Kennedy McLeod the Chaos Tiger, a spitting image of Mac appearance-wise with only minor changes in fur color/style and different clothing sat down in the stands, excited to see Mac battle a new competitor. He always seemed to be the one to want to jump into a battle - when he saw a potential match was open, he signed up nearly immediately. Kennedy hoped Mac would win - however, it'd also do him a favor if the tiger lost. Mac could've done well with some lost pride.

Next to Kennedy was Scarlet June the Fox, wearing a light, white jacket with pink pockets and zipper and blue jeans. She wanted to sign up for this match at first - she still had yet to win on her own. Mac practically begged her to let him do it instead, and in reply, Scarlet simply rolled her eyes. Here she was, still doing just that. I sure hope that boy doesn't disappoint us...

Natalie, Angel and Rugal come in and sit down in the seats behind Kennedy and Co.

"You sure you want to watch this, Rugal?" Angel asked. "I know you haven't had a good history with this kind of stuff."

"I never had a problem with Disaster Club," Rugal replied "There were rules there regarding the safety of the fighters. It wasn't traumatic or anything."

Angel nodded. Natalie's eyes are firmly glued to Vendeta. Angel nudged her, but she kept focused.

Scarlet looked at the people in behind her and said, "So that Vendeta guy's a friend of yours? He looks pretty tough. Definitely not a pushover, that's for sure," Scarlet said, paying close attention to the battle in front of her. They both had close range abilities and projectiles. This was a nearly even match.

"We don't know him," Angel replied, looking at Natalie "At least, not all of us."

Kennedy whistled. "Whew, this is a tough battle. Vendeta is the smarter fighter, and he has more potential range-wise, but his attacks would do more damage. Mac is very destructive, but he has no resistance to telekinesis."

Scarlet put her hands up and grunted. "D-Damn... they're really going all-out for this one last attack, aren't they?" Mac and Vendeta had just clashed, and Kennedy and Scarlet were surrounding themselves with energy shields to avoid being struck by lightning of blinded by sand. "I've never seen Mac try this hard before.... This Vendeta guy really is pushing him to his absolute limits, isn't he?"

Kennedy looked at Mac with slanted eyes. "They're pretty good opponents for each other, that's for sure. Mac has somehow inserted all of his spirit into his fist.This attack will decide who wins... and who loses." Wow, Mac. You sure have come a long way, Kennedy thought. I wonder how much you can still improve?

Scarlet sighed. "There goes that idiot. He goes with the most blunt strategy ever, which is the stupid one, and is easily outsmarted - no surprise there. Oh well. This Vendeta isn't half-bad, I guess."

Natalie stood up and started clapping and cheering. Angel and Rugal also start clapping. Rugal looks at Scarlet.

”Gotta say,” he said. “That Mac guy is good.”

"Even though he has an IQ of negative twenty-five," Scarlet said, "He's a decent person, and he managed to train me into the person I am today, and when he's not severely injuring people for a job or trying to pick up girls... he's a decent person." She began to turn around and started to walk away. "It was a nice fight. Next time one of us is against your gang, I'm going to be the one in the ring, though."

"It was nice meeting you," said Kennedy, also turning to leave.

”Nice meeting you too, Kennedy,” Natalie replied.

Kennedy quickly gave her a sideways glance. "How did you... find out my name? Are you a telepath? Technically, I am too, but I prefer not to use it."

The Bloodied Battle

Mackenzie Hartley the Tiger ran into the arena wearing his casual outfits - a yellow and black jacket with black shorts. He donned a brown belt that held two guns and a sword, and he had golden bracelets on. Whoever this "Vendeta" guy is was sure going to feel the pain! he thought, chuckling. He'd been practicing for only two days, but in the two days, he'd been working on his skill with Angel (his sword), shooting with Zip and Zap (his guns), and punching faster with the Flash Gauntlets. He was going to make sure he didn't lose!

Vendeta casually walked into the arena, looking around at his surroundings and waving to the crowd. He then focuses on his opponent. Huh, cocky. He thought to himself. Loads of power and no way of focusing it. Reminds me of that Irvaron kid I met a while ago. Oh, well. He won't be so cocky after I'm done with him. Vendeta's hands are covered in a blue aura as he prepares for combat.

Mac took Angel out of its sheath and smiled, trying to sense his opponent's energy signatures. Very controlled, really good at focusing it to different points. It'd be best to start by throwing him off - making him lose focus is my easiest way to win. Not wasting any time to talk, Mac jumped into the air and stabbed downward while flickering with electricity. If he hit the ground or Vendeta, a burst of lightning would rise up from the ground.

