it's helmet. Nothing's there. Everyone there questions what it is and why it atttacked. Shadow finds a pearl lodged inside the helmet. He takes it and leaves the body and goes back to Team Dark. 

Malusor is fully here now, it walks out of his pod. Argo comes in, and sees him in astonishement. Malusor asks what world is he in, Argo tells Malusor this is the world he's been waiting for. Malusor asks what Argo means.

Argo states that time is at it's weakest, they can now engulf time itself and summon the one and only time destroyer, Algorgian. Malusor laughs and says that Algorgian has to be risen at the "centre" itself. Argo says that indeed, Argo then says there's a slight interruption in the plan. Malusor asks what kind of interruption, and Argo says there's a hero trying to save the day. Argo says this hero's trying to stop thier plans. A hero will slowly apart thier empire, and Argo asks Malusor what do people do after they've destroyed thier own, and Malusor says build a bigger one. Argo smiles and says he knows their coming, referring to Sonic and co. He says he has a surprise in store for them. Malusor states Argo's unlike any other person he's met, Argo says he knows, and shakes Malusor's hand. 

The camera goes to Tails, who's on his computer. He's anlyzing through it, checking for data on where Knuckles was last seen. Craig asks what's the plan, and Tails says we still go to Withers End, but they get Knuckles on the way possibly. The team are already inside the Blue Typhoon, and they're all preparing to leave. Mighty's boxing in one room, and some of the team are practising thier moves. Tails says Knuckles in a place called Shadow's Peak, Tails also collects more info on Wither's End. It's a hidden island that isn't on the radar, Taiils states the goverment would've found this out by now. Sonic says that's where we go. 

(Mystic Ruins: Wild Card) (Mystic Ruins: Green Beauty) (Mystic Ruins: Boss: The Blob) (Playable: Silver) Silver's walking through the place and hears a voice. Silver stops, prepared. He then continued waling untill he hears it again. It's more clear that the voice he's hearing is a girl's. There's then a shadow that appears, Silver thinks it's a mirage, untill Knuckles appears from behind him. Knuckles asks Silver what happened, and Silver says that its nothing. Blaze then appears, and Silver and Blaze hug. A tear rushes down Blaze's face. Silver says he's sory for leaving Blaze, and Blaze says she understands. Knuckles then suggests that they should presumably focus on the task at hand. Knuckles suggests they go find Sonic and co, Silver asks if he (Knuckles) was with Sonic, and Knuckles says he was, on Captain Whisker's boat. Blaze recognises that name, and asks Sonic and co were with Whisker. Knuckles says that a wave hit so they supposedly escaped. She then calls him a "waste of time". The team go and find Sonic. 

The Blue Typhoon is then preparing for lift-off, it eventually does so and takes off. Sonic asks Tails if he's sure about this and Tails says he was born ready. He says they're 3 miles away from Shadow's Peak, Anthony tells the team that Knuckles' isn't there anymore. Espio asks if he's sure, and Anthony says he is, now Knuckles' in Mystic Ruins. Tails turns east and heads for Mystic Ruins. (Blue Typhoon: Mission: Fly to Mystic Ruins) They arrive at Mystic Ruins and see Knuckles with Blaze and Silver. Tails picks them all up and heads for Wither's End. 

The team are on thier way, they're all sitting down and relaxing. Tails' auto piloting the ship, he's just thinking about Sonic and what they're up against here. Then, there's Sonic 2 scene where Sonic meets Tails for the first time, then an alarm goes off interupting Tails' thoughts. He looks at the map, he tells them that there's bad weather ahead. The intensity picks up, Tails sees there's a storm picking up. Lightning strikes all over the place along with rain. Tails spins the Typhoon around, Anthony tells Tails to open the door, Tails asks why and Anthony says that he knows a way. Tails hits a button, Anthony's in the air, he's flying and tells Tails there's rocket launchers being fired. The Blue Typhoon turns the other way, and Anthony says he'll take care of it. (The Ambush: Missile Parade) (Playable: Anthony) Anthony's lazer beaming the missiles, then a ship that camofluages to the sky emerges. They're two on both sides that fire at the Blue Typhoon. Savori attack, Anthony tells Tails he'll try fight them off, Tails then dives down, Sonic asks if Tails can see the base. Tails says he can't. Craig suggests shooting it because maybe it's camoflaged too. Tails does so, as the Blue Typhoon fires rapidly at the base, the base then begins to fade in. Sonic organises a team to stay in the Blue Typhoon and the ones who'll leave and attack.

Argo tells Shade show him what she's made of it, she walks off and her mask comes on. Malusor gets his guns ready, and Argo tells him these are the people he's talking about. Malusor tells Argo that he'll kill them all, Argo smiles and says that's what he's intending. 

(The Desolation: Dark Edge) (The Desolation: Gothic Lands) (Playable: Sonic, Craig, Anthony, Atrocia, Gamma, Knuckles, Silver) Sonic's running alongside Anthony and Craig. Savori are attacking from all angles. Jets begin to commense, destroyinv everything. Theres a bit of a moneyshot type of thing, where Sonic, Craig and Anthony are running, they all criss cross and that creates streaks (blue, brown, grey) that are so powerful it destroys some Savori. Portals also are unleashed, and figures are coming out of them. It does start to become a struggle. Shade's on top of a building creating portals through the Chaos Emeralds. She signals to Argo, who turna into a puff of smoke, and Malusor loads his gun. He shouts "unleash the Ravager!" and a figure in a hoodie emerges, it attacks our heroes while Malusor fires at the Blue Typhoon. (The Desolation: Boss: The Ravager ) (Playable: Sonic, Craig, Atrocia, Knuckles, Gamma, Silver) They defeat it, and continue giing, Anthony states that he and Tails can disable the ship, he tells Sonic that he'll go with Tails to acssess the mainframe. (Blue Typhoon: Flying Doom ) (Blue Typhoon: Death Wish ) (Playable: Amy, Blaze, Charmy, Vector, Espio, Big, Cream, Mighty) Malusor does do some serious damage to the ship. Malusor's still firing, Tails tells Anthony (via. headset) that this may get trippy. Tails pushes the lever hes holding (to control the speed) foward, and heads for Malusor. The ship's going directly at him, he's standing on top of a building. Malusor chuckles and the ship hits him, breaking apart of the building he's on. Malusor is thrown back, as the Blue Typhoon continues going. We then see Shade in the Blue Typhoon. Amy notIces Shade, and when Shade charges at Amy, she shoots energy at her. Knocking her out unconscious. Blaze, Cream, Big, Team Chaotix spot this and attack. (Blue Typhoon: Boss: Shade)(Playable: Blaze, Cream, Team Chaotix). They defeat Shade, but Shade tells them the war isnt over. She creates a forcefield around her and flees. The heroes rush to Amy's aid, she's been hit pretty bad. Cream looks at Amy, sorrowfully. Blaze places a hand over her. Tails sees this through his cameras, and is angered by it. He puts the guns on full charge and fires everywhere.

Silver and Knuckles head to the interior along with the others on ground, Sonic suggests splitting up since the Savori would spot them to easily. Sonic contacts Tails through bluetooth and tells him they're in the base. Tails says that Anthony will hack it, in the meantime, Sonic should find Argo. Silver's walking by, his gloves a torch, then Nazo fades in, and attacks him. Savori are more stronger than ususal here. Sonic enters a room, he sees portals everywhere and a pod in the middle. He checks what it is untill Malusor emerges from the shadows. His gun loaded. Argo then appears in a puff of black smoke. He claps and "congradulates" Sonic for finding this room. The Room Where Portals are Born. Argo tells Sonic, that he has been watching from the past. Argo talks about how people see Sonic as a hero, although Argo says theres more to you than you know. Sonic attaks Argo, until Argo teleports all over the place and deflects Sonic's punch. Sonic is on the ground, Argo says that all he wants are the Time Emeralds. A Blue Blur is meant o have them.Sonic has found five and two more are yet to be found. Argo then throws Sonic all around the place, and tells Malusor to finish this off. Malusor then states that Sonic's the disturbance. He picks him up and raises him up by the neck. Before he slams him down, Anthony lazers the walls of the room and fires at Argo. Argo flicks Anthony using an energybeam. Atrocia comes in and fires at Malusor's back with a poisonous arrow. Malusor then throws Sonic at her, she dodges and keeps on firing. Malusor then shoots at her, to which she falls back. Sonic then speeds at Malusor before he continues hurting her and charges at Malusor. (The Desolation: Boss 2: Malusor (I) (Playable: Sonic, Craig) Anthony then turns into a ball and charges at Malusor too. The control tower is about to drop, and Tails hasn't fully acssesed the mainframe. Argo uses a spell and....the base was a ship, the whole time. 

Nazo and Silver are falling through portals. They're trash talking each other. Nazo tells Silver that he's nothing and that all he has is his "girlfriend" (referencing Blaze) to keep him company. Silver says that she's not his girlfriend, and at least he has family unlike Nazo. They clash in the skies. (The Realms: Falling Frenzy) (The Realms: Dimmensional Travel) (Playable: Silver, Nazo) They eventually land in a weird dimmension. It's a floating city, but its not futuristic. Nazo tells Silver here is his deathplace, Silver tells Nazo ther's only one way to find out and they clash. (The Realm: Boss: Nazo (II) Nazo's on the ground, he tells Silver that he hasn't won. He'll rule the future instead of Argo. He calls it "A War Your Not Prepared To Fight". Silver says he's looking foward to it sarcastically, and uses his mind powers to throw Nazo into a tower. Silver gets the black emerald from his pocket, he thinks of 2015 Earth, and a portal comes and he jumps in to take him back to the base. 

Craig takes Atrocia's body to the Blue Typhoon. He lays her body there in the room everyone's in. Team Chaotix, Amy (on a hospital bed) Cream, Big, Gamma and Blaze see this in shock. Craig tears, stating she was his only sister he ever had. Craig takes her bow, and tells them he remembers when him and thier mum taught them how to use the bow. They're in Forest Hill. Shooting a deer. It was a bright day and the sun was shining. It was a memorable day. Craig tears and says it was his only sister. Amy (on the hospital bed) puts her arms aroumd Craig's shoulders. She tells him its all goanna be ok. Tails can see this through security cameras and contacts Sonic and Knuckles telling them everybodys on the ship, except for them.  Back to Sonic and Knuckles, they're still in the base. The ground is shaking, and suddenly the base itself begins to collapse. Anthony flies to the ship, while Sonic and Knuckles run. (The Desolation: The Final Run ) (Mission: Escape the base in 6:00) (Playable: Sonic, Knuckles, Anthony). They make it out and Tails makes the Blue Typhoon go low to pick them up. The G.U.N and Eggman's Egg Fleet are involved in the battle now. When everyone's on the ship, Silver appears from a portal out of nowhere inside the ship. Holding a Time Emerald. Tails tells the team that the base was a ship, the whole time. As nearly all of the base rises up in the shape of a ship. Its a cinematic cutscene now. There are small ships that emerge from it but its overall a massive ship. Outsizing even the Egg Fleet and the Blue Typhoon. Malusor, with the power of 2 Time Emeralds, fires a giant lazer beam at the Egg Fleet and G.U.N Fleet. The Blue Typhoon ecapes however, while everything just collapses. And later after the Blue Typhoon is out of the camera, we see the remenents of battle. 

There's a short cutscene where Argo picks up the 2 Time Emeralds and tells Malusor, "My turn".

Chapter 7: Unity

Our heroes are all gathered up inside the Blue Typhoon. Tails has put it on autopilot and is creating something using loads of computers. Sonic walks up to him and asks if he's ok, Tails sighs and says that he's ok, its just that he's wondering how they're goanna defeat Argo and Malusor. He states that Amy got shot at her ribs, and she's resting in the hospital bed. Tails states he measured her pain, its not critical, but its somehow feeled her with more energy. Sonic tells Tails that on his way to buy the special device, these robots called the Keepers showed up. They asked if Sonic was the "Blue Blur" and when he said yes, they attacked him. Tails asks why Sonic didn't tell him (Tails) before, and Sonic says that there was something weird that went through him, when they asked him that. Like,he could feel a power of different speedsters. The conversation continues, until Vector tells them that something happened to Knuckles. Sonic and Tails rush to the rescue and see Knuckles fainted. Sonic calls after Knuckles and shakes him, while Tails puts his hands on his face.

In Morpolia, Shadow has explained to Omega, Xazar and Rouge what happened. When, the ship blew up, Shadow jumped off the boat. He went to shore, and his rings glew. Then, the portal came. The officer does call it "strange" and asks if Shadow thinks it has any links to why that weird figure attacked out of nowhere. Omega asks if Shadow thinks the rings can also be a key to getting them home, but Shadow says he doesn't know how to activate them. The Morpolia Police Force state they might be able to build another time machine. Rouge asks how long they think it'll take and the officer says not long. 3-4 hours at least. The officer also says that they might need the rings to be able to activate it. Shadow takes the rings off and hands it to the officer, and tells Shadow to "explore". (Morpolia: Future Highway) (Playable: Shadow) Shadow also notices this "Anthony" robot who's gone missing. Rouge and Xazar explain to him who he is. 

A portal opens and Argo and Malusor walk out, they're in Earth-3. It's dark and cold here and there are survivors scouting apart. The Savori come too as guards, Shade watches if anyone's going to attack. Argo picks up some dust, he sniffes it and he sees footsteps too. Awfully square looking and unhuman ones. Malusor states that someone was here. Argo smiles and says that he knows who it is. He then looks into the distance and sees a wrecked ship. He says that its Sonic's friends, but no ordinary team. Malusor loads his gun and says he's ready for anything. Argo then uses his telekinisis to pick up a Time Emerald that dropped into the ocean in the distance. It lands in his hands, and he opens a portal. Malusor says that his signatures read a place called Morpolia. Argo then walks into the portal along with Malusor and Shade while the Savori stay there.

Eggman is in his fleet, he looks out the window. His robots are doing all his buisness for him. Cubot comes in and tells Eggman that something has happened. Eggman asks what is it and he says that firstly, he made a new chip and secondly they've recieved news. He shows a message through a projector on his face. It's Argo. He says that he knows Eggman's in a bad position right now and that he knows Eggman isn't bothered but Argo says that he overheard something on the raid at his base a day ago. Sonic's voice is heard saying that Eggman actually believes them and that theyll go against him anyway since they don't need him anymore. Argo then comes back onto the screen and says "Is this your enemy?". The video ends and Eggman flips over his table. He tells every robot to get a location on Sonic. He trusted Sonic for the first time and now he backstabs him. Eggman marches to the camera.

We see Knuckles,he sees the destroyed Master Emerald. Then, we see what happened at Woodland Walk, the Echidnas who were on the hoverboards. Knuckles is seeing this through his vision, like he's walking through it all. He then sees these ghosts, its his ancestors. He sees all the past guardians of the Master Emerald. Locke , among them, walks to Knuckles. Knuckles realises he's his father. He's shocked. Locke is shocked too, he asks why Knuckles has done this to thier tradition. Knuckles says that he didn't mean it. He was taken away, he didn';t know it would happen. Then, all the other ancestors such as Tikal, Darmadeous, Thagious, etc. Knuckles realises them. All past echidnas were scientists. Knuckles' is the only one who wasn't. The ancestors start to gang up on him. Locke stops them and tells Knuckles that its a big world out there. Knuckles, in shock, asks Locke how he died, Another vision pops up and it shows Locke get assisanated in the Thaddina. It's a very wide event. Knuckles is shocked, the ghost of Locke is with him and explains what happened. He tells him to see for himself. (Undervision:Ghastly Travels) (Undervision: Visional Speeds) (Playable: Knuckles) We see Knuckles walking through more visions with the guide of his now late father, Locke. Sonic is there now. All his friends too. Then, there's other visions of these guardians holding sledgehammers who attacked, presumably Angel Island. Then there's a comparison with what happened with the Savori, Sonic and co. and Eggman;s fleet. 


The Memory

Suddenly, a balckout occurs and everything's black. Knuckles asks what's happening, and Locke says "No, not this again", implying it has happened many times before. 

Knuckles looks at him and they're all panicking. Suddenly, a brain rises up and asks what they're doing here. Locke tells Knuckles to run, and the brain then attacks. Locke tells Knuckles it's called The Memory. Its where all the visions come from. One large brain that contains 3.5 million minds. Knuckles stops running and charges at it, Locke calls after him but Knuckles' already battling. (Undervision: Boss: The Memory) (Playable: Knuckles, Locke) Knuckles destroys the Memory from the inside. He goes in and dig deeps and then jumps out while the brain squirts and tells into some sort of computer-like water. Knuckles then collapses again and Locke calls after him.

