A brown-furred tiger wearing a yellow/black jacket and black jeans was in the stands, eating pizza. "This is gonna be good," he said, smiling. He always liked watching Kennedy fight other people, especially if he heard they were strong. Kennedy better not lose.

A brown-feathered bird with light-brown hair, wearing a pink shirt and blue jeans, with a white hoodie wrapped around her waist, sat patiently in the stands just in front of the tiger. She fiddled with her silver necklace, which was embedded with a red gemstone. She knew this would be good- Xavis was always up to a new challenge.

Mac was about to put on his black headphones when he saw this bird. She looks cool, he thought, smiling to himself. He decided to introduce himself. Walking over to her, he smirked. "Hola, como estas?" he asked, waving.

"Hm?" Melissa looked to the tiger that was talking to her. "Oh, um, hi," she said somewhat awkwardly, "I'm doing good, though it's a bit warmer than I'd like it to be. How are you?"

Mac's expression was warm. "Good. And I think it's warm because of that hedgehog there. His energy signals are interesting - I'll tell you that." He grinned. "Thank Chaos it's Kennedy facing off against him and not me. I'd get clobbered the second I try to touch 'im." He stretched his arms behind his head. "I'm guessing you're a friend of his?"

Melissa chuckled, looking down into the arena. "More than a friend, I'd say." She then looked back to Mac. "So is Kennedy down there your friend?"

Mac chuckled, looking down into the arena. "Less than a friend, I'd say, heh heh. We've got quite the complicated relationship." He shrugged. "Anyways, I'm guessing Pyrovolt down there's your man?"

"Mmhm," the crow/sparrow answered, "My name's Melissa, by the way. What's yours?"

"Mackenzie Hartley, that's my name," he announced with a smirk. "I always like challenging Kennedy to fight people that I've heard are crazy strong; that's why we're both here today."

"Hm. Yeah, well, not many people can beat down Xavy. He is a weapon, after all," Melissa said, wiping some sweat from her forehead, "Though from the looks of it, Kennedy might just be his match."

"Heh. Don't underestimate the counterpart of mine."

"Right," Melissa chuckled, "Well, same here."

Mac grabbed his box of pizza and showed it to Melissa. "Want a slice?"

"Oh, why thank you," she replied, carefully pulling one from the rest and taking a bite.

Mac's eyes bulged, and his grin was huge. "WOAH! Xavis is awesome! Did you see that? He just - whoa! That was incredible!"

Melissa chuckled. "Yeah, he's pretty impressive. Though, it looks like that took quite a bit out of him..."

"Well, it looks like that's that," Melissa said as the combatants collapsed.

"Better than a loss in my book," Mac said with a smile. "Pyrovolt's pretty cool. Doesn't look evil, too. We should totally hang out sometime."

The Bloodied Battle

(Pic by Xoph)

Kennedy entered the arena, wearing his casual clothing; a black jacket, a purple undershirt, and long black pants. He looked around the arena, and then Mac's sword, Angel. The Bengal had let Kennedy use the sword; he heard that this "Xavis Pyrovolt" was a swordsman. Now... I wait.

From the other side of the arena emerged a brown hedgehog wearing a black hoodie with dark-gray accents and blue jeans, with a sheathed sword on his back. Somehow, the desert air seemed to get much warmer upon his arrival, and he left a trail of glass footprints in his wake. "So, you're the competition?" He called. He seemed quite friendly, but also cocky in his tone, and there was an air of incredible power coming from him.

XoPs Xavis vs Kennedy

Kennedy sensed the hedgehog's aura and smiled. "Hello, 'Xavis.' Yes, I am the competitor. I have challenged you, for you seem like a tough opponent." He twirled Angel around. "I can assure you I will not hold back. I can only hope you shall do the same." There was respect in his tone, but also a hint of "I'm sure I can do this."

"Oh, I plan to," Xavis replied. He stopped just in front of the tiger and held out his right hand. "May the best man win?"

