There were three notable people in the stands - a young adult-looking blue female hedgehog, a white hedgehog in a scientist's getup (complete with the lab coat), and a grey-furred, black-haired bat with a green-glowing left eye. The blue hedgehog wore jeans and an orange shirt, and the bat donned a green and black-themed outfit.

"That girl better not lose," Schnee said, sitting down with a pizza in her lap. "After everything that's happened, I wouldn't expect her to lose to some tournament opponent."

"I just hope she hasn't gotten rusty," said Alexia. "All this peace... before Mac's sacrifice, we just weren't used to it. Hopefully she's been able to find a way to keep herself busy - after all, if something comes up, we'll be relying on her for help."

"Oh, come now," said slightly-possessed Tina, her eye radiating. "If anything happens, you know Tina and I won't be complete pushovers." Her eye stopped glowing. "Scarlet is a large part of it, though. Roxas shouldn't be so cocky." Tina stood up, making sure she could get a good view. "It'll be nice to see how much she's progressed."

A light brown Russian-Serbian hamster named Nikolai took a seat. He noticed that one of the fighters was Zeta and smirked. "Ha! Stupid inferior monotreme," he said with an accent. "I hope young fox lady kicks echidna's ass!"

All three of the women lowered they eyelids and gave the hamster a sideways glare. "Do we know you?" asked Alexia. "More support is great and all, but..."

The Bloodied Battle

Scarlet walked onto the sand with a black leather jacket, a pink undershirt, and black shorts. Ever since I saved that timeline, I feel like I've really been able to let go of something that I'd been holding on to... something that I really shouldn't have been. But now... we can all live in peace, and that's a feeling I'm not used to. However... I'm not going to start slacking now!

Scarlet looked at her belt - it was ripped, the one Mac always used before he sacrificed himself. It held a gun, packs of bullets, and a pair of tonfa. Scarlet equipped the tonfa. It'll be interesting to see my opponent. I hope they can put up a fight, 'cause I'm not gonna go down easy!

A female echidna with auburn fur walked in. Her blue-grey eyes darted around before finally settling on her opponent. She tugged at one of her gloves, adjusting it. It let out a snapping sound. She sighed. "...Let's just get this over with," she said, sounding exasperated.

"Well then, I won't go against your wishes," said Scarlet, annoyed that her opponent was, well, annoyed. She began to get into a stance. "Don't go easy on me, 'cuz I'm definitely not holding back, bud!" Scarlet's orange aura flared. "You make the first move." Zeta nodded and conjured a blue sphere of energy in the palm of her hand, throwing it towards Scarlet. Scarlet stood in place for a little. An ergokinetic? Interesting. I can do that too! Scarlet fired her own orb of energy at it, cancelling it out. Then, she sprinted to Zeta with a glowing leg before doing almost a full frontflip, trying to slam her heel onto Zeta's cranium. Zeta did a backflip to avoid the attack, landing on her feet. She then ran towards Scarlet, attempting to throw a punch.

Scarlet used her tonfa to counter the punch before trying to kick her in the side. Zeta dodged this and attempted to grab Scarlet's tail. Scarlet was grabbed, and obviously, she wasn't comfortable... at all. Alright, I'm gonna have to choke a bitch... literally, she thought.

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