Knuckles wakes up quick. He's breathing heavily. Sonic asks if he's ok and Knuckles nods. Tails notes that he thinks he knows thier next move. On Satio, they call up Professer Pickle with the G.U.N guards. The team lay out the Time Emeralds on the table in the fleet (which has already landed). Professor states that he has found more about the emeralds as much as Argo's likely plan. He says that he has found out the Time Emeralds are reminents of Time and Space itself. And they're more than just Chaos and Time Emeralds. Anthony asks how Pickle knows that and Professor says that the Time Emeralds were found ever since the fabrics of time. When space was just atoms. They're also atoms of the, at least what was to become, Time Emeralds. The Chaos Emeralds came from the sun. Professor believes that while the Earth evolved so did the emeralds slowly start to maintain thier shape. Using his knowledge of physics, he also states that he's formulated a way that the Time Emeralds are the reason they're other dimmensions and time streams out there. Amy asks how this links to Argo's plan, Pickle then gets a book out and shows the group ancient pictures. He tells them that there was a conspiracy theory of monsters at the core of the Earth ever since the begginning of the Earth. One of them have been awoken already, (referencing Dark Gaia). And Pickle states that they're more hiding beneath the world's core and the only way they can be unleashed is by awakening them with emeralds. Mainly, the Chaos Emeralds. Pickle then turns over a page. Its a monster in the shadows. Pickle says this is the only monster so far that has any links to destroying time. Pickle says "Algorgian". Tails says that they saw that name on the cave. Pickle asks what they saw, Tails tells them, "Light before Dawn. Alive before Death. Algorgian shall rise. The tribe shall fall". Pickle says that he knows the cave he saw that in. Alagorg Cave in Angel Island. That was where all the Echidna scientists lay. That's what the last line should mean. Knuckles (who's silent and crossing his arms the whole time) tells Pickle that the Master Emerald was destroyed. These tribespeople destroyed the Master Emerald, therefore since Knuckles forgot about in the Blue Typhoon, he collapsed. And he had a vision with all the dead ancestors and Locke, his father. They showed him different events in Echidna history. Locke showed him a vision of these giants, with sledgehammers with echidnas. Knuckles asks what that may mean, Pickles states that that could be the famous war of Angel Island. This is when Algorgian was about to be risen but the echidnas somehow managed to create a cave to seal him, using the Madter Emerald's energy. Sonic asks if that cave was Alagorg because in Alagorg they're all these frozen echina statues. Pickles doesn't know of that, but he thinks since the energy was so strong it might've frozen them. Knuckles states a Dragonsnake froze him. Pickles doesn't know, but he said all he knows is that the place became very dangerous over the years,.

Tails asks what links do Algorgian have to Argo's plans, and Pickles says that Algorgian is a destroyer of time. And is awoken by the power of even 2 Time Emeralds and Chaos Emeralds. Cream notes one thing and asks if he knows Malusor. And Pickles says that he hasn't even heard of that name. The team thank him for the info and he leaves.  The team are completely mind-blown. They don't know where to go to next. Anthony suggests this time going to the Desolation, but this time, they plan. Sonic notes that they don't even know thier way around the ship. And, they need to get the 2 other Time Emeralds back, knowing their importance. 

Team Dark's portal has been fully constructed. And the Morpolia Officer presses a button and the portal opens. They thank Team Dark for thier deeds and they jump in. They land in thier world now, along a forest. Rouge suggests now just finding G.U.N or Sonic overall. (Greenland: Rainy Hill ) (Greenland: City Colours) (Greenland: Boss:Savori Cockroach) (Playable: Shadow, Rouge, Xazar, Omega) Shadow does reach Central City, among the public. They're loads of G.U.N Troops and Cars driving across the road and some guarding. There's also helicopeters going past. Shadow calls one and tells them that they need to get on it and find Sonic and co since they work for G.U.N. The solider asks who "he" (Xazar) is. Rouge says "long story" and they all get on. Omega gets picked up by a helicopter. Shadow asks what's going on, and the solider says there's been an incident that has occured. Rouge says they're happpy to assist. 

Fang is robbing a bank, he has an AK-47 in his hand and he's telling everyone to shut up. He asks the person on the counter to give him the money, the man refuses and Fang starts to get angry. He shoots him in the head, and asks the woman who tells him its at the back. He walks there quick and gets a chainsaw that's in a special hidden draw. He cuts the safe open. (Moundary: Mission: Cut the safe open: There will be a bar on the screen and if the chainsaw burns, the bar will go red. If its on a consistant track, it'll stay green). (Playable: Fang) Fang opens it and the police arrive. Fang smiles and puts his hat on. He gets his AK out and kicks open the door. (Moundary: Crazy Gunfires) (Moundary: Machine Madness) (Playable: Fang) Fang is sucssesful at fighting the police off until the G.U.N buggy Shadow and Rouge were in arrive. Fang is now getting a gattling gun and firing everywhere. Shadow pushes Rouge back behind the buggy for protection. Shadow loads his gun, he gives Rouge a gun too and tells her, that he'll be back. (Moundary: Boss: Fang/Shadow, Rouge) (Playable: Fang/ Shadow and Rouge) They carry on colliding then Fang's Marvelous Queen comes flying down from nowhere growing miniguns and firing at the team. Shadow throws his ring at it and gets his gun and shoots at it (in a slow mo shot) the Marvelous Queen then gets teleported somewhere else. Fang points a gun at Shadow, but Xazar then karate kicks him which knows Fang out unconscious. The G.U.N and the police thank Team Dark and arrest Fang. Shadow states that before they go to Sonic, they're goanna need answers to questions from Fang. 

At G.U.N Prison, Shadow is in a room with Fang. There are windows and the police and Team Dark are watching what's going on. Fang is sitting in a chair and Shadow puts files on a table. He asks Fang what he's doing. Fang asks what Shadow means, and Fang asks what has he done. Shadow states that Fang has been in many crimes in the past year and his criminal records are "burning". Fang says that he hasn't done anything. Shadow tells him to stop telling lies. The conversation begins to burn up in a way, and Fang stands up with his hands cuffed to the chair. He threatens to kill Shadow, Shadow gets a gun out on him and tells him that that was a very bad move. There's a little silence then Fang sits back down. Fang says that Sonic is the reason why he's doing this. Shadow asks how,and Fang says that Sonic put Fang into jail for 10 years. It messed with him and mentality. He needed money, so he escaped the prison and begun his mission finding the Chaos Emeralds, to be able to sell them for money. Shadow says that if that plan had worked, that could've put a billion lives at stake. Fang doesn't really care and says that as long as there is loads of money its safe to him. The G.U.N Commander calls Shadow out of the small room. They have a little silent conversation, about whether they should hand him to Sonic to work with them. They agree on this and come back into the room. Shadow asks Fang, if he wants to redeem trust from G.U.N and the police, he asks how he would like to work with Sonic and the camera cuts black. 

Sonic and the rest are in Satio, working out a plan to get to the Desolation. Anthony is seen with Tails and Craig who are using a mechanism to acsses Anthony's brain to see what data he has on the Desolation and Argo. When they're doing that though, Atrocia has woken up. She's still in the Blue Typhoon (which has landed). There's a window near here and she sees something emerge in the distance. She looks closer and tries look for her bow and arrow but struggles. She's in a mecha-cast made by Tails. The thing that emerges is Eggman's squadron of fleets. The heroes notice this and think there's no problem since they made a deal with Eggman. Until, when the robots emerge they fire straight at the team. And Eggman's main fleet fires chain around the base. Sonic asks Tails what's going on until an Egg Gunner charges right at Sonic. Sonic's about to home attack it until Atrocia fires at it. (The Ambush: Betrayal City) (The Ambush: Boss: Egg Demolisher) (Playable: Sonic, Craig, Atrocia, Amy, Gamma, Cream, Big, Tails, Silver, Blaze, Espio, Charmy, Vector, Mighty). They defeat the boss and Eggman's ships then fire rockets at the base. Vector calls G.U.N for assistance, until when the ship is on its way it gets fired down. That's where a G.U.N buggy comes into play. Shadow, Rouge, Xazar, Omega and Fang arrive at the base only to see it being destroyed by Eggman's fleet. Rouge says that the G.U.N records state that Sonic had a deal with Eggman, and she asks the driver (to which is a G.U.N solider) why Eggman's attacking Sonic. The solider doesn't know why, and charges into battle with the buggy. An Egg Gunner grabs the driver and flies upwards and crashes on purpose, killing him. They jump out and fight. (Tails Labatory: Barricade Chains) (Tails Labatory: Raging Grounds) (Playable: Shadow, Rouge, Fang, Xazar) Team Dark eventually find the others along with Fang. Tails gets Anthony out the mechanism and they all get in the Blue Typhoon. Its not fully destoyed. Since its in a sealed up garage. They get in and Tails prepares it for lift off. The ship eventually is up in the air and shoots down some of Eggman's little fleet. Sonic is on the Tornado-2 that flies upwards to the Eggman's fleet. He presses auto pilot and jumps onto the ship dodges the rockets and makes it to the interior. 

Sonic makes it to the room Eggman was in similar to the one of Sonic Unleashed. Its white and there are loads of robots on computers. Eggman is sitting in a floating chair, that is black and white. Cubot and Orbot are there with him. Sonic overhears Egggman telling his robots to send full battle constructions and to blow up Tails' Labatory. Orbot taps Eggman, and Eggman's chair slowly rotates. He possess a gun that he made. Sonic asks why Eggman attacked Tails' lab and he thought that they had a deal. Eggman says that Argo sent a video that he overheard your conversation aboard his base a few days back. Eggman continues by saying it was a clear audio of Sonic talking Tails and stating that Sonic was using Eggman. Sonic asks that would he really trust Argo of all people. Eggman points his gun at Sonic and tells him not to play games with him. Sonic puts his hands up and sighs. Eggman pulls the trigger to which nothing occurs. Eggman clicks it a few more times, while its being pointed at the ground. A huge energy blast hits the ground and Eggman screams like a girl. Sonic congradulates Eggman sarcastically and says he used his (Eggman's) last bullet. Eggman asks how Sonic is sure, and Sonic points out there's a bar on the gun that says "No bullets alert!". Eggman tells Sonic so what Argo showed him wasn't real, and Sonic says it wasn't. Sonic speculates Argo was probably using Eggman as a distarction so Argo can carry on whatever it is, he's planning. Cubot tells Eggman that he told him so, then when Eggman snares at him, Cubot looks down. Sonic tells Eggman to call off all his fleets and that this was all a misunderstanding.  Eggman calls off his fleet and the Blue Typhoon lands. All the heroes walk out of the fleet and into the room. Sonic states that they better find Argo's next location. Anthony says he can track the Desolation and send the data back to Eggman. Eggman rubs Anthony's head and says that he likes him untill he  finds out Anthony's head is hot. 

There's a short cutscene with Nazo rising from the debris. He's in the floating city still. He stands up and grows back his phasma blades. He jumps down from the building, and lands on a car. He keeps walking, with an invisible forcefield around him while cars and people drive and run into him

Argo and Malusor are in the next dimmension, which is Morpolia. They come aboard the Desolation, which creates a huge shadow over the city. The civillains start to look up in fear and wonder. Malusor (in the Desolation) says that the latest location of a Chaos or Time Emerald here was in the Morpolia Police Department. Argo says that that's thier next location then. When they arrive at thier location, Argo, Malusor and Shade jump out. Argo throws the guard away, and Malusor simply shoots at one therefore disintegrating him. Shade witnesses this, and suddenly she starts to feel weird. Malusor blasts open a door that leads to the main room. All the officers and such are just there. Malusor points his cyborg gun at them while Argo walks foward. He says sorry to interrupt, and asks where the Time Emeralds. The human Morpolia police officer looks at the two strange, knowing of these emeralds consedering that was Rouge, Xazar and Omega's transport to getting here. Argo tells someone to speak or the entire dimmension itself dies. An officer says that they don't know what they're (Argo and Malusor) talking about. Malusor's about to shoot, when Argo signals him not too. Argo walks up to the hedgehog officer, and asks "Are you sure?" in a deep voice and casts a spell on the man's head. The man starts to scream and he starts asking to stop, then his head pops. The officers are shocked by this, Argo then tells the human officer (the one that talked to Rouge and Xazar) to give them the Time Emeralds. The officer says they don't have it. Argo calls Shade, who witnesses all the deaths here. Argo tells Shade to kill him, and that theyll kill every person in this room until they get answers. She hasnt actually killed someone before. She's shocked and is kind of panicking. She gets her phasma blade out and points it. She's about to kill him till she gets a Time Emerald out of her pocket and turns to face Argo and Malusor, her gun on her right pointing at the Time Emerald, and a blade at the two. Argo asks Shade what she ie doing, and Shade tears. She says that she doesn't need to do this anymore and that she can't kill someone and leave it. Malusor tells Shade that's thier mission, Argo's about to step foward until Shade shouts "GO BACK! I SAID GO BACK, ARGO!". Argo steps back, and Shade cocks her gun. Then, the officer behind Shade shouts DUCK,warning Shade, and he fires at Argo and Malusor, along with the other soliders. Argo energy blasts some people, Malusor shoots some too until Argo unleashes Savori from all directions. There's Savori everywhere now and there's a gunfire going going on across the room to which the officers gradually lose. Malusor and Argo walk back into the ship, with Shade nowhere to be seen and the battle continues, The Desolation then leaves, as the Savori invade. 

Sonic and co are in Eggman's ship, Tails and Eggman remake the mechanism but upgraded. Anthony stands inside it and it feeds off his memory and databank. Tails tells Anthony to think of where Argo is, a code appears on the computer. Eggman reads it and states that this code isn't of ordinary code. Craig calls Eggman a "genius" (sarcastically)  and says that it's clearly alternate dimmension code. Atrocia asks when Craig knew about code, and Craig says that ever since they're in Satio. Anthony says that Craig is correct and that Argo is in another dimmension. Silver asks why Argo would be in another dimmension, and Blaze answers by saying that he obviously wants the Time Emeralds. And he only has 2. Sonic says they have 3 which means they're only 2 more emeralds left to find. Tails states that that means the only way they can get to Argo is to travel through dimmensions and find Argo. Sonic asks how they'd do that, and Xazar says the Time Emeralds. 

Chapter 8: Vengance

There's a destroyed fleet in the forests. It's Negas. We zoom closer in and then we see Eggman Nega's destroyed body (not really). It is not fully seen, but it is implied Nega suffered really badly. Nazo then walks upon it, he looks down on Nega. He stops, then after a silent moment, all the debris fly off him due to Nazo's mind control. Nazo then kneels down, and then puts his hand on Nega's chest. He says that he hates Nega, and that Nega "deserved to die". But, Nazo claims that he's (Nega's) only way to do what he wants to do. Nazo says villianously, "Kill Argo, for what he did to me. Then, Sonic and his allies". Nega then shouts in pain, and all the burnt bits on him begin to fade. Nazo keeps touching Nega's chest until Nega is completely clear of debris. He is still knocked out however. Nazo throws Nega's gun on his belly, and says that when Nega wakes up, its time for vengance. Nazo then continues walking, as the camera still focuses on Nega's passed out body. 

We skip over to the interior of Eggman's ship, with Sonic and co. They inform Shadow about what happened at the base. Then, after that, Cubot states that Argo is in a dimmension called Morpolia. Anthony knows of that name, he says that that is where he is from. That's his home. Big asks if when the co go to Morpolia and finish Argo, that will Anthony stay there. Anthony says that that is a tough choice to choose, he says that he doesn't want to choose that choice now. Sonic gives him a thumbs up, then he asks how the Time Emeralds will get them to Morpolia. Mighty suggests going on the Blue Typhoon, then using that, they could open a portal. Vector pats his shoulder in companionship. Silver says that on the raid a few days back, when he got teleported with Nazo. When he defeated him,  he had a Time Emerald, he thought of the base, while closing his eyes and a portal came sending him back to the base. Rouge theorizes that if they all think of Morpolia at once, a portal will come and take them back to Morpolia. They agree with this plan. Anthony says that he's trying to hack into the ship, but something is really blocking his systems. Eggman tells Anthony that that settles it then, Eggman tells the team he will be going with the crew with some of his fleet. Eggman says that he won't bring this one nevertheless but his secondairy main fleet. Tails says that he's finished with the device, he says that it'll be able to think the same thing instanty for 5 seconds, and therefore the portal can be opened. Tails sets it to Morpolia. 

The team begin to enter the Blue Typhoon, Tails puts the device in a hole (speciically made for it) he then activates it. Tails tells the team to stand still, and then Tails activates the device. A portal begins to form, a huge portal. Eggman's fleet prepare to leave to the next dimmension. The Blue Typhoon then flies into the portal with the backup of Eggman's fleet. 


They all enter, the Desolation has completely invaded the place and Savori have invaded completely and are terroising the city. Craig spots that on the floating TV screens, it talks about a "A Missing Hero!" and "Where is Anthony, our Saviour?". Craig states that they must love Anthony (looking back at Anthony).  Charmy asks how they're goanna fight since they're millions of Savori down there. Sonic says the one thing than can do, which is fight. Omega says that they have to seperate the team. So, that some are on the Desolation and some are on the ground. The team then seperate. Tails auto pilots it, and then he joins the team fighting on the fleet. (Morpolia: Mission: Defeat 100 enimies, while also performing 5 Special Attacks) (Playable: Amy, Blaze, Cream, Big, Team Chaotix, Gamma).


The Desolation

(The Desolation II: Upgraded Evil) (The Desolation II: Blackened Night) (Playable: Sonic, Tails, Craig, Anthony, Silver, Blaze, Shadow, Rouge, Omega, Xazar, Atrocia, Knuckles, Eggman, Fang). They're all on the huge ship, Silver asks if Sonic can see Argo or Malusor but Sonic says he can't. The team are all together now, Fang says that if this fails, he'll come and kill Sonic himself. Tails notes out that the Savori are way more stronger than the way they were when they're on the base a few days back. Blaze agrees. Then, more Savori attack. (The Desolation II: Mission: Defeat 45 enimies in 2:00). The team decide they split up in the fleet since its the easiest way for them not being seen. Consedering that if they're altogether, its way more obvious. Sonic declares they meet up at this exact point after all of this. And so the team split. Fang with Omega, Shadow with Rouge, Xazar with Anthony, Silver with Blaze, Craig with Atrocia, Knuckles and Eggman and Sonic with Tails. 

Sonic and Tails are walking down a hallway with loads of rooms, it looks very futuristic. Sonic whispers to Tails that he thinks he can hear the Savori. We hear an eeery voice in the background. The Savori are starting to come. Tails grabs Sonic and they hide in between doors. There's Savori walking past. Sonic suggests attacking and Tails says he would prefer if he doesn't do that. This is scene that resembles of the Sonic Lost World scene (when Tails and Sonic are hiding behind the sand and the Deadly Six and Eggman are there. Tails suggests not attacking but Sonic goes in for it). Sonic though says that the only way they can get past them,is getting into trouble. Tails tries to stop him but Sonic jumps in and attacks. (The Desolation: Mission: 35 enimies) (Playable: Sonic, Tails). They defeat the enimies in the hallway,but an alarm is triggered. More Savori begin to emerge and realise that they're intruders. Sonic and Tails begin to run away, and Sonic says that yet again, Tails was right, and Tails'  says(exactly like he said in Lost World) "you think so!?". `

Argo and Malusor are in the fleet, Argo is sitting down in a royal-like chair with his hood up. He laughs villaniously but calmly and scarily. Malusor then says that Sonic is really gettting on his nerves. Argo signals him to stop, Malusor looks back at Argo in shock. Argo says that for once, that they let Sonic come to him. Malusor says that they are coming with everything they got. Argo says that they're no match for us. Malusor says he'll kill them in seconds, then Argo stands up and says that's enough. Argo slowly stands up, and walks up to Argo. They put heads together. Argo then says that they will kill the "Blue Blur", then they'll get thier hands on the Time Emeralds and what Sonic always possesed. They don't reveal what Sonic's important possesion is. Argo then steps back and tells the Savori to be on full charge and find all of them. 

Knuckles and Eggman are not getting along very well, as Eggman has annoyed Knuckles for quite some time. But, the two are guarded and protected by Eggman's squadron of robots following behind them and from all sides. Knuckles tells Eggman to shut up and focus. They carrry on walking, until some Savori sneak up on them. Knuckles tells Eggman to duck but that fails as a Savori jumps from above him, knocking him out unconscious. As the Savori is about to deliver the final blow, Knuckles super punches him out the way then him along with Eggman's robots charge. There's a comparison with the echidnas from ancient history with the guardians with sledgehammers leading them. (The Ambush: The Attack) (The Ambush: Savori Highway) (Playable: Knuckles, Eggman* during the stage*) There's an alarm that occurs. There's a battle with Eggman's robots and Savori. Knuckles and Eggman run. There's Savori chasing after them, Knuckles stops, turns back and fights instead. Eggman asks what Knuckles' doing. There's a cutscene with Knuckles fighting, he tells Eggman to go. Eggman says he doesn't have to tell him twice. Knuckles notices that Eggman dropped his gun. Knuckles picks it up and goes away from the madness. He uses the gun bit and continues running.

Fang and Omega hear the alarm, Fang shouts, "Shit!" and tells Omega that they're goanna find them deffinetly now. Omega says that from his database, Sonic and Tails have triggered the alarm somehow. Fang says sarcastically that that's just great. Omega says that at least the Savori are not here now. Fang says at least they aren't, agreeing with Omega. They continue walking. A Minotaur comes and gets Omega, Omega then goes flying to a wall. Fang then shoots at it, then the Minatour goes for Fang. He ducks, then the Minotaur eventually grabs Fang by the neck. (The Ambush: Boss: Savori Minotaur ) (Playable: Fang, Omega). After they defeat the boss, they find a blackened hallway on thier path. They walk into it, Fang says that this may be the baddest idea he's ever had in a long time. Omega says its the only way to continue our path. Then they realise its more of a misty darkness. While they're walking, Fang notices light. They head in the direction of the light only to see a loads of portals. Omega says oh no, implying something's wrong. Fang asks what Omega means by oh no. Omega tells Fang to run past the portals until the Savori emerge from each one. The two stand back to back. Then, all the portals close, blinding the light completely and its completely dark. Fang says that honestly, he's scared out of his life right now. Then, Omega passes a minigun to him and says this'll help. Fang smiles and says "oh yeah...", then they begin minigunning everywhere. The scene is flashing. And Fang's shouting in hapiness. (The Ambush: Minigun Love ) (Playable: Fang, Omega). Fang and Omega make it through the mist, then Omega notes that there's a scar on Fang's arm. Omega asks if that's from battle. Fang says it wasn't. Fang says he doesn't really want to talk about it. They carry on going.

Craig and Atrocia are in a hallway until then there's a sort of cliff. On the right hand side of them there's a bridge to which the Savori walk past. Minotaurs guard all sides of this bridge. Atrocia asks Craig how he thinks they're goanna get past them. Craig says he could clearly speed past all the Savori but that'd create way too much attention. Atrocia looks at the other side, she says that she can use her bow to fire at the other side to create a line of string which they can walk past. Craig says that the minotaurs will notice that. There's one minotaur facing the side where they would make the line of string. Craig states that that means they need to distract that minotaur without distracting the other minotaurs and make it to the other side. Atrocia says that she thinks she has an idea. Craig asks what, Atrocia then readies her bow, Craig asks if she knows this'll work, she says that she's certain with an "I think" at the end when the arrow's shot. It goes past them and curves inside (on the other end of the bridge), one minotaur points it out and look in the direction it went. They tell one mino to stay back. Craig then says he'll go first. Atrocia shoots the arrow which creates a line of string. Craig says he'll go first. He walks past it since if he speeds past, he'll lose balance. (The Ambush: Mission: Walk past the rope without dropping. Guide your sister in the process). They make it, but the minotaur realises the rope and sees Atrocia and Craig. He alerts the others (to which there's no response) and then he takes drasstic measures and super jumps to attack him. (The Ambush: Minotaur Trouble) (Playable: Craig, Atrocia)  They outrun the minotaurs and find a new part of the interior of the base. They then find a CCTV camera footage in this huge (but blank) room. Atrocia and Craig look in wonder, Atrocia asks what Craig's waiting for. Craig then pulls a lever to which he thinks opens it. It does. It opens and we see Savori walking into a room. It looks like a secret room because the Savori walk into darkness, to which there's a sign saying: Warning! Mist of Death". Then, there's footage where we see Argo sitting on a chair that's very royal-like. He's wearing a hoodie and wearing a cloak. Malusor walks upwards to him and tells him that Sonic is getting on his nerves. Argo says (in the clip) that they let Sonic go to them for once. Malusor says that they're (Sonic) are goanna come with everything they've got. Argo then fires back telling Malusor that they're no match for them, Malusor then says something (which they can't hear) which forces Argo and Malusor to stop. Argo walks up to Maluosr and they put heads together. They whisper things to which Craig snd Atrocia can't hear. Argo then walks back to his seat and orders his Savori to get a location on Sonic and kill him. Argo tells Malusor that a best friend of his, who died. He says that he will avenge his death. He then says "the Blurs shall die". Then, the footage ends. Craig and Atrocia look in shock then an alarm is trigggered.

Silver and Blaze are in midway battle with a bunch of Savori. Silver is using telekenisis to stop them but Blaze is usig fireballs. Suddenly, there's a huge explosion that occurs. Silver and Blaze go flying, while the explosion kills the Savori. It's coloured white nevertheless. Silver and Blaze are on the ground, Silver wakes up and wakes up Blaze. We then see Nazo who's walking through the hallway shooting Savori with beams and energy blasts them out of the way. Nazo encounters Sonic and Tails too. He fires at them, until Sonic dodges (so does Tails). Sonic charges at him until Nazo carries him by the throat. He tells Sonic that he's not in the mood anymore, Tails realises that that's the "Nazo" guy Silver's been talking about. Nazo asks Silver, if he was talking about him to them, Nazo then smiles and says "How, dear?" then throws Sonic out of the way. Tails gets his raygun out and tries to shoot but Nazo deflects the energy. Silver shouts Nazo's name, and uses his telekenisis to stop the energy deflecting off Nazo. He also tries knock down, Nazo's invisible shield. Blaze then fires at Nazo, who stops this whole commotion. Nazo fires at Tails until Silver (using his mind) moves Tails out the way. Tails ducks under Nazo and flies to Sonic. Silver asks what Nazo's doing here, he thought Nazo was dead. Nazo says that he's come back from the dead, and lazer beams Blaze, Blaze dodges, and Silver then charges. (The Ambush: Boss: Nazo III ) (Playable: Silver, Blaze). Nazo then grabs Silver by the neck and flies away. Blaze calls Silver's name. Then, she runs. 

Meanwhile, Nazo is holding Silver and flying elsewhere, Silver punches him in the stomach, and he and Nazo too drop on the bridge (in Craig and Atrocia's part). They stand alone there. Three minotaurs approach the commotion and so do more Savori. Nazo gets angry and says that he doesn't have time for them. They all then go flying. Nazo says that he'll kill Silver himself. They collide on the bridge. There's a little battle (in cutscene) between them until Blaze jumps out from nowhere and fires a fireball at Nazo. Xazar and Anthony then appear and they all see Nazo. Nazo fires a wind of energy at the two, to which they duck. Then, another fleet appears, next to the Desolation. Silver notices it's Nega's ship and asks Nazo what's going on, then Nazo smiles and says, "Vengance", to which he smiles. Anthony shoots a beam from his chest at Nazo, Silver tells Anthony to stop since Nazo is absorbing the energy. Nega's robots begin to surface, and fly onto the ship. Xazar and Anthony run and so do Silver and Blaze in thier own respective paths (as partners e.g Silver and Blaze). One of Nega's robots who land, give a video message to Nazo. Its Nega, stating that he knows that Nazo ressureceted him, Nazo says that it was the dearest thing he could do. Nega laughs and says in the start he didn't care about Nazo but now he thinks its time they work together. Nazo smiles and tells Nega to not be so hasty. Then the video feed closes.

Xazar and Anthony are fighting off Savori. Tails contacts Anthony and tells him to send a signal to all the team, to alert them and come back to the place Sonic declared everyone to be and Anthony sends the signal.

Shadow and Rouge are in this mist, but its different to the mist that Fang and Omega went in. They enter, and then Argo sees the two. And then he teleports from his chair near them and uses his dark matter to fire the two back into the mist. He then grabs them by the neck, and calls them Sonic's "puppets". Argo throws Rouge on the ground, and continues to grab Shadow's neck. Argo tells Shadow that Sonic has been using him and that in reality, Shadow has nothing to live for. Argo then references Maria, and her death, and the G.U.N. Argo asks if Shadow's really still working with the people that killed his best friend, the people that forced him to join them, the people who have loads of secrets that they've kept. Argo drops Shadow, he's shocked and amazed overall. Shadow then looks at Rouge and says that what Argo's saying is true. Shadow stands up and tells Rouge that its true. He asks Rouge why they're even working for G.U.N. Rouge then realises that Argo has minapulated Shadow, she tells Shadow that what Argo's saying is a lie. Then, Argo smiles and orders Shadow to attack her. (The Ambush: Boss: Shadow) (Playable: Rouge) Rouge defeats Shadow, then when Shadow's about to give Rouge the final blow.
Orbitars petit

The Stone of A Thousand Worlds


Rouge then takes something from her pocket and faces it towards Shadow cosnedering the fact the thing was glowing when Shadow was in a trance. Shadow then comes back to his senses, Argo realises what that is and orders every Savori to go after Sonic and kill him at will. Argo tells Malusor "Your up". To which he grunts, then he runs, roaring while Shadow and Rouge have already left. 

The team on the ground are struggling a little too, they see Nega's ship (but don't know it's Nega) near Argo's Desolation. Nega's robots also attack but the team are assisted with Eggman's robots who are far more stronger than they were in the past couple battles. Amy and Charmy then begin to evacuate the people from the area. Then, another weird fleet emerges from nowhere an it looks completly and straight up weird. Its a circular fleet that flies towards Nega's (shaped like Earth). The spherical ship shoots at Nega's fleet while Desolation moves quicker than it had before. Espio asks what that ship could be, Gamma (who is standing next to him) states that it is not someone that they know/knew. The ship has black stripes on it and is white in general. The Blue Typhoon (which is on auto pilot) flies around the three fleets at battle. 

We cut to the interior of the ship and we see a man who is wearing blue goggles. He's bold, has a little white moustache and wears a white lab coat with a raygun in his hand. He wears brown boots, and is quite short (not too short). He calls his droids, which are also black and white and look like Sonic. He tells them to attack all fleets. 

When Anthony's at the place, Sonic declared them to be, its half destroyed and sees the man and his droids flying away form the ship and onto the fleets. Anthony then realises that this is his old nemesis, Dr Nevo. A smart scientist who does evil doings. Dr Nevo notices him, he gets his raygun from one of his major droids (that stands out and is actually gold and chrome) and fires at Anthony. To which, Nevo misses. Dr Nevo tells the chrome robot (who also looks like Sonic) or in other words N-1000, to attack all fleets and kill Anthony and his anti-self.

A portal opens up, making way for the Desolation and Nega's fleet. Tails tells the team that there's been a change to the plan, and tells everyone to meet at the Blue Typhoon. (The Ambush: Final Run) (Playable: Sonic, Craig, Atrocia, Tails, Anthony, Tails, Fang, Omega, Shadow, Rouge, Xazar, Knuckles). The team make it with Tails flying, there's a bit of a bumpy ride then they land and pick up the team on the ground and escape. Sonic, Anthony, Xazar and Craig are on top of the ship on the look out. Dr Nevo's droids then attack, and the team then fight to stop him. (Blue Typhoon: Defeat 25 enimies in 25 seconds) (Playable: Sonic, Craig, Xazar, Anthony). N-1000 then attacks the three out of nowhere and creates a beam so powerful the whole team go flying out of the scene (but still on the Blue Typhoon). Metal Sonic then emerges and while he flies toward N-1000. It drop kicks N-1000, while flying and lands. Then, the two fight. (The Ambush: Boss: N-1000) (Playable: Anthony, Metal Sonic). N-1000 is defeated, but not destroyed, he is weakened. Then, he quickly flies back to Nevo's fleet. Metal Sonic informs the four that Eggman has ordered him to come with them. The team are all now in the Blue Typhoon and are flying into the portal with all the other fleets. Nevo's fleet fades away somehow while all the other fleets charge for the next world. 

Chapter 9: Welcome to a Thousand Worlds

Argo sees a portal that opens in front of him. He walks into it with the Time Emeralds he has and Chaos Emeralds. It looks alot like a cave resembling the Alagorg Cave. He hears a voice that tells him he is worthy and that it is clearly seen. Argo asks who the person is, the figure introduces himself and calls himself "The Guardian". Argo asks of what, and the Guardian responds with the Algorgian, the devourer of time. The Guardian states there are many guardians just like him who look after different monsters within the world's core. Argo asks then what the Guardian needs, and the Guardian says that he knows Argo has taken the 2 Time Emeralds and 2 Chaos Emeralds. Argo says that the Guardian is not having them, the Guardian says that he knows. He says to do one favour for him, and that is to awaken Algorgian. Argo chuckles deeply, and asks how, then the Guardian tells Argo to go towards the alar. There's emerald shaped sockets. The Guardian tells Argo to place the emeralds in the sockets. Argo does so, and then the sockets shine. The Guardian then says "Thank you" then the cave shakes. The cave then begins to get covered in darkness and gooey kind of black webs that goes around the place consuming it. The Guardian gives a breath then Algorgian says "I'm here now. The Blurs will die". Argo smiles. Then, Argo wakes up on his chair in the same position, his hands on his head and thinking things.

The Blue Typhoon end up in a cave, it lands there. And the team emerge from the ship. They decide to rest here, since its a very narrow and small cave since its just a circular cave. The portal closes, although the team stay there to dicuss thier plans to attack Argo. They're all silent at first, until Shadow asks Rouge what she had in her hand, to get Shadow out of the trance. Rouge says that she doesn't know what it was, the only reason she put it at Shadow's face was because it was glowing during battle so she assumed it probably could get him out of the trance. Rouge takes the two stones out, and shows it to the team. Knuckles says that he recognises it but doens't know what it is. Sonic says that it probably may have been apart of the Time Emeralds somehow, since it does look like a marble, and Pickle stated they looked like marbles in those times. Craig asks how the "Time Emerald" is still a marble, when the marbles began to take shape of emeralds over time. The team can't configure that out. Atrocia then brings up that her and Craig forgot to tell the team something.

She says about how they had another brother, Targuin. He was the oldest in the family, he was the reason why Craig and Atrocia made treehouses. He had helped them build it. The three hadn't remembered what had happened in the past, they just remembered thier father's death and something happened that brought them to Forest Hill. Targuin just brought them to this wide space, with a large tree then they constructed the treehouses. Targuin had a best friend in the process, Tibis Sark. They met, before thier father's death. Tibis was obsssesed with time, and time travel. He had magical powers that he never showed to the world. Kind of like a soccerer. They're the best of friends, Tibis was a good person. Until, in Atrocia and Craig's father's lab. He told the the three to leave, Tibis wanted to save him. Thier dad was about to explode, into dark matter and get wiped out from exsistance. Tibis grabbed thier father's hand and then their dad exploded and then that's how they woke up in the forest. The team are shocked by this. Sonic asks if Atrocia knows what happened that caused thier dad to explode, and she says she doesn't. She starts to tear up. Omega asks how Targuin died, Craig says that one day, Targuin was catching deers for food, until, a black cloud appeared behind him and his eyes went full white then he fell. Atrocia says that they still don't know who did it. Craig, though, says that Argo has a plan to devour time and create his own timestream where he rules the world. But, he also mentioned something about the "Blurs". He says that there are three of them out there. Tails asks why he wants these "blurs", Craig says he has no idea why. Sonic says that when they first went Satio, and Tails asked to buy the special device, these ancient robots came and asked if he was the "Blue Blur". After Sonic said he was, the robots who called themselves "The Keepers" attacked them. Xazar suggests that maybe something happened in the past that caused everyone to know Sonic as the "Blue Blur". Amy corrects Xazar and says that they're three and its clear Sonic is one of them, they just don't know who the other two are. The team continue to disscus while Craig walks to a private area. Sonic walks up to him and asks what happened. Craig says that Argo is Tibis, and that Craig can't stand thinking that. Sonic says that they're going to stop Argo with his plans whatever it takes. Craig says Tibis was the nicest guy in the world to them, and killing Argo, would be too emotional for him. Atrocia walks over to the two, Sonic stands up and lets Atrocia talk to Craig while Sonic walks off. 