"May the best man win," Kennedy agreed, shaking the hedgehog's hand with his left. And then, like it was on impulse, the Chaos Bengal jumped back in the air, did a couple flips, and landed on his feet ten yards away from Xavis.

"Heh. Jumpy one, aren't ya?" Xavis muttered beneath his breath. The hedgehog then pulled his sword from it's sheath and held it against his torso, thrusting out his left arm towards his opponent (something like this). "En Garde!" He exclaimed, his blade then bursting into flames.

Kennedy twirled around Angel. "And so the battle begins!" He jumped into the air, the bright sun making him seem black-colored (or at least shady) to anyone below. He did a Spin Dash in the air, flipping, and then came crashing down with a slash, Chaos Energy charged in the blade.

Xavis jumped back, dodging the attack. Once he landed, he created a small explosion beneath his feet, launching himself towards Kennedy with a slash of his own from his burning blade. Kennedy turned his sword vertical to block the pyrochaotic's attack. "Impressive."

Before anyone could make another move, Kennedy started running around Xavis so quickly, a sandnado formed, blocking the view. After that, Kennedy attempted to slash at Xavis' chest.

The attack connected, throwing the hedgehog back a couple feet. He quickly stood up and coughed out some sand. "Nice shot," he said, taking a moment to rub some sand out of his eyes. The attack didn't do much damage, but it did cause him to drop his sword...

Kennedy threw his blade in the air, assured that Xavis was vulnerable. With his energy-sight, he could easily see through the sand. He charged a fist with energy and tried to uppercut Xavis' chin. If the attack connected, he would teleport into the air and spike Pyrovolt back down to the sand before catching Angel.

Xavis was prepared to be attacked, however, and did a flip-kick towards the tiger's head once he sensed he was close enough. The kick knocked Kennedy's face into the sand, but it didn't do much damage. Instead of staying put, Kennedy spin dashed into the sand, rolling his way out of there behind Xavis.

Once he was out, Kennedy fired multiple beams of energy towards Xavis to keep away from the hedgehog. Head-to-head combat was what the pyrochaotic appeared to be skilled in.

The energy beams hit Xavis in the back, launching him forward. He hit the ground quite away from Kennedy, but quickly jumped up and faced his opponent.

"So you wanna play long-range, huh!?" he called, a bit of irritation in his voice. He threw down his arms, and they were enveloped in crackling red energy. "Fine!" He began slicing the air with his arms, multiple red-orange Chaos Spears being fired with each slice, all of them homing towards the tiger across the arena.

Kennedy smiled, orbs of purple Chaos Energy in his palms. When Xavis started to fire, he did also, and their attack cancelled each other's out, making their attempts without any use. But right after they had both fired their last projectiles, Kennedy forcefully put his arms out behind him, making the area dusty. Following that, he bolted towards Xavis, caught Angel (which had been in the air for a while), and attempted to pull off a Spin Slash on Xavis' chest.

Xavis was done being theatrical. He could sense where Kennedy was at all times, making it easy for him to catch Angel when it was about to hit. Granted, the sword cut into his hands and caused him to bleed, but still.

The impact caused all the sand and dust that was in the air to clear away, and after a second the pyrochaotic adjusted his grip on Angel's blade. He planned on crashing the other end of the sword- and by extension, Kennedy- into the ground behind him. The plan worked, but Kennedy let go of Angel and got back on his feet. He decided to use a different plan - the ultimate eye distractor.

He started running circles around Xavis, causing sand to pick up and start a sand-nado once again. But Kennedy picked up speed, and now, it seemed like there were fifteen Kennedys, though fourteen were simply after images, but that would also be hard to see because of the sand. While running, the dust was starting to get more dangerous - it wasn't forming, but a large amount was sent flying over to the back of Xavis' head, ready to knock him over. If Xavis didn't do something, he would soon be flying in the sand-nado.