Vendeta floats backwards and uses a Force Wall to defend himself against the electricity, although the wall itself nearly breaks. He makes the Force Wall move forward to push Mac away. Surrounding himself with electricity, Mac surges over the Force Wall, takes out his guns after having sheathed his sword and fires static bullets at Vendeta. Vendeta stops the bullets in mid air with his psychokinesis, turns them around and sends them flying at Mac. Mac blocks the bullets with a force field, causing them to fall onto the ground.

Seeing that Vendeta has psychokinesis, Mac fired some more bullets forward. Then, he'd fire two lightning bolts from his hands, hoping that Vendeta would be too bust with the onslaught of bullets to dodge the bolts. Should I change into TAI now? No, let me see if I can take this guy out fast. That form is a last resort - or a middle resort, flip that coin.

Vendeta stops the bullets with his psychokinesis. However, he's so focused he barely had time to register the lightning bolts and he flies straight up, dropping the bullets he had caught with his powers. Mac smiled. Perfect. Turning his bracelets into gauntlets, Mac leaps up and tries to uppercut Vendeta in the gut. If that hit landed, he would then spike the hedgehog down to the ground. Vendeta fails to block the hit to the gut, but blocks the spike with his own Force Palm, the resulting energy blast knocking Mac far up into the air and sending Vendeta flying to the ground, although he manages to right himself with his psychokinesis and lands smoothly. Dang it. He thought. This guy is less of a pushover than I thought. I can't let my guard down.

Mac seeing how high he was in the air, decided to do a more extreme variation of his first attack. He put his guns on his belt and unsheathed Angel, choosing to stab downwards while rapidly falling, which would cause an even larger burst of blue electricity to pop out of the ground than before. Vendeta stops Mac in mid air just above the ground with his psychokinesis before Force Palming him. If it lands, Mac is knocked into the opposite wall.

Mac was sent flying to the wall, but flipping himself over, he hit it with his legs. He then recoiled off of it to try to punch Vendeta in the cheek with an electric fist and drive him through the sand. Vendeta dives under Mac, floating slightly above the ground thanks to his psychokinesis, and throws a punch straight at Mac's stomach. Mac, now upside down, delivered an upside-down kick to meet Vendeta's punch. He then landed on his hands and tried to kick Vendeta with a breakdance kick. Vendeta spins round and grabs the kick, softening the impact with his psychokinesis. If this works, he spins round and throws Mac into the wall with a little help of his psychokinesis.

The attack on Mac hit, and Mac was sent flying into the wall at supersonic speeds. Mac fell off the wall onto his back and coughed, for the attack had done quite a bit of damage. Mac got up and growled. This guy doesn't look like he's here to play. I'll have to pick up the speed. Channeling electricity throughout his body to speed himself up, Mac bolted forward (no pun intended) as fast as lightning and tried to kick Vendeta in the crotch. If that hit, he'd try to uppercut the hedgehog into the air and summon a lightning bolt to blast him back down. The combo lands on Vendeta and he smashes into the ground, a crater forming in the sand where he landed. He gets to his feet slowly, clearly damaged by the attack.

"Good." He said "You're finally not holding back. I have no reason to either now."

Vendeta jumps up and flies straight at Mac. Mac cracked his knuckles, not even trying to defend against Vendeta's attack. "Y'know, if you wanted me to go all-out, all you had to do was ask!" Mac yelled, and a blue aura consumed his body, covering him with blue energy and electricity. Inside of the aura, three lightning bolts were fired at Vendeta. Vendeta teleport dashes past the lightning bolts and punches Mac in the gut. Mac takes the blow and coughs out some spit before trying to flick Vendeta in the forehead with an electric finger. However, that was only a distraction for the incoming sweep kick he'd perform right after. The kick lands and, although it temporarily disorientates him, Vendeta is able to right himself easily seeing he's in mid air. He throws a kick to Mac's head, and would follow up with a force palm to the chest if it landed.

