Two hedgehogs were in the spectator seats with pizza and ice cream, cheering for the grey tiger. One had white upwards quills, dyed pink hair, and donned a blue lab coat alongside a red undershirt and jeans. The other wore a blue and white dress with stars ad moons weaved into its design.

"C'mon, K-Kennedy! You got th-this!" yelled Alexia. I don't really want to see blood be spilled, but... how rude would I be if I didn't root for Kennedy? He's my friend, and I'm going to cheer him on to the very end! "I b-believe in you, K-Ken!"

"Kick some ass, Kenny!" Schnee cheered, pumping her fist into the air. "Doesn't matter who you're against, but I know you're not going to lose, RIGHT?!"

A Mobian moth in his early 20s sits next to them, clearly battered despite his young age. He looks at the coming battle with interest. The Word of Kiritsu were scouting recruits, and Mammoth the Moth has been sent to the arena to find them. He looked at Schnee.

”Do you know one of these fighters?” He asked her.

"You know it!" Schnee said, giving him a grin and a thumbs-up. "You see the edgy, calm, grey-heavy tiger over there? Yeah, we're pretty tight," she said with a wide smile. "He's been in a lot of fights here, so it's gonna be fun watching to see if he's gonna fail or not. But we KNOW HE'S NOT GOING TO FAIL, RIGHT?!" she yelled, intentionally trying to get Kennedy to hear her.

"So, are you know...?"

"W-Well, I wouldn't say... not exactly... heh heh..." Schnee blushed and hid behind her labcoat as Alexia sighed with a smile.

"We're a-all very close friends," she answered for Schnee.

"I can tell," Mammoth replied. He looked back at Kennedy and Austin as they swap powers. "Well, this is...interesting."

"Is Kennedy using that guy's staff?" Schnee said, standing on her tippy-toes to see."I've been trying to teach him how to use them properly, but he says he's so busy, saving the other worlds in stuff. Can't he make up some time for a lesson?"

"D-Did they make a deal or something?" asked an extremely confused Alexia. "Kennedy can't fly, but th-the other sir can... unless the o-other one always could, this is really w-w-weird."

”They’ve switched powers,” Mammoth said, keeping his eyes on the two combatants. “Let’s see how resourceful these guys are when they’re pushed out of their depth.”

"I wonder what would happen if I was in there?" asked Schnee.

"Do you have any powers?" Mammoth asked.

"Nope. Well, I mean, I guess they'd have my hammerspace, but that's less a power and more of a weapon... that holds weapons. It's complicated, but basically no," Schnee said, scratching the back of her head. "Whoever would have to go against me in this type of fight would be screwed."

"If someone had to go against me, well... besides the f-f-fight, I'd h-hope that they'd u-use my cryokinesis and h-hydrokinesis for good... a-and not to do something m-m-morally questionable. I-I'm not much of a fighter, a-anyway," piped up Alexia.

”That’s understandable,” Mammoth replied “It’s not for everyone.”

"I mean, Ken's not doing too bad, considering most of his more physical abilities are gone," said Schnee, lowering her eyelids to get a better look. "Does the other guy even know that he's a lot stronger now?"

"It doesn't matter if he's stronger if he doesn't know how to use his powers," Mammoth replied.

"Fair enough. Man if I had those powers... SHA-BAM! Explosions and sand would be flying everywhere." Schnee did punches and kicks in the air. "The only thing with me is that I'm good with a lot of guns, but I guess that helps. But that other guy isn't doing so well with flying, is he?"

"I'd get motion sick trying to fly," said Alexia, slightly nauseous.

"I never had a problem getting used to it," Mammoth said "But I can fly naturally. That guy has never flown in his life." His ability to adapt would be useful to the Word of Kiritsu.

"I-I'm just happy they aren't blo-bloodlusted," Alexia said. "S-S-Some of these fights can be pretty nasty to w-witness."

"It's easy to get lost in the fight," Mammoth replied.

The Bloodied Battle

In the arena, there was a grey tiger wearing an interested expression. He wore a purple scarf, grey pants, and a green shirt with lime-green dragons on it. I've been in my fair share of fights as is, Kennedy said. But apparently, this one has some type of twist to it. I'm not going to even ponder the idea of going down easy, though!

