This arena serves as a chance for people to practice using their characters in fights or to see how they compare to other characters. Come and go as you please, this roleplay is "free to join, free to leave"

History of the Arena

It all began in the desert civilization known as Lanturn Dust City. Being a place that had to rely on trading with other countries in order to survive, the city always struggled to keep itself and its citizens alive. The city began to pool ideas from its own people to help keep trade going. One of the more popular ideas was a form of entertainment to really grab attention. Of those ideas came the one to create the most grueling, torturous fighting arena imaginable. After careful consideration, the city went through with the idea and the tournament was constructed within five years.

Upon opening the arena, the city's popularity immediately exploded. Everyone rushed into the city to prove that they were the best. It was such a success that the city had managed to trade enough to sustain itself for several years ahead. The arena still runs today and is considered the ultimate test of endurance, strength, and strategy. Enter it if you have the resolution, but be aware that only the strongest shall prevail. Prepare to get blood on your hands in the Land of Glowing Sand.

There are rumors, however, that the arena was built to serve another purpose. Rumors speak of a being of sand that dwells under the arena floor, watching every match and only interfering when the rules are violated. They say that the being feeds off of the blood spilled during the matches, growing stronger with every drop. Very few fighters have ever claimed to encounter such a being, and there are no recordings of the fights, leaving little evidence.

But what if those rumors happen to be correct? What is this being's end goal, and did the city know of its existence when they built the Bloodied Hands Arena? 

Notes About the Arena

The arena is in the shape of a large square that runs about half the size of a football field. The arena floor is covered in sand that runs several dozen meters below the surface, and on the bottom is steel flooring. The walls are also made of the same steel material, reinforced to withstand explosions. 


  • The normal rules of roleplay apply to all battles.
  • Unfinished matches that have no edits after an extended period of time will be removed.
  • Invincible characters are forbidden.
  • Instant-kills are forbidden. Period.
  • Interference of matches from an outside source is forbidden.
  • Destroying the arena is forbidden.
  • Matches last until either the opponent is left unconscious or dead, or when an alternate win condition is met. Those that die or are critically injured will be revived/healed.
  • Spectators are allowed, but they must speak in their own section so as to not interrupt the fighting.
  • Editors are allowed to choose between using script or paragraph format.
  • Matches are to be made as a subpage of this article and should be formatted as The Bloodied Hands Arena/[Character] vs [Character]: [Match Type].
  • Fighting Ultra Smash to a standstill is allowed.

Match Types

Single Battle

A good ol' fashioned one versus one. Two spirits collide as they fight for their lives in front of a live audience. Familiars and summons are not allowed.

Quick Battle

An alternate one versus one match. The first one to get their opponent's blood on the sand wins. Characters that are incapable of bleeding are not permitted, as well as any character with blood-related powers.

Assisted Battle

One versus one. Familiars and summons are allowed.

Group Battle

Can be up to five characters per team, but each team must have the same amount of characters. Familiars count as a member of a team.

Swap Battle

A one versus one with a twist: the roleplayers swap control of their characters with each other. The one who manages to defeat the other while acting the most in-character wins. Characters must have an article in order to participate in this battle type.

Alternate Swap Battle

A one versus one with a different twist: characters swap powers and weapons. The person to adapt the best to unfamiliar territory and defeat their enemy wins. Characters with weapons or powers that only they can use are not permitted in this battle type. Characters must have an article in order to participate in this battle type.

Ready for Battle

Eager to fight but don't have anyone to go against? You can set up a pending match here and wait till someone takes an interest and accepts your challenge.

Example: [Username] - [Character] vs ???: [Match Type]

Ongoing Matches

Archived Matches

Cancelled Matches

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