Mac was sent flying downward in the sand, and though he landed on his feet, there was a lot of sand everywhere from his landing. Mac started running in circles so quickly, it looked like there were twelve Macs, forming a sandnado to consume Vendeta. Vendeta uses his psychokinesis to keep the stand still, allowing him to fly out of the vortex before it became too hard to control. Mac grunted, jumped and lunged at Vendeta, his speed giving him extra speed and power. He was trying to tackle Vendeta and bring him to the sand. Vendeta tries to kick Mac away before he can grab him. Mac was sent flying back, and after realizing he had more range now, he fired three lightning bolts at Vendeta. Vendeta dodges out of the way and returned fire with PsychDarts. Mac leaped high into the air before shooting bursts of energy backwards, sending him down to Vendeta. Mac was using a new variation of his Infernal Flash attack - whether he hit Vendeta or not, when he touched anything, he'd emit a medium-sized explosion from his body to attempt to electrocute Vendeta. Vendeta flies right at Mac and punches him in the jaw, unaware of the coming explosion. He's thrown back into the ground. Mac then jumped into the air, flipped, and tried to fall on Vendeta and kick him in the stomach. Vendeta creates a Force Blade as Mac comes down, trying to stab him in the leg.

Mac's leg was hit, causing him to fall to the left of Vendeta and get up, a bit dazed. He tried to pull the Force Blade out, which visibly hurt, but he succeeded. Mac then equipped Angel and started firing vertical blade beams from it, trying to either slice Vendeta in half on knock him off of his feet. Vendeta teleport dashes to the side and creates one Force Blade in each hand, swinging the one in his right at Mac. The blade beams and the Force Blade collide, cancelling each other out.

Mac twirled Angel and pointed it at Vendeta. "You're not quarter-bad, y'know. I'm not going to stop my attacks, though - if you wanna keep going, I'm going to give you hell!"

"I've been through hell already." Vendeta replied. "You're nowhere close."

Mac burst forward at Vendeta, and then disappeared. He reappeared in front of the hedehog and tried to perform a sweep kick. If he succeeded, he'd kick Vendeta up into the air. Vendeta is launched into the air, but uses his momentum to fly away from Mac and bombard him with PsychDarts. Mac bursts backwards to dodge the darts, and then he fired two lightning bolts and a couple bullets at Vendeta to zone him out. Vendeta throws the bullets back with his psychokinesis and flies past the lightening bolts, flying towards Mac. Mac tries to slide under Vendeta and then roundhouse kick him in the back of the head, but Vendeta spins round and blocks the kick, following it up with a punch to the face. Mac caught the punch with his palm, but losing his balance, he fell backwards and landed on his hands. He then began to breakdance, trying to kick Vendeta in the face. Vendeta ducks under the kick and tackles Mac to the floor, trying to get him in a chokehold. Mac emitted electrical energy from his body, trying to electrocute Vendeta. Vendeta lets Mac out of the chokehold and staggers away. Mac started moving around Vendeta quickly in circles around him, causing there to look like there's three of him. Then, they all try to punch Vendeta in the face, but only the one behind Vendeta to the right of him was the actual Mac. Vendeta tries to stop all of them with his psychokinesis, the illusions still going through him but the real Mac being held in place. He then spins round and round kicks Mac to the head. Mac is knocked backwards nearly onto his back, but he blasts electricity from the palm of his hands, boosting him up to try to kick Vendeta in the chin. Vendeta sidesteps the attack, letting Mac boost forwards, giving him a very small window to recover from the last exchange.

"You know," Vendeta said "You'd be doing a lot better if you weren't trying to show off." Mac, too busy trying to focus to reply, created a grenade of electric energy while upside-down and kicked it downwards towards Vendeta. He ended up falling onto his back, causing him to lay in the sand for a few seconds. Vendeta creates a Force Wall to block the grenades impact, although it's destroyed in the process. Mac got up, jumped in the air, and came down like lightning, trying to kick Vendeta and send his face through the sand. If he succeeded, he would jump off Vendeta and throw lightning bolts at him, trying to paralyze him. Vendeta stops Mac in mid air with his psychokinesis. Mac was stopped, but if he managed to distract Vendeta for even a second, he'd come crashing down. Vendeta breathes heavily for a moment, the battle clearly wearing him down.

