In the stands, two people were eagerly watching - a grey hedgehog with a sleeveless black jacket, along with a blue bandanna. Accompanying him was a yellow-furred, pink-haired lynx, wearing a pink two-piece outfit fastened with a purple sash.

Spikes was smiling as he watched Leo get into a stance. "Man, it must be nice to be her right now!" he said, wishing that he was in there, too. "This guy probably won't be a total weakling... it's gonna be a really fun battle to watch!"

"I don't get what you two love about fighting," Kyxen said with a slight eye roll. "Really, I only ever fight when there's a totally cute outfit on sale and another girl wants it." Spikes sighed.

Vendeta teleport dashes into his seat, holding a bucket of popcorn. He looks over to Spikes.

"Hey, do you know who the female tiger is?" Vendeta asked "I know the other guy, but I've never seen her before."

"Oh, Leo? She's my wife, I'm happy to say," said Spikes with a slight blush and a smile. "We've been through a lot together, and I love her a lot."

”Congratulations,” Vendeta replied.

Meanwhile a bit further, a blue hedgehog and a blond haired red fox, both females looked on at the competitors. Scarlet June, the red fox, was clearly annoyed. "There he goes, being all flirty again...I almost wish to see him lose, even if it isn't too likely to happen," she said to her friend.

"While I also wish to see our dear friend Mac taking things more seriously, I also like how he can always act like himself," the hedgehog replied. "Also I wouldn't be too sure about the outcome yet," she continued. "That tiger, I can sense something from her. She kinda reminds me of Terra."

"If you say so, Alexia," Scarlet replied. "Let's see how it plays out."

The Bloodied Battle

A maroonish-orange haired tiger walked into the arena donning an open red jacket, a white undershirt, two droopy red sleeves, and a gi-like set of pants along with a blue belt. Leo waited for her opponent excitedly. It's going to be nice, being able to do something without getting something like my gender involved, she said. In the world of battle, male or female doesn't matter! Then again... Leo sighed. It depends on exactly who my opponent is.

On the other side of the arena, a brown furred bengal tiger could not hold his excitment at the coming battle. "This place is getting better and better! Great fights, strong contestants and even hot chicks now! I'm surprised this Leo is a girl!", he said while grinning at the other tiger. "Hey lady, nice body you have there, would be a shame to damage that. What do you say, I go easy on you and we go for drinks after this?", the bengal told her while winking.

This guy is annoying, she thought with a little grumbling. I can't allow myself to lose my patience too easily, though. "After this battle, I'm not sure you'll be able to stand up on two feet, much less be able to take me out on a date. I'm happily married, thank you very much." She got into a stance. "Now stop it with the flattery and let's fight!"

"Oh that's too bad, I was sure we would hit off so good...", he playfully replied. "Let's fight indeed then!", he said while drawing his sword "Ladies first!"

Leo decided to start the battle off with some hand-to hand, running up and trying to hit Mac in the face repeatedly with rapid jabs. Quickly dodging them while keeping a playful smile, Mac then went for a roundhouse kick. Leo blocked the kick with one of her own before jumping over Mac. Then, she turned around and tried to kick him in the back.

Mac blocked the kick with his sword. "You're not bad miss! Maybe this will be even better than I thought!" he said while slashing at her, expecting Leo to dodge it. Leo instead grabbed the sword, pulling it towards her and trying to punch Mac in the stomach. Intercepting it with a knee, Mac then tried to bounce backwards off her chest. Leo was sent back a little bit, and grumbled about something before running forward and sliding, trying to aim a kick for Mac's crotch. Mac went up in the air and started to fire at the tiger. Leo ran ran, some of the bullets hitting the back of her heel before she tripped. Mac used this opportunity to downward slash at the female tiger.

Leo's eyes widened as she rolled to the side, Mac's sword cutting some of her cloth. Annoyed at the tiger, Leo used her hands to boost herself up, landing on Mac's sword and trying to kick him in the face twice with quick kicks.

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