Natalie and Angel sit in the stands and watch Rugal and Lee walk on.

”Hope it goes well for Rugal,” Angel said “He was acting a bit strange before the fight. It was like he was controlled by someone else.”

Natalie shrugs “Didn’t find anything weird in his mind. Probably nothing.”

Amber, who was several seats away, stared at Skyblade through the text. Skyblade is utterly terrified. She tries to throw popcorn at him. Protected by the fourth wall, the popcorn does not touch Skyblade and Amber just gets some weird stares from the other spectators.

The Bloodied Battle

Rugal Paramount walked into the arena, pride in every step. A marshmallow had somehow got it in his head to challenge him; This was gonna be fun.

Lee walks on, not as much pride in every step. He was nervous, but he had beaten bigger and badder threats before, and as long as he stayed determined, he could win.

Rugal laughed at the kid. "I knew it was a Marshmallow I was fighting, but you're like 13!"

“I’ve beaten bigger threats than you before,” Lee replies “And Why does my age matter? You’re barely older than I am!”

"Cause you look like a shrimp." Rugal shrugs.

”I am not a shrimp!” Lee insists “I’m a fox-Lynx hybrid!”

"Eh, whatever..." Rugal said, gathering heat from around him. "Let's get this over with."

”Alright, let’s go!” Lee replied. He created several shurikens in his right hand and threw them at Rugal.

The Polar Bear ran forward, flanking right to avoid the shurikens. The shurikens disapate as several spikes form to the right of Lee, stopping Rugal’s advance. So Rugal went left instead, continuing to gather heat. Lee creates a sword and dashes at Rugal, swinging the sword horizontally. Rugal jumped back, out of range. Lee extends the sword and swings it again. Rugal stepped back again. Lee disapates the sword and creates a pistol, firing it at Rugal.

The Bear dropped to the ground, hoping he hadn't just died. Lee looks over at Rugal.

"You ok?" He asked.

Rugal stood back up. "Yeah, just making sure I'm hole-free." He then went offense, rushing at Lee. Lee creates a shield to block Rugal's attack. He spun and ran to the side, hoping to get on the other side of the shield and clock the kid in the face. Lee gets knocked down and roles to stand up, firing his pistol again. His opponent ducks to the side, hoping to get another hit in. This time, Lee is ready for him and blocks the attack with his shield. He then turns his pistol into a sword and tries to stab Rugal. He jumps out of the way, to the left, throwing a kick at Lee's hand. Lee's sword is knocked away and it disperses into nanites. Lee's shield gains a razor edge and he swings it at Rugal. Rugal jumps back a bit, then plants a fist on the actual shield part, trying to slam it into the ground. As the shield hits the ground, Lee makes another sword and thrusts it forward at Rugal. The blade skims Rugal's right hand, to which he swings a punch, infused with the heat he'd been gathering, at Lee's face. Lee dodges back and turns the sword into a lance, thrusting it towards Rugal and keeping him at range.

He jumps back, holding the ground he'd jumped onto. Lee falls back, using the lance to stop Rugal getting closer, before using his Nanites to make a machine gun and opening fire on Rugal. Rugal takes a moment to consider all this, then runs to the right. Lee swings round with the machine gun, trying to keep up with Rugal.

Rugal would just run around in a circle, shouting, "I don't think you have a gun license!"

”And I don’t think you have a...punching license!” Lee retorts lamely, continuing to keep Rugal at a distance.

Rugal kept running in a circle, waiting for something to change. "You suck at retorts, y'know?"

"And you suck at-" Lee stops himself mid sentence before he made himself sound more stupid. He then revert his machine gun to nanites and runs at Rugal. The Polar Bear moves to the side when his opponent get close, aiming a punch at Lee's side. Lee creates a nanite staff and blocks the punch with the staff before stabbing it forward at Rugal. Rugal pushes the staff down with his foot, taking a step onto it and kicking towards Lee's face. Lee gets knocked back, softening his fall by making a large fluffy cushion out of nanites. The nanites quickly reform into a javelin and he throws it at Rugal.

Rugal dodges, running to scoop it up once it hits the ground. Lee then runs straight at Rugal. Rugal aims the javelin at Lee's chest. Lee creates a shield that absorbs the javelin, turning it into nanites. Lee tries to barge Rugal over with his shield. Rugal begins to run away from Lee, towards the wall. Lee creates duel swords with his nanites and runs towards Rugal.

Rugal keeps running, stopping when he gets close to the wall. Lee runs at Rugal and slashes at him with his swords. Rugal ducks, hoping the blades will smash against the wall and leave Lee open. The swords hit the wall and stick, and Lee is momentarily surprised by this. Rugal uses this opportunity to uppercut Lee in the jaw. Lee gets knocked back and hits the ground on his back, but soon jumps to his feet and gets in a fighting stance. Rugal simply tries to hit him again. Lee creates a shield and blocks the punch before the nanites cover Rugal's hand, sticking him to the shield. Lee then makes a dagger and tries to throw it at Rugal. The polar bear pulls the shield he's stuck to to where it can block the dagger. Lee has to let go of the shield due to Rugal’s strength and the dagger clatters to the floor. Lee picks it up and dives at Rugal’s legs, trying to cut them with the dagger. Rugal takes the shield and smashes Lee in the head as he dives, taking some damage from the dagger. Lee lets out a yelp as he is hit by the shield, but quickly grabs the shield after being hit by it. He then pulls the shield off Rugal’s hand and reconfigures the nanites into two swords. Lee then jumps to his feet and dashes at Rugal.