Mac was still in the air, waiting for Vendeta to get distracted. "Hey, dude, where are your kids? You might want to have a proper burial by them!" he yelled. At this, Vendeta completely snaps. The psychokinetic hold on Mac is released as Vendeta Force Palms him with both hands, trying to hurl him into the wall, before he flies over and pins Mac to the wall by the throat. Mac was thrown to the wall, but turning himself into lightning, he burst away before Vendeta could grab him by the neck. Boosting into the air, Mac did a flip and smiled. "Touchy subject, eh? Is your kid dead or something?" Mac, while upside-down, put his hands in a "P" position before yelling "TASER LASER!" and firing a large yellow beam at Vendeta. Vendeta flies under the beam and flies behind Mac before kicking him in the head. Mac would meet Veneta's kick with an upside-down kick before releasing a discharge of electrical energy, trying to shock Vendeta and knock him to the ground. The shock knocks Vendeta away, but he manages to fly back up to Mac again while still falling down. As he flies up, he creates two Force Blades and slashes straight upwards. Mac burst downwards while surrounded with electricity and moves to his side to dodge the Force Blades before bursting downwards, trying to punch Vendeta downwards in the face. Vendeta grabs the punch and uses a Force Palm as he grabs it, trying to shatter Mac's hand.

Mac also inserted all of his energy into his fist, allowing him to fight against Vendeta's next attack. Firing a burst of energy from his palm, Mac tried to fire a lightning bolt through Vendeta's arm and blast himself back. "Whoa, dude! You ain't playing around, huh?" Shit! I just guessed he had kids, but wow, I really pissed him off! Vendeta doesn't reply and flies straight at Mac again, trying to stab him with a Force Blade. Mac took out Angel and parried the blow, blocking the Force Blade. Then, with his free hand, Mac took out Zip and fires two bullets at Vendeta's chest, which are caught by Vendeta's psychokinesis and fall to the floor. Vendeta tries to use his psychokinesis to pull Zip away from Mac and over to him. Mac refused to let go of Zip, and because of that was pulled with it. While he was being pulled, Mac fired two lightning bolts at Vendeta's head and legs. Vendeta flips over the lightning bolts and brings his foot down on Mac’s head. Mac put his head up when Vendeta tried to kick him, so before the attack could land Mac fired an energy beam from his mouth that threatened to consume Vendeta. Vendeta teleport dashed behind Mac, and Mac quickly turned around and tried to kick Vendeta in the stomach. Vendeta flies under the kick and shoots Mac with PsychDarts. As soon as Mac missed his kick, he turned around and performed another kick with energy infused in it, clashing with the PsychDart and cancelling it out (though Mac's attack was cancelled too). Mac then charged himself with electricity and burst forward at Vendeta, but when he was about a foot away he'd disappear. Vendeta notices Mac's disappearance and flies around the arena so he'd be harder to hit when Mac does reappear. Vendeta would find Mac reappearing right in front of his face. Then, Mac would attempt to put his palm of Vendeta's head before firing a large, blue beam point-blank. Vendeta pushes Mac's arm away, sending the beam in another direction, but flies right into Mac in the process.

Mac took the blow, a bit hurt, and released an electrical discharge from around his body. The discharge knocks Vendeta away and he prepares for Mac's next attack. Mac started firing electrical beams of energy at Vendeta, trying to zone him out. Vendeta dodged through them and returned fire with PsychDarts. Mac twirled Angel around, deflecting the shots before stabbing Angel into the ground. A yellow circle appeared underneath Vendeta before sending an inferno of electricity upwards. Vendeta is knocked into the air. Mac smiled and burst into the air, trying to slice Vendeta in half horizontally. Vendeta tries to right himself in the air and stops Angel in mid air with his psychokinesis but not Mac, hoping his momentum would send him flying forward so he could follow up. Mac wasn't completely stopped, as when he lost Angel he performed and electric flying kick after firing two lightning bolts at Vendeta, trying to hit him across the cheek. Vendeta flies under Mac and grabs Angel, which was still hanging in mid air. Mac was sent flying to the wall, but he recoiled off of it before jumping off it. Then, Mac sent four electric bombs to Vendeta with upside-down kicks before flipping and landing on the sand. Vendeta slashes his way through them with the newly-acquired Angel before landing on the sand in front of Mac. Now Mac has a better view of his face, Vendeta is mumbling to himself and his left eyebrow is twitching slightly.