Before he could be pulled into the tornado of sand, Xavis ignited the soles of his shoes and soared into the air. He was high above the arena by the time he stopped ascending, where he looked down upon the sand-nado and Kennedy, who looked like an ant. 'Enough of this. Let's see if he has any other tricks,' the hedgehog thought, cutting his ignition.

He began falling from the sky, but once he was in a diving position he re-ignited his feet, rocketing down towards the ground at incredible speed. He set his entire body alight as he neared the surface, becoming a fireball raining down from the sky- and he wasn't aiming for Kennedy per-say, but rather the center of the arena. And the battlefield was engulfed by a shockwave of flames upon his impact, dispersing the sand-nado and turning the entire floor- including the newly-formed crater at the center- into glass.

Xavis rose from his crater, hovering in the air with the flames beneath his feet. He had a cocky grin plastered over his face- a look that clearly said "What are you gonna do now?"

Kennedy jumped into the air, surprised, and started floating. "I apologize for not telling you earlier - I can fly." He started to zoom into the skies and began to hover above flames.

"Eh, I'm guilty of that too," Xavis remarked. The fire atop the now glass floor began to die down, however the hedgehog stayed in the air above his crater, eagerly watching to see what his opponent would do next.

Kennedy too stayed afloat, hovering above the flames. "Well then, I see you're quite the powerful one. But you don't seem to have any.... how would Mac say it? Mind-breaking abilities." He sighed, closing his eyes. "You might be an organic hedgehog, but I am of Chaotic energy! Let me show you what I have in my skillset!" He snapped, freezing time. Thirty seconds is all the time I need. Snapping multiple times, he surrounded bombs of energy around Xavis before kicking the hedgehog in the crotch. After ten seconds, Kennedy unfroze time, but only after grabbing Angel.

The energy bombs around Xavis exploded the moment time unfroze, shattering the glass beneath him and enveloping the hedgehog in clouds of dust and smoke. When the dust settled it could be seen that Xavis was still hovering in the same place, though the flames coming from his shoes sputtered like rockets low on fuel, and his eyes seemed to flicker for some reason. Some small tears could be seen in the fabric of his clothes, but otherwise he looked unscathed.

"That... was cheap..." He huffed; it was evident the tiger was ticking him off at this point. Red energy started to surround the hedgehog. "But if you want to play cheap, 'Mr. Chaotic One,' than I'll play cheap!!!" He suddenly disappeared in a flash of red light, reappearing behind Kennedy and kicking him in the back with more than enough force to break bone.

Kennedy was sent flying into the sides of the arena, the impact of the blow causing a crater to appear on the borders. Kennedy seemed impressed for a second - not too much damage had been dealt. "Alright now. Teleportation? I thought there would be something more... interesting." He pointed at Xavis. "For example, tagging. You really shouldn't have been so arrogant as to touched me a second time." Kennedy had really placed an energy tag on Xavis when the hedgehog teleported behind him and kicked him - the hit was necessary for Kennedy's plan. Kennedy snapped, and just that second, an energy tag went off through Xavis' body with enough force to make an earthquake in a city.

Xavis cried out as the force of an earthquake exploded through him. He fell to the ground, his body trembling as he punched through the glass with each hand in an attempt to disperse the energy into the sand below. The ground started to shake, cracking the glass floor, but after a moment the discharge had ended.

The hedgehog then stood and glared at Kennedy with flaming-red eyes. "You want something interesting?" He asked darkly. For milliseconds at a time, it seemed like cubic chunks of Xavis' body broke off before snapping back into place. Weird. "Well, just to let you know, I have a lock on your Chaos Signature. And not only can I track your every movement, but I can also do this." He raised his arm, outstretching his glass-filled hand towards Kennedy. At that moment, the tiger was enveloped in an aura of red energy, and was unable to move.

The tiger smiled, impressed beyond what was the last time. "You were able to hit pressure points or something?" He sighed. "This won't last long. A minute top." Kennedy was gathering energy within his body to unleash an attack that would break Xavis' aura. It would take him up to a minute to charge.

"No no. I'm not sure if you were aware, but I can directly manipulate the flow of Chaos Energy," Xavis explained, "And if I have a lock on your signature, and I calibrate myself to it, then I can basically control your body through your own Chaos. But enough monologuing; time to put this to use." The hedgehog pulled his hand in, and seemingly pulled Kennedy to him from across the arena. He reeled his other hand back, charging it up for a punch; planning on uppercutting the tiger with a fist full of glass once he was close enough.

Right before Xavis could hit him, Kennedy smirked. NOW! An inferno of purple Chaos Energy surround them, only hitting the area close by, yet not hitting the arena.

Xavis raised his arms, bracing himself against the inferno- which ultimately did very little towards him. Kennedy noticed and decided to turn the volcano into a beam that was aimed towards Xavis and doubled the power. It still did almost nothing in terms of damage, but it did start to push the hedgehog back. Kennedy stopped and started to strategize.

What if... Of course! If energy attacks wouldn't hurt him, he'd have to go ahead and use plain head-to-head. He drew Angel and aimed a slash towards Xavis' chest.

The Pyrochaotic backflipped out of Angel's range before blasting off towards Kennedy, only to use Chaos Control just before the two collided. Xavis reappeared across the arena beside his previously-dropped sword, which he quickly picked up. Then he rocketed himself towards Kennedy, blade first.

Kennedy smiled as he used Chaos Control to warp behind Xavis, who quickly landed and turned to face his opponent.. "...Hmm. Interesting. You can use Chaos Control." Kennedy scratched his chin. "Peculiar.... you can use Chaos Control... yet you have yet to manipulate the matters of time and space fully. Whatever. You have impressed me." Kennedy shrugged. "Alas, this fight is not yet over." He charged life energy in Angel as slashed it at Xavis multiple times, blasting several waves.

Thinking fast, Xavis crossed his arms in front of himself in an "X" formation, and a red semi-bubble formed out of thin air just before the waves hit. However the shield began to crack as it was struck, with the final wave shattering the barrier and striking the hedgehog, knocking him to the ground. For whatever reason, Xavis picked up a handful of sand and broken glass and chucked it towards Kennedy's face.

Kennedy simply altered his own gravity to pseudo-fly in order to dodge before flying over to Xavis, attempting an uppercut. If the blow connected, Kennedy would then teleport into the air and spike Xavis back down to the ground. However it turns out the hedgehog had picked up another handful of sand and glass, and threw it directly towards the tiger's eyes while he attempted his uppercut.

Kennedy was blinded momentarily, but he used his energy-sight to feel the area around him and deliver a energy-charged hook to Xavis' face. The area around the impact was numbed slightly, but the hedgehog could definitely feel one of his teeth had been broken loose, and recognized the taste of his own toxic blood.

Xavis stood up and spat out the broken tooth, breathing hard as he forced himself to refrain from simply breaking Kennedy's neck. The fabric of reality seemed to fracture around him for a moment, and his energy signature was going crazy. Something wasn't right.

'C'mon, just give in,' a faint, raspy voice said in the back of the hedgehog's mind, 'I know you want him dead, and you know I can make that happen. Just let me take control and-' "I am not letting you take control!" Xavis interrupted. Out loud. Like a crazy person. 'Hmph. We'll see about that...'

As his energy signature wasn't right, Kennedy frowned. "Something's going on... maybe you're having an energy breakout? I should end this quickly." Kennedy suddenly disappeared, but he had only teleported behind Xavis to give and onslaught of punches and kicks to his back. However, Kennedy would find that some of his attacks were going through the hedgehog, but the rest still landed.

After a few moments Xavis started to reel his head forward, only to quickly throw it back in an attempt to hit the tiger behind him with his spines. however, Kennedy phased through the attack and suddenly appeared higher, in the sky.

Xavis turned and glared at Kennedy before letting out a cry of pain as reality began glitching around him quite harshly, forcing him to his knees. He let out another scream before grabbing his head with his hands, which- along with his quills and feet- were quickly being covered in a blackish-purple, crystal-like substance. Feeling it happen, the hedgehog let go of his fur and looked to his arms, which were crystalline almost to his elbows. Beginning to shake as reality continued to distort around him, he looked up into the stands. Of all the faces there, the first he saw was Melissa's. And she had a look of absolute terror.

This was all Xavis needed to fight back. He began charging himself full of energy, until cracks of red light began forming through the crystals. He began to stand, though was hunched over, his arms almost wrapped around himself. After a moment of reality fracturing just a few, short times, the hedgehog sprung up and threw his arms outward, violently expelling the energy he had built up inside himself. They crystals shattered and reality returned to normal as a shockwave of Chaos and heat swept over the arena floor.

Xavis took a deep breath and lowered his arms. He felt calm, and almost rejuvenated in a way. He looked up to his opponent, understanding now that sheer brute strength wouldn't be enough to win. He needed tactics. He then looked down to the sand and picked up his sword, which he then pointed downwards and thrusted into the ground. He would stand there, hands on the end of his blade's hilt, and wait for Kennedy to make his next move.

"NO!" Kennedy thought. Every blow had hit its target. He was extremely injured, green blood dropping from his side. "I won't allow myself to lose!" With all the energy charged in him, a moss-green aura shone around him. He then started to dash at faster-than-light speeds, cancelling every blast and shattering every crystal. In a torpedo of confidence, Kennedy instantly tripled his speed, aiming a punch towards Xavis' face.

Even though Xavis couldn't feasibly see him, he could still sense where Kennedy was. That along with an "in the zone" state of mind (and a momentarily overclocked CPU) allowed Xavis to simply side-step out of the way of Kennedy's attack and instead let the tiger ram himself into the arena wall.

Not gonna be that easy for you. Before Kennedy could hit the wall, he teleported himself behind Xavis while still rushing towards him for a blow, which the hedgehog was unable to dodge and wound up being carried by his momentum. However, Xavis was able to reach back and grab Kennedy by the wrist, and intended on throwing him forward into the ground.

Kennedy fell to the floor, injured but not yet defeated. As he was thrown to the sand, he curled into a ball in order to stop himself from taking too much damage. Then, he turned around, teleported in the air behind Xavis and tried to kick the hedgehog sideways in the head.

Kennedy was successful and knocked Xavis a couple feet to the side, however the hedgehog was quick to his feet and even quicker to rush in and attempt to jab then uppercut his opponent. Kennedy quickly caught the punch, and fired a burst of Chaos Energy from his palm, shooting himself and his opponent back.

Xavis landed on his feet, but instead of rushing in again, he stood and waited for Kennedy to attack. The tiger seemed to have a good means of countering most of his head-on attacks anyway, and allowing him a chance to attack was just fair. Kennedy, seeing this as an opportunity, put his palm forward, and a large purple orb of Chaos Energy was summoned. "ERYNSPHERE!" the tiger yelled before firing the Erynsphere forwards.

Xavis quickly jumped out of the way, and knowing that must've taken quite a bit of energy to form, he began firing multiple volleys of Chaos Spears towards the tiger, hoping for him to do the same thing as before. Kennedy was hit by the rapid Chaos Spear, the ongoing attack pushing him back for a while. Once he could muster the strength, Kennedy put his hands out and created a weak force to stall about two Chaos Spears.

This man has me overpowered. He beats me out in brute strength... I'll have to try something different. Kennedy started sprinting towards Xavis, sliding under the bursts of energy, and performed a flying kick. However, if Xavis hit him and even if Kennedy hit Xavis, Kennedy would disappear in a blinding flash of white light when he was about three inches away from the Pyrochaotic.

