The Interview

# 1. What inspired you to create the Blood Army?
A) I had an old group for a character of mine, Zerofuse the Hedgehog. It was called The Elementals. That page was deleted. I made a new group specifically for Zerofuse, but felt that it needed to be more...criminal. So really it was made to fit Zerofuse.
# 2. Have they participated in any recent events, battles, or anything else like that?
A) No.
# 3. Do you have any big plans in store for this group?
A) Yes. A roleplay is in development.
# 4. Has the Blood Army experienced any betrayals or dissent in the group?
A) Not yet.
# 5. Compared to other organizations like GUN, how big of a presence do you think the Blood Army has?
A) Well the Blood Army is relatively small. They're well-known in my city, Stoneview City. But only one other person, Saren, knows about the Blood Army more than most.
# 6. Does the Blood Army have any rival organizations or groups that they come into conflict with?
A) Not a specific group, but most heroes and government organizations create conflicts.
# 7. Finally, who would you consider the overall commander of the whole group?
A) Zerofuse the Hedgehog, the founder of the group. But Saren the Dark Lynx has some power as well.
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