In the stands, there were two notable figures - one young purple eagle wearing a red bandanna and a grey bat donning green glasses. The eagle, Sephtis, seemed far more pumped about the match, flying in figure eights and yelling "You got this, White! WHOOO! You're gonna kick some butt, trust me! Use your Terminator legs to TERMINATE THEM!"

"Do you even know what the Terminator is?" said Tina, the bat. "Honestly, I don't know anything about those missions of yours you used to go on, so as far as I know, Terminator is an anti-GUN rogue organization." After her remark, she then yelled, "You can win this, White! I'm rooting for you!"

A little girl named Rana, Sid's younger sister, enters the stands with her grandparents, looking worried. "Are you sure we should be here, Grandma?" said Rana. "These fighters don't seem very nice."

"Don't worry about them, sweet heart. They're just practicing for a friendly match. It's all in good fun," said Grandma Franklin.

"Grandpa, what do you think?" asked Rana.

"WHOOO! Go, Sid! You've got this! We believe in you!" yelled Grandpa Franklin.

"I think he thinks so, too."

The Bloodied Battle

Walking onto the sandy battlefield, a white rabbit with black hair with hands in his pockets smiled. Were there interesting things about the rabbit? Sure... he was wearing a blue shirt that read "I HATE ORANGE" in orange letters and orange shorts... but more importantly, he had black prosthetic legs. I haven't been in here for a while, thought White, waiting for his opponent. This is gonna be fun.

Entering the sandy battlefield, a brown teenaged humanoid hybrid with long black spiky antennae, pink butterfly wings, a brown squirrel tail, gray shorts, green shoes, and yellow ring cuffed gloves and socks. A little weird... but inoffensive. I'm ready to do this... Bring it on!

White smiled, reloading his prosthetic legs. "Well, looks like you're my opponent. How'd you like to get started?"

Sid smiles back. "You go first."

"Well well well, I'm fighting an honorable one, aren't I?" Honor isn't going to save your butt from getting kicked, though. White ran forward, flipping and trying to land a kick with his heel to the top of Sid's head.

Sid gets ready to dodge the kick, but inadvertently teleports using his ergokinesis instead. Huh...? How did I...? said Sid surprisingly. Never mind. White grunted before firing a flare at the newly located Skid, trying to catch him.

Sid tried to teleport again, but it doesn't work. What!? Why isn't it working?! Left with no other options, Sid uses his ergokinesis to block the attack. Suddenly, he sees food by the stand and gets distracted, leaving Sid open to White's attack. White frowned before heating up his leg and trying to kick Sid in the face.

The kick works and Sid is knocked to the other side of the wall. "Not bad, White. Not bad at all." Sid absorbs some of his energy and shoots energy balls at White. "Think fast!" White counters by firing flares at the energy balls, causing them to cancel each other out and making smoke appear. Through the smoke, White ran, trying to kick Sid in the face.

Having no other choice, Sid charged his fist with energy and gets ready to attack back. If this hits, it will knock back White across the battlefield. White countered the punch with a kick before turning around and trying to release another kick to Sid's stomach.

This works and Sid is sent to the other side of the battlefield. Without that much energy to use, Sid becomes exhausted from the fight. White jumped in the air and flipped, trying to hit Sid's head with a heated kick.

Sid uses a small bit of his energy again. He shoots an energy ball as White is advancing towards him. I hope this works. If this hits, It will send White flying to the other side of the battlefield. White was hit by the energy ball, and it sent him to the wall. Then, he threw three bombs at Sid.

Sid dodges the first two, but gets hit by the last one. "You really are a good fighter, aren't you?"

"I'd like to think that. For a kid, you aren't bad yourself." White then ran at Sid, trying to land a fiery kick to the cheek. Without a lot of energy left, Sid tries to dodge the attack. White missed, rolling through the sand before jumping up, flipping, and firing a round of bullets whilst upside-down, which might've affected his aim.

Sid tries to dodge the bullets, but gets distracted by a food vender and gets hit by the bullets, which eventually flings him across the battlefield. *cough* *cough* "Wow... that was a very nice move you got there."

White landed and started running at Sid with a heated leg. "Kid, this is a fight. If you want to win, you'll have to focus on me!" White jumped into the air, Spin Dashing at Sid and aiming a kick to the top of Sid's leg.

Sid, not realizing it before, remembers he can fly and decides to use what little energy he has to lift himself away from White's attack. If this works, White will go right past Sid and crash into the wall of the battlefield. Sid's plan worked, and White hit his head on the wall, falling on his leg. He was dazed, which would present Sid with an opportunity for another attack.

Seeing White in a daze, Sid was shocked of what he did and decided to see if he's okay. "Hey, are you alright?"

White shook his head, focusing. Wow... instead of going for an attack, he's checking up on me? How... heroic. White got into a battling stance once again. "You're pretty earnest, kid, but I'm fine. I'll let you make the next move!"

Sid shakes his head. "No. I think that you should make the next move, I insist."

White groaned before boosting forward, running behind Sid and abruptly stopping, aiming a fire fueled kick to Sid's back. This works as Sid is launched into the other side of the battlefield. He starts coughing up a little bit of blood. "Looks like you win, White. Good game, though." Sid reaches his hand out for a handshake.

White walked forward, shaking his hand. "Good game, Sid." And White headed out.

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