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Notable Members

Zerofuse the Hedgehog

The leader of the Blood Army, Zerofuse is the Alpha Team captain. As leader of Alpha Team, Zerofuse is able to decide who he takes with him on his missions. Zerofuse is a big of a dictator, but his charisma and great leadership proves to be useful. He currently is on a mission to kill the intersetellar fugitive, Exodus the Hedgehog.

Feng Lei

Feng is second in command and leader of Beta Team. As leader of Beta Team, he may choose anyone Zerofuse doesn't pick and use him in Beta Team. Feng is one of the most enthusiastic, serious, and dedicated Blood Army members besides Saren.

Alder the Dog

Alder is the lieutenant of the Blood Army. He is very enthusiastic about his work. As lieutenant, Zerofuse allows him to be in charge of the talent and who joins.

Saren Arcturias

The newer of the recruits, Saren is the strongest rookie of the team. Saren is on Alpha Team as second in command. In this position, he can do the same things as Zerofuse except join missions without approval. Saren has been noticed by Zerofuse even before joining the Blood Army. Zerofuse has had plenty of run ins with Saren before inducting him into the Blood Army.



In order to be a member of the Blood Army, you must first say the Blood Army oath. The oath is the first part of being a Blood Army member. After the oath, the newbie must get "beat in" or assaulted in a dim room, unable to fight back for a whole minute. If they say stop, they are beat harder and kicked out. If they are knocked out, they are kicked out. If they survive, they finish with the last part. To complete the recruitment, a newbie must commit a "dedication crime". A dedication crime is a crime that will result in arrest like robbing or assaulting somebody.


All members must be loyal to the Army. No one is allowed to leave other than family or health issues. If anyone is found guilty of treason or betrayal, they are executed. This is not common, but there have been a couple of members that received this misfortune.


In order to be an active member, you must "rank up". This is achieved by outstanding work and/or leader recommendation. It is possible to be demoted, frequently occurring from failed missions.


As there are no actual requirements, you must have at least two of these to be started at a higher rank.

  • Member recommendation
  • Criminal background
  • Tryout
  • Crime with a member watching
  • Beat in


There is no religion in the Blood Army. The expectation is to be atheist. Though some members do believe in some sort on sentient being, they still participate in missions.

Base of Operations

The Blood Army operates in many locations across the world. The base location in a warehouse located outside Stoneview City. This provides members with a place to live, a place to train, and a place to seek refuge. Zerofuse only allows a certain amount of members to live here though and outsiders are not welcome, no matter what.


The Blood Army lives basically everywhere. With many side gangs, there are many different ways to live. Most members live in urban areas where they can make money and spread "fame". Others are more secluded, avoiding authorities and only doing illicit activities when needed.


The Blood Army is required to wear at least one of the following:

  • Blood Army dog tags
    • These dog tags have a member's name, age, and gender on the tag.
  • Blood Army badge
    • This badge has a member's name and position on it.
  • Blood Army jacket
    • This jacket is a black and red sweat jacket. It has their signature logo, a blood drop on top of two knives, and the name of the member


The Blood Army was formed after Zerofuse's failed attempts to evade G.U.N. agents that wanted to question him for the Stoneview Event, a three day period where Exodus attacked but retreated. Zerofuse was accused of aiding Exodus, when in reality he was attacked by Exodus as well as The Strike Force. Zerofuse then found other "misfