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The Voyages of Sonic the Hedgehog: The Blue Blur is an action-packed adventure and fan-made videogame by Williamcost, developed by Sonic Team and SEGA. This is the first instalment in The Voyages of Sonic the Hedgehog series, that is intended to carry a more action-packed and adventurous feel to it but to also retain it's casual traditional Sonic vibe. It is an action, fighting and platforming genre where Sonic and co face one of thier biggest threats yet. It's being released in December 12th 2015 for the 3DS, Wii U, PS Vita, PS3, Xbox 360, PS4 and Xbox One, it's 12+. It comes out in Europe on December 12th and in US on December 11th. It celebrates the 25th anniversary next year.                                                                                                             

The Blue Blur
Release Dates
United Kingdom: 15th December

America: 12th December

Japan: 8th December
Action, Epic, Platformer, Adventure
PS3, PS4, Xbox One, PS Vita, Wii U, Xbox 360
Sega and Sonic Team
The Voyages of Sonic the Hedgehog series
Crush 40, Two Steps from Hell,Hans Zimmer, Steve Jablonsky
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Sonic the Hedgehog is on another dangerous adventure. When an invasion destroys half of Central City, Sonic assembles his fellow friends to stop an unknown race that threatens to destroy the Earth and fulfill a prophecy of a " Blue Blur", destined to save it. In the process, they have to stop a hell-bent villian and time itself before the world turns into nothingness..

The Blue Blur/Story

The story was finished on the 24th of December 2015.


The Voyages of Sonic the Hedgehog: The Blue Blur, it's gameplay element is mainly: Adventure, Platformer etc. Like normal Sonic games, the player takes control of the player while the environment is 3D. The camera is of course Third-Person, and the objective is to get to the Goal Ring, which is at the end of all levels in the game. You have to defeat enimies, collect rings, power-ups and hidden items. Each character has a unique ability and at least 1 new ability that's just started its use in this game. Each level is at least 10 minutes long. There is a gauge at the top of the screen, it says," Power-Up", it's empty at first. You need to collect Red Power Rings, to be able to harness it. When the gauge flashes, you press a button and then the Power-Up is activated which is the player's signature move.

Up to 4 characters can play this game, 4 split-screens appear and they play a certain character. They're shops on the Main Menu, You can buy upgrades and there is a Cheat code section. There is also Multiplayer and Online, in Multiplayer, you can race against siblings or 10 players. In Online, there's free roam, where you can roam around different hub worlds. You can also create a character in the shop, by completing all the missions in Voyage Mode (Story Mode). 

There's also different types of characters, Fly Characters, Speed Characters, Magic Characters and Weaponed Characters. Flying Characters can fly and sometimes have special sections where a Flying character needs to fly up, sometimes even to help the other type character proceed. Speed Type Characters can run super fast, they can run on water, speed pads, they can boost and when the player's with the Blur trio they're even more useful since they can create all kinds of different moves. Sometimes, the player does need speed characters to proceed. So, for example, there is a new gimmick which is a treadmill. Of course, only speed characters can use this, Magic Characters can of course, can use magic for light, and mainly they can help other characters if the player doesn't have the character to proceed further in the level. Weaponed Characters, are obviously weaponized. They have sections of course, they are kind of flying characters. But they're either robotics, weapons or have third-person shooter. They're also very useful characters in terms with strength.

There's a new type of play also called The Ambush. The Ambush is a type of level which occurs at different times, and is sort of like an extra stage. There are loads of this in the game and they work the same way as they do as normal stages. They're no different. Although, sometimes, in the Ambush stages, its only a fight based in one area where you fight loads of Savori to complete it. 

The game features a wide-spread selection of gaming modes, Chao Garden, Options, Multiplayer, Voyage Mode, Online, Free Roam etc. 

Playable Characters


Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog is the fastest person alive, he can run at high speeds and is always ready for an adventure. He's very cocky and eager to get the job done. Sonic is a Speed-Type Character in this game. He's the protaganist of the game and is always putting an end to Dr Eggman's evil plans. In this adventure, Sonic witnesses a Central City invasion and finds out whose behind it. He's the fastest character in the game.


Miles "Tails" Prower

Sonic's friend ever since the beggining. He usually guides Sonic on his adventures, he's a really smart person and a master mechanic. He created the Tornado which upgraded over the years. He serves as Sonic's loyal friend and the only one he can trust. 


Kunckles the Echidna

Knuckles is a strong and is the known as the brawl of the Sonic's duo. He's the guardian of the Master Emerald, and is always waiting for the fights to break in. He's known for sometimes being gullible too. He is one of the last Echidnas and has very huge backstory behind him and his tribe. 


Silver the Hedgehog

Silver the Hedgehog is a hedgehog from the future who ends the hedgehog trio. He has an everlasting friendship with Blaze. He's from the future, and has powers such as telekinisis and can mind control. He's a very gullible character are points but there is that friendship element to him and Blaze (which is explored very deeply in this game). 

Shadow the hedgehog by mintenndo-d77u1qr

Shadow the Hedgehog

Shadow the Hedgehog is a very dark character with a very deep past. He started off as a project from Dr Gerald on the Space Colony Ark. There, he became best friends with Maria who unfortunately died after getting shot by a G.U.N Solider. Dr Gerald called him the Ultimate Life form and therefore has been alive for 50 years. He works for G.U.N to continue his life to say the least. He's part of the hedgehog trio and can transform to Super Shadow.


Amy Rose

Amy Rose is a very soft and girly character in the Sonic series. Although, in this game, Amy is a strong-hearted girl who will still do anything to win Sonic's heart but that's not explored to deep in this game. Amy always carries her Piko-Piko Hammer, the pink hammer in the picture, and uses it on enimies. Despite Amy's love for Sonic, she still serves as someone Sonic can trust. She keeps her Sonic Boom design in this game.

Big 1

Big the Cat

Big the Cat is a chubby friend of Cream's. He has his best pal Froggy to keep him company and has a very strong friendship with Cream. In this game, Big does voyage with the heroes. He's more of a very reasonable person in this game as friendship plays a big part in this game, overall.

336px-Cream 13

Cream the Rabbit

Cream the Rabbit is a very young character in this game, she has her loyal pet Cheese and has a lovely life. In this game, she's already going to school and has an enormous friendship wth Big. Cream lives in her mum's house (Vanila) with Gemerl. Together, they have a happy family which makes Cream a very unique and more real character. 

E-102 Gamma

E-102 Gamma

Gamma was created by Dr Eggman in Sonic Adventure he was a foe for a little bit and was apart of Eggman's E series. Although, in the same game (Sonic Adventure) Amy saved Gamma and they became best of friends which generated an allighnment with the heroes. 


E-123 Omega

E-123 Omega is apart of Team Dark, and is like a walking arsenal for them. He's not a very aggresive character in that sense but he has loads of weapons to be able to guard his Team Dark. He serves as a very helpful member of Team Dark as they're the ones that made him work again. 


Rouge the Bat

Rouge is another member of Team Dark and works with Shadow at G.U,N. She's a very skilled treasure hunter for the team, and can sometimes joke around when she's not meant too. She started off getting the Master Emerald in Sonic Adventure 2, and her journey continued from there. 

300px-Vector Winter Olympics

Vector the Crocidle

Vector the Crocidle is apart of the Team Chaotix Detective Agency. He works alongside Espio, Charmy and Mighty, they also have an asscosciation with the G.U.N too. They're all the best of friends, and have been together for a long time. 

Shadowth espio

Espio the Chameleon

Espio is another valuable member at the Team Chaotox Detective Agency. He's a very agile and silent character compared to the others and would be called the more mature part of the team. Nevertheless, they've all been togethert for a long tme and they're the best of friends. 


Charmy the Bee

Charmy is also another member of the Team Chaotix Detective Agency. He is quite a loud character and can sometimes annoy his fellow teamates. And for a 10 year old, though he is a valuable member as he can track sent and can intimidate others, suprisingly. 

Mighty modern render by nibrocrock-d7alofu

Mighty the Armildilo

Mighty is another addition to the Team Chaotix Detective Agency. He is awfully similar to Sonic as he can run fast. He is a very quiet but enthusastic character, he really wanted to join the Team Chaotix and work for G.U.N. He is also too a tracker and a person with sent. 


Fang the Sniper (Nack the Weasel)

Fang (also known as Nack the Weasel) the Sniper is a very fiery character even in personality. He has a very cocky attitude towards Sonic and is vengful for Sonic putting him in prison for 10 years. He has his Marvelous Queen as his prized possesion which is his personal transport. 


Dr Eggman

 Eggman is a foe of Sonic the Hedgehog. He has been trying to build his Eggman Empire for a long time. He is a very cocky and silly villian and can be gullible too at most times. He uses his robots to back him up, and actually sometimes he might need Sonic's trust to defeat another foe sometimes. 


Shade the Echidna

Shade is apart of the villians in this game. She is a friend of Knuckles the Echidna and her and Knuckles' family have had family connections before. In this game though, somehow, Shade is apart of the villians and is going to destroy Sonic and his allies, at least that is her objective. For her specofically, we explore trust and emotion through her as she herself doesn't even know what's going on with herself.



Malusor is also another antogonist who is also apart of Argo's little team. Argo unleashes Malusor through a portal. He is a dangerous foe and really wants to kill Sonic as he is a time keeper and an important one. He really doesn't like Sonic and co and is a very villianous character. 



Argo is the main antogonist of the game. He is a very powerful character and can really fight. He is a very villianous character and intends to use time to destroy the world and create his own dimmension where he'll rule and he wants to make sure that's the only world or dimmension out there. 


  • G.U.N Commander
  • Locke
  • Argo (playable only in free roam)
  • Malusor (playable only in free roam)
  • Savori (playable only in free roam)
  • Gemerl
  • Vanilla
  • Jules Hedgehog
  • Queen Aleena
  • Chip
  • Froggy (not seen in story, but playable in free roam)
  • Cheese
  • Targuin

Character Pages

Pages for characters with none will be up soon...

Explanation Pages



PS3 Contoller

Combo Moves (overall)

Power Up: A power-up is activated, when you collect 5 Red Rings during levels. 

Combo Moves: A combo move occures, when the camera goes slow motion (most the time it happens when its near a cliff) certain buttons appear on the screen you tap then and you perform a combo move.

Signature Move: Signature moves are the character's iconic moves, for example Shadow's would be Chaos Blast in Shadow the Hedgehog. 


Xbox 360

Speed Characters: Blast: A blast only works for fast characters, you are running then you press B or square and you slow down time, aim at the enimies you want to hit and hit them. 

Speed Characters: Boom: Boom is when you speed past all enimies. 

Speed Characters: Quick Step: Quick stepping is the same as other Sonic games, when your running in a straight line and you can switch lanes by avoiding enimies etc. 

Speed Characters: Blur Trio: The Streak: That's when you speed past half the level in a split second. This is more of a luck thing. 

Weaponed Characters: Crazy Bullets: This is when a weaponed character presses R2 and square and RT and B.

Weaponed Characters: Hotfire: Its when a character taps circle for 5 seconds, and the character jumps up into the air and shoots his guns all over the place in circles.

Weaponed Characters: Shadowed Bullets: It's when you press R1 and R2 and you sneak attack somewhere with guns. 

Weaponed Characters: Bullets Galore: R2+ tap circle: You grow machine guns and fire everywhere. 

Normal Buttons

Playstation 3, 4 and Vita Controls
X Button Boost, Double Jump, Homing Attack
Left Analouge Stick

Quick Step

Square Button Charge Attack, Ground Slam
O Button + X Button Spin Dash
R1 Button Dodge, Crouch
R1 + R2 Button Slide
Triangle Button Light Speed Dash
R2 Button Plow (past enimies), upgraded charge attack
SF (Special Feature): Tap Triangle +O Button Healing

Tap O Button:                                         Spin Attacks

Tap X Button:                                           Homing Attack

SF: R1 + L1:                                             Blur Trio: The Streak

Xbox One and Xbox 360 controls
A Button Boost, Double Jump, Homing Attack
Left Analouge Stick Quick Step
X Button Charge Attack, Ground Pound
B + A Button Spin Dash
RT Button Dodge, Crouch (if tapped)
RT + LT  Slide
RB Button Plow Ability, Upgraded Charge Attack
Y Button Light Speed Dash
SF: Tap A + RB Teleportation (after you've completed the story,you can run so fast you teleport).

Wii U buttons are the same on Xbox. 3DS and 2DS buttons are also the same.

B Boost, Double Jump, Homing Attack
Right Key Quick Step
W + D Charge Attack, Ground Pound
Space  Spin Dash
S + Space Dodge, Crouch (if tapped)
Q Slide
A + B Plow Ability, Upgraded Charge Attack
S + W Light Speed Dash
SF: Space + W + A Fast Travel + Time Travelling (running so fast you go through time).

Yes, PC versions can be modded in this game. Although, PC version comes out with Australia's release which is Christmas Day.

All buttons are the same on Xbox One and PS4. 

Cheat Codes

In this section, there's a little screen in the shape of Tails' device he uses (like the one in Sonic Colors and Unleashed) and has 12 boxes where you can write in your code.

ARG0: This code gives you the ability to have Argo's abilities for 5 minutes. 

2345: This code gives Sonic the ability to turn into an Eggman droid.

0913: This code gives the player a huge birthday cake that appears out of nowhere.

  1. MTJ: This code gives the player the ability to turn into Malusor and cause havock for 5 minutes. 

SPEED: This gives the player (thats not speed related) the ability to run at really high speeds.

SONICBOOM: This gives the player the ability to glitch immensly through walls, and the game becomes incredibly laggy for 30 seconds. (Yep, shots have been fired). 

BILLY'ALL: This gives the player 100,000 rings. 

RACING: This gives the player the car Sonic has in Sega Sonic Racing Transformed (yes, it transforms like in the game). 

123456789000: This gives the player 2 more cheat codes (that, trust me are really helpful).

SNIART: This'll spawn a large train that comes out of nowhere, 

25TH: This gives the player a party that happens in Vector's office. (Vector's office is eneterable in free roam as well).

More here.


Voyage Mode (Story Mode)

Voyage Mode is the story mode for the game, Sonic and the duo ae up against one of the deadliest villians yet. Voyage Mode can be replayed and you can create new games. Voyage Mode is the main mode for the game, and is how the story for this game began (see "Here's the story mode for the game"). Once you've selected Voyage Mode, a large map will appear and once you finish a level in Voyage Mode you move onto the next area. You unlock levels, bosses, stages, concept art, hidden cutscenes the further you go. Up to 4 players can play Voyage Mode at the same time. 

Multiplayer Mode

Multiplayer in this game has difference to many other Sonic games in the past. Up to 2-4 characters can play, its a 3d Enviornment and the place your in are different stages in the game. You choose a team of people (or you can be on your own) and you face another team.  You do need internet if you don't have another controller and therefore you'll need to connect to other people around the world. They're hosts of the session and a lobby which can vary. The host can either choose Racing, Fighting, Dancing etc. When the host chooses one, you then play it. Racing, is when you race with cars (if the host wants too) but you can also race like with Sonic and Craig.  It's one of the more fun modes in the game. 


Online is also different to Multiplayer, this time in Online, you join people's sessions. You can create your own character and explore. Its like Free Roam but with other players from around the world playing too. You can go after people if you wish etc. In this mode, you have rings. You gain rings by doing challenges (which I'll get too soon) and when you have some rings or so, you can buy clothes for your character, even a car if you have too, create your own hub etc. It's also very crazy as anything can happen at any point. 

Online: Challenges

Challenges in online are when for example, maybe someone invites you to a challenge. So the challenge could be, who can collect 200 Rings in time, defeat 500 enimies in time, spend money on this and you can only spend till this those kind of challenges with other players. 

Voyage Mode: Missions

Missions in Story Mode are kind of like challenges in Online, except the only difference is you have to do the challenge since its part of the main story. You can also create missions in this game too. 

Chao Garden

Chao Garden is exactly like it was in the past, but with newer places now and you can now create your own Chao and teach it skills, how to fight, to eat etc. 

Vanilla's House- Vanilla's House is really just a wide green plain yard with a house in the background. You can enter Vanilla's house and explore it. Vanilla is the person you play around this garden but you can switch to some others. 

Angel Island- Angel Island is the biggest Chao Garden to date, it consists of a ginormous trees, ruins, fields etc. Thre's lots of things to do here, specifically on this island. There is the field where Chapter 3 was, its in ruins and there's lots of dead Savori including the destroyed Devestation fleet which you cannot enter. 

Captain Whisker's Island- This is quite a small chao garden but its basically Captain Whisker's island at night. Huts are seen and so are some robot pirates digging into the sand. There's also some ships in the distance which you can't enter but they're huts that you can and the Captain Whisker's pub where you will Captain Whisker talking to some other pirates. 

Diamond Village/ Dormamo-  Dormamo is also set at night, there is the colleseum fully built in the background. The tribespeople are walking past and some are cooking. They're beautiful tress etc. and your not limited to only the vilage. You can explore the entire island. The colleseum is can't be entered though. If you do explore the island on the other side is Diamond Village. There's diamonds and the beach itself is paradise. It's sunny now and the weather wll change really fast if you go to Diamond Village. 

Forest Hill- Forest Hill is another wide garden, filled with trees and this time it is a sunny day. This is noted as a more realistic chao garden as the weather does change as the real day goes on. They're animals in this one and you do see Craig and Atrocia's treehouse. You can enter that, you also see the dead minotaur (see Chapter 4) . Craig and Atrocia are seen in different places in Forest Hill at different times. 

Alogarg- Alogarg is a bit of a small garden, you can explore the caves. You can also explore the main cave where Sonic and duo went in (see Chapter 3) but that's only to a certain limit. The forest surroundings are very dark, and the vegitation there are rotting. 

Chao School- Chao School doesn't really have vegitation but you can see more Chao and mate up with them. You can go inside the school and you can see different Chao. This is more of a fun garden, you can do P.E etc, your friends can be mean, they can be nice, its very realistic. 

Concept Arts

Concept arts can be unlocked in stages and can also be unocked in online and free roam. 

Free Roam

Free Roam is after you've finished all levels in the game, including boss battles and then the Free Roam option comes on on main menu. When you free roam, you can choose any level in the game that you enjoyed or is just interested in. Then you can explore with no limits to where you can go. 


Here is where you can look at all the things you've unlocked such as Concept Arts, Music, Chao Garden, hidden cutscenes etc. 


Of course, this is where you can play tracks from each level after you've done it. You can listen to them and actually upload them onto your console. Crush 40 made most the music along with the band Two Steps from Hell. They wanted to bring a dark tone into the game, not too dark but sets the tone in a way. 

Position Music - Brazen (Jack Trammell) 2015 - Intense Raging Sci-Fi Action Hybrid

Position Music - Brazen (Jack Trammell) 2015 - Intense Raging Sci-Fi Action Hybrid

Trailer song for the Blue Blur

Hans Zimmer and Steven Jablonsky made a few tracks for the game to keep up with its dark tone. Position Music- Brazen is the trailer song but also is the theme song of the game. Sonic Team chose this because it was very epic in a way and thats how they wanted the game to feel. 

Stages and Boss Battles

The Blue Blur/ Stages

These contain the stages and thier description, such as what they look like and how you fight the boss battles.

Gimmicks or Items

The game doesn't feature that much new gimmicks, just the same old ones with a few new ones which are mainly seen in Free Roam.

  • Treadmill- This is usually found in Free Roam, the player uses a Speed Character and runs on the treadmill to unlock unlockables, or hidden content.
  • Boost Pads- Like all Sonic games, the Boost Pads also return for this game for speed type characters. When the player runs on it, he/she is boosted.
  • Rings- Rings are in all Sonic games ever since the beginning. Rings give the player more health because if the player loses thier rings they can die easily.
  • Checkpoints- Checkpoints are all around the place in these games, when the player passes a checkpoint if they get killed by an enemy. They'll respawn at thier last checkpoint.
  • Shield- A shield is a power-up found in the stage, the shield protects the player for 10 seconds from enimies.
  • Energy Shield- Energy Shields give the player 20 seconds of protection and when enimies hit the shield they explode or just fly away out of the camera's sight.
  • Magnetic Shield- When the player gets the shield, when the player is progressing if there's any rings. It'll all be drawn to the player.
  • Red Star Ring- Red Star Rings are seen in stages, sometimes they're in quite mediocore places while sometimes they're just rarely seen. This enables the player to purchase certain characters as well as more rings. 
  • Mystery Box- Mystery Boxes are also seen in stages, the player just runs past them to collect them. At the end of the stage, the Mystery Box would be seen and it would open. There could be limitless ammount of things inside like rings, hidden content, red star rings, a character etc.
  • Vehicles- Vehicles can be driven by certain characters in Voyage Mode though in Free Roam, anyone can drive vehicles.
  • Cannon- Cannons are mainly found in bases, like in Voyage Mode. Though, they can also been found in Free Roam. Cannons launch the player somewhere.
  • Hint Rings- Touching it will give the player hints towards what they have to do next.
  • Ammo- Ammo can be picked up by certain characters (Fang, Omega, Rouge etc.) and the player can use it to power up thier weapon.
  • Gravity Switches- These appear in more of the ancient tombs etc. The player presses a switch and the player then floats. The player ususally activates it so the player can get to a platform they can't reach.
  • Health/Life Gauge- The Life Gauge appears on the side of the screen and if its low then the player will eventually die. The player can press a button which makes it invisible.
  • Fly Rings- Only Fly Characters can use this, this increases their flight.
  • Springs- Same function as previous games.
  • Trampoline- Trampoline's are mainly seen in Free Roam, these are used to get to a higher platform which the player can't reach.
  • Teleportation Devices- These can be used to get to different places in the stage.


There are loads of tracks in this game, most being made by Crush 40 and Two Steps from Hell. Steve Jablonsky made some music while Hans Zimmer gave advice, He was asked for one track from him, Sega and Sonic Team really wanted.

Steve Jablonsky's Tracks

These are tracks that are made by Steve Jablonsky that have been given to Sega and Sonic Team for this game, and some are tweaked (remixed).

Steve Jablonsky - My Name Is Lincoln

Steve Jablonsky - My Name Is Lincoln

  1. Arrival to Earth by Steve Jablonsky                         
  2. My Name is Lincoln by Steve Jablonsky
  3. Our Final Hope by Steve Jablonsky 

Hans Zimmer's Tracks

Day One by Hans Zimmer

  1. Time by Hans Zimmer
  2. Dream is Collapsing by Hans Zimmer
    Hans Zimmer - Day One (Interstellar Soundtrack)

    Hans Zimmer - Day One (Interstellar Soundtrack)

Main Score

  1. Intro
  2. City Invasion
  3. City Score
  4. Destruction
  5. Hell on Earth
  6. Whisker's Score
  7. The Fire that Binds Us
  8. Nega's Score
  9. Devestatiobn Depth
  10. Earth-3 Score
  11. Odijin Score
  12. Craig and Atrocia's score
  13. Anthony's score
  14. Western Canyon
  15. Argo's Theme
  16. Morpolia
    Kool & The Gang - Summer Madness

    Kool & The Gang - Summer Madness

    In Free Roam, there is a club the player enters after completing a mission that is set first. This song plays in the club.

  17. Field of Green
  18. Savori Takeover
  19. End is Near
  20. Death Valley
  21. Underworld
  22. Undervision
  23. Mania
  24. Algorgian Score
  25. Return of the Sniper
  26. Victory

DLC Stories

There are DLC Packs in the game and very exciting ones in that sense. This is presumably one of the first Sonic games to retain DLC Packs. A few, are based around the story and are said to help the player understand more of what is going on. Even though, there are only a few DLC Packs, they mostly focus on certain character's backstories.

Welcome to Jail: This DLC is rated more mature for audiences, but it still recives a 12+ rating. This is Fang's backstory, including how he got to prison (so the battle with Sonic) and life in prison, which is bassically the player free roaming. Fang is at G.U.N Prison, and the player gets to see life in prison and with that, all the bad guys put in jail (including some old iconic characters). The player bassically free roams around jail here, he can cause fights, they're also some side missions hidden in there. There's a cutscene where we see Bean the Dynamite who talks to Fang and is one of the most feared prison members. The player can stir up fights with people etc. So, its a very free world in terms with what the player wants to do, since there's no story to it. The player does get to see how Fang got into jail (the battle with Sonic) at the beginning as an opening cutscene. In this DLC, though, there are some hidden rooms and lots of G.U.N easter eggs referencing Shadow the Hedgehog or Sonic Adventure 2. Sometimes, the G.U.N Commander appears to tallk to some G.U.N soilders and sometimes (if the player puts subtitles on) they mention Shadow, Rouge, Omega, Eggman and Sonic.

Our New Hero: This DLC takes place in Anthony's dimmension where he's Sonic. The player gets to see more of the beautiful city Morpolia before the events of the Blue Blur. They're missions with Anthony fighting Dr Nevo alongside R-9 the Hedgehog etc. The citizens there do call him Sonic (since he is the Sonic of his world). In all honesty, its a very wonderous and lovely city. At the end of the DLC (if you unlock one of the hidden cutscenes) you see the beginning of the Blue Blur, with Anthony getting teleported to Sonic (the hedgehog's) world. 

The DLC Packs also include Sonic in his Classic Sonic form, and also his Sonic Adventure and Adventure 2 forms (during free roam, and if you create a new game) and the same with the other characters.


This concept began a while ago, Sonic Team wanted to begin making a game. A fresh and new game that differs from other Sonic games. Sonic fans hadn't recieve well to games in the last ten years, and Sega began to understand that so they began. Post-production began on 2012, when they're only talks of the game. This lasted 3 years and drafts were being written. Writing of the game began on February 2015.

They also wanted to introduce new characters such as Craig the Hedgehog, and Atrocia the Echidna but Sega wanted that family aspect of the game. And a moral, more respictively. So they made Craig and Atrocia brother and sisters and one of the first new characters Sonic meets. There was also talks of a darker villian besides Eggman, and the science of it. Inter-dimmensional travel. They really wanted to explore other dimmensions and see the beauty of things. Sonic Team wanted to delve into quantum theory (without going too smart) etc. But, at the same time they tried thier best to see what works and what might please longtime fans. They begun sketching characters on July 2015 and seeing what could fit. At that point, did they begin working on Anthony the Robot,,Xazar the Hedgehog and Argo began. 

Developers really wanted the characters to fit the story, but also a darker villian. Argo was brought into play, and developers wanted him to somehow use time to destroy the world. They also wanted him to be a true threat to Sonic and wanted Argo to be the beggining of "hell" for the heroes. Writing was really emphazized but that doesn't mean gameplay wasn't.

Gameplay was emphasized and also what kind of game it was. The graphics were emphasized, since this game is also available on PS3, Xbox 360, Psvita, Xbox One and PS4. It was brought to E3 and Gamescon and the gameplay did get mixed reviews. Mainly, about the camera. The camera was adjusted later on and then in August, developers started working on the music. 

Steve Jablonsky was put on for some tracks and so were Crush 40. Hans Zimmer reportedly did appear at the studio and worked on a few tracks but mainly gave advice. Two Steps from Hell also made thier debut to the studios and made some tracks for certain characters. Jack Trammel's Brazen was put as the main theme song for this game, since it retained a dark tone, mainly because of the villian. Developers really wanted to please fans and wanted it to be a great game, honestly but have a moral to it as well.  The game's scheduled to be released on December 15th for Europe, the 12th of December for America, and 8th December in Japan.

Trailer Descriptions

Twelve Titans Music - Monolith (2015 - Epic Massive Trailer Action)-0

Twelve Titans Music - Monolith (2015 - Epic Massive Trailer Action)-0

They're 3 trailers for this game and some featurettes. The trailer's did get praised consedering the epic music, and tone of the game. 

The first trailer begins with Sonic in his first arcade game, fighting Eggman, it's in the exact style it was in 1991. Then it shows Sonic 2, and 3 etc. Then it says


It then shows all the new games, like Sonic Adventure to Lost World. Then, we see Sonic's eyes open. We skip to see him running through the city and standing on a rooftop. It's night and there's a crime in a mansion going on. Sonic runs all there and fights the bad guys. There's one shooting at him and Sonic charges right at him then it goes to the SEGA and Sonic Team logo. There's a threat on Central City by an unknown, there's quick shots of people in fear watching this and G.U.N and the President too. Sonic's eyes are shown again this time his eyes are purple. "Death. Is one of the things your closest too..."


You hear a countdown being heard by a dark, booming demonic voice, 3, it shows a picture of Atrocia and Craig presumably shocked, 2, Tails looks up too, presumably the same situation and when the voice says 1, Sonic's face is shown. "It all begins now..."

We see a montage of shots, you see Sonic running at super speed, Atrocia pointing the arrow at Sonic's eye, Amy is using her Piko Piko Hammer to fight enimies, in gameplay mode we see Sonic running at super speed on water. Out of gameplay mode, we Eggman firing his guns at Argo, Argo looks at him and Eggman's guns malfunction. We see Anthony flying up, firing lazers. Craig spdudding Tails, Atrocia kneeling on the sand, with her arrows stuck in the ground and she's screaming. We see G.U.N Soliders fighting off the Savori. We then see, Fang point a gun at something. Omega gattle guns everywhere, we see Shadow emerge from a portal where everything's frozen. We then see Craig and Anthony running in gameplay mode,  and they do a partner up move. Anthony and Craig criss-cross and a streak appears, and defeats the Savori. Sonic's dodging some bombs,  Team Chaotix are on the fleet. We see Malusor (the cyborg miotaur) he's strangling Sonic and raising him up. A quick scene with Shade jumping towards the camera, Fang gattling gunning everywhere alongside Omega doing the same. Rouge with a tear, Captain Whisker charging at Sonic. Shadow with a machine gun, a dynamite with a duck's face on it, and Cream and Big running. Nazo with phasma blades, Silver using his mind powers and then everyone's united together. We see Sonic and co one one side and Argo, Shade, Nazo, and Malusor on the other. There's then a slow mo shot of Sonic and Argo colliding, fists pointing at each other while we see also in slowmo Nazo opening a portal, Shade colliding with Knuckles, and Malusor firing at the team. Then, it goes to the title screen "The Blue Blur". 

Otherworld Trailer Music - Colossus (Epic Cinematic Choral Orchestral)

Otherworld Trailer Music - Colossus (Epic Cinematic Choral Orchestral)

Trailer Music for the Gameplay Trailer

The second trailer is the Gameplay trailer presented to fans at Gamescom. During Sega's panel, they talked a little about the characters but they talked more about the gameplay and the mechanics and how it differs to other games. This is the description for the second trailer.

The trailer starts off, with the Sega and Sonic Team logo. They're Savori that attack the city here, causing destruction (thier first encounter) in Central City. We see lots of devestation until Sonic's face is shown, he looks at the camera. 


We then see Sonic running in gameplay mode, fighting off Savori. He is very fast, we see a streak appear, that speeds past the enimies. 


They're shots of different characters that are seen, for example, Fang is seen fighting Metal Sonic in a cutscene, we see Rouge with a gun. 


Then, we get a look at the stages, for example Goldust, the Alagorg Cave, Undervision etc. There's a cutscene with Cream touching a goldust. Then, there's Craig running at super spped with Sonic they clap hands together and there's a huge vibration. Metal Sonic drop kicks some golden robot, Xazar fighting the Caniball. Malusor getting angry and slamming the ground. 


There's quicker shots here, Anthony talking to Sonic, Captain Whisker charging at Sonic. Nazo smiling, Silver doing a pose in which he is presumably using his physicic powers and his hand reaches out at the screen, it looks like hes in a destroyed building. Sonic spudding Tails, then in gameplay mode, we see Atrocia firing different kinds of bows at enimies so for example a poisonous bow, a fire bow, and explsoive bow etc. The Blue Typhoon soaring past Central City with a few Savori ships following.


Even faster shots, with a cave shaking, Eggman and Eggman Nega charging. Anthony losing control of his lazer beams out of his eyes. A building dropping, Sonic, Shadow and Silver standing in a circle like in the way they did in Sonic 06 with the whole team watching behind them. Sonic walking through Undervision, seeing his family, origins (and past games). Then, we see Argo, who smirks. In gameplay mode, we see Sonic fighting Argo.


We hear a very scary roar here, they're even quicker shots after a 1 second black screen (when the roar happens) then we see,  Argo walking into a portal, an explosion, Craig screaming in anger, Atrocia with a bow at Sonic's eye. We then see Sonic, Xazar, Anthony and Craig running together, they criss cross to which the Savori are squished by thier streaks. Shade looks up at something, in gameplay mode, we see the new Ambush mode, with Sonic fighting the Black Death at Craig and Atrocia's treehouse. The last shot, is then Sonic running at the camera. Then, the title comes, saying "The Blue Blur". 

Fans responded well to this trailer, they also liked the Ambush since it was an extra stage in a way that wasn't really a level. And, while players played the game during a cutscene with Savori attacking, they'd predict "Yep, The Ambush stage is here". It was also recieved well due to the look of the stages, they stated the graphics looked nice and they couldn't wait to play. This trailer started the (true) theory that free roam was in the game consedering the immense detail put into stages.

Hi-Finesse - Vantage

Hi-Finesse - Vantage

The Blue Blur Story Trailer Music

This next trailer is the Blue Blur Story Trailer, this was released on October 2015, in NYCC. They did attend as well as the cast for the game and they released the next trailer. They did tease this trailer via Social Media etc. This trailer was the Story Trailer and revealed more of the plot and cutscenes. 

The trailer starts off with a threat from a mysterious figure at nightime. People are watching, the figure then mentions that he's seen Sonic from the begininning and, to be, his end. He tells him to give up as he is nothing and will die. Then, an asteroid hits (at a direct spot, so no, it doesn't spread) and these weird mythical creatures come running out of the smoke killing and destroying things in thier site. One minotaur throws a car at the camera and then the Sega and Sonic Team logo come up. We see a helicopter that flies by over the camera and some other soliders, probably shouting in horror. Then, we skip to Central City in the morning, two helicopters crash and Sonic and Tails realise this. An army of mythical creatures emerge and attack Central City. Then, it skips over to the news, the reporters do say that an army of unearthly looking creatures attacked the city and the President and G.U.N are figuring out who's behind this mischief. Then, we see Craig saving Sonic from a helicopter death. Then we start to hear a voice in the background, its a really dark voice. It says that a hero is trying to tear apart thier empire, and then another voice says that they then build a bigger one. During that, we see a cloaked girl figure pointing an arrow at Sonic's eye, about to kill him. The figure then introduces himself and says that his name is Craig and that the girl is Atrocia, his sister. Craig informs them about how he thinks the cloaked man that threatened Central City might be Argo. A dangerous man capable of minapulating time, due to his obsession with how time works and time and dimmensional travel. Then, we see some shots of Argo being guided through supposedly a fleet of some sort by Savori, looking like he means buisness. His face is a little messed up however. Craig says that he's the man responsible for messing up thier family. Knuckles suggests kicking some ass, while Craig says that they find the answers to thier questions, they build a bigger team and then they end this "little game of hide and seek". We then see some quick shots of Silver who's standing in a snowy mountain of sorts, we see Shadow on his motorcycle.

