Mac and Kennedy, the two other members of Team Mask, were in the stands to watch the match. Mac was ready to see a battle - his match here was a win, and he was hoping Scarlet would make him proud. Kennedy's last battles were very hot, but he didn't suck in them. The tigers were both anxious to see this fisticuff.

The Bloodied Battle

Scarlet the Fox twirled her handgun around, prepared to defeat her opponent. Her teammates had suggested a battle for her to prove her skill in, and apparently this was the perfect place. Though Scarlet didn't care if she won of not, she was still up for good training.

Pixel had heard about the arena and was very excited to fight new people. Pixel stretched his legs in preparation. Scarlet, seeing this, tensed her leg muscles. "Huh. Ready to start this battle off right away, huh? I'll let you take the first move, kid."

"Uh, alright." Pixel quickly dashed at Scarlet, attempt to slam into her. Scarlet easily sidestepped the attack and tried to shoot Pixel in the back of the head. The bullet bounced off of Pixel's head. "OW!!!" Pixel rubbed the back of his head. Pixel quickly swept at Scarlet's feet, but she jumped back to dodge future attacks, where she fired three more bullets. Pixel barely manages to dodge the bullets. Pixel quickly curls into a ball and stops right in front of Scarlet and swings at her. Scarlet takes the punch, but she quickly countered with an energy-filled punch of her own.

The punch catches Pixel square in the jaw. "Ugh!!!" Pixel responds with a low kick that Scarlet dodges by jumping. Then, she tried to attack with a flying kick to his left cheek. Pixel quickly grabs Scarlets foot and uses the momentum of her kick to threw her across the ring. Scarlet used the recoil of the edges of the stadium to charge at Pixel for a tackle. Pixel quickly ducks grabs Scarlet's hand and slams her to the ground, but Scarlet spin dashes to send him into the sand before launching him. As Pixel flies though the air, he curls into a ball and homes in on Scarlet, who fires twelve bullets at him. Pixel's quills cut though half of the bullets but the others slam into Pixel. Pixel tries to slams into Scarlet, but she sidesteps the attack. Pixel quickly leaps at Scarlet with blood running down his arm, but she ducks backwards to dodge again. Pixel quickly reacts grabbing Scarlet's handgun.

To react, Scarlet let go of her handgun, which would make him fall. Pixel quickly uses this to his advantage firing the gun at Scarlet. Scarlet easily caught the bullet, grinning. "C'mon, dude, at least give me a challenge."

Pixel grins happily. "This is fun!" Pixel quickly unloads the gun and threw's it at Scarlet. Scarlet catches it, reloads it, and fires a sphere of energy at Pixel that would explode if it got near him. Pixel quickly dashes around the orb and lures the orb towards Scarlet. Scarlet stopped the orb and tried to kick Pixel in the face.

Pixel quickly ducks under Scarlet's foot and throws the blood from his arm at Scarlet to blind her. The blood hits Scarlet, blinding her temporarily. Pixel quickly slams Scarlet into the ground, but Scarlet shoots crazy at Pixel, trying to break free. Pixel quickly grabs her handgun tying to break it. He crunches her gun, causing her to gasp and try to roundhouse kick him in the face. Scarlet's foot connects and sends Pixel rolling, and Scarlet jumps in the air to try to land on him from above. Pixel quickly curls into a ball in preparation for Scarlet's landing, causing sand to be blasted at him when she hit the ground. Pixel quickly spins to send the sand elsewhere.

Damn it... he's crushed my gun and now he's out smarting me. Scarlet wasn't able to see anything in the area around her, making her curse underneath her breath.

"Well, I have been fighting for most of my life!!" Pixel quickly runs up and dropkicks Scarlet, sending her to the other side of the stage. Scarlet lunges at Pixel, aiming for a vicious attack. Pixel throws left over sand mixed with his blood at Scarlet. Scarlet dodges the attack and tries to punch Pixel in the nose. Pixel is sent tumbling after Scarlet's punch. Pixel tries to rush Scarlet for a jumping kick, but he misses because she ducks. She attempts to punch him in the crotch. Pixel reels back in pain from the crotch shot. Pixel angrily leaps at Scarlet.

Scarlet makes an attempt to knee him as soon as he's in her range. Pixel expecting another crotch shot grabs Scarlets knee and throws her "Not letting that happen again!!!" Scarlet rolls around the sand before getting up and firing a beam of energy at Pixel. Part of Pixel's arm is caught in the beam. Pixel spins at Scarlet, who easily dodges, sending him into the wall. Pixel jumps off the wall and starts to spin sending sand everywhere. Scarlet, predicting this, does the same, sending sand into the stands. Pixel spins around the ring trying to make a tornado, but Scarlet stands in front of his path, planning for him to crash into her.

Pixel stops spinning right in front of Scarlet punching her. Scarlet is sent flying into the wall, angered. Damn it! He busted my gun and he's better than me at hand-to-hand... Scarlet stays in place, temporarily paralyzed.

"No shame in surrender. You're really strong." Pixel says smiling. Scarlet dashed up to him, trying to punch him in the mouth, getting very angry.

Pixel sidesteps to dodge the punch. "Woah! Okay, clearly you're mad so I'll just punch you. " Pixel runs up and punches Scarlet in the back of her head, sending her to the sand. She then jumps up and tries to head butt Pixel.

Pixel sidesteps to dodge the headbutt. "You’re really strong, but you need to learn that losing is just a motivator." Pixel starts to scratch the back of his quills. "Jeez, I sound like my grandpa."

Scarlet continued to ignore Pixel, firing beams of energy rapidly as to both get him to shut up and also to distract him. Pixel is caught off guard by the energy blast barely manging to dodge the beams, but Scarlet fires more rapidly, faster and even stronger.

"Okay, now this is getting ridiculous!" Pixel manges to dodges a few beams but the rest slam into him. Pixel starts to spin at Scarlet, but Scarlet jumped in the air to dodge and fired an orb of energy at Pixel. Pixel tries to kick the orb back at Scarlet, but Scarlet makes it explode right when he kicks it, which would have the potential to damage him. Pixel is thrown back by the explosion slamming into the wall, where Scarlet would fire a destructive beam of energy that would be able to disintegrate him.

Pixel rolls away barely avoiding the beam before Pixel jumps at Scarlet trying to knock her out. As she had just wasted all of her energy, the hit connected, sending her rolling across the floor, knocked out.Pixel slowly walks up to the knocked out Scarlet "that was fun thanks for that fight"

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