The real Vendeta walks into the stands with a bucket of popcorn.

Behind him, Celestia walked calmly. She was chuckling to herself. Let's see how Keira survives with Mercurius, she mentally muttered amusedly.

Celestia sat on the seats, eyes glued on the battle. "Wow," she commented, trying to break the silence. Vendeta is still chomping his way through popcorn. A Spanish human burst into the stands, skidding to a stop with Extreme Gear skates... at least, he tries. He ends up tripping and falling onto his back.

Max Irvaron looked up before waving. "Hi, Ven! You here to watch the match too?" He fixed himself up before sitting down, taking some gum out of his pocket and beginning to chew it. "I've heard that the peeps fighting here are crazy tough!"

"Yep. We've met one of them before," Vendeta replied "And I recognize the girl as well, although we didn't talk much."

"Sounds fun," Max said, smiling. "Well, this'll be interesting."

Celestia nodded, giving her attention to the battle again.

"You know," Max said, finally realizing something. "That robot thingy kinda looks like you."

”It does, now that I think about it,” Celestia faced Max, before turning to look at Vendeta. “And I hope they’re alright...”

"They'll be fine," Vendeta replies "The blue guy isn't thay strong anyway." He then stuffs his face with popcorn.

“How exactly are you so sure?” the female grey wolf asked. “He has Psychokinesis, that blue guy, right?”

"Yeah," Vendeta says, barely able to make words due to the volumes of popcorn in his mouth "But I've faced him before. Took him out in a few hits. He very nearly got destroyed for good, but he just managed to teleport away." Vendeta looks at his bucket of popcorn "I don't remember this stuff being this addictive." he mutters as he eats another mouthful.

The grey wolf chuckled, at Vendeta, before looking intently at the ongoing battle.

The Bloodied Battle

A small part of the arena freezes and Ice forms out of it, surveying his teammate as Vendeta Blue falls through a portal that closes behind him.

“Preparing to. Engage.” The robot says to Ice. The animated block of ice simply nods.

A blob of mercury slid over to the other side of where the two were. And from the blob, Mercurius appeared, waiting for his 'partner' that he doesn't know of yet. After a while, Keira swooped in, landing near the shapeshifter. At the sight of each other, the two yelled in sync, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!" Before they looked away, facing their opponents.

"Scanning... Complete," the shapeshifter grinned at himself. Keira had just simply sighed deeply.

The floor directly in front of Ice becomes ice and he skates forward, while Vendeta Blue activates another portal and jumps through it.

At this, Mercurius immediately transformed into Fleetway, and Keira sank into the ground, becoming one with her shadow. She's using shadow sneak, the shapeshifter noted, and moved in a zig-zag way at faster than the speed of light. Ice spikes form out of the ground around where the shapeshifter is (or at least was), trying to slow him down. Mercurius smashed through the ice spikes, getting slowed down a bit.

He then headed towards the shadow Keira sank into. In time, Keira reappeared out of the shadow, and grabbed Mercurius' hand. The shapeshifter shot up into the air. The winged female then summoned a rain of lightning bolts on an large circular area around Ice, while Mercurius backed her up. Ice‘s body gets smashed, but as this happens Vendeta Blue reappears behind both Keira and Mercurius and uses his psychokinesis, grabbing both of them before throwing them at the ground. If they land, Ice reforms and traps them in a cage of Ice spikes.

The two landed with a thump, as smirked at each other, already knowing what to do in the ice cage. The shapeshifter transformed into a dragon, overgrowing the cage, and eventually smashing it, while Keira charged up her electricity underneath Mercurius. In the form of a dragon, he blasted fire from his mouth, while hiding his partner underneath his stomach. Vendeta Blue uses his psychokinesis to lift the dragon’s mouth upwards, sending the flame into the ceiling. Ice then creates ice spikes under the dragon, stabbing the Dragon’s stomach and hopefully Keira.