Mac stopped. "Are you okay, dude? You seem a bit... out of it." Not waiting for an answer Mac burst at Vendeta, disappearing when he was a meter away. Vendeta just stands there, still mumbling. Mac came flying in from the left, trying to perform a flying kick to Vendeta's cheek and drag his face through the sand. Then, Mac would put two fingers to the ground, and electricity would erupt where Vendeta landed. As Mac flies back in, Vendeta finally snaps out of it, swinging up Angel to block the kick. Mac smiled as he released a discharge of electrical energy, trying to electrocute Vendeta once again. The discharge knocks Vendeta back, but he manages to keep hold of Angel. Vendeta teleport dashes over to Mac as soon as he lands and slashes horizontally towards Mac's head. Mac caught Angel by sending energy to his hand, nullifying the slash. Mac smiled before sending electricity throughout the blade again, which would electrocute Vendeta if he didn't let go. Vendeta lets go of Angel as Mac grabs it and tries to round kick Mac in the head. Mac was hit to the side, putting his hand downwards in the sand to stop himself. He then waited for Vendeta to make a move. Vendeta tries to pummel Mac in mid air while the tiger is still on the ground. Mac met Vendeta's punch with punches of his own before bursting backwards, jumping over Vendeta, and trying to sweep kick the hedgehog from behind. Vendeta jumps over the sweep kick and tries to kick Mac in one motion. Mac was hit square in the face, but trying to use a counter, he attempted to grab Vendeta's leg and send electricity through it, which would momentarily paralyze it. As his leg is paralyzed, Vendeta teleport dashes away so he has time for his leg to recover. Mac smirked and burst into the air with lightning, waiting to see Vendeta and get him. Vendeta flies straight at Mac, trying to uppercut him. Mac meets the blows with a punch of his own, before using his other hand to aim and fire a bullet at Vendeta's head. Vendeta grabs both Mac and the bullet with his psychokinesis before throwing them high up above the arena. He then flies up and tries to grab Mac, trying to ram him into the floor if he is successful.

Before he could grab Mac, Mac spun around quickly in the air, firing bolts of lightning in all directions. Vendeta teleport dashes past the lightning bolts and throws a hook at Mac's right cheek. Mac is hit by the blow, but he then grabs Vendeta's arm, takes Zip and fires a bullet, trying to disable the hedgehog's arm. Vendeta clenches his teeth as the bullet goes in, before kicking Mac in the stomach. Mac took the blow and coughed before spinning around quickly and trying to throw Vendeta into the sand. Then, he'd blast four lightning bolts at the hedgehog. As he lands on the sand, Vendeta creates a Force Wall to block the lightning bolts and uses his psychokinesis to pull the bullet out of his arm, albeit painfully. Mac sent himself flying downwards in an electric Spin Dash, trying to hit Vendeta's cheek and break through the barrier. Vendeta flies over Mac as he Spin Dashes right through the Force Wall and fires PsychDarts at him. As Mac hit the ground, he knew that Vendeta was planning a counter and put up a shield o his own, deflecting the PsychDarts. Then, Mac pointed Zip and Zap at Vendeta before firing thick, yellow beams, two from each gun. After that attack, Mac sighed and fell onto his knee, trying to get time to recover. Vendeta would find these weren't just beams - these were homing beams. Vendeta flies out of the way, and as the beams curve round he teleport dashes behind Mac and grabs him in a chokehold as the beams fly at them both. Mac released an electric discharge just as Vendeta got close before disappearing, leaving the hedgehog to deal with the beams. Vendeta creates Force Walls to stop the lasers and teleport dashes away if any of them break through. The beams didn't break through, but Vendeta would find bullets coming from all angles. Vendeta stops the bullets with his psychokinesis before guilding the lasers into the walls.

Mac boosted over to Angel, grabbing it. After twirling it stylishly, he began to fire multiple lightning bolts and blade beams at Vendeta. Vendeta teleport dashes past the beams and uppercuts Mac in the jaw. Mac tried to swat Vendeta's fist with Angel before slashing upwards. Vendeta flies to the left and tries to kick Mac in the back of the head. He succeeded and Mac flipped, trying to grab Vendeta's leg and throw him to the ground. Vendeta gets thrown down, rolling to get back up and firing several PsychDarts to keep Mac at bay. Mac twirls Angel around to block the PsychDarts before putting Angel on his belt and equipping the Flash Gauntlets. He falls and punches the ground, causing an explosion to rise where Vendeta is. Vendeta gets knocked back into the wall behind him by the explosion. He floats into the air still covered in dust from the explosion. Mac fires two orbs of kinetic energy at him from the Flash Gauntlets, feeling cocky. Vendeta flies under the kinetic energy, but doesn't fly straight at Mac, keeping his distance. Mac fires lightning bolts at Vendeta, determined to hit him. Vendeta dodges out of the way of the bolts, slowly closing in on Mac. Mac, realizing he was wasting energy firing projectiles that were going to miss, waited for Vendeta to get closer.