On the other side of the arena was a blue, slender lynx. As he walked on, he held out his hand in front of him, grapsing the air.

”Call Covenant,” he said. As he finished, a bright gold staff with a red disk on top appeared in his hand in a flash of light. He stopped walking, placing the staff in the ground and leaning against it.

”Pleasure to meet you,” Austin the Lynx said “What’s your name?”

"My name is-" Kennedy flinched as Schnee yeled again, sending him the message to not lose. Well, someone's a bit pushy today, he thought. "My name is Kennedy McLeod," he said with a nod. "It's nice to have a respectable opponent. If it doesn't bother you, what is your name?"

"I'm Austin. I'm a traveler." As he says this, Austin extends his hand, expecting Kennedy to shake it. Kennedy flew over and did with a smile, and he suddenly glowed purple. Then, he fell on the ground, having lost his flight. Austin also glowed purple. He then fell over as Covenant disappeared and reappeared behind Kennedy.

"What happened?" Austin asked, getting up.

"I seem to have been affected by much heavier gravity," said Kennedy, trying to fly but just jumping several times.

"That's odd," Austin replied "I feel the opposite."

As Austin gets up, he somehow manages to slip up and suddenly ends up floating in the air. He doesn't say anything: he just looks confused.

Kennedy's expression went blank for a few seconds as he realized what had happened, looking at the floating Austin and the staff behind him. "...we've swapped abilities, haven't we?" Well, this is going to be difficult. "Now, it looks like you have Chaos Powers, mild self-regeneration, a bit of psychokinesis and gyrokinesis, Chaos Control (though I only use that one for desperate measures), flight, and you can turn parts of your body into other objects, like weapons."

Kennedy scratched the back of his head. "You could also lower your control of your Chaos for more power, but that lowers your defense and over energy supply, so I'd be careful with that one. Meanwhile..." Kennedy grabbed the staff behind him and twirled it around with a smile. "I get a staff. Nice. I like a challenge!"

Austin listened to Kennedy as he tried to steady himself in mid air: flight was harder to get used to than expected.

”Wow, that’s a lot of powers,” Austin replied “Guess I’ll tell you what Covenant can do. It‘s able to fire light beams, either as lasers or simply to blind people, and it will always teleport back to you if you say ‘Call Covenant’. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve unlocked it’s full potential, but maybe you could figure something out that I haven’t.”

Austin floats to the ground and lands shakily. He then turns his hand into a staff, looking very similar to Covenant. He then gets in a fighting stance, empty hand forward, staff behind.

”Now then,” He said “Shall we get started, Kennedy?”

Kennedy grabbed hold of Covenant. "Definitely."

Austin swings the staff round, trying to strike Kennedy's side. Kennedy blocked it with Covenant before trying to jab Austin in the stomach. Austin knocks Covenant away with the end of his staff that didn't hit Kennedy before going for a groin strike with the other end. Kennedy tried blocking with his arm before wincing. Blast it, I've lost some of my defensive measures too... Kennedy tried to sweep Austin off of his feet in retaliation. Austin is swept off his feet, but ends up floating in midair. Although surprised, Austin quickly spins himself round, trying to hit Kennedy in the side with the staff again, although this time the blow was less about precision and more about raw power. Kennedy blocked it again, but he was sent back a little. He then created a ball of light with Covenant before hitting it towards Austin. Austin is hit by the ball of light and knocked away; while he tried to dodge he hadn't really got the idea of moving around while flying yet.

Kennedy smirked, creating two more balls and hitting them towards Austin with Covenant as if it were a baseball bat. Austin manages to disable his flight and falls down. He immediately lays on the ground so the two balls narrowly fly over him. Alright. Austin thinks. I'm not going to win this if I can't figure out how to fly. Austin stands up and wills himself to fly forward. Nothing happens. He sighs and creates a Chaos Spear in the hand that isn't a staff and fires it forward. Kennedy turns the staff, and the balls before to circle around Austin, trying to trap him, before being hit by the Chaos Spear and falling onto his butt. Austin manages to fly straight upwards over the balls, but flies up way higher than he intended and is unable to come down again. He settles for throwing more Chaos Spears at Kennedy. Kennedy opened his eyelids before he rolled quickly, avoiding the spears while using Covenant to send the orbs up.