1:30 (In the video) THIS CHRISTMAS

We now see Sonic looking at someone in confusion, we see Anthony who introduces himself then we see him in some action after that shot alongside Sonic and Tails. We see Eggman who attacks Sonic and co, then there's Fang about to punch Metal Sonic. An explosion, Atrocia with tears rolling down her eyes. We hear Professor Pickle's voice in the background, he tells them that Argo is a very dangerous man and that he will do anything to destroy time. The Professor does mention he wants the Chaos Emeralds to end everything and awaken Algorgian. During that, we see Team Dark in an abondened world. Fang and Omega side by side with huge miniguns, firing in the darkness. Sonicc dodging some falling bombs, Shadow attacking Rouge. 


Craig looks at Atrocia, and in the background, we hear Sonic's voice. He explains about how Argo will destroy the world, and he doesn't know if this time he'll save it. During the voiceover, Anthony's lazer beaming a door and enters. Metal Sonic fighting this gold chrome Sonic-looking robot. A futuristic city. Tails looking upwards.


Then, the Blue Typhoon is criss-crossing past buildings in Central City, with Savori fleet following. Gamma stand in some sort of destroyed lab. Eggman with a gun, a dark purple hedgehog with white eyes (it looks like some energy went into him) jumps out from the ground (it resembles Xazar). A building is about to fall, and Silver holds on. We then hear Nazo's voice, saying that this is a war they're not prepared to fight. In the last shot, Sonic is outside with Anthony. Its nightime and theres a ocean about to occur, though the place they're standing on looks like a beach. Sonic states how he doesn't know he'll win this war, Anthony then says that he believes in Sonic and that he can do great things. Then, Argo and Sonic are seen fighting in the air, teleporting all over the place and the trailer ends with Sonic giving one heck of a punch to Argo. Then, the title comes up on the screen. 

Fans also responded well to this trailer, some thought that it held too much of the story away from the fans. While, others said that they like what they're hearing so far and that the game looked great. Those fans said that it didn't spoil too much however, it didn't keep too much plot details and that the cutscenes look "awesome".

The last trailer is called "Dimmensions". This game was released a month later.

Twelve Titans Music - Bound By Purpose (Epic Beautiful Emotional Trailer)

Twelve Titans Music - Bound By Purpose (Epic Beautiful Emotional Trailer)

It starts off with Professor Pickle talking about how Argo is quite popular in quantum theory because he was the first person to travel through dimmensions with the help of the Echidnas. They're constructing a dimmension travel machine, and that at the right time they'd use it. Then, one day, a nucelar bomb hit and Argo went into the machine to save himself. Then, the Sega and Sonic Team logo is shown. 

He's talking about how it is possible to travel through dimmensions, then the camera fades in on all the different dimmensions in the game. Such as Odijin, Morpoila, Earth-3, Cartour etc. They're all shown and showcased. Then, we see Team Dark who enter the Antique Vaisseau. And Argo who has a thumb of dirt in his hand and he's kneeling down possibly in Earth-3. Argo then says the possibillities are endless.

Then, we skip to gameplay mode and we see Shadow who's progressing through Earth-3. Then, there's Team Dark fighting some corpses. The Antique Vaisseau is going back on the ocean and it is quite rainy and there's a storm that occurs, we see Morpolia and the Blue Typhoon hovering over the place as well as the Desolation which follows unleashing its fleets. Then, there's the gameplay of the player going through the Desolation, fighting some Savori as well as do a tag team combo. Fang is getting his AK-47 and just shooting the Savori down. We skip to Earth-3, and we see the introduction of Xazar. Then, we see a boss battle with the Caniball, he charges at the player who attacks.

In Cartour, there's loads of robots roaming the place, and loads of shops. The player progresses through here too. We see Sonic, Craig, Rouge and Tails who are in an office in the place. The voiceover is those typical advertising voice overs (they have deep voices). He explains how there are no limits to where the player can go etc. Then, at the end, we see Sonic and Argo who run at each other and the title shows up.

Suicide Squad Official Trailer 1 Music - (Queen - Bohemian Rapsody)

Suicide Squad Official Trailer 1 Music - (Queen - Bohemian Rapsody)

This is the Launch Trailer and was released a week before the game released. Thee trailer is 2:30. The start is just an instrumental and some parts are remixed to fit in with the trailer.

It is a cinematic cutscene at first with Central City collapsing. Then, we hear Sonic's voice in the background. He talks about how he has gone of loads of adventures and he's actually defeated the evil ones. Though, he doesn't know if he'll win this war. The Sega and Sonic Team logo appears, there's a shot of Argo sitting down in a royal-like chair, dark clouds surrounding him. Minotaurs standing side by side like guards. He says that this world will crack with the ways of Sonic's failures, and Argo will rule. The scene skips to Sonic a room polluted with portals. There's a few more gameplay shots of the game, such as Sonic attacking some enimies and his allies as well.

We then see the whole team walking in a slowmo shot in a devestated city. Then, the trailer really begins. We see Sonic running at super speed past enimies in gameplay mode, there's also Xazar who charge attacks a boss during a stage. Fang with a minigun firing at the police, Gamma and Amy uniting against Eggman's robots. A little moneyshot with Sonic running up a building in a cinematic cutscene. Shadow looking at the camera with Argo behind him and charging at the camera. Tails with a tear rolling down his face and presumably Sonic's body on the floor. Atrocia firing an arrow. In gameplay, we see Atrocia and Craig do a little combo, Atrocia fires an arrow while Craig grabs the arrow and runs in circles throwing the arrow at enimies. We see Cream touching a goldust, the Savori Joker who smiles and runs at the camera. Sonic walking in a dark blue background, there's light shining on Sonic's face (we don't see the source however). Vector with a guitar, Espio and Argo going at it. Malusor and Sonic who also fight, Craig and Atrocia's treehouses being slowly torn apart. Captain Whisker's boats departing from his island the Savori attacking it. Shade shouting, Knuckles punching something really fast, Sonic is falling, Shade jumps at the camera, then an explosion occurs. We only see Tails and Sonic who are flying backwards after it. The title then comes up.

This was the last trailer, and called the Launch Trailer the best one. The rest were either feauturettes or TV Spots for the game and usually TV Spots have only little footage of the game and its gameplay anyway. A few clips were released for the game, 4 of them, and they did include some gameplay. One was Cream running away from home and Big who wanted to find her. The clip shows only the first stage and it stops in the middle of the first stage. The second was the first stage of the whole game when Central City is being invaded by the Savori, it shows both stages here including the boss battle (the Night Takeover is one of the most replayed stages, since in Gamescon and E3, that was shown most). The third was only shown once and that was a free roam of Central City and what the player can do. The fourth is free roam of Angel Island, this was also shown once (for events).

Finished later...

Critical Response

The game was recieved quite well, fans praised various things but mainly the game's epic story and villians. The gameplay was also praised, people pointed out the beautiful graphics. It also got high ratings, the highest came from Destructoid. IGN gave the game an 8.8, consedering the fact they're only flaw was the camera angles, GameSpot gave the game an 8.0, saying that the game's gameplay wasn't the best and that the mechanics were not great. Although, GamesRadar gave the game a 8.35 saying that the mechanics were the best in all recent Sonic games. The only flaw with them was the fact that graphics weren't great. Eurogamer gave the game a 7.8, since they thought the story was too dark. Nitendo Power gave the game 8.7, saying that it did live up to the hype but the camera angle could've been better. GameTrailers gave the game a 9.0, saying that the game did live up to the hype. Metacritic gave the game a 85/100,  and Gamerankings gave the game an 86.02%. Destructoid, nevertheless gave the game a 9.5 saying the game was great and that the story made sense and is one of the best Sonic games after Sonic 3 and Knuckles and Sonic Adventure (series). 

Next- gen got the most positive reviews, and the main prase of next gen consoles (PS4 and Xbox One) was the graphics and gameplay. The Blue Blur overall scored a high rating for the first installement, from critics and typical fans. Most fans said that this game brought them back to the old days and was truly an anniversary game. A sequel is being planned.


Sonic the Hedgehog

  • "Gotta go fast!"
  • "Nothing starts till you take action!"
  • "Well, shit, if you want to". 
  • "I'm just a guy who loves adventure".
  • "I'm trying Tails, its just that I dunno what this adventure holds".
  • "Anthony, I don't know, its actually, heh, its actually the first time that I dunno whether I'm goanna defeat this guy".
  • "No way!"
  • "Lets go, hey, are you ready!"
  • "Argo, please don't do this". 
  • "Thank you...*lays a hand on his chest*
  • "You little shit".
  • "So, I did say a couple things I shouldn't".
  • "I'm not playing games, Eggman!!!"
  • "I am the Blue Blur".
  • "I dunno what I have to do".
  • "Help me!"
  • "You wanna kill me, go ahead, but you know what..."
  • "I'm the fastest thing alive!"
  • "Yeah, *sniggers* no shit". 

Miles "Tails" Prower

  • Sonic, please, don't do this". 
  • "I've changed a lot since I started hanging out with Sonic, but I can't depend on him forever. I know I can do this by myself! 
  • "I know your able to do this, your freaking Sonic the Hedgehog for goodness sake!"
  • "I can't let you guys die becasuse of me".
  • "Anthony, where are you?"
  • "I will save you".
  • "What has Argo done to you?"
  • "Leave it to me".
  • "I've seen this girl, I think she's a Seederian, who you know...has a soft touch on me *laughs*
  • "One step, and I will shoot! Stay back, Argo, PLEASE!"
  • "This is freaking awesome".
  • "My Blue Typhoon, sounds pretty cool, huh?"
  • "Sonic, I've realised this world isn't all sunshines and lollipops. This is real life".
  • " Oh shit, you think that you made this descision".
  • "I dont mean to brag, but I'm the world's greatest mechanic".
  • "Do you know who I am?"
  • "Boom, look at this sexy thing!"
  • "That's my job!"


  • "This world will crack with the ways of your failure".
  • "Death is incoming, for you...earthlings".
  • "Today, Sonic is the day you die and when time is at my reach".
  • "Look at the beauty of it, Malusor".
  • "My past was filled with...hate, despair...."
  • "NOOOOO!!!!"
  • "I'm conflicted, I...I dunno what to do".
  • "I know you are Sonic the Hedgehog, and this goes onto you. It'll be your fault why your precious world will soon crumble".
  • "Finally, the Blurs, hehehe....."
  • "This will be MY dimmension once your all DEAD!"
  • "Good luck".
  • "The veil of darkness, The Darkness. It made a deal with me, told me information about Sonic and I passed it on". 
  • "Its always with you and the jokes, huh?" 
  • "Little kids belong with thier mommies or in this case, Sonic!"
  • "Time for your world's extinction".
  • "What are you doing?"
  • "Dont do this".
  • "Prepare for your end, Sonic!"
  • "I've had ENOUGH!!!!"


  • On Sunday, September 27th 2015, it was actually confirmed by Takashi Izuka that Nazo was actually meant to be Super Sonic, but got changed.
  • This game was rumoured to be Generations 2 for the past 3 years by fans.
  • There's a short that is unlocked by the player in free roam where all Sonic's friends (except Fang and Shadow and the new characters) appear and they all open they're presents. Its called, "Right?".
  • The Ifrit was supposed to be in the game, but was cut out, although he will appear at some point in the universe.
  • It is unknown to what happened to Nazo at the end of the game.
  • This game does feature loads of easter eggs, such as Bark the Polar Bear and Bean the Dynamite. 
  • The post credits is unlocked after finding this pearl, that the player collects. One of this is the post credits, or it gets given to the player as a reward. 
  • The portals is a reference to the Genesis Portals and the Portal to a Thousand Worlds are a reference to the Super Genesis Wave.
  • Nazo telling Silver that he "makes more enimies" is a set up for Silver's game, which is where we see why Nazo turned into what he is. 
  • Argo references an "oak of darkness", which is a reference to the Sonic X villian Dark Oak .
  • Argo is mentioned to be the most intimadating Sonic villian, known to date.
  • The Battle of Central City is pivotal to the mainstream universe (except for canon games I make).
  • It is rumoured that the place (SPOILER) Ray is at at the end is Soumerca  from the comics.

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