Rugal ran away again. Lee runs after him in pursuit, slowly but surely gaining on the polar bear. After a bit of chasing, Rugal turned to punch Lee in the face. Lee slid under Rugal's punch, aiming to take the polar bear's legs out from under him. The blows connected, making Rugal do a comical slide off his feet. Lee then creates a sword and stabs it downwards at Rugal. Rugal rolls out of the sword's path, attempting to kick Lee once he'd landed. Lee is knocked to the floor, but he quickly scrambles up to Rugal, trying to stab him with a dagger. Lee would find Rugal grabbing his wrist, trying to put him in a position of immobilization by holding his arm against his back and resting his right kneecap on Lee's legs. Lee creates a javelin in his free hand, trying to stab Rugal at an extremely awkward angle for him. Rugal grabs the javelin behind the blade, trying to pull it away from Lee. Lee makes a glove around his hand attaching himself to the javelin and tries to pull it away from Rugal. Lee's opponent tightens his grip, pulling harder. Lee makes the javelin become covered in spikes except for where he's holding it, trying to stab Rugal's hand and make him let go. Rugal does, stumbling back. Lee jumps back to his feet, making the javelin disappear. He tries to think of a clever remark, but can't think of anything.

"I'll give you that your power's pretty snazzy, kid," Rugal said as a momentary distraction, gathering more heat.

Lee shrugs. "It's alright, I guess. It's more how you use it that counts, really."

"I wouldn't know, since I haven't really heard the specif-- PSYCHE!" He suddenly shouted, both fists flying at Lee's face.

"Well, of course you-wait, what's-" Lee is completely caught of guard by this maneuver, knocking him away. He then hits the ground on his back.

"Hey, no fair!" He shouts at Rugal.

"No rules in here, kiddo." Rugal grins, rushing in for several more punches. Lee gets up and creates a shield to block the punches. The shield then grows spikes on the side, whiring into a buzzsaw that Lee swings towards Rugal.

"DUDE, WHAT THE HECK?" Rugal shouts, running away from Maniac Lee.

"Thought you said there were no rules here?" Lee said back matter-of-factly. The buzzsaw then detaches from his arm and flies in Rugal's direction. Rugal dives into the sand.

"Oh yeah, I did say that, didn't I?"

Lee sighs and creates a spear which he then throws at Rugal.

Having learned it was best to avoid the creations Lee threw at him altogether, Rugal flanked right, out of the spear's way. Lee ran towards Rugal, throwing darts as he went, before trying to slide attack him. Rugal ducks under the darts, but Lee's second attack hits. Lee jumps up after his slide and tried to stab Rugal with a new spear. Rugal slides to the right, aiming a punch at the middle of the spear in hopes of breaking it. The spear snaps, but the two halves quickly reconnect and Lee goes for another stab. Once again moving to the side, Rugal tries punching Lee in the face. Lee gets hit and stumbles to the side, but quickly recovers and turns the spear into an axe that he swings horizontally at Rugal. The Polar Bear ducks, kicking in an attempt to knock Lee's legs out from under him. Lee gets knocked over, but he also tries to bring down his axe on Rugal. Rugal jumps back, the blade just barely missing him. Lee gets up and swings the axe upwards at Rugal. Rugal jumps, bringing his foot down on the axe handle in an effort to hold the weapon down. Lee jumps back and creates a hand crossbow, firing at Rugal. Lee's opponent ducks, throwing both fists to the axe handle to hopefully break it. The axe handle snaps, and Lee keeps moving back while firing crossbow bolts. Rugal grabs the axe head, using it as a shield while moving closer to Lee. Lee dashes to the side, trying to get a shot past Rugal's shield. Rugal turns, keeping the axe in front of him. Lee fires a crossbow bolt and makes the axe head disintigrate at the last second as he had completely forgotten Rugal was using a shield made of his own nanites.

"Crap." Rugal said, running away for the moment. Lee just keeps firing crossbow bolts, thinking they'll likely move through the air faster than Rugal can run. He was right, one of the bolts lodging itself in Rugal's right leg and knocking him down. Lee creates a sword and ran towards Rugal, hoping to stab him while he was down. Rugal managed to roll out of the blade's path, trying to get up and run. Lee tries to swing the sword at Rugal's legs. It hits, striking the same leg the bolt was in. Rugal screamed in pain, unable to move now. Lee pointed the sword at Rugal's head.

"Do you want to surrender now?" He asked.

"That... actually sounds pretty good. Nice job, kid."

Lee smiles "Glad to hear it. And thanks, you weren't half bad either."

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