Is there anything this thing can do besides make golden balls? Kennedy asked himself, annoyed. Maybe I should try something...

Austin, meanwhile, manages to find out how to fly backwards away from the orbs. Kennedy imagined himself firing a Chaos Spear, and suddenly, Covenant fired a gold beam of light at Austin as Kennedy smirked. "Well, that's not all too bad," he said. Austin tries to fly down bellow the beam, but instead falls to the floor.

"Well, that wasn't as I intended," He said as he got up. He then got up and ran at Kennedy, turning his arm into Kennedy's traditional purple blade. Kennedy tried blocking it with Covenant before twirling around and aiming a blow to Austin's side. Austin slides under the staff, trying to knock Kennedy off his feet. If that worked, he'd follow up with a gyrokinetic blast while he was still in the air. Kennedy was hit by the blast and was sent high into the skies.

Maybe I should play to my strengths, Kennedy thought, creating swords of light behind him and firing them at Austin. Austin jumps up and rolls to the side, returning fire with Chaos Spears. Kennedy began to fall, creating a shield of light to protect himself. "You know, your photokinesis isn't all too much different from my Chaos Energy," stated Kennedy.

”Must be why I’ve picked it up so fast,” Austin replied “That said, I can’t get the hang of flight for the life of me...”

Austin ran towards Kennedy and turns his arm into a sword. Kennedy tried blocking it with Covenant before twirling it and trying to jab Austin in the face. Austin grabs Covenant with his non-sword hand and he yanks on it, trying to pull Kennedy forward. He'd follow up with a kick if this succeeded. Kennedy was kicked back, but he flipped before twirling Covenant around, releasing a spiral of light. Austin strafes to the side while firing Chaos Spears. Kennedy blocks one with Covenant but gets hit by the next, causing him to roll on the floor before firing a beam of light at Austin. Austin gets knocked back by the beam, and ends up flying. He reorientates himself to flying before flying towards Kennedy while firing Chaos Spears.

Kennedy twirls Covenant, creating a shield of light in front of him before firing the shield forwards. Austin flies upwards above the shield, but he couldn't fly down again. He keeps flying forwards towards Kennedy even if he's slightly above him. Kennedy fires orbs of light at Austin. "Hey, innocent question... does this staff have an energy supply?"

Austin barrel rolls out of the way of Kennedy's orbs. "Not that I know of."

"Well then," Kennedy said, placing Covenant on the ground and releasing a beam of energy from under Austin. "That's good to know. Might as well tell you - the more you use your Chaos Powers, the more your defense decreases."

Austin tries to move back but ends up moving down. He is hit by the laser beam and falls to the ground in a cloud of smoke. He hears what Ken said, but doesn't reply, instead going for a sweep attack. He landed his attack, but Kennedy tried to hit Austin in the head with Covenant. Austin kept spinning round so the staff just missed him. Kennedy grunted, jumping back.

Alright... what else can I do with this? Kennedy thought before creating a rock of solid light and throwing it at Austin with Covenant. Austin rolled back but ended up in mid air again.

"How do you stand this power?" He asked Kennedy "It's really getting on my nerves."

He then fired two gyrokinetic blasts at Kennedy. Kennedy countered them with blasts of light. "Though I've only been in this physical form a small amount, my Chaos Energy has been used in countless beings. I guess you could say I've had thousands of years of practice."

"I learn quickly," Austin replied. He then flew towards Kennedy and tried to punch him in the face. Kennedy was hit in the chin, rolling over and jumping back onto his feet with the slightest semblance of a... smirk?

I expected to roll into an aerial levitation-projectile combo, but it seems as if I've seen got to get used to his powers, Kennedy said before hitting the staff to the ground. The area he was standing on quickly became lit up before returning to its normal hue, and Kennedy pointed the staff at Austin. "You're not the only one adapting!" he yelled before twirling the staff and firing a drill-like projectile out of light at Austin. Austin is too close to the projectile to dodge out of the way and is knocked prone. Kennedy quickly whipped the tip of Covenant from side to side, firing flat and fast-moving beams towards Austin. Austin turns his arm into a shield to try and block the beams.

Kennedy spins Covenant around, and it glowed yellow before ejecting a yellow, whip-like substance that could've wrapped around Austin if it hit him. Austin was too focused on blocking the beams to notice the whip and it wrapped around him.

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