Bladedancer and Wraith the Cyberhog walk in and take a seat. They had tried to allow their fellow Cyborg Squadron member Grizzly through, but due to regulations on pets he had been tied to a post outside. They sit down and look over at the popcorn stall.

"I miss eating." Bladedancer said as she runs her fingers over her katana. Wraith nods.

The Bloodied Battle

Kable walks into the arena, checking the ammunition on his duel pistols, preparing his taser and flipping his stun baton a few times. He'd heard his opponent powers of some kind and he lacked anything in that capacity, relying on the Cyborg Squadron and Kable Enforcement to fight for him, so it was good to have some of his tech with him in case things went wrong. Besides, he was really here because she was a competent martial artist, and any way of practicing martial arts would be good for him, especially seeing he spent most of his life in Kabletech tower and on planes.

From the other side of the arena, out came his opponent, an athletic, pink echidna girl, dressed in a sleeveless, black Taekwondo dobok with blue trim.  A black belt was tied snugly around her waist, along with a white headband, fluttering slightly in the breeze as she approached.  She was currently bare of any shoes, leaving her to walk barefoot across the arena, but it didn't bother very much, as if she was used to it.  Her light blue eyes were alert to her opponent standing across of the battlefield, a friendly, eager expression printed on her face.  There she stood, Rosie the Echidna, and she was ready for a fun fight!

"Hiya there!" She cheerfully greets her foe.  "Looks like I'm your opponent this time!"

"Nice to meet you." Kable said "I'll let you make the first move."

Rosie smirks a bit, a bit surprised that her opponent was looking to fight so soon. Well, they were in an arena, after all, so the echidna couldn't really blame him.

"Heh, alright! If you say so!" Rosie responds, chuckling. However, before she did anything, the warrior proceeds to bend her upper body forward slightly while keeping her eyes on Kable, performing a rei, or a bow, as a traditional sign of respect before battle. Then, she snaps into a Taekwondo-style fighting stance with a peppy kiai to pump herself up. "Hyah!!"

Finally, she began her approach, suddenly dashing at her opponent with a burst of high speed. Once she was close enough, she started things off with a swift straight punch towards Kable's face, starting with a simple yet speedy attack to get a feel for her opponent's defenses. Kable flinches away and knocks the punch away with his baton, clearly being nowhere near as fast as Rosie. As he blocks, he spins round and uses his momentum to try and hook kick Rosie in the chest. Timing herself just right, the echidna responds by throwing a quick side kick with her right leg to clash with the incoming hook kick, slamming her foot against the bottom portion of Kable's leg with enough force to redirect the attack upwards. Not only would she be utilizing an offensive move in a defensive manner, but the impact would hopefully send her opponent staggering off balance. This would provide Rosie a window to counterattack, snapping her leg back before throwing a roundhouse kick to the face with the same foot and whipping her right leg back for a hook kick to smack the other side of the face, all while balancing perfectly on her left foot. This was quick two-kick combination she called the Dizzy Kick technique, as it is basically slapping the opponent with her foot and is capable of making the opponent slightly dizzy if both hits connect.

The Dizzy Kick lands on Kable, sending him staggering back. He swings the baton at Rosie's head. Rosie acts fast and extends her left arm to catch the baton her hand, stopping the attack completely. From that position, Rosie quickly attempts to counterattack with two quick roundhouse kicks, one aimed for the ribcage and the other aimed for the head, snapping her attack leg back after each strike for maximum fluency in her attacks. As Rosie lifts her leg for the first roundhouse kick, Kable tries to sweep her remaining leg out from under her. If this succeeds, he gets behind Rosie and puts her in a chokehold. Having being caught off guard, Rosie is swept off her feet but manages to throw her body back at the last minute and land on her hands before retreating away from her opponent with a quick handspring as a last-second recovery. Nonetheless, the echidna had a widened smile on her face, as she was impressed how her opponent predicted her attack and acted against it.

"Nice!" She compliments, getting back to her stance. The echidna then motions her leading hand towards herself in a playful taunt, giving her opponent the next move.

Kable draws his taser and fires at Rosie. Immediately after seeing her opponent fire his weapon, Rosie suddenly vanishes from her spot before the taser could hit her, utilizing a Quick Step to dodge out of the way at an extreme speed, then reappears just behind Kable to deliver a sharp elbow strike to his back. Kable spins round, blocks the elbow and throws a palm strike at Rosie's face. Rosie reacts quickly and turns her attacking arm to where she knocks away the palm strike by striking the base of Kable's wrist before the hand reaches her cheek. In retaliation, she quickly brings forth her other hand for a left cross to the fox's face. As Rosie throws the cross, Kable grabs the arm and pulls her forward, roundhouse kicking her in the back of the head. At that moment, the echidna smirks.

'I don't think so!' Rosie abruptly tugs her arm against the grab, managing to slip her captive arm free of Kable's hold as she simultaneously ducks down to avoid the roundhouse kick. Her smooth skin, along with the slick material of her dobok gave her just enough slickness to enable her to slide her body out of holds by pulling away at sudden intervals, making her quite the slippery opponent. It was a technique she loved to use to surprise opponents who depended on grappling-style techniques.

With that being said, once Rosie narrowly escaped being dragged into a counterattack, she attempts to immediately throw a low spinning heel kick to the legs to knock her opponent off his other foot. Kable grabs Rosie round the neck as he goes down, pushing her into the sand. However, she executes her anti-grappling technique once more, reacting quickly by jumping back to pull away from the hold and slipping free, just barely that time. The echidna laughs a bit as lands back to her feet, enjoying the clash between martial arts skills.

Kable gets up, breathing heavily. Rosie snaps back to her stance with peppy smile on her face, not quite out of breath just yet. Though, she was having a lot of fun.

"Come on! You're not out of breath already, are you?" The echidna lightly teases, trying to provoke her opponent as a way of keeping him motivated to fight. She never liked to see a good fighter give up in the middle of an enjoyable battle.

Kable quickly pulls out his pistol and fires at Rosie. Rosie quickly ducks into a Spin Dash maneuver, avoiding the rain of bullets from underneath the line of fire while rolling towards her foe. Once she was close enough, she would suddenly uncurl, springing off with her left hand to pounce up with two, quick, rising side kicks to the stomach then face with both alternating feet, the second kick strong enough to send Kable into the air. Kable grabs the first kick before it can hit him and flips Rosie over. As the echidna was hurled over her opponent, she quickly leans her body forward and positions herself onto her hands, reducing the impact of the throw. Afterwards, Rosie quickly springs off from the ground and throws herself into a high-speed spin, extending her legs to deliver a forceful barrage of spinning kicks to the head, practically an upside-down variation of her Cyclone Kick technique. Kable ducks under the kicks and slides across the sand to try and kick Rosie in the face. When Rosie didn't feel any immediate impact from the start of her move, Rosie quickly attempts to cancel out it by closing her legs together and promptly curling up into a spin. She couldn't fully get away from Kable's kick from that point in the air but she was able to tank most of the impact from her spin and gets knocked away from her opponent. The echidna uncurls upon reaching the ground, landing with her feet lightly skidding across the sand, smirking a bit.

Rosie doesn't waste any time dashing for another attack and blitzes back towards Kable to strike his face with a speedy straight punch, which would quickly chain into a round kick to the left side of the head. Kable goes down hard. Rosie snaps back to her stance, patiently waiting to see if her opponent would rise back up, but he doesn't. It appeared her opponent was now down for the count, prompting Rosie shift out of her stance. She calmly brings her hands to her sides and performs one more respectful bow towards her fallen opponent.

"Good fight."

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