Bladedancer walks in and sits down. Wraith floats through the seat next to her and also takes a seat.

"Hopefully Kable will do better than last time." Bladedancer said.

"Both combatants have an equal chance of victory," Wraith replied "However...Kable. Kable."

Wraith clapped 3 times and then continued the chant in the same dull, monotonous tone. Bladedancer questions her life choices.

Zeta took a seat, crossing her arms. "I've heard of this Niko guy... apparently, he's quite the efficient soldier. But I've also heard that he's absolutely nutty. Don't know much about Kable, though," she shrugged. "Should be an interesting match, nonetheless."

The Bloodied Battle

Kable walks on, loading his pistols and sliding his stun batton into his suit pocket. "Hopefully this will go better than the fight with Rosie," He muttered to himself as he got into a fighting stance.

Niko walked into the arena, his two guns resting in his holsters. He glanced at Kable. "You are dead meat. I am great soldier, served 17 years for the Russian army," he said as he pulled out an assault rifle, loading it with ammunition. "I will make you swim in your guts!"

"Sounds pleasant," Kable replied. He drew his pistol before firing a single shot at Niko. Niko took the shot, and it hit him in his right arm. "I'm left handed anyway," he said, loading his gun. He fired at Kable. Kable quickly rolled to the side and fired at Niko again. Niko rolled to the side as well, taking cover. He noticed that his assault rifle was still loaded, and fired again at Kable. Kable tries to advance on Niko, weaving in and out of Niko's fire while slowly getting closer. Niko reloaded his gun, and thought of something; shooting at Kable's gun. It seemed somewhat risky, but someone like Niko was willing to take that risk. Nikolai fired. As he does this, Kable does exactly the same thing, firing a bullet at Nikolai's gun. Nikolai's assault rifle broke, and he pulled out his second gun, putting in the ammo. Kable's gun broke too, and realising he had the advantage while Nikolai was reloading, dashed towards him. Kable drew out his stun baton in his right hand and his other pistol in his left, firing with his pistol while moving forward.

Nikolai reloaded just as Kable fired, getting hit in the right shoulder. He fired at Kable. Kable dodges to the side, still trying to get in close. He tried firing at Nikolai's gun again.

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