Eggman's fleet has made it to a desolate world with Nega's fleet. The battle is still happening, and the robots and fleets are at war. The fleets arrive at Earth-3, Eggman decides that he joins the fight and asks Orbot and Cubot what they think of the weapons he has. Orbot claps, while Cubot makes a load of reasons why its not the best one. Eggman kicks Cubot to a wall, and continues going and Eggman tells the two before leaving not to screw up. (Sky Battle: Dying Skies) (Sky Battle: Fleet War) (Playable: Eggman, Egg Robo, Egg Pro). Eggman is fighting with his robots until Nazo flies out of Nega's ship and into Eggman's. He carries Eggman by the neck while flying at fast speed and throws him down onto the ground. Eggman's robots attack Nazo although Nazo stands there, laughs then uses a Chaos Blast on the robots to which they all go flying. Eggman gets his gun and fires to which Nazo takes it out of his hand and crumples it. Eggman asks who Nazo is, and Nazo introduces himself. Nazo asks where Sonic and his team are, Eggman says that he doesn't know, Nazo demands an answer, and Eggman still declines.

The scene skips to Orbot and Cubot playing Blackjack, in the pilot area. In the background, Eggman goes flying back through the walls and Nazo appears dragging him and throwing him around the place, Nazo then drags Eggman out the room while Orbot and Cubot are still playing Blackjack and Cubot asks "Got any 8's?" . An Egg Gunner shoots at Nazo, while Eggman runs away and jumps on board another Egg Gunner flying towards Nega's fleet. To which the gunner is destroyed, and Nega's robots capture Eggman. The robots (who are far more technical and superior than Eggman's robots) bring Eggman to Nega, who laughs maniacally. Eggman asks what Nega's doing, Nega says that he's laughing since hee foiled Eggman's plans. Eggman says that's not how mad scientists laugh, Eggman demostrates it. Then, Nega says that's wrong and does it another way. There's a bit of a laugh-off, until Nega shouts "Enough!" he asks Eggman why he's here. Eggman tells him that he was meant to be with Sonic to which he isn't. Nega growls and tells Eggman that this isn't a joke, Eggman says that neither is he joking. Nega smirkes, gets a gun out, until Eggman's robot burst from the wall and attack. Nega punches Eggman, and the two then charge at each other. (Sky Battle: Boss: Eggman Nega ) (Playable: Eggman). Nega gets his gun out and fires at Eggman to which he dodges. Eggman runs away and tells him that Nega is useless. Nega orders his robots to follow Eggman and his troops and find Sonic.

Argo is at the Desolation, he is meditating in a room. He's sitting down, cross-legged and his hands are up. There's sparks of darkness that are seen while he's meditating. While, he ia meditating, he has a vision of when he was in the lab. He sees Targuin's dad, he's about to explode (we see this in perspective of Argo) Argo runs to Targuin to save him then the dark matter goes onto Argo, he screams then Argo opens his eyes. The Savori enter the room, and stand left and right of him in lines. Argo is still in the same position doing the exact same thing. He closes his eyes again and then he has the vision of Algorgian rising, then he sees the Guardian and Algorgian confrontation. He then sees three streaks, red, brown, grey and blue, and there's a portal that appears. The Portal of a Thousand Worlds. The blue one being the brightest one. There's then a visison of destruction occuring in Central City, although its morning so it wasn't the event before all of this. Algorgian appears with a roar and then Argo opens his eyes from the visions again. Malusor then calls him and tells Argo that something has happened. Argo asks what happened, and Malusor says that he felt the return of Algorgian, and his coming. A portal opens in the room and a cloaked echidna figure comes from it, it has a spear. Argo tells the Savori not to attack, Argo stands up and grabs it by the neck, he stares at the echidna's eyes and the figure's head explodes. Argo throws him away like he's nothing but a toy. Argo asks Malusor if that was an example of Algorgian's awakening. Malusor nods. He tells him that Algorgian is arising due to a misawakening. Malusor says that they still have the upper hand of controlling it with Malusor's powers and capabilities. Argo says that that's good to hear. Malusor says that they also need the Blurs. Argo says that he knows about them and hasn't forgotten them, they need the the Portal of A Thousand Worlds to get past time. Argo tells Malusor that he also saw the destruction of Central City with Algorgian at the middle of it. Malusor says that he sensed the Day of Awakening and according to what he's read being a Time Master that Algorgian's awakening point is the Alagorg Cave. Argo then orders some Savori to track Sonic and his team down while Argo and Malusor's group of Savori go back to Angel Island. 

Sonic and co. are still in the cave, Tails, Craig and Anthony are helping build it. Some of them are talking and just trying to make due with what they have while they wait for the Blue Typhoon to be repaired. Silver asks if "this" is strange. Blaze asks what is strange, Silver says that when Craig and Atrocia were talking about the Blurs. They said the colors, Blue, Red, Brown and Grey. They know Sonic is one of them, then Silver tells Blaze to look at Xazar, Anthony and Craig while counting "1, 2 and 3". Silver points out that they're all coloured like the "Blurs" prophecy. Blaze notices this as well. Then a portal opens and Savori come out and attack the cave. (Valha: Mission: Defeat 100 enimies in 2 minutes) (Playable: Team Sonic, Team Chaotix, Team Rose, Team Dark, Xazar, Anthony, Craig, Gamma). They defeat the Savori, the team are confused to how they got there. Espio says that more Savori will come so they need to find a way to get out of the place quickly. Tails says that the Blue Typhoon is almost finished repairing. Craig asks if it'd make sense for them to go in  it, now to protect themselves. They all do so, and close the doors of the Blue Typhoon. Tails flickers a button and the Typhoon then works again. Tails then rushes to the main control panel, although, all of a sudden, he recieves a call from Eggman. He tells the group that Nega has ordered his robots to come after Eggman and also find Sonic and co. Eggman talks about this "flying white hedgehog full of chaos energy" that's also coming for them. Silver says that Nazo is also coming after them. Sonic tells them that they might as well leave before anything else happens. Tails agrees, he asks how they're going to even escape. Vector then feels things banging on the wall, Big says that those might be the Savori. Omega says that they have to leave now, Tails asks how they will since the cave is a little narrow. Shadow grabs a Time Emerald from his pocket and tells Rouge to remember how when they're in the Antique Vaisseau they had this as transport. Rouge remembers, but she asks how they'd do it on this ship since there's no emerald shaped socket here. Tails says that there are, but those are for Chaos Emeralds. Shadow says that they might as well try something new then, he walks to the control panel and places the Time Emerald in the socket. 

The Savori are trying to break the walls, they're no minotaurs yet which was a good thing. Though, it was starting to get a little intense. Silver and Big block the walls, while Big uses his strength and Silver uses his physic powers to stop them getting in. Dents also begin to take form. The Time Emerald doesn't really do anything, and Shadow asks what's happening, Tails tells Shadow that he said it only works on Chaos Emeralds, Shadow tells him that it has to work, and Tails tells him that its only for Chaos Emeralds, then the two begin to get an arguement, and Shadow pushes Tails, Sonic shouts "Enough!" and holds Shadow back, he tells him there's no point in arguing since that'll get them nowhere here. The team hear more portals being unveiled. A sword eventually cuts through (not completely) and there's a slit. Amy tells them that they might as well hurry up. Tails shouts at Amy, and tells her he's trying. Shadow pushes away Sonic's hand and tells Tails that he's useless, and that there's nothing he can do that'll make things right. Sonic tries pulling Shadow back. Shadow punches Sonic, and walks towards Tails, his rings glowing. Gamma is about to shoot, which Sonic tells him not too. Blaze is about to jump in too. Shadow kicks Tails, and Rouge tells Shadow to calm down. The Savori are about to literally break the walls now, they hit something onto the wall and Silver goes flying back (the wall hasn't broke yet). Big is still trying to block the walls, Cream looks at him and looks at the commotion. Tails gets something from his bag, which is some sort of mini wrench. The commotion gets more intense. Savori are still trying to find thier way in. The Time Emerald begins to glow too. Rouge then gets a gun out, and points it at Shadow to which everyone goes silent. Meanwhile, on the outside of the ship, a minotaur comes through with a sledgehamme. s about to hit the ship and the part Rouge's on, until a beam goes off (to which everyone in the ship falls and collapses) hitting the minotaur (killing it) and some other Savori, and making a huge portal. The Blue Typhoon heads in, while Nazo appears just in time but the Blue Typhoon hits him and heads for the portal to which it does.

The Blue Typhoon is in a world that contains these giant dead robots, one a widespread island. Tails looks down at the wasteland, as he's the first to wake up. Sonic soon wakes up and spots Tails, sitting in a corner in his own. Sonic walks towards him and asks Tails if he's ok, Tails says that Shadow was right, and that he (Tails) is useless. Sonic tells Tails that Shadow was just angry and raged, Sonic says that Shadow was just talking out of the cheek he sits with (arse). Tails smiles, Sonic tells Tails that he is one of the greatest and smartest people Sonic have met and that without Tails, he wouldn't be where he is now. Sonic tells Tails that he has awesomeness inside him, and maybe Shadow doesn't realise that, but Sonic knows that Tails has a great oppirtunites inside him. Tails thanks Sonic. Sonic says that he's really conflicted to whether he is the hero he is, since back in Satio, the Keepers told him he was the key to what happens next and the destruction of the city. Tails tells Sonic that he's a hero and would never destroy the city. Tails then stands up and walks to the piloting area. He looks out the window and sees many robots, Sonic tells Tails that he'll wake the team up while Tails figures out what the place is. Sonic then speeds away, and comes back a second later with the whole team woken up. Rouge asks Omega if this place is also in his database and Omega says that its not, somehow. Knuckles suggests that they land safetly and explore the place. (Cartour: Robots Galore) (Catour: Bright Day ) (Playable: Sonic, Tails, Amy, Craig, Atroica, Shadow, Omega, Rouge, Cream, Knuckles, Big, Silver, Blaze, Anthony, Fang, Vector, Charmy, Mighty, Espio, Gamma). They discover that their in a city filled with normal robots that roam the place. They all don't have legs, although they all float. And the land is polluted with presumably dead giant robots. One robot walks past and Knuckles asks the robot where they are, and it says they're in the city of Cartour at Datalane (which is like a little market, so people sell food etc.) Sonic asks what the robot's name was, and he says that his name is H-240. Tails asks if he can call Claud since that name reminds him of the name Tails was goanna call his A.I. Claud says that he doesn't mind. He asks if they talk more at night since he is the manager of the place and therefore he has to control. Claud also says that the Cranks are huge problem as well, so he suggests talking at night.

At night, Claud calls Sonic and Tails to his office, while Rouge and Craig come too. Claud's office is quite big, there are alot of "test subjects" in test tubes etc. Its not really big, but probably futursitic and big enough. Sonic tells Claud the story of how they got to the Blue Typhoon, till the part where they got to Cartour. Claud clarifies that they don't know how they got there, and they all agree to that. Claud says that they could find a way out since they're robots after all, but Claud mentions that every dimmension has a cosmic code for it, so he asks what their's is. Tails tells Claud that they've never heard of cosmic code in inter dimmensional travel before, at least that's what he didn't see when he did his research. Rouge asks if there's another way to leave the place and Claud says that he'll find out but it'll possibly take some time. Claud tells the four to stay there and he'll be back. Rouge, Tails and Craig have a conversation about it, and Tails brings up the stone that Rouge had and how that might be another way of getting home and stopping Argo. Sonic realises that Claud kind of looks like the Keepers from Satio. Its just they had legs and that they actually could walk, run and had different forms of weaponry and they looked older. The words the Keeper said are brought back into Sonic's mind which the player hears. Claud comes back and sees the stone, Claud then gets his hand out (which grows orange) and is about to fire at them, Craig asks what's going on. Claud says that they have the Stone of a Thousand Worlds, and that they're dangerous if they have this artifact. Sonic realises what's going on, later on  and blocks the team and tells Claud that they found the stone, or Rouge found it. Claud asks where they did find it, and they all look at Rouge who says that she found it on Earth-3. Claud knows of Earth-3, and puts his hand down, he apologises later on. Tails asks if there's any info of the stone he can give to them, Claud says that the stone is named the Stone of a Thousand Worlds and it is one of the keys to opening the Portal to a Thousand Worlds along with the Blurs and Algorgian, "the devourer of time and worlds". Claud says that the stone is a source of power that was found within the 8th time emerald in the begining of time, that emerald was destroyed by the sun, and the power formed into an orb-like shape. Craig asks if Claud knows why it is the key to the portal, and Claud says that the 8th Time Emerald was the most powerful of them all since those had the greatest ammount of power in it, so it didn't only change time or take people to different worlds but it also had the ability to make a portal able to go into ALL worlds. Sonic asks about the Blurs, and what that's all about. Claud says that if they run fast enough with the stone and all the Time Emerald's power they'd be able to go through time but also create the Portal to a Thousand Worlds while at it. Claud asks why they're asking him these questions and Tails says that there's a madman named Argo that wants to destroy time to create his own which he rules. There's then a huge vibration that is felt, like something stepping. The team rush outside including Claud and they see that one of the giant robots have waken up. Sonic asks why there even are, giant robots everywhere and Claud says "Long story" to which the robots throws something at the team, that they dodge. Claud calls his protection team out and they attack. (Cartour: Boss: Aluwa) (Playable: Sonic, Tails, Amy, Shadow, Rouge, Big, Craig, Atrocia, Anthony, Cream, Vector, Espio, Charmy, Mighty, Fang, Gamma). Aluwa is suddenly defeated, and he drops on the ground again. Claud's team then leave. Claud tells the team that he thinks he might need to test on the robots to get them to "shut up". The team then walk back, for the new day. 

Shade is walking on the pavement side of Central Clamber Bridge, not wearing her traditional suit, but in civillian clothing. She's walking on the pavements of Central City. She's thinking through what happened with Argo and Malusor, and how he controlled her. Although, her main priority is to find Sonic and co and thier whereabouts as she's asked civillians if they've seen them. She's wearing a hoodie, and her hands are in her pocket. Suddenly, there's a helicopter that explodes when it hits the ground, destroying some cars too while at it. People run for thier lives here, and Shade looks back seeing the devestation and then she runs, (and admittedly has pace). She hides behind a car, and closes the door (she's not in the car) She then looks through the car window to see what's going on, and sees Nazo who says that he can sense "you" out there. He continues walking, causing more havoc on the streets as cars try go past him (and fail). The police, G.U.N and military come with robots and everything, knowing Nazo from the Central Clamber Bridge incident. They aim thier guns at Nazo and tell him to stand down. Shade then has a flashback, its her handing a Chaos Emerald to Nazo on Central Clamber Bridge. She realises that she knew who he was when she was under Nazo's control. However, Nazo on the other hand, killed and destroyed all the soliders and vehicles with ease, a tank came, and Nazo chaos beams it, desemating it. Then, he stares directly at Shade who he sees through the car window, he murmurs something along the lines of "You still haven't given the check!". He fires a beam at the car, and Shade tucks and roll. She pulls the strap (that makes your face unseen on a hoodie). She then sees Nazo and runs, Nazo keeps firing at her. And Shade and her eventually come into a one on one together. Nazo tells Shade that he knows who she is, and Shade tells him that that isn't the first time she has, she guessed. Nazo calls Shade a follower of Argo, with nothing else to do in life, though Shade says that at least she has more things to do than wreck everything in his way (including his life). Shade and Nazo then charge. (The Ambush: Nazo (IIII) (Playable: Shade, G.U.N Solider #1) Shade then finishes Nazo off, with an energy beam and he goes flying, but then wakes up in the air (since he's flying, and he's only about 5 metres from her when he's flying). He then uses his lazer eyes which are white and Nazo screams while doing so. Shade runs, and jumps from building to building escaping Nazo, while Nazo slowly flies foward in the air, he then laughs and says "2 down, 5 to go". 

Argo is walking, through a hallway. He has obtained now three Time Emeralds. Malusor states they're four more to go. The Savori come back and they talk Sabar (Savori language) to Argo (which is translated in English with subtitles). They tell Argo that they couldn't find Sonic and that Sonic and co escaped. Argo looks at the Savori solider and asks if him if there's any good news. Malusor's about to knock the solider out, until the solider says that there is some good news in some capicaty. Argo asks what the good news is, then the solider says that when they attacked Sonic, they put a tracking device in Sonic's hair. Argo smiles at the solider and says that he (the solider) did well. He then puts a hand on his head, and tells him that he is "ekuba" which means he's intelligent. Malusor kills the rest of the Savori (that came back from the portal). He simply punches them or steps on them leaving the solider that put the device in Sonic's hair the remaining Savori from the Savori that went (so there are loads more Savori). There is a fear that is sensed in this scene from the Savori that survived. Argo then tells the other Savori to track his whereabouts and they'll kill him. Argo also asks that this time they capture Craig and Atrocia. Then, Argo walks away from the camera, while the Savori get to work. 

The morning eventually comes with Sonic and co in Cartour. Atrocia wakes up and looks out of her hut, she sees Sonic talking to Claud. Sonic tells Claud about these beings that attacked him called the Keepers. Sonic points out that they looked alot like Claud but they looked ancient and old and actually had legs. Sonic asks Claud if he's heard of the Keepers. Claud says that he thinks he knows what Sonic is talking about, Claud asks if they said anything and Sonic says that they said Sonic was the cause to what happens next and is the cause for the destruction of the city. Claud says that the Keepers were ancient in thier world, they're kind of like prophets. They could tell the future for the robots of Cartour, thier destiny, thier fate. Claud mentions how the Keepers haven't visited in a year since they set off on a journey to find "The One". Sonic asks what Claud means by "The One" and Claud says that he doesn't even know, that's what they announced, they left Claud as manager of Datalane and co leader of Cartour itself and they left. Sonic theorizes that they might've meant Sonic, since the Keepers asked if he was the "Blue Blur". Claud realises that the Blurs prophecy had the colours brown, grey and red. Claud says that Sonic is one of them. Sonic says that he knows, he's the fastest thing alive. Claud says how an ancient prophecy states of the Blue Blur, being so powerful he could be able to go through time itself, with no extra protection. With the Chaos and Time Emerald's power, Sonic would be unstoppable. Sonic thanks Claud for this information and they head inside to see the ammount of work done on the portal, since the emeralds dont even work here for some reason. The heroes have four time emeralds, and three chaos emeralds.  The portal is being constructed, Claud informs Sonic that the portal is almost complete, it just needs a little more firepower to last long. Sonic thanks Claud and informs the team that they will be on thier way home soon. 

Three days later, the portal has been prepared and is ready to take off. The heroes prepare to leave the place. Sonic, Tails, Craig, Anthony and Amy have grown a relationship (as friends) during the heroes' time there. They ready the Blue Typhoon, Claud tells Sonic that if there's anything Sonic wants and Claud says he means anything, he says he's there for Sonic. Sonic asks how they would communicate, and Claud gives Sonic a "dimmensional number", to which Sonic chuckles. The portal is opened up, and all of Datalane are there. The Blue Typhoon heads for the portal at high speed and the team end up in a vortex heading nowhere suposeddly. The team question where they are, and Tails looks at his device and sees the readings on it. Tails says that he doesn't know what's going on since his device is glitching up. Fang says that if the "H-20" tricked them, Shadow says that they couldn't have tricked them consedering Sonic's friendship with him. The vortex is bassically everlasting since there's no end to it. Gamma says that he spots a tracking device in the room on Sonic's hair. Sonic grabs the device from his hair and is shocked as he didn't know about it. Fang gets a gun out and Shadow tells him that they had an agreement and Fang puts the gun down. The Desolation emerges from behind them, packed with Savori to which a quarter of them jump into the Blue Typhoon and attack. (The Ambush: Raining Savori) (Playable: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy. Gamma, Cream, Big, Vector, Mighty, Espio, Fang, Charmy, Silver, Blaze, Craig, Atrocia). There's a short cutscene witha fight scene with every character. The montage ends with Sonic who home attacks a Savori. Tails states that they have to find a way out of this vortex or they'll starve, die or just get engulfed. Anthony helps Tails while the others defend the ship. (Blue Typhoon: Mission: Defeat 250 enimies in 10:00 minutes) (Playable: Sonic, Craig, Atrocia, Big, Gamma, Omega, Shadow, Rouge, Espio, Mighty, Charmy, Vector, Silver, Blaze, Big, Cream). The fight becomes a struggle for our heroes, as everyone is almost defeated. Tails and Anthony haven't finished trying to find a code to get back to thier Earth. There are little spaceships that emerge from the Desolation and fire while at it. 

Argo and Malusor look out the windows and they see the Blue Typhoon. Argo says that this time they're both joining the fight. Argo teleports while Malusor turns invisible (literally). Argo is now on the Blue Typhoon, where the team are defending the ship. They charge. (The Ambush: Boss: Argo and Malusor ) (Playable: Rouge,Omega, Blaze, Amy, Cream, Vector, Charmy, Anthony, Sonic, Tails, Big, Espio, Fang, Gamma, Silver, Shadow, Xazar, Craig, Atrocia). The team struggle to fight Argo and Malusor as well as the Savori. Malusor becomes a real challenge to face since he uses his guns and actually punches some of the team with ease. Argo can teleport so you don't know what is going to happen next, he also has intense martial art skills that Sonic can't even match. Anthony tells the team that he can sense that they're near Sonic's world, the only reason why they're in the middle of the vortex was becuase of Argo who must have done something with the Time Emeralds to do this. 

Malusor knocks Rouge unconscious, stealing the Stone, and also he captures Xazar. Argo thanks Sonic for such a "kind gift", and laughs villainously. Sonic asks what Argo wants with Algorgian and Argo says that he wants Sonic dead and Algorgian, destroying time itself. Sonic smiles, and tells Argo that he won't win this war, and Argo says he might not, but Argo says that at least Sonic will be dead by the time he sees time devoured. Argo and Sonic have a short fight, and Sonic is slowly loosing. Argo starts kicking him around like he's nothing, and when Argo's hands turn purple and he's about to give the final blow. Atrocia fires an arrow at his arm, she sees Argo, and Argo stares at her. A tear rolls down Atrocia's eyes, she's about to shoot him again until Craig runs past and barges Argo really hard. Argo eventually teleports away, and Malusor goes back to the Desolation. The whole team gather together, and Sonic tells them that this time they're goanna do this right, Sonic divises a group of people to stay on the Desolation and some to stay on the Blue Typhoon. The team on the Desolation hop on while the others stay on the Blue Typhoon. Anthony tells Tails that he has an idea, he tells Tails that Anthony can absorb energy and use it for at least a minute, Anthony states that if the Blue Typhoon creates a beam that goes foward, Anthony can shoot out a missile with that energy he absorbed and create a portal back to Sonic's world. Tails asks if Anthony's sure, to which he says "I think" and Anthony flies out and takes a Time Emerald with him. Tails tells Anthony that he's ready when he (Anthony) is. Anthony begins to absorb the Time Emerald's power and tells Tails to set the beam quick, Tails does so, and Anthony and Tails fire a beam at the same time thus creating a portal to Sonic's world. The portal forms and Central City is seen. The Savori are giving medical treatment to Argo, and Argo sees the portal through the windows of the Desolation, he murmurs "Algorgian, you shall awake here". Then, he smirks. 

The Blue Typhoon heads to the portal with the Desolation following, Tails says via blowhorn, to get ready. He charges foward into the portal at high speed. 

Chapter 10: The Awakening

The camera switches to someone filming something on a phone, he/she's filming these two boys (friends possibly) and they're having a great time. One boy poses and the other one does, and in the background is the morning sky. Behind them, there's a white streamline with a portal that emerges from it. Inside, the streamline, the people filming see something that is emerging out of it. They assume its a UFO, the thing emerges from it, then something humongous emerges behind it and they block thier camera. 

The team realise they're in Central City. and the Blue Typhoon flies past some buildings (and some reconstructed ones) and the small spaceships chase it. Its a cinematic cutscene and its kind of epic. As the Blue Typhoon dodges some buildings, also some ships hit some buildings etc. (Blue Typhoon: Defeat 5 spaceships) (Playable: Tails (you don't actually see him since the player plays in third person perspective of the Blue Typhoon, so the player is bassically playing the Blue Typhoon). The Blue Typhoon evades the enimies, and continues flying around the city. Tails asks where Anthony is via headset, until the camera pans behind Tails and Anthony's on the floor. Tails puts the plane on auto pilot and asks Anthony if he's ok, Anthony tells Tails that he's never doing what he just did again, Tails chuckles.

Then the camera cuts over to the people defending the ship. (The Ambush: Boss: Savori Crawler) (Playable: Amy, Blaze, Big, Team Chaotix, Gamma, Cream). Gamma tells the team on the Blue Typhoon that Argo is going to awaken Algorgian here and here is where all his plans overall will come to happen. The team are shocked, Blaze asks if they should tell Sonic's half, and Amy says that they probably know anyway what Argo's plans are. Cream asks how Gamma knows Algorgian will awake at Central City. Gamma says that the middle of Central City is Algorgian's awakening point according to ancient echidna scriptures. Espio says that the team should stay on the Blue Typhoon and that Sonic will suposeddly deal with Algorgian and Argo. 

Eggman's fleet emerges from out of nowhere, bashing some of Argo's fleet while at it and Nega's fleet follows it with a mini war of Eggman's robots versus Nega's. 

The President is in the White House, he is sitting down on his chair in his office, on his computer seeing what's happening in Central City and the ammount of havoc caused already by it.  The G.U.N Commander along with some G.U.N soliders and robots come into the room. The President asks what happened, and the G.U.N Commander says that they came to inform the President that Sonic and co are on that ship and that Team Dark have been spotted on the ship as well. The President states that he knows Sonic and his allies are only doing what's right to save the world and are no threat to the world. The G.U.N Commander says that he meant in no way for Sonic and his allies to seem like a threat but the G.U.N scientists have discovered that they have went through dimmensions of sorts. The President orders the G.U.N Commander to send every form of G.U.N soliders and even get thier best soliders/robots on this case since the President knows this isn't Eggman and there's a bigger threat out there.

The camera switches to the Desolation with the heroes inside the Desolation, trying to save Xazar. Stakes are high here, since the Savori are more powerful than thier last encounter. (The Ambush: Death Wish II) (Playable: Sonic, Craig, Atrocia, Fang, Silver, Knuckles, Shadow, Rouge, Omega). The team then split up more like the last time, to find Xazar and Argo. Although, suddenly, they don't last long since Argo pulls a trap on them. The part of the ship they're on drops, with only Knuckles and Rouge that remain on the ship. The part drops, then the camera goes slow mo. The team are dropping, we then see Craig who smirks and runs. (The Ambush: Stopping Time) (Playable: Craig). Craig saves everyone on the team from the part completely dropping. Craig gets all the team on the ground safetly while the part that fell doesn't drop to the ground but then flies back up and sticks back to the ship. The team thank Craig for saving them. Sonic asks Craig how he did it, and Craig states that its all apart of the mind. Ships emerge from the sky, either soaring past our heroes, or diving straight for them. Shadow states that Rouge and Knuckles are still on the ship, Sonic says that at least the two get on well, and Sonic says he guarantees that they will find Xazar and the stone. Sonic says that the speed characters could mislead all the ships soaring by, the flying people go into the buildings to save the civillians while the others stay on the ground to also protect the civillians. The team do this, and so the battle begins. 

(Devestating City: Savori Encounter) (Devestating City: Ruinious Palace) (Playable: Omega, Shadow, Fang, Atrocia). The team move foward in the devestated city, police arrive now along with G.U.N Fleets and the military ships. Omega tells the team that he can feel Algorgian's awakening in his databanks. Atrocia asks why they wouldn't need the Chaos or Time Emeralds to awaken Algorgian like what happened with the "weird lava monster" (referencing Dark Gaia). Omega says that he doesn't know why, but somehow Omega can feel Algorgian's power arising. When Omega says that, he malfunctions a little bit, and he collpases. The team run to Omega's aid, they drag him inside a wrecked shop. Atrocia and Fang stand by the door, as guards seeing if there's any Savori encounetring. Shadow asks Omega if he's ok, Shadow then gets a medical tool kit from Omega's side. Shadow then checks Omega's circuit and there's sparks that fly out. Shadow asks silently what happened. Fang shouts that there's incoming. A Savori Ship shoots at the building. Fang gets his minigun and Atrocia gets a bow and arrow (which the tip's on fire). They both fire rapidly defending the ship. 

Omega wakes up in the Undervision, the same place Knuckles was in, but in a different part based on him (that's how the Undervison works). Omega stands up, its a dark hallway and it resembles Eggman's old lab from Sonic Adventure 1 . Omega walks through the place, his eyes a torch. The lights flicker, and there are destroyed subjects everywhere. Omega explores this place. (Undervision: Egg-Lab) (Undervision: The E Hallway) (Playable: Omega). 

The E-Series Room (in Sonic Adventure DX)

Omega sees a door that is sealed, Omega knocks it, then punches it to which the door breaks. We see the E series on the ground destroyed, and possibly forgotten. Omega walks among them, we see Gamma there too standing there kneeling down giving aid to them. E-101 Beta grabs Omega's hand and tells him that he could've saved them. Omega looks at them, he doesn't know who he is, but he can tell that they're all older than him. Then, there's an alarm that is heard, then there's a giant robot that comes out of the ground, there's a huge brain in the middle of the robot. It attacks Omega, Omega fights it. (Undervision: M.E.M.O.R.Y). Omega defeats the robot, Gamma tells Omega that its all Eggman's fault. Omega is really confused with what's going on, he takes this all in, but eventually collapses.  He wakes up, when Shadow's trying to fix him, since the circuit lock slowly locks itself and all the lights turn on.  Omega asks what happened, and Fang says "hell", as the building that was once a building is destroyed completely and they're out in the open.

Sonic and Craig are speeding next to each other, running as a streak is created behind them. The Savori ships following them. There's a short cutscene with them running misleading the Savori ships. (Devestating City: Freeway Chase) (Playable: Sonic, Craig). They're sucssesful in misleading the Savori ships. Sonic and Craig end up with the ships chasing them gone. They're standing in the middle of battle. People are running away from danger as the Savori begin to attack. Craig asks Sonic how the Savori ended up on the ground, they both look up at the Desolation. They're Savori that are dropping in packs from the ship gliding in the air and landing. Sonic says that that supossedly answers Craig's question and they continue going. 

Silver is in a building, fighting some Savori and saving some people that presumably work there. They're hiding under the table. (Terror Buildings: Death Palace) (Playable: Silver). Silver has fought all of them off, and he opens the door to let the personell out. The window behind Silver is broken completely and the city behind is already wrecked. He looks out, and flies to the next building. Although, the Savori ships shoot at the building Silver's on, Silver aims and uses his physicic powers to fire at the ship (at this point the player presses a button to which Silver aims, and a button comes on the screen to fire. You have to do it on time, its still in cutscene mode, the only thing is that the cutscene goes slow motion). The ship drops, nevertheless the ship slowly begins to tilt. Silver's about to jump out until the building fully slumps onto the next, and Silver is hanging on. He tries get back to the surface, until things start to drop out the window from the building. Silver then divises a plan, he lets go of the object he's holding on and slides out the window. He then lands on another building once he swings on a pole that sticks out on the side of the building. He then runs. The building is slumping on another, its hasn't fell, but its slumping on another building.

Rouge and Knuckles are walking through the Desolation, Rouge has a gun in her hands while she's walking.

G.U.N Viper Pistol

Knuckles has his fists in action, there's an alarm going off. A Savori dog runs at Rouge, it jumps at her. Knuckles then holds the dog up in the air and punches it away. Knuckles asks Rouge if she's ok, Rouge then shows a bite that the dog gave to her. Knuckles tells Rouge that they have to keep going to be able to find Xazar and the Stone. Rouge nods, and stands up, Knuckles puts his arm around her shoulder for support. The Savori then attack. (The Ambush: Savori Pack #1 ) (Playable: Knuckles, Rouge). Knuckles and Rouge are walking through the Desolation, then the security systems on the ship (which are miniguns) shoot at the two. They hide behind a barrier that's there, Rouge tells Knuckles that she can shoot the miniguns, in able to disable the systsem. After some shots, Rouge shoots at the miniguns to which they then stop. Knuckles states that Argo and Malsor probably know where they are now, since the miniguns probably alerted them. The two then find a room where they lay, there's loads of paper everywhere with writings on them of Algorgian and all the sources, conspiracies etc. Rouge asks Knuckles what this could be, Knuckles says that he doesn't know. They see pictures of Algorgian and loads of ancient writings. In the centre of the room, is a bookshelf, with a book on a stand. Knuckles takes a closer look, and realises that this is written in ancient language. It talks about the name Argo, and how it means superior and god-like and why the name is so important and only used by ancient echidna kings. It also talks about the different monsters hidden in the earth's core, and they all have Guardians that protect thier awakening. It says-

" If the Guardian wants to awaken the monster's sleep, 

they'd have to come back in someone's dream,

When, the deal has been officially made, and so comes the monster's rage" - Kasadious Broich 2000BC

Knuckles realises the echidna's name, he was a very famous echidna poet in echidna history. Rouge tells Knuckles that it also mentions Algorgian, the devourer of time as one of the monsters (there's also more names, Dark Gaia and Iblis are seen but not mentioned. The Ifrit is also mentioned) that are also sealed within the earth's core. It says Algorgian can devour time itself, and destroy everything in a split second. Only, the power of the Chaos Emerald and Time Emerald combined are able to defeat Algorgian. Rouge says that they have to tell Sonic after they find Xazar. They take the book and leave the room. 

Xazar is locked in some green room, that's kind of hexagon-shaped. Its locked and there's no windows. He has just woken up, his weapons are still on him. Xazar asks where he is, Argo's voice is heard. He says that he's in the Green Room, Argo says that he's sorry for the unoriginality but he wasn't bothered to make the place menacing. Xazar looks behind him and sees his spear, Argo then says that Xazar might've expected Argo to strip his weapons off him, Argo then says that that's not how he works and that Argo just wants to see Xazar try to break free. Xazar asks Argo what he's going to do with the Stone. Argo says that the stone will enable him to have complete control of the Blurs, Argo says that if the Time and Chaos Emeralds with the Stone combine, Argo can mind control the Blurs into running so fast that they can go through time but also go through the Portal to a Thousand Worlds. Argo states that Xazar is one of them. Xazar then says that Argo won't win, Argo laughs and says that that's what "they" always say. Xazar grabs his spear and tries to configure a way to escape. 

Eggman's in his Egg Fleet, Orbot and Cubot are freaking out. Eggman tells his the two of them that they can't give up now, Orbot says that the Savori have taken over Central City and that Sonic might be dead for all they know. Eggman says that he wouldn't mind that, but Eggman says that they'll find Sonic and his allies and stop Argo so that he and he only can create the Eggman Empire. Metal Sonic tells Eggman that they have to fight Argo, Eggman says that he knows that but no figure that was so powerful as Argo has never created as much destruction especially in the place where he wants to build his Eggman Empire. Metal Sonic says that Eggman can just gather his army with an armanda and fight the Savori. Orbot says that after all G.U.N knows that Eggman isn't against them. Eggman has an "Oh yeah!" moment and orders his robots to attack Savori. He sends his best robots and Eggman nods at Metal Sonic. Metal Sonic then goes with the robots as leader and they attack the Savori.

