The Bloodied Battle

A tall, heavily-built green porcupine wearing a brown jacket and pants slowly walked onto the battlefield, his boots making a lot of noise as he shuffled along the floor. He seemed to be paying no attention to anything except for the floor, despite the fact that he knew that he was about to be plunged into a life-threatening battle.

Soon after that, a winged hedgehog landed smoothly on the sand, looking around. Her electric blue orbs flickered around, before landing on her opponent infront of her. She mentally growled, knowing that this battle may or may not kill her.

The porcupine looked up upon seeing the hedgehog land. "Oh, hi," he said in a deep, bored monotone. "We should probably exchange names before we kill each other. My name's Jack, what's yours?"

"Keira," she growled. "And 'nice' to meet you Jack."

Jack stared at the floor again, muttering under his breath, "Usual formalities," then looked up, shrugged, and said, "Well, now that's over," and instantly charged at her, hoping to knock her back or at least temporarily disorient her.

Once he made his first move, Keira immediately sprinted to her left, before stopping on the opposite direction of where Jack was standing. She wasn't going for any moves for the early part of the match, as she had to keep her cool, and take out her attacks once she needed them.

Jack skidded to a halt just in time to avoid banging into the arena wall. After he stopped moving, he started looking around, confused. Evidently his move had disoriented him instead of his opponent. "This is not how I usually do this," he muttered under his breath. "It's always so much clearer..."

Her electric blue orbs were focused on their target, analyzing what type of fighter he was, depending on his first move. 'He's probably a type who's a brute, but he might as well have some other stuff that I don't know,' the winged one thought, before firing an electric blast at Jack. 'Let's see how he reacts...'

Jack saw the blast coming too late to avoid it, so he simply ducked, letting part of the blast go by. However, the rest of the electricity hit him, causing him a noticeable amount of pain. "No..." he said, loudly enough to be audible. "This is not...happening..." Without warning, he suddenly charged at Keira again, although he looked like he was better prepared to stop himself from a collision should one occur again.

Once again, she moved to dodge, but she purposely let apart of his attack hit her, while she mentally took note of his strength. 'Totally the buster type,' she mentally corrected herself. She then flew into the air, firing lightning bolts at Jack, attempting to hit him and weaken him. Keira stayed airborne, looking from above, like a hawk locating its prey.

Jack dodged some of the lighting bolts, but was hit by some of the others, knocking him over. Jack slowly stood up, getting into a defensive posture as he did so.

"When I attack a lot, he goes.. Defense? And when I'm not doing anything, he goes full force,' Keira muttered, trying to figure out a pattern.

'Range attack it is then,' she growled mentally, using her attack called Lightning Rain.

Jack looked up to see what Keira was doing and noticed the lightning bolts raining from the sky. He seemed indecisive for a moment, then rolled to gain momentum and launched himself at Keira, hoping to hit or just distract her.

The winged one glanced down at her opponent, before using Electric Dragon Strike. Keira created a ball of electrokinesis, turning it into an electric dragon and controlled it to force him on the ground. She then swiftly landed on the sand, before following the attack up with Home Run; launching him up high into the air.

Jack was caught completely unprepared by the double assault, bearing the full brunt of the attacks and landing hard on the arena floor. When he got up, he was clearly injured by the landing, causing him to fall to his knees. He then looked up at Keira, his irises flickering between black and red, and said in a tone of barely restrained anger, "You're never...did that..." With those words, he stood up, his irises now fully red and only occasionally flickering back to black. He charged at her for the third time in the battle, this time looking both less powerful than before due to his injuries and more powerful than before due to a sense of increased combat strength.

Keira was now furiously scribbling notes in her head. 'Might as well have a dark side.' She paused, switching her thought to which attack she should do next. 'And he's definitely on all attack,' she concluded, before countering his attack with her Electro Wave. "Careful, that might paralyze you," she muttered, before flying upwards again.

Jack was now running so fast that he just sidestepped to dodge the wave of electricity, then dodged back to try to grab Keira's leg and keep her from flying out of his range.

She snarled, before landing again on the sand, and turning into a shadow. She shadow sneaked away from Jack, before taking out her axe, and used Snadow Sneak again, closing in on her opponent.

Jack looked around for Keira, not being able to see her, since he was looking for a full-height Mobian, not a shadow. His eyes started flickering rapidly between red and black.

Keira then reappeared behind him, immediately using her axe to slash him, before using her electrokinesis attacks again. She then flew up, launching more long range attacks.

Since Jack couldn't see Keira, he was completely unprepared for either attack. The axe slash knocked him to his knees, wounded and defenseless. The follow-up attacks then hit him for full damage, causing him to fall to the floor, limp and apparently lifeless.

Keira soon walked away, before casting a healing spell to heal him for a while. “That’s a good match,” she nodded at him. “Good game,” she muttered, before lauching up into the sky.

Shortly after Keira left, Jack managed to drag himself to his feet, his irises now completely black. "Nnrgh..." he groaned, starting to walk out of the arena, then collapsing onto one of the walls. He then said to himself, "I have to get better at fighting so I won't fail again like I did this time."

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