Seeing that Mercurius was controlled by Vendeta Blue, Keira stopped charging up her electricity, and blasted at the speed of light. She dodged the spikes, and sped up behind Vendeta‘s back, before trying to hit him towards Mercurius’ mouth with her axe. The winged one then sped back to the ground, using Shadow Sneak. As Vendeta Blue flew towards Mercurius, he activated his Boundary Gate and warped away before reappearing in the air nearby. Ice skates towards the dragon and turns his arm into a massive spike, swinging it at the dragon's neck.

Mercurius then transformed into a mercury blob, before shapeshifting into a snake, slithering around Ice. Keira appeared out of her shadow, and blasted an area damage ball of black lightning at Vendeta Blue. Then she sped at Ice, trying to catch him off guard. The winged one then snapped her fingers, and the ball of black lightning exploded like a bomb. Vendeta Blue creates a portal and warps the lightning away for a moment. He then teleports himself and Ice away before opening another portal and dropping the lightning bomb as it explodes, before Ice and Vendeta Blue teleport back into the arena where they were before.

Mercurius slithers onto Ice, before transforming into a lava monster. Keira continued her spree of firing lightning bolts, and range attacks, while moving here to there with Shadow Sneak. Vendeta Blue uses his psychokinesis to throw Mercurius off Ice before he can melt completely. Ice creates an ice wall to defend against Keira's attacks.

The shapeshifter was sent flying into the air, but turned into Fleetway again, stopping himself from slamming into anything. He then flew upwards, shooting liquid mercury that he had created, aiming at Vendeta Blue's eyes. At this, Keira shot into the air, going far behind Vendeta Blue, and charged up her attack. Vendeta Blue creates a portal to teleport the mercury away, and then opens another portal to drop it on Keira. Ice turns round and skates towards Keira.

The winged one growled, and created a lightning storm, making the area surround Vendeta Blue. She flew away from the portal, before blasting umbrakinetic energy at Ice, attempting to slow him down. Mercurius had just kept attacking Vendeta Blue. The energy hits Ice, slowing him down slightly. Vendeta Blue teleports any mercury the shapeshifter throws at him onto Keira and tries to dodge anything else. He then flies at Mercurius.

Keira got hit at the back by the mercury, and turned back. Seeing that Mercurius was in a bit of a pinch, she flew at Vendeta Blue, and tried to hit him on the head with Lightning Rain, before creating an electric dragon, making it home on him. Mercurius, on the other hand, shapeshifted into a paper airplane, and glided towards Vendeta Blue. Vendeta Blue flies around, trying to dodge the lightning and run away from the dragon. Ice cools the air around the paper airplane to freeze it.

The paper airplane was frozen mid-air, and now was falling. Keira kept on firing bolts of lightning, before noticing that something was off. Finding the frozen paper airplane, she broke the ice with her axe, before drying it up. Once it was dry, she launched it at Ice, and while Vendeta Blue was running away from her dragon, Keira flew upwards. Then she positioned her arms similar to a cannon, and charged up black lightning. Ice creates a huge ice spike under Keira and the paper airplane, trying to stab her before she can charge the cannon. The winged one saw the ice spike, and flew around it, while the paper airplane crashed into the spike. Mercurius shapeshifted into a dragon, smashing the ice spike. He then breathed fire at Vendeta Blue, and thumped his powerful tail on the sand. Ice skates round the dragon and tries to stab him in the side with an ice spike. Vendeta Blue flies around the jet of fire and tries to uppercut Keira in mid-air.

Mercurius roared in pain and anger when Ice stabbed him, and turned to face him. He then shapeshifted into a phoenix, circling around Ice, blood leaking from his stomach. Keira let out a roar, "Rampage Canooooooon!!" She then aimed the her fists at Vendeta Blue, who was trying to uppercut her, and a large beam of black lightning was shot. Keira shot three beams at Vendeta Blue, comboing into lightning rain, attempting to hit him. The winged one then used drill dive to get to the ground, before disappearing by using shadow sneak. Ice tries to cool the air around him and weaken Mercurius' flames. Vendeta Blue manages to dodge Keira's beams, but is hit by the lightning and crashes into the ground. He quickly gets up and back into the air, ready for the next attack.

The shapeshifter soared up into the air, and transformed into his original self, throwing mercury blobs at Ice. Keira appeared behind Ice, and used a quick axe slay, before using shadow sneak again. Mercurius then kept the combo string, by transforming into a lava monster, trying to land on Ice. The winged one, meanwhile, fired lightning bolts at Vendeta Blue from the ground. Vendeta Blue creates a portal above and bellow Mecurius, forming an infinite loop where Mercurius' mecury kept falling on him. As Keira swings her axe, Ice tries to grab it and form his ice around it, hoping to freeze it and turn the metal brittle.

The axe freezes, but black mist forms around it, breaking the ice, and prevents it from turning the metal brittle. At this, Keira smirked, “My father empowered it with his umbrakinesis. I never knew what it could do... Until this...” Then she slashed again at Ice, hoping to hit him. Ice, shocked by this attack, staggers away before trying to stab Keira with ice spikes from bellow. The winged one soared into the air, joining Mercurius.

Mercurius, however, fell in the portals in a continuous loop, his mouth in a thin, straight line. He had mercury dropping down from his head. The shapeshifter then changed into fleetway, avoiding the portal loop after his 10th fall. As he gets out from the loop, Vendeta Blue sideswipes him and tries to kick him in the back of the head. “Oof,” Mercurius muttered, as he landed on the sand. “It just has to be my head,” he growled. Mercurius then shapeshifted back into himself, before changing into a serpent. He tried biting Vendeta after that, without watching his tail.

Keira, still holding her axe and is in the air, sent a wave of umbrakinesis at Ice. Ice skates away and tries to stab Mecurius with ice spikes while Vendeta Blue flies away from the serpent towards Keira. The ice spikes hit Mercurius again, but he shapeshifted into a lava monster, melting the ice spikes. He then moved around, and spat out lava balls that went flying into the air, before randomly landing on the ground. Ice tries to dodge round the lava balls as best he can, and skates away from where Mercurius lands. Vendeta Blue starts firing PsychDarts at Keira. The winged one dodges some of the Psychdarts, but also gets hit by some. She then flew higher up into the air, firing a blast of black lightning, before using lightning rain on Vendeta Blue.

Keira then flew on top of Vendeta Blue, and used drill dive, attempting to get him to the ground. Mercurius, however, was still in his lava monster form, as he slid from here to there, trying to corner Ice. Vendeta Blue manages to dodge the lightning, but is unable to dodge the Drill Dive and crashes to the floor. Ice, meanwhile, creates an ice bridge right over Mecurius and skates across it as fast as he can before the lava can strike him. After Ice had gotten away from him, the shapeshifter melted the ice bridge, and changed back to his original form. He then flew over to Keira, who had just drill dived Vendeta Blue. The winged one then held her right arm out on her far right, while her left hand was on her far left. She then flew up, with her hands surrounded with black aura, and moved her hands towards each other, before spreading them out again, launching black umbrakinetic waves at Vendeta Blue. Vendeta Blue opens a portal directly bellow him and falls through it, before reappearing behind Keira and bombarding her with PsychDarts. Ice meanwhile skates after Mercurius.

The winged one got hit by the PsychDarts, and was sent crash-landing to the sand. When the rest of the PsychDarts came flying at her, Keira used Night Shield, and protected herself. She then cancelled her shield, and launched upwards in a zig-zag pattern. Mercurius, however, shapeshifted into Fleetway again, and flew around Ice, trying to get behind his back. Ice creates an ice spike out of his back, trying to stab Mercurius or at least ward him away. Vendeta Blue meanwhile used his psychokinesis to stop Keira moving when he got near him and flew into her. Keira grunted, and snarled in annoyance, as Vendeta Blue had caught her and flew into her, knocking her back. Mercurius kept flying, and when he got close to the ice spike, he tried snapping a part of it. When Mercurius got close, the ice spike simply got longer to stab him, or grows additional spikes if Mercurius is coming from the side. Vendeta Blue tries to hit Keira with an uppercut to the jaw. Keira used a counterattack moved at blocked his uppercut, before sending the electric dragon once more. She then flew upwards, and charged an electric bomb. Meanwhile, with Merc, he shapeshifted into a snake, and slithered near Ice, before transforming into a lava monster again. Ice creates an ice pillar straight up befor skating away from the lava. Vendeta Blue flies towards Keira as she charges the bomb.

The shapeshifter had melted the ice wall, and shapeshifted back to his original form. At this point, Keira yelled out for him, causing Mercurius to turn his head to look at her. Merc, seeing Keira in a tough spot, shapeshifted into Fleetway, flying in front of her. He then used a homing attack at Vendeta Blue, trying to block him off. Vendeta Blue creates a portal that teleports Merc straight into an ice wall and the robot crashes into Keira not long after. "Really..." Mercurius groaned, rubbing his forehead. He then spin dashed towards Ice. The winged hybrid, on the other hand, had gotten knocked backwards, before charging up an electric arrow with her left hand. Ice creates ice spikes in front of him to stop Mercurius' advance, while Vendeta Blue fires PsychDarts at Keira. The winged hybrid dodged Vendeta Blue’s attack, while Mercurius shot a few scorching hot mercury waves at the ice spikes. The mercury goes right through the ice spikes like a hot knife through butter and soon hits Ice, dissolving his left arm. Vendeta Blue flies straight at Keira.

Keira took a while to realize that Vendeta Blue was heading towards her, and it was too late when she decided to throw the arrow. Merc decided to continue shoot a two more mercury waves at Ice, before he stood still, bending down to take a few breaths. Vendeta Blue grabs Keira and flies towards the ground. Ice sees these waves coming and skates to the side, trying to regenerate his arm. The winged hybrid got smashed to the ground, while the shapeshifter turned into a mercury blob, moving towards Ice. Ice punches the ground with his currently only arm, surrounding himself with large ice spikes. Meanwhile, Vendeta Blue flies towards Keira at high speed, aiming to crash into her. Keira flew slightly over Vendeta Blue, unsheathing the monoclaws on her boots midair, before trying to stomp on Vendeta Blue's back. On the other hand, the shapeshifter changed back into a dragon, trying to melt the ice spikes.

Vendeta Blue gets hit in the back, before creating a boundary gate directly bellow him and falling through it. As he does so, he turns round and grabs Keira's leg and pulls her through, both of them now appearing above the dragon. Vendeta Blue then swings Keira round and throws her towards the dragon. Meanwhile, Ice retreats from the dragon's fire breath, slowly regenerating his arm. "Merc!" she bellowed mid-air. The shapeshifter turned to look at his teammate, and used his tail to swat her in a different direction. He then turned into back to his original form, sneering at Keira. The winged hybrid managed to curl up into a ball mid-air, slam herself to the ground, and summon Double Crosser at the end. Vendeta Blue floats down and stands next to Ice, facing off against their opponents.

”Opponents. Formidable,” The robot states “Team attack. Suggested.”

Ice nods and the two fly towards Keira and Mercurius, Ice being carried by Vendeta Blue’s psychokinesis, and try to punch the opponents they had been fighting for the last portion of the match.

Mercurius reverted back to his original form, and ran towards Ice. Keira used shadow sneak, as her current 'partner' shot toxic mercury in front of him, still running. On the ground, in shadow state, Keira's shadow looked at Mercurius curiously, as he kept running head on, as if wanting to crash into Ice. He saw the shadow on the ground, smirking devilishly. "I got this," he cockily laughed. Ice creates a massive ice spike and tries to spear Mercurius while Vendeta Blue fires PsychDarts in the general direction of Keira's shadow. The winged hybrid cancelled shadow sneak, getting hit by the PsychDarts. On the other hand, Mercurius became a blob of mercury, dodging Ice' attack. Vendeta Blue flies up to Keira and tries to kick her, while Ice swings the ice spike and tries to hit Mecurius. As Keira gets kicked, and Vendeta Blue was near, she spun around quickly, becoming a black tornado that hoped to catch the robot. Mercurius had also gotten hit by the ice spike, still in blob form. But he kept on moving, getting closer to Ice. Vendeta Blue is absorbed into the tornado, and he tries to use his psychokinesis to stop Keira spinning. Meanwhile, Ice cools the air around him and tries to freeze Mercurius.

Merc was frozen, and Keira was stuck in midair. It had worked. The winged hybrid struggled but couldn't move. the shapeshifter couldn't move anything, other than the left over blobs on the ground. Vendeta Blue flies in and tries to uppercut Keira while Ice turned his fist into a massive ice spike and tried to stab the frozen shapshifter. Keira was sent flying towards the barrier, while Mercurius was broken free, and reformed into his original form. He huffed, starting to weaken. On the other hand, faint electricity crackled around Keira's figure, as she stopped herself from hitting anything. Flapping her wings, she sent an electric dragon that homed on Ice. The shapeshifter leapt up, creating blades with his arms and attacking Vendeta Blue. Ice skated away from the dragon, hoping to outrun it. Meanwhile, Vendeta Blue floats back and fires PsychDarts at Mercurius. As a dart hit him, he split into drops of liquid mercury, all heading towards Vendeta Blue. While Ice was distracted, Keira flew up, and sent a stun arrow at Vendeta Blue, hoping to stun him. Ice turned around and noticed the stun arrow, but was unable to do anything. As Vendeta Blue used his psychokinesis to throw the drops away from him, the stun arrow struck him in the back, temporarily paralyzing him. While he was paralyzed, Keira summoned her axe, and slashed Vendeta Blue on the head with her axe, sending him downwards. She then sent as many umbrakinetic shock-waves as she could, before twirling rapidly around, forming a drill and followed her attacks. Mercurius was send pummeling downwards, reforming into his original self. He then followed Keira's electric dragon, heading towards Ice. Vendeta Blue is hit by the axe and the shockwaves, damaging him a considerable amount, but has just enough time to teleport dash out of the way of the drill, although he doesn’t attack. Ice does what he did before, cooling the air around Mercurius to try and freeze him, while also keeping out of the way of the dragon.

The shapeshifter was frozen, unable to move. The electric dragon kept on chasing Ice, but its user swooped down to grab her frozen ally, block by block. Vendeta Blue teleports infront of the dragon and creates a portal to try and get it away from Ice while Ice fires multiple ice shards at Keira. As the ice shards approached her, the winged hybrid grabbed a few blocks of frozen Mercurius, flying upwards. The dragon went inside the portal, meaning that Vendeta had succeeded. Keira clenched her jaws, and threw some frozen Mercurius pieces at Vendeta, and the rest at Ice. Ice creates an ice wall and the pieces stick to it: they’d probably absorb it if it wasn't for Mercurius. Vendeta Blue, however, gets hit by the pieces being focused on the dragon and is temporarily stunned as a few drops of water enter his system. Mercurius cracks out of the ice blocks, and drops to the ground, groaning in pain. His entire body was cold, but it hurt like hellfire seeping through his veins. Keira then directed the dragon towards Vendeta Blue, before crouching and holding her legs, getting tired. Vendeta Blue is blasted away as the dragon hit him, falling to the ground and being forced to reboot. Ice stands over Mercurius, turning his hand into an ice spike.

The shapeshifter gritted his teeth, slowly backing away. His temperature was still low, and his teammate - Keira - was getting worn out. Ice stabs forward, aiming to finish Mercurius off.

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