Vendeta flew straight at Mac as fast as he could. As soon as Vendeta got close, Mac smirked. A large inferno mixed of electricity and energy exploded, consuming a lot of the area Mac and Vendeta were around. When it subsided, Mac was on his knee, panting. He was out of TAI. For a split second, Vendeta was extremely worried. His plan had to be to draw Mac into getting cocky so he could counter him, but the hedgehog had not expected this. Vendeta creates a force wall, curved slightly to deflect the force of the explosion and much thicker than usual to withstand the force of the blast. Even with a considerable amount of the force deflected, the shield breaks under the pressure Vendeta is blasted into the back wall, hitting it and releasing a massive cloud of dust. A few seconds later, Vendeta falls down onto the ground, exhausted and wounded, but still standing.

When Mac saw Vendeta, he used Angel to allow himself to stand up straight, then using Zip and Zap to fire rapid bullets at Vendeta. He knew he wasn't gonna be able to use ergokinetic or electric attacks for a bit. Realizing now was his chance, Vendeta created a force wall to block the bullets and advances on Mac, not flying forward rapidly but still not moving slowly. Mac growled and put his guns away before equipped his Flash Gauntlets and firing pre-readied bursts of energy at Vendeta. Knew these would come in handy. Vendeta jumps over the blast and throws a Force Blade at Mac, landing on his feet and not taking to the air again. Mac sidestepped the Force Blade before firing more kinetic bursts at him. Vendeta dodges around the bursts and just keeps throwing Force Blades. Mac ran to the side to dodge them, though he eventually tripped and fell on his stomach before reloading his guns. Vendeta flies forward towards Mac, although he only dashes through the air before landing again. He then slashes at him with a Force Blade.

Reacting just in time, Mac blocked it with Angel with one hand before firing a bullet at Vendeta's head with Zap in the other. Vendeta catches the bullet with his psychokinesis and tries to punch Mac. Mac was hit, but equipping his Flash Gauntlet, he tried to punch Vendeta back with an electric fist and blast energy through his chest before attempting to spike him down. Vendeta is hit by the electric fist but sidesteps the spike, trying to punch Mac before he can recover. Mac was hit again, but he tried to fire an incredibly large beam of energy at Vendeta, trying to end the fight but making him extremely tired. Vendeta creates a Force Wall, trying with all his might to stop the laser, but eventually the laser overpowers him and he is blasted into the back wall, barely conscious. Without the Force Wall, he’d probably be completely out cold, or worse. Mac, even more tired than before, tried firing static bullets to paralyze him and cryokinetic bullets to freeze him to the sand. Vendeta creates a Force Wall to stop the bullets, but the construct flickers in and out of existence due to the damage Vendeta has taken. Mac then decided to just throw Angel at his chest, trying to break through the wall. Vendeta throws himself at the ground as the wall shatters and Angel clatters to the ground behind him after hitting the wall.

Mac jumped high into the air, charged his fist with electricity/energy, and sent himself crashing down like a missile, fist-first. If he succeeded, he'd slam Vendeta's head into the ground and cause a large explosion. Vendeta stands up and looks at Mac rising into the air. He draws what psychokinetic energy he has left into his fist, creating an energy construct of a glove. He then leaps up into the air and smashes his fist into Mac's. There was a fierce explosion of purple, blue, and yellow energy both ergokinetic and psychokinetic, sand and lightning flying everywhere. Mac's aura continued to flare asyellow lightning crackled around him. Most of his fur turned brown except for the first he was using to clash with Vendeta. "It's over for you! I'm not going to lose!" Vendeta kept pushing as hard he could: this was the last bit of energy he had in the tank and he wasn't going to let it go to waste. The energy construct around his fist began growing psychokinetic spikes and continuing down his arm in weird patterns, simply due to the amount of energy Vendeta was using. He personally hadn't seen anything like it.

"Mac," Vendeta said "I'd like to say that it's been an honour to fight you. Few have been able to push me this much. Even fewer have managed to make me use up this much of my energy supply. And...there is one more thing I want you to know before this is over..."

"What is it?" Mac asked, his energy starting to face away. If he couldn't control it for much longer, the clash would be over soon...

”I have two fists.”

As soon as he started saying that, Vendeta rose over the clash of fists and through the chaotic energy before trying to punch Mac in the face. Vendeta's honestly simple strategy worked extremely well, and Mac was sent flying to the wall with a thump. All of his energy was depleted at this point, and Mac only had one thing to say - "Good game... Ven." How he recognized that name, he didn't know, but after saying it, he fell on the sand unconscious. Vendeta smiled back at Mac’s unconscious body.

”Good game, Mac. Good game.”

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