Xavis saw the tiger running towards him and attempted to punch him back. However, his opponent disappeared before either could connect. He looked around the arena for where Kennedy teleported to... he was actually in the air, trying to land a kick on Xavis from an angle (similar to this). He noticed Kennedy's energy signature approaching fast, but looked up too late, and was greeted with a shoe to the face that threw him to the ground head-first. Kennedy jumped off Xavis' head, and levitating in the air, he turned his arm into a purple energy blade.

"En Garde!" Kennedy said, mimicking Xavis and he extended his blade-arm and tried to stab the hedgehog through the chest. However, Xavis quickly rolled out of the way and jumped to his feet. Glaring at Kennedy for a second, he disappeared in a flash of red light. Kennedy tried to sense Xavis' energy signatures, but two more were throwing him off, and Xavis' was so faint he couldn't predict him.

Suddenly, Kennedy would sense Xavis' begin to grow above him, and fast. If he were to look straight up, however, he would see a large, metal shipping container hurtling towards him. Kennedy was shocked for a moment, and quickly teleported out of its way, far, far above it. How did that hedgehog manage to do that?

The container hit the ground with an earth-rattling crash, and Xavis gripped tight onto one of its sides. The hedgehog released himself after landing and looked up towards Kennedy, then igniting his soles and rising into the air. However, he grabbed the top edge of the container with one hand as he passed by and actually began to lift it along with himself. Once the horribly crushed bottom was a few meters off the ground, Xavis began to spin in place, giving the 20 ton box enough momentum for him to then launch it upwards towards his opponent. Kennedy was smashed by it, being sent so high into the air you could actually see a star after a few seconds.

Xavis' flames sputtered out and he fell to the ground, landing on his hands and knees and panting hard with exhaustion. Kennedy, meanwhile, was extremely high up into the atmosphere, extremely aggravated. Blast it! This match is tiring! Time to finish this with a Madness Meteor! Kennedy surrounded himself in an orb of purple Chaos Energy and burst downwards and speeds that even surpassed light. Above Xavis, Kennedy was going to try to rain down his fist and crush him into the sand.

Instantaneously, the arena was filled with an explosion of dust and sand and probably should've been obliterated but whatever from the impact. Two centimeters from where Xavis had been, there was a large, black hole in the ground and Kennedy emerged from it before rolling over onto his back and getting up. That.... was risky, Kennedy thought, taking a couple breaths.

Xavis suddenly appeared next to Kennedy with both Destiny and Angel in his hands, and aimed a hard punch at the tiger's face. He was visibly exhausted. Kennedy has hit, but he took the blow with mid-high difficulty and tried to follow up with an upwards kick to the chin. Xavis took the hit, staggering back.

"We... can't go on like this..." the hedgehog said between breaths, then slashing downward at Kennedy with the two swords. Kennedy turned his arm into a sword right before the attack could hit him, but he struggled to meet it with the amount of strength that was necessary to not be pushed downwards.

"We.... really... can't..." the tiger replied. "Are you.... okay with a draw?"

"No... the crowd won't be happy 'till one of us drops!" He quickly rose his blades and spun around, trying to slash Kennedy horizontally from the tiger's right. "God I'm hungry... you wanna get some lunch after this?"

"I'm definitely in the mood for some pork," Kennedy said, turning his arm into a blade to deflect before twirling and trying to stab Xavis' leg. "We could even invite.... some of our friends in the stands there...."

Xavis winced in pain as Kennedy cut into his leg. "Sounds... good to me..." He then aimed to stab the tiger with one of the swords, and would likely hit him in the shoulder.

(Agree to have them both just collapse from exhaustion right here? -X)

(Agreed. -M)

Kennedy was hit with the blade for the final time before both he and Xavis collapsed from sheer exhaustion, falling to the ground with a thump.

With that, the match was over.

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