The Blue Typhoon struggles quite a bit, since Savori are rapidly attacking. And the city has been teared apart in an hour. The team still do fight the Savori off. The Savori ships do shoot down Tails' engine, so Tails does try his best to keep the Blue Typhoon up and still flying. Anthony joins the team fighting off the Savori on the Blue Typhoon. He then flies off the ship, telling Tails that he'll also save Tails the trouble. (The Ambush: Ships Galore) (Playable: Anthony). Anthony evades the incoming ships and lands back on the Blue Typhoon. The team that are fighting off the Savori, eventually come into the main room. They state that there's too many Savori and they can't fight off all of them. Tails tries to think of a plan, since the Savori are really bombarding the ship. He goes onto his computer, and types something really fast. He presses "Space" and tells the team that he thinks he has a plan. Tails says that they need an arsenal to do it. Tails looks at Gamma, and so do the rest, and then he just stands there in confusion.

Shadow,Atrocia, Omega and Fang are still fighting off the Savori on the ground and saving civillians. Fang has retrieved his Marvelous Queen at this point (ever since Chapter 9). It kind of turns into like a backpack, and when he gets it off his back it becomes his Marvelous Queen. He has an AK-47, while Shadow has a G.U.N Viper Pistol. The Savori are quite hard to face at points. Atrocia tells the guys that the ground is shaking, Omega states this could be a point of Algorgian's awakening. Fang asks why Omega passed out, Omega says that he doesn't know. Algorgian can probably control like robots, manually, as one of his abilities since Omega says he felt a power he's never faced before. A Savori Snake like creature is also seen released, its a very giant snake crushing some towers together by wrapping itself around it. Then, a Savori Skeleton emerges from a soaring ship along with other Savori soliders. (Devestating City: Boss: Savori Skeleton) (Playable: Shadow, Fang, Omega, Atrocia). They have quite a difficulty defeating the Skeleton,but eventually do. The Savori Snake is crushing buildings though hence making them drop. Fang says that he thinks it would be a better idea to run away from the snake than to it. (Devestating City: Mission: Ride the Marvelous Queen away from the falling debris to the Goal Ring) (Playable: Fang *Shadow and Atrocia have hopped on the sides of the Marvelous Queen while Omega is flying with the team). They make it away from the snake, and continue moving. Shadow states that they have to get off this street, and to the bridge, since the Savori are literally polluting Central Clamber Bridge. 

Silver is still securing buildings and eventually spots Shade in regular civillian clothes being attacked by a Savori pack in one. (Terror Buildings: Mission: Defeat 30 enimies in a minute) (Playable: Silver, Shade). Shade informs Silver that Nazo is looking for her, Silver and her are then about to leave till Nazo appears and uses an energy blast, blasting the two away. Nazo tells Silver that this is for everything Silver's done to him, and why he's like the way he is. Silver and Shade hide behind a table. Shade whispers but asks what Silver did to Nazo, Silver says that she'll tell her later. Nazo keeps firing energy blasts until he gets sick of it and shoots and energy beam, Silver stands up and creates an energy shield for him and Shade. Silver tells Nazo that he doesn't have to do this, Silver sighs, and says that he's sorry for what happened. Nazo states how sorry isn't enough and says that he (Nazo) wants to kill Silver. The two clash once again. (Terror Buildings: Boss: Nazo) (Playable: Silver, Shade). The fight takes place on different buildings, Nazo is extremely angry here, and starts to go full on angry. He does a Chaos Blast knocking Shade out completely, consedering the ammont of power. Silver checks if Shade's ok, until Nazo tells Silver that this was how he felt when Silver did "this" (stating what he is) to him. Silver shoots a beam at Nazo to which he smiles and sends it back, and Silver dodges that. Silver gets Shade to a hiding place (since she's knocked out) and Silver and Nazo clash, both angry. 

The camera cuts to the two speedsters on the ground, Sonic and Craig still running past the speed of light itself. They end up on Central Clamber Bridge and notice that they're Savori packed here. And there's police and G.U.N fighting them off. Metal Sonic lands next to them and tells them that Eggman has sent him and his robots to assist and Sonic and his allies to defeat the Savori, Craig says "fair enough" and they attack the Savori. (Central Clamber Bridge: Mission: Assist the police and G.U.N and defeat all the enimies on the bridge) (Playable: Sonic, Craig, Metal Sonic). They defeat the enimies on the bridge, though the Desolation flies by shooting at the poles holding the bridge hence making it drop. The bridge shakes, Craig says that they need to get off the bridge. Sonic, though remembers what the Keepers said "you are the cause to what happens next, the destruction of the city" . Sonic tells Craig that they can't leave the innocent people and that they have to save them. (Central Clamber Bridge: Mission: Save the people on the bridge in 2 minutes). The three do so, till they're the only ones on the bridge. Cars are still everywhere, and so they escape the bridge. Its about to collapse and one pole just snap broken. The three run rapidly for thier lives. Craig is dragged back by wind, and is about to drop. Sonic runs to Craig and holds onto him, Sonic then speeds away off the bridge while the bridge collapses. 

The team on the ground see this, and they go the other way. Though, all over a sudden, three chains are unleashed from the Desolation onto the ground and around the ground team's location. They escape the chains only to see that these chains are filled with energy. 

Rouge and Knuckles don't find Xazar yet, but continue searching for him. (The Desolation III: Dark Realms) ([The Desolation III: Black Tombs) (Playable: Knuckles, Rouge). They continue searching, its very dark here. Rouge uses her pistol for light, they emerge from the darkness only to spot a room. A very weird room. Its a room with patterns on it, and there's beautiful patterns coloured in black. There's like a carpet in the very front. A black carpet is there leading the green carpet placed there which looks like a place someone would meditate in. Rouge and Knuckles explore the room, Rouge asks if this is actually true, Knuckles states that Argo or someone meditates in here. The two continue to explore, it looks like a very mini church, but just not the one you'd expect to pray to God with. Its dark and spooky. They're ancient scriptures written in the walls. Then, a Savori Levithan appears, probably as a guard and attacks. (The Desolation III: Boss: Savori Levithan) (Playable: Rouge, Knuckles). They defeat it, Rouge suggests leaving before the Savori spot them. 

Xazar is in the Green Room bored, Argo asks how his stay is, and Xazar says that its uncomftorable. Argo says that that's exactly what he was hoping for, Argo states that he has what he needs ready. Xazar asks for what, and Argo says a little test subject. A ray then points at Xazar, he looks in confusion and asks what's going on, and Argo says "The End of Time". Xazar gets his spear, then the ray fires.

Rouge and Knuckles hear screaming and run in that direction. They run to that directon of the sound. They reach a room with even more ancient scriptures everywhere. It does resemble a control room. Rouge tells Knuckles that there's a camera. The two see the Green Room through the camera, there's only debris that remains in the centre of the room. Rouge says that she thinks Xazar was in the room, she rewinds the footage and hears the conversation between Argo and Xazar. They're talking. and then there's a beam that hits him. Knuckles says that its probably not a death rey. Knuckles theorizes how it could come from the stone's energy. Rouge asks Knuckles if he is just laying on high expectations. Knuckles says that the beam doesn't look like one of the ordinary since its colourful. Then. Xazar isn't seen on the screen. Knuckles declares that they need to find Xazar wherever he went. While, they're searching. Xazar jumps from the ground with his spear. He's purple and has white eyes, Rouge asks Xazar what Argo did to him, and Xazar says in a deep and scary voice, "He saved me". Xazar then attacks the two. (The Ambush: Boss: World Force Xazar) (Playable: Rouge, Knuckles). Xazar is hard to beat, and in the end Xazar defeats the two, Xazar says that he doesn't have time for the two and needs to go to his master. He speeds off, Rouge and Knuckles are shocked. Knuckles states that  Rouge then realises that Xazar is apart of the Blur trio, and the Blur trio need the power of the Stone, Time and Chaos Emeralds to run at high speeds to create the portal to a thousand worlds. Rouge says, blue, brown, grey and red. Rouge looks at Knuckles and tells him that they have to warn Sonic urgently.

Xazar speeds towards Argo, who's standing outside still on the Desolation. He is standing with the two Time Emeralds, Argo tells Xazar that he needs five more Time Emeralds and five more Chaos Emeralds. Xazar nods, and speeds off. (The Ambush: Speed) (Playable: Xazar). He captures the emeralds in a split second from Sonic and his allies. Argo smiles and says that that was more easy than he thought. He has the chains attached to Central City already, which is Algorgian's awakening point as seen in ancient scriptures. Malusor also walks out the Desolation, and looks a little different from when last seen and a bit more upgraded. He has a futuristic axe with him as well as the gun. Argo tells Malusor that he wants them to hurt them and make them suffer and eventually put an ednd to thier misery. He smiles, and jumps off the ship. Argo places the Time and Chaos Emeralds in the raygun. Argo tells the mind controlled Xazar that after the beam goes off, Algorgian will fullly awake and they'll have the Blurs at thier clenches.

Sonic, Craig and Metal Sonic spot Shadow, Atrocia, Fang and Omega heading away from the bridge, presumably they realised the bridge collapsed. The three follow them, and eventually they meet up. Shadow asks what happened back there, and Sonic says that its sort of a long story. Omega then heard via headset, Rouge's voice, she informs Omega that something happened up at the Desolation. She explains how Argo has mind- controlled Xazar, with some of the Stone's energy, then Knuckles says that when the Blur prphecy was made, they're four colours. Blue, Red, Grey and Brown. Rouge then suggests that Sonic, Craig and Anthony might be next. She also mentions how they have the Chaos and Time Emeralds somehow. Sonic and the people he's with, check themselves. They originally had Chaos Emeralds with them, the Time Emeralds still on the Blue Typhoon at Tails' possesion. Sonic states that they need to find a way to get Xazar out of the trance. Knuckles then mentions too, that they're goanna fire some sort of raygun too. Atrocia realises that Argo will probably fire the beam within the chains. Fang says that if the team are planning on getting the Chaos and Time Emeralds, along with the stone, Xazar, and Rouge and Knuckles, he asks how they're goanna do it. Omega says that they might not need to get to the ship, he says that it'll take quite a long time for them to reach it. Metal Sonic suggests not staying so close to the chains and the team go further away from it. The Savori Snake is seen here, still on a building. Fang says "Oh, no, not this crap again!" to which the snake roars. Sonic and Craig are shocked, consedering they haven't seen anything like it before since its a very massive monster. The team then run further from the monster. (The Ambush: Talian Heights) (Playable: Sonic, Craig, Metal Sonic, Shadow, Omega, Fang, Atrocia). 

Silver and Nazo are flying through mid- air punching each other, kicking and overall fighting each other. They fly into different buildings, still fighting etc. Its very brutal since if you looked at Nazo, he looks like he wants to kill Silver under any circumstances. The team on the ground see Silver and Nazo fighting in mid air, and decide they have to assist him. They continue brutally battling each other, till Nega comes into the play with his ships firing at Silver. There's a huge screen on the side of his mothership, and his face appears on it. He laughs, and tells Silver that its over for him. Silver says that he doesn't think so, Nega asks if Silver's sure about that, Silver then looks at Nazo to which Nazo charges at Silver spearing him in mid air (to which Nega says "Oooh, right in the kisser!") Silver then fights Nazo, Silver tells Nazo that this means nothing until Nazo says that this means everything. Everyone is watching Nega on the screen, including Eggman and Argo who calls this "guy" a joke. Nega then tells Silver in midway battle, to look, Silver then sees that Nega has captured Blaze, her arms are strapped, and there's a machineg gun pointing right at her. Silver says that if Nega shoots, Nega asks what Silver will do, Nega then says that all Silver has to do to save Blaze, is to surrender and let Nazo kill him or let Blaze die. Silver then surrenders, Nega smiles, and then Nazo attacks him. In a building, Shade then assists Silver in battle with Nazo. Then, Nega lets out his ultimate robot. (The Ambush: Boss: The Egg Devourer 2.0 and Nazo) (Playable: Silver, Shade) They defeat the two bosses. Silver then emerges from the windows of a skyscraper, and angrily, throws Nazo at Nega's ship with force. Silver then keeps throwing Nazo around, and tells Nazo if he has any last words. Nazo smiles at Silver and tells him "Grow some balls and do it" Silver then looks, at Nazo closely. Nazo tells Silver that they're friends before. Silver looks at him, until Nega's fleet shoots a beam inbetween them, Nega then walks out the ship and gets his gattling gun and fires at Silver. Silver screams in anger, and shoots at Nazo, then Nega. 

Argo then just fires the beam with the raygun, Argo walks back inside. He tells Xazar to get Sonic, Craig and Anthony. To which he takes off, and the beam is fired. Hitting the ground with great impact within the chains. The vibration spreads immensly, creating a hole in the ground. Nazo then charges at Silver, firing a beam of chaos energy through his eyes and mouth at Silver. Silver and Nazo then have one last fight. (The Ambush: Boss: Chaos Nazo) (Playable: Silver). The beam is still going, Nazo charges at Silver to which Silver grabs Nazo by the shoulders and throws him to the beam. Nazo's eyes turn white, and he then says "THIS FEELS AMAZING", he screams consedering the power going through him, and he evaporates. Silver looks at Nega to which he runs back into the ship. Silver then flies into the hole he made (when throwing Nazo) in Nega's ship and heads inside. 

The Blue Typhoon is still flying, Anthony suddenly dissapears in the ship. Cream notes that and she asks where he went. Tails calls Anthony's name. Then, with Shadow and his team, Sonic dissapears and so does Craig in a flash. The team wonder where they've went. Until, Sonic, Craig and Anthony end up on the Desolation, hands strapped and thier body. Xazar then appears, Sonic says that Xazar doesn't know what he's doing. Xazar ignores them and stays there waiting. Argo walks into the room and says that they're all here, just in time. 

The beam is still firing on the ground in a cinematic cutscene, there's dramatic music in the background as everyone watches. A hand emerges from the ground, thier nails extremely sharp. There's then a roar that is heard that is spread across Central City. Eggman wonders what the sound was. Shadow and his team see this and escape as far as they can. A head emerges, and the body slowly does too. Until, eventually of it is seen. His body and everything. Everyone looks in shock, while the people on the Blue Typhoon and the ground team look in fear. Shadow breaths, "Algorgian". Algorgian roars and the screen goes black. 

Wallpaper lol

Algorgian, The Devourer of Time

Chapter 11:The Final Battle

The President is watching this through news footage. They're buildings that are collapsed and that are collapsing. He has his hand on his face, then looks at the picture of Shadow and Sonic from Shadow the Hedgehog. He asks where all (referencing Tails as well etc.) of them are. He stands up, and walks to his balconey and stares at the sky. Its morning and the sun is shining, the Desolation seen way in the background.

Vanilla also sees the TV in Cream's house. Gemerl is cooking something for her consedering the stress, since she still doesn't know where her daughter is. Gemerl tells Vanilla that everything's goanna be ok, and she'll come back eventally. The camera zooms out with Vanilla sitting on her chai, and Gemerl laying a hand on her shoulder. Then, as it zooms out the cake that was made for Big's birthday is still there with a food umbrella over it. 

Algorgian looks exteremely menacing, he wears a hood and has fire on him. The creepy thing about Algorgian is that he always smiles which is something quite odd for a monster to do. 

Shadow, Fang, Omega, Atrocia and Metal Sonic are running away from the devastaton. Atrocia asks why they're not fighting, and Metal Sonic says that Algorgian would be extremely hard to battle just in thier normal forms. (The Awakening: Hell's Devestation) (Playable: Shadow, Omega, Fang, Atrocia, Metal Sonic). Algrogian has almost destroyed half of Central City in a minute by throwing fireballs everywhere. 

Malusor is walking on ground, the axe and gun in hand. He looks behind him, and says that its time. Malusor then super jumps onto the top of a building. He smiles, and tells Argo via heeadset that its time, Argo tells Malusor to do it while he deals with the four. Malusor nods, he gets his gun out. He charges it, with some Time Emerald energy sealed inside him. He puts it in his gun, and fires at Algorgian. He roars, and this energy veils around him then disappears. Malusor notes to Argo that Algorgian is under control. Then, he goes after Sonic's allies. 

On the Blue Typhoon, Tails and his team are still on. They witness Algorgian, looking more menacing than any monster they've faced before. Gamma is firing a machine gun at the back of the ship, destroying the ships. In addition, Savori attack the ship even more emerging from little portals from Algorgian's shoulders running from Algorgian's fiery hands and onto the ship, also making them more supercharged. (The Awakening: Savori Apocylapse) (Playable: Tails. Team Chaotix, Cream, Big, Gamma, Mighty). They're way more harder to beat here, and the minotaurs are really a pain since there's fire that is on the Savori and somehow its not killing them. The team also realise that Blaze isn't with them. Cream gets a little scared, and Big hugs Cream, he tells Cream that everything is goanna be alright. Tails looks behind him at the team, he eventually spots Big and Cream hugging. Tails looks back, still controlling the Typhoon. He then activates the escape pods gradually. He tells the team that they have to get off the ship, Vector asks why, and Tails says that he's risking all thier lives. Espio states that they can take care of themslves. Tails says that Algorgian is way too powerful, and that flying around him and shooting at them wouldn't do anything. Gamma asks if Tails' coming, Tails says that he won't, he activates the escape pods and says that he'll head to the Desolation. Charmy says that he needs assistance, and Tails says that he can do this by himself. He activates escape pods, then the whole team get teleported to the ground. The Blue Typhoon then flies up to the Desolation.

(Nega's Fleet: Iron Grounds) (Nega's Fleet: Cyber Hallways) (Playable: Silver). He has entered the ship withsome of Eggman's robots as protection. He is pretty angry and is literall marching to him. He finds the room Nega's in, protected by a squadron of Nega's robots. (Nega's Fleet: Mission: Defeat all enimies there).. Silver defeats all the enimies and demands Nega to show his face. We hear Nega's voice, he says that what Silver did was impressive, killing Nazo and ending that once and for all. Silver asks where Blaze is, Nega then responds saying that she's somewhere, with a machine gun still pointing at her head. Silver tells Nega that if Blaze is killed, Nega says that Silver won't do anything. Silver asks Nega how he's so sure, Nega says that thats because Nega is armed, Silver isn't. Nega then emerges from the darkness in battle armour. He tells Silver that today, he dies. (Nega's Fleet: Boss: The Egg Extinguisher) (Playable: Silver). He struggles to fight Nega, the Egg Extinguisher then grabs Silver by the neck and tells Silver that Nega was telling the truth. Silver tells Nega to do it, Nega grows a knife from his robotic hands, he's about to stab Silver. Until, Eggman's robots shoots the Egg Extinguisher, Nega (who's inside) tells Eggman's robots that he is nothing. Then, Eggman jumps and breaks the walls of the room Nega and Silver are in, also in battle armour. Silver uses his physicic powers to shoot at Nega, to release him. Eggman tells Nega that Nega is nothing and that all he does is try to be him (Eggman). Nega asks how, Eggman says that he was born 210 years before Nega. Silver, Eggman and Nega clash. (Nega's Fleet: Boss: The Egg Extinguisher II) (Playable: Silver, Egg Obliterator (shortened). They defeat the robot, Eggman delivers the final blow to Nega and tells him, that Nega's nothing but a rip off. Near the broken wall, Eggman holds Nega, and Silver asks where Blaze is. Nega tells Silver he's not telling him anything, Nega then says that all Silver does is create more and more enimies for himself. Silver tells Nega that Silver's not in the mood for this, Eggman scans Nega's battle armour which leads to his mind to check where Blaze is held. Meanwhile, Negaa continues to mock Silver telling him that he is nothing, and that all he has is Blaze to keep him company. Nega then tells Silver to "Leave with your pathetic life" Silver tells Nega that at least. he actually does other than Nega who just kills people for the sake of it.  Eggman then drops Nega and leaves him in the ship, since he has malfunctioned and he can't escape the suit. Eggman tells Silver that he knows where Blaze is, but they have to get there fast. 

Algorgian is still throwing fireballs around the place and shooting fire lazers out his eyes. Eggman, Silver and Blaze have escaped the fleet, to which Algorgian throws a fireball at Nega's mothership. It starts to collapse, destroying Nega's ships and some Savori ships. The ship is falling, Nega's in it, he then drops out the hole that Eggman broke into the ship with, and lands on the ground, along with the ship that also goes with him, completely desimating his body due to the explosion. 

Sonic, Craig and Anthony are strapped onto these pads. They try to escape, Anthony asks what's going on. Argo says that they're all here. The Blurs. Craig asks Argo what he wants to do with them, Argo says that that's for them to discover. Xazar already under the control of Argo and already having the Stone's energy, tells the three that this is their destiny. Sonic tells Xazar that what Argo really wants to do, is control them, make them run mega fast, and create a huge portal in the sky so that Algorgian can destroy time. Argo asks the three why can't they be more like Xazar. Sonic tries vibrating so that he can break through of the straps but can't. Argo says that its time, he activates the energy. They all scream in anger trying to get out as quick as possible but somehow not managing. The Stone's Energy is shot at them, and there's an explosion that occurs on the side of the ship. Argo walks to the commotion, and spots the Blue Typhoon, that has just crashed the ship. Argo asks who's there, there's no reply, he continues doing so, and Argo decides to use his powers he uses his powers and breaks the front part of the ship to see the interior. Tails is seen holding a sort of gun. Argo laughs subtly and asks Tails what he's doing. Tails doesn't reply, since in all truth he's actually scared of Argo. Argo then mocks Tails so for example, "Little kiddies belong with thier mummies or in your case, Sonic!" Then, words rush through Tails' head, the motovational peech Sonic gave and how Shadow mocked him. Tails opens his eyes, he then says that he's not scared (this is a scene referencing the Sonic Adventure scene at the casino when Eggman attacks and he says he isn't scared). Tails then tells Argo to stand back pointing the gun at him, Argo says that Tails' has got to be kidding then the two clash. (The Ambush: Boss: Argo) (Playable: Tails). Tails beats him, then he hide really smartly. Argo then walks back to the room with the Blurs. He sees that all four look like Xazar and says that that's perfect. Then, Argo releases them.

Rouge and Knuckles spot Tails who's hiding behind a destroyed Blue Typhoon. They assist Tails and asks what happened, Tails looks quite shook to which the two confort him. Knuckles tells Tails that they'll put an end to Argo's plans, Tails says that its just, that what Argo can do. Rouge tells Tails not to worry. The three then hide behind the door and hear what is going on in the room. Knuckles tells Rouge that Sonic, Craig and Anthony are now also under control. There's then a distant roar that the three hear, Tails says that Argo has awakened Algorgian. Rouge says that that means they need to get three out of the trance before they create the Portal to a Thousand Worlds. Tails says that it seems like that won't be easy, and Knuckles says that Tails doesn't say ( aka. "Na, you don't say (!)") Argo tells the four that he'll be on the Desolation watching the world crumble. Argo then teleports away, while the four zoom away almost looking like they also teleported. Rouge contacts Omega and tells him that Sonic, Craig, Xazar and Anthony are all under control by Argo, and they have the Stone's energy and Time Emerald's energy within them. Tails then says in the headset that they're goanna create the Portal to a Thousand Worlds. Omega says that they understand. Rouge, Knuckles and Tails then head to where Argo went, guessing that that's where the trio are. 

Argo and the Blurs are also on the exterior of the Desolation, looking over the destroyed city. Algorgian in the distance, fire all over him, and him smiling creepily over Central City. Argo tells the four that now's the time, then the Blurs take off in a flash. A cinematic cutscene occurs and its kind of a moneyshot. The camera switches to the team on the ground, they look up and spot that the Blurs are running up the buildings, trying to find a way to get to the sky. Fang asks what they're doing, and Metal Sonic tells them that they're the Blurs, and Argo has obtained them. They're running past buildings to create the portal to a thousand worlds since they need to go to the sky to do so. Atrocia asks how Metal Sonic knew all that, and he says that its all in his database. Then, the camera switches to the Blurs, running to the sky. 
Two Steps From Hell - Stronger Faster Braver

Two Steps From Hell - Stronger Faster Braver

The Portal to a Thousand Worlds scene

They running past multiple buildings, and they eventually make it to the sky. The Blurs then run in circles in the sky consedering how fast they're going. There's streaks that are made in the sky, then a huge portal is formed in the sky, looking extremely menacing. The Blurs are still running at mega speed around in circles. Until, when the portal is fully formed, the Blurs slowly turn back to they're normal forms after having some flashbacks of what happened before they're controlled. Eventually, the Blurs all drop from the portal, also fallling at high speeds. Now, back in thier normal forms. Silver then appears out of nowhere and catches Sonic, Craig, Anthony and Xazar, all in one go and lands on the ground. 
Portal to a Thousand Worlds

Portal of a Thousand Worlds

It looms over our heroes. They then ask themselves how they're goanna close the portal. Savori emerge out of random portals like mad here. (The Awakedning: Mission: Defeat 300 enimies) (Playable: Shadow, Fang, Omega, Metal Sonic, Atrocia). The Savori Snake is jumping from building to building and breaths fire out of his mouth. 

(The Ambush: Menacing Heights ) (Playable: Tails, Knuckles, Rouge). Tails, Rouge and Xazar make it to the exterior of the Desolation. They don't see Argo here, but then they see the Portal to a Thousand Worlds is there in the sky, and Algorgian who is on fire, and is walking past buldings simply destroying them. Tails states that they're too late. Rouge states that they have to get to the ground, Knuckles asks how they're goanna do so. Tails says that the Blue Typhoon is destroyed so they can't use that. And Rouge then contacts the G.U.N telling them they're co-oridinates and that they're on the Desolation. The G.U.N Solider says that they're on thier way, and so does the three wait to get picked up. Eventually, they're picked up by the G.U.N and they're taken to Sonic and co. 

The team on the Blue Typhoon eventually find Shadow and his team and so does Silver who lands the Blurs on the ground. They're all passed out. Atrocia runs to her brother and tries to wake him up. She calls after him, but he still doesn't wake up. She asks Silver if they're dead, and Silver says that he doesn't know. Shadow says that they'll wake up soon but they need to wake up quick consedering Algorgian's here now and will destroy all of Central City. A G.U.N helicopter lands, with Knuckles, Rouge and Tails inside. Cream  hugs Tails, thankful that he's ok. The whole team are there now, gathered together. All over a sudden, there's a beam that is fired at them, there's also a gunshots. Atrocia looks and tells the team that its Malusor. They all dodge the bullets. Silver creates an energy field also protecting Sonic, Craig, Anthony and Xazar. Malusor then jumps really high and lands on the ground. Malusor grabs a truck and throws it at the buildings. He also throws more cars. Atrocia, Silver, Shadow, Tails and Rouge are hiding behind a building. Tails is trying to wake up Sonic. He gets some circular shaped object thats flat and places it on Sonic's chest. He does it one more time, then Sonic wakes up. He does the same to Xazar, Anthony and Craig. They all wake up, breathing heavily. Sonic asks what he missed, then Malusor punches the walls and roars. He tells the heroes that they can run, but can't hide. (The Awakening: Mission: Defeat 100 enimies and hide away from Malusor) (Playable: Sonic, Craig, Atrocia, Anthony, Xazar, Rouge, Shadow, Big, Fang, Omega, Gamma, Cream, Big, Vector, Espio, Cream, Mighty, Tails, Blaze, Silver). They do so until Malusor finds the team, and attacks them. He tells the team that they won't waste this oppirtunity for him, he says that he'll rule time and be the keeper of it, instead of Argo (officially betraying him). The teams collide. (The Awakening: Boss: Malusor I) (Playable: Sonic, Craig, Atrocia, Anthony, Xazar, Rouge, Shadow, Big, Fang, Omega, Gamma, Cream, Vector, Espio, Mighty, Tails, Silver, Blaze). There's a huge difficulity as they struggle to fight Malusor. Shade then jumps out the window, and in her normal suit, and on a hoverboard. Her mask is on, but then eventually comes off (in quite a sick way). Shade looks it Silver and smiles, while Silver nods at her. Knuckles and Shade hug each other then Shade stands in a fighting positions. 

Malusor calls Shade a traitor, Shade says that she's lived a life of ugly choices and she says that this isn't one. The team along with Shade collide. (The Awakening: Boss: Malusor II) (Playable: Sonic, Craig, Atrocia, Anthony, Xazar, Rouge, Shadow, Big, Fang, Cream, Gamna, Silver, Blaze, Tails, Espio, Vector, Charmy, Mighty, Shade). The team do more damage to Malusor than they did before. Malusor tells them that they're weak and always have been. He gets more angry here and slams the ground. Then, Tails realises that buildings are rising up to the portal. Tails has an Oh no, type moment, until Malusor throws Silver who charged at Malusor. There's a short cutscene with them battling him and them standing no chance against Malusor, who's way more experienced. Tails tells the team that the portal is sucking up everything in its reach. Malusor says that that means its working, he then roars again, there's power that emerges from the portal that goes into him (consedering he's a Time Master), and he is fully charged. (The Awakening: Boss: Malusor III). Malusor is now full on angry, some damage has been done to him. He grabs Sonic and tells him that he's not done with him, he then super jumps to a building and throws Sonic around the place. Malusor tells Sonic, that he's the reason why he's like the way he is. Sonic asks how, and Malusor tells Sonic that this is a new timeline that Sonic created (Sonic 06). Sonic asks how, Malusor tells Sonic not to be so stubborn, Malusor then shoots a beam at Sonic, to which he goes flying. Silver then flies up, with Blaze and Shade on her hoverboard. They're windows around the building. Shade then fires in the building, Malusor grabs Shade's hoverboard and throws it to a wall with immese force breaking it. Shade hits the wall (her mask on). Silver then comes it, with an force field and shoots at Malusor, Malusor throws a punch at Silver, to which he dodges. Blaze then shoots a fireball at Malusor, and Malusor flies to the tables. Sonic then gets back up and joins the fight. Suddenly, a fireball is launched at the building by Algorgian. The team head away from the destroyed walls, while Malusor keeps shooting at the team. Sonic then goes and saves the team from the bullets, since they're not looking and don't know. (The Ambush: Slowing Time) (Playable: Sonic). He saves the team, and Malusor then got his axe and started swinging it at Sonic. Another fireball is fired, and Malusor is hit by one. The team escape, while the building explodes and collapses. 

Wallpaper lol number 2

Algorgian (full scale)

Algorgian fire breaths on places around Central City. It then roar again, louder and more menacing. It says that this world is nothing, and that after this world is devoured by time itself, Argo will rule. Argo then senses Malusor's fall. He says that he has to do it himself. He spots the Savori Snake which is still slivering past buildings. 

Our heroes are on ground now, Sonic says that they're main priority is to find Argo. Then, the Savori Snake appears, chasing for presumably its life after our heroes. The Savori Snake lands, with Argo riding it. He looks at our heroes, Argo tells Sonic and co that they've lost. He says that he's created the Thousand World Portal, and that now Algorgian has arisen. Argo says that they've lost and that they can't except it. Sonic tells them that like usual they'll find thier ways, Eggman then drops from his fleet (upstraight) in his battle armour. Eggman then says that this is not the only much they've got. Argo laughs, and him and the snake charge at each other. (The Awakening: Boss: Savori Cobra and Argo). The heroes struggle a little to fight the Savori Cobra but eventually do at one point. Argo however, is still there. He tells the team that they might as well give up, Savori come into Argo's assistance. (The Awakening: Mission: Defeat 250 enimies) The heroes do so, and Argo then uses his powers and shoots dark energy beams at our heroes. Some dodge the beams, and some don't. Espio then charges at Argo using his martial art skills, and Argo really nails it at that. He does beat Espio quite hard in the end, he spears Espio to the ground. Argo tells Sonic that the portal is sucking everything up at its reach. He says that the portal's sucking will spread to all over Central City and eventually the world. (The Awakening: Boss: Argo) Argo tells the team that they can't beat him, Sonic looks at Argo, with an angry look in his eye. He tells the team to leave, Sonic tells the team to leave and protect themselves. Craig and Silver look at Sonic, Sonic says that this is for the best. Sonic and Argo then collide (The Awakening: Boss: Argo II) (Playable: Sonic) (This is happening while the player is fighting Argo)  Argo teleports while at it, so they fight in mid air, brutally punching each other. Sonic asks Argo about what happened with Craig and Atrocia, Argo (while they're fighting whilst teleporting all over the place) tells Sonic that that's none of his buisness. Sonic tells Argo that he knows there's some good inside Argo and he just never felt it. Argo tells Sonic to shut up, Sonic tells Argo that he saved Craig and Atrocia's dad and sacrificed himeself (Argo) to save him. Argo tells Sonic that this world isn't all beauty and flowers like Sonic thinks it is, Sonic tells Argo that he's realised what the world can be, Argo tells Sonic that he clearly hasn't. The two teleport to different places like Algorgian's arms, all over Central City, and even the world (the London Eye appears in one teleportation). However, Sonic continues telling Argo that the dark matter corrupted him and that this isn't who he really is. Sonic says "Tibis.." and Argo chaos blasts Sonic (to which the boss battle ends). 

Two Steps From Hell - Forever in my Dreams (Miracles)

Two Steps From Hell - Forever in my Dreams (Miracles)

Sonic's Undervision scene theme

Sonic wakes up in a dark blue enviorment. There's nothing there, only light blue dust with blue sparkles flying out of it. Sonic wakes up, he stands up and sees this magnificent place, shocked. He asks where he is, and asks if anyone's there. Sonic then begins to walk through the place, his hands a light source. He walks slowly through the place. He sees some memories that pop up, in bubbles. So, for example, Jules Hedgehog and Queen Aleena (Sonic's father and mother) holding Sonic as a child. As we go past, they're also bubbles of Manic and Sonia (Sonic's brother and sister) being sent away along with Sonic. We see that they all split up as the years went by with Sonic being alone while Manic and Sonia stayed together. Sonic is shocked by all this, since he's never seen his father consedering his mother told him he was a very busy man and couldn't be everywhere at once, and one day he didn't come home. Sonic sees more memories of Tails' coming, when he met Tails, and the introduction to Eggman. Then, we head into the more modern and recent games and the memories of those (we Sonic and the Secret Rings and Sonic and the Black Knight in actual 3D). Then, we lastly see Generations, where he faced the Time Eater. He smiles, he also sees how Tails' motivated him through all the years, we also see the laughs together, the visits to Cream's house, thier banter at Tails' lab. Sonic then stops, Chip is there among all Sonic's sidekicks, so Merlina and Sharah. Chip walks foward and tells Sonic to grab his hand. Sonic looks at him, and after a 5 second silence, Sonic faints.

Sonic wakes up, on a building surrounded by Sonic's friends. He asks what happened to him, Amy tells him that Argo chaos blasted him to a building and Eggman unwillingly saved him. Sonic asks where Argo, Anthony says that they don't know. Sonic stands up, only to see Algorgian still there. Sonic spots Argo shooting something at the monster, to which it shoots at the Portal. Tails says that the team have a short ammount of time since now the portal is sucking up everything rapidly, and the team need to defeat Argo and Algorgian and somehow stop the portal since when Algorgian shot at it, the portal then grew bigger and wider. Sonic says that he has to take on Argo but he's too powerful, Sonic says that he needs even the Chaos and Time Emeralds to do that. Rouge says Argo took them onto the raygun on his ship. Little portals then open and fiery Savori emerge from it. Sonic has an idea, he heads into one of the portals, since he thinks that that has to lead the Desolation. While the team continue to fight the Savori on the roof. (The Ambush: Mission: Defeat 100 enimies). 

A portal opens up and Sonic walks out. He's in a room, there's a protected flame there since there's glass over it. Tubes are on the glass which lead to these cages with portals in them. Sonic thinks that the flame is Algorgian's energy, Sonic just wonders how they got his flame if what he thinks is true. Sonic then heads to the exterior. (Final Battle: Burnt Darkness) (Playable: Sonic). Sonic is at the exterior and spots the raygun. He runs to it, and more Savori emerge from portals battling him. (Final Battle: Mission: Defeat 50 enimies) (Playable: Sonic). Sonic then gets a fist and his fist vibrates, learning from Craig, and hits the back of the raygun. He keeps doing so, till he spots the Time and Chaos Emeralds. When, Sonic touches the Chaos Emeralds, he transforms to Super Sonic and the Time Emeralds transform Sonic into something quite stranger. Since, he's golden and has white eyes but there's purple energy sparking off of him. Sonic then flies down to the team and assists them. (Final Battle: Polluted Roads) (Playable: All the heroes including Super Sonic). Our heroes witness Sonic in this form and are shocked. Argo also spots Sonic and smiles, he then warns the world that his coming is near and that Algorgian will devour time. Sonic looks at Argo in anger, Tails says that they need to formulate a plan.  Sonic says that whatever plan they've got he's up for it. Craig says that Sonic could fight Algorgian now, since he is one of the biggest dangers for them. The team agree to Craig's plan, Sonic them tells Craig that he can't do that without the "Supers". 
Two Steps From Hell - Blackheart (SkyWorld)

Two Steps From Hell - Blackheart (SkyWorld)

Sonic turning Silver and Shadow into Super Shadow and Super Silver, similar to the way it happened in Sonic 06

Sonic stands there and looks at Shadow and Silver who both talking to Blaze/ Rouge. They look at Sonic who uses telepathy for them to realise. They walk towards him in a circe. Amy tells Xazar that she'd stand back if she were him. Shadow, Silver and Sonic stand in a little circle, they hold each other's hand. Then, an energy blinds the screen. In the same style as Sonic 06, when they turn super, there's a flash which switches to the next character in the trio. They're all then super, and the whole team congradulate them. Then, the trio shoot into the air and head to Algorgian. (Final Battle: Boss: Algorgian) (Playable: Super Sonic, Super Shadow, Super Silver). The trio find it hard to defeat Algorgian, since he's very powerful. A portal opens on the other side of the city, ans Claud emerges with giant robots assisting him, asssting the heroes. Aluwa being the first to run out and attack Algorgian. (Final Battle: Boss: Algorgian II) (Playable: Super Sonic, Super Shadow. Super Silver, Aluwa, Kilo, Jaramax, Tokio). 

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Aluwa (image from

Aluwa and his robots do more damage to Algorgian along with Super Sonic, Super Shadow and Silver. There's a short cutscene with Aluwa punching the heck out of Algorgian. Algorgian eventually grabs Aluwa by the neck and pushes his neck back, dragging Aluwa's body with him. 

Claud greets the team and tells them that the Portal to a Thousand Worlds in every dimmension, even Cartour and its consuming everything in its path. Anthony thanks Claud for the robots. Claud says that after this, they'll go back to thier worlds. 

(Final Battle: Boss: Algorgian III) (Playable: Super Sonic, Super Shadow, Super Silver, Aluwa, Kilo, Jaramax, Tokio). Algorgian is eventually defeated as Super Sonic chaos blasts him multiple times, then him, Shadow and Silver do a tag team move at Algorgian, making way weaker, and all the robots also doing some tag team work (one punches Algorgian, then another jumps over Algorgian and kicks it and so on and so fourth). Aluwa is last and knocks Algorgian out. He smiles at the team and tells them to smile,  and Algorgian evaporates into fire. One down, two to go.

Argo then flies and grabs Sonic and flies in the air again at really high speeds. Now, Sonic is more powerful since he has the power of the Chaos Emeralds and Time Emeralds. Him and Argo go at it, Atrocia shoots her bows at him while Craig runs with them. She asks Craig what he's doing, Craig runs into the commotion with the two and get teleported with them, finally coming to his senses and wanting to talk a conflicted person. (The Ambush: Boss: Argo ) (Playable: Super Sonic, Craig) They teleport all over the place of course, Argo says that its dear that Craig finally grew some balls and came to talk to his "old man" (Argo). Craig tells Argo that this isnt who Argo is, and that Targuin wouldn't want this. Argo says that Targuin was an idiot, and Argo says how Targuin thought this world was destined for great things. Argo says that that was honestly the dumbest thing he's heard in his life, Craig gets angered by this and REALLY brutally punches Argo, his fists full of rage. Sonic is still in the fight as well. Argo then confesses that the day in Forest Hill, with the portal. He says that he killed Targuin since he knew too much. Craig asks why, but why Targuin. Argo then chaos blasts Craig with dark energy, Super Sonic flies and catches a knocked out for 2 minutes, Craig. Craig eventually comes back to his senses, he tells Argo that he saved his (Craig's) life. Craig is literally tearing here, he tells Argo that its not too late to redeem himself. Craig doesn't decide to kill Argo since they had such good chemistry and it would be too emotional for him to die. Argo then grabs Craig by the neck and tells him that he can't be redeemed and that he's conflicted. There's pain that is flowing through him that can't escape. Argo lets go of Craig's neck, he tells him that he doesn't know what to do. Craig says that there's still an option. Argo gets a dark energy beam, Super Sonic sees this, Craig tells Argo that the heroes can help him and that they can give him a better life again, like they had before. Argo says "Thank you..." and shoots a beam, Super Sonic pushes Craig out the way knocking him back to Central City (through a portal Sonic opens with his mind). Then, Super Sonic is shot, heading in the portal while falling. He's falling to the ground, Silver's about to catch him, until Argo catches Sonic and holds him up to Central City. Argo tells Central City that this "person" they consider god is no god and is certainly no saviour. 

The screens of the world are seeing this, the President included and G.U.N who are all seeing this via news. They all hear Argo's speech. Argo tells the world that Sonic won't save them now, and that this hero has fallen. Argo tells them that there is a new fear which is him, Argo himself. Argo says that Sonic doesn't deserve fame, and that he is nothing, Argo says that Sonic cant even stop a big evil person like him, but can save a cat from a tree (referencing Eggman). Argo says that today's the day to rejoice and announce thier "poultry god", and drops Sonic away from the heroes, leaving him fall. The Portal still sucking things in its path. 

This time, Tails saves Sonic from his fall this time and brings him back to the building the heroes are on. Tails tries to wake up Sonic. The heroes almost stand no hope against Argo as the centre of Central City has been sucked therefore they're barely any buildings. The heroes all try to wake him up, Eggman tells the team that all hope is lost and Argo has won this battle. Sonic is still knocked out, Tails uses medical treatment and gets defilibrators out and tries reviving Sonic, still in his super form. Craig, Anthony and Xazar look at each other, all having the same idea somehow bounced off each other's minds. Anthony says that he knows a way to stop the portal, the three then go along with the plan. They run up the buildings, and then they go on the edge of the portal and run in circles around it at the highest speed, so that firstly, they create so much wind the objects that are rising will drop and it'll probably close the portal, consedering they used speed to open it. They do so.

While, Sonic is out. Tails tells Sonic that Sonic was his best friend ever since the beggining and that, Sonic was confident, smart and a very great friend. Tails says that he makes Tails laugh sometimes and that he loves the banter back at Satio. Tails tells Sonic that Tails doesn't want to see Sonic go and especially not now, since he was there when Tails needed him the most. Tails is about to tear but doesn't, but his voice is cracking. The team look at Sonic, not knowing what to feel after thier adventures with him. Cream cries, and runs to Sonic. She tells Sonic that he was a great person and that she loved his playdates at her house at Angel Island. She puts her head on Sonic, Shadow strokes Cream's ears, to keep her calm. They're flashes that appear of Sonic's life, with the modern recent games. Sonic with Tails, 06, Heroes, Adventure series etc. Sonic's eyes then open, and he's breathing heavily. Cream hugs Sonic, on the ground while Tails is really happy. Sonic asks what happened, and Knuckles says that "hell" happened. Sonic smiles and says to them that they have to beat Argo. Knuckles says that Xazar, Craig and Anthony are running on the edges of the portal in circles at high speeds, trying to close it. Sonic looks up and says that that'll do for the portal, Tails calms Sonic down and tells him that if Sonic defeats Argo, they're doing it together as a team. 

Argo laughs and is enjoying this. Then, Vector is on a building, and he then uses the guitar as a distraction singing "Adventure of a Lifetime" by Coldplay. He tells Argo to look at him, Argo's about to chase him until Fang who gets a minigun out, fires at Argo. Big then lays down, his belly out, Fang jumps on Big's belly and Fang is launched to the air, shooting at Argo. He gets his backpack out and it transforms into Marvelous Queen and Fang then flies past him. Charmy tries stinging Argo, until Big is launched by some mechanical thing that Tails makes quick at Argo, Argo flies back and stays in the air and tries to stay steady. Mighty throws a ring at Argo, but in the middle of the throw, Espio jumps in and throws it with greater force. The heroes continue to do this routine, then, it ends, with a ring around Argo and Sonic who emerges from a portal right in front of Argo's face and punches him casuing him to drop onto one building. This building is also being sucked up. Argo and Super Sonic continue to fight. Now, Argo goes to the point of wanting to kill Sonic asking Sonic why Sonic can't just die. Sonic tells Argo that he still has a chance to turn to the light, the building is heading closer to the portal. Argo says that its the end times now, he says that Mobius was a crazy place full of crazy things. Sonic tells Argo that he can't be redeemed, Argo says that this is a world of ugly choices, he tells Sonic its over for him. At this point, Sonic and Argo are inside on the portal. Sonic says to Argo that this world can be redeemed unlike him, he says that Targuin wouldn't want Argo to do this. Argo tells him that Targuin was nothing, and Argo used him to be able to turn into what he was. Sonic looks at Argo, and Argo says that there's no hope anymore as even the world know that Sonic is no god. Sonic says that heroes save the world, and Sonic can admit to not being a god, he then says that he wont kill Argo, Sonic places a hand on Argo's chest and says to Argo, "Thank you". Argo then looks at Sonic, and he screams and slowly evaporates into darkness. Argo tells Sonic while evaporating, that the end is near for Sonic and one day, Sonic will fall. Argo then turns to ashes inside the portal. The Portal is near its closing point as Sonic spots that the hole is getting closer together and its getting darker. Sonic then flies down at high speeds to get out of the portal since he's quite high up. (Final Battle: Mission: Escape the portal in 2 minutes) (Playable: Super Sonic). Super Sonic makes it out the portal as it closes and saves Craig, Anthony and Xazar. Super Sonic then comes back to the team alive. The team are all happy and excited that he made it out. He transforms back into a normal Sonic.

Sonic is glad that its all over. The Savori then just drop dead, all of them. There's a pan over the now destroyed Central City.
Destroyed city

Aftermath of The Battle of Central City

All the people of Central City that were hiding in destroyed buildings, come out the windows noticing The Portal to a Thousand Worlds is gone and so is Algorgian. Then, Sonic and co, make it off the building to Fang and Big on the ground. They're all happy its over obviously. Anthony and Xazar bring Sonic to a private place away from our heroes. Anthony says that they had a great time, the adventure was awesome and action packed, therefore they really enjoyed. They say how it was a completely different experience to any adventure they've been on. Then, Anthony says that since the war has ended, Anthony asks Sonic if its about time, they go back to thier dimmensions. Sonic realises this, and tells them that they did have a good run. They create portals with Time Emeralds, to they're homes. They also make a portal for Craig and Atrocia at Mobius. Sonic goes to Craig and Atrocia. She says to Sonic that she had a great time with him, and she says how she's sorry for her doubts at the beginning of this, and pointing an arrow at Sonic's eye. Sonic says that its ok, the two hug, and a tear rolls down Atrocia's face. Sonic asks her what's wrong. She says that Argo was Tibis, her brother and they're (Craig and Atrocia's) best friend. Sonic says that he's sorry, Atrocia says its ok, and tells Sonic it was for the best. Sonic tells the two that they have the chance to be heroes back at Kilontor. Craig says that he hasn't heard that word in a long time, he thanks Sonic for all he's done and Sonic thanks him for saving his life. Craig laughs and heads into the portal, Atrocia goes last, she takes a last look at Sonic. She gives him this ring she has, she says that her father gave it to her as good luck. Sonic thanks her for this and she heads inside.

Tails tells Anthony who's standing near his portal, that he was a great robot to hang out with and he was like another Sonic to him. Anthony says that that's ironic. They talk amongst themselves, while Team Dark talk to Xazar. Rouge tells Xazar that Xazar has the oppirtunity to become a hero in Earth-3 and from this experience, show those guys who's boss. Xazar says that he's learnt alot of things from this adventure, and he'll rise up to the creatures of his world. They talk a little more, then Rouge and Xazar hug. Rouge kisses Xazar on the cheek too. Shadow and Xazar shake hands, and Xazar and Omega spud each other. Xazar then leaves back to his world. Anthony also leaves after and then the portals close. Tails goes to Sonic and asks what they're going to do with the Time Emeralds since the emeralds did cause quite a lot of trouble and could probably easily fall into the wrong hands. Sonic says that he thinks he knows a place. 

Epilouge: A Heroes' Rest

A month later, the battle of Central City has become a popular phenomenon. There's the remeberance of the people who died in the battle of Central City. The President and G.U.N are there remembering the people's deaths. The President then goes up on the stage and makes a speech. He explains about the invaders, and the battle. He says how these invaders need to be looked at closely into since he says that they're more things out there wanting to destroy not just Central City, but the world. He says that they're people (or as The President calls, "demons") that want to dominate the world and have the ultimate power. The President says that they'll stand strong and defend our world. After, the speech, the President puts a transmitter and plays it. The President says that here's a message from Sonic. Sonic then speaks. 

In the background, we hear Sonic's voice. He's explaining about the Central City battle, he says that he's learnt something from this adventure. He talks about how this is a very big world and that anything can happen, he says that they're people, and creatures out there who'll do anything to destroy the world no matter how long or what cause. Sonic then says that he's learnt that even though this threat may be beyond the world's limit, they need to stand strong. Sonic says that this world is becoming a dangerous place, but we as people need to stay strong and be able to defend it. He says that if they believe in themselves, they can do anything. While, he's explaining, there are things that go on. We see what everyone is doing after the battle. 

Team Chaotix are in the Detective Agency talking to someone who has visited in his office. Then, we see, Big, Gamma and Amy at Cream's house. Vanilla is really happy she's back. they finish the birthday party. Big blows the candle, and everyone congradulates him as they never finished thier birthday. They now have protection under the ground of they're house. 

Knuckles is inside a cave, breaking the walls down trying to find the pieces of the Master Emerald along with Shade. Team Dark is inside the G.U.N Base protecting it from any dangers to come. Its more upgraded than last time, with upgraded protection. Fang is also seen partying in a pub, with some women. Bark the Polar Bear makes a cameo appearance and Fang puts an arm around him while drinking beer. Captain Whisker is on the Pirate Village, on a ship at night, and singing songs of happiness (presumably). Claud is in Cartour enjoying life, the giant robots, protectors of the little town. Then, the camera switches to the new heroes, firstly, Xazar is on a hoverboard with a gun in his hand firing at the caniballs. Morpolia is seen, and Anthony is fighting Dr Nevo's robot along with his allies. Craig and Atrocia are fighting in Kilontor and they're recognised by the goverment of that dimmension. They then see Targuin and thier father's graves. 

Mighty is visiting Ray the Flying Squrriel who's building a wooden car with some electronics helping it stay up and drive. He's in a little village (as citizens are seen in background in some houses and walking around). Mighty sees Ray who sees him too. Mighty and Ray then talk as the camera zooms out (you can hear them, as the camera zooms out, talking about Ray's sistrer).

Eggman's building his new fleet, along with his robots. Metal Sonic also helps. Eggman is planning something quite big as we do see Nega's battle suit (with Nega inside it) and it is crushed extremely badly and its in Eggman's hands. Silver and Blaze are in the near future, protecting it from any dangers. Therefore, we see Silver riding a hoverboard catching a hooded criminal also on a hoverbot. And Blaze who follows.

In the end, the camera switches to Tails in his new lab in Green Hill Zone since the Satio one was attacked. Sonic and Tails construct this, they leave a massive field in which Sonic can just run around. He has memories of this place, the place where it all begun. Sonic is then in the lab, just talking to Tails, having a laugh while the speech continues. Sonic then is running around Central City, and the speech Sonic is saying, continues, almost at the end of it. Sonic says that he may be no hero, but he says there's one thing he is, Sonic says that, "I am the Blue Blur"...thats when Sonic runs to the camera and the screen cuts black. 


"Always do what is right, as you'll get far in life. Be the hero, not the one that flies or has superpowers, but be the heroes your friends and family see you as.

Dont have power just for the sake of it, but because you know in your heart that you'll use all this power to do good things"-


Two Steps From Hell - Victory

Two Steps From Hell - Victory


There's a post credit scene, its the destruction of Central City, then we see a furry hand come out of the rubble. Then, we hear a grunt from a minotaur like voice, trying to get out the rubble, as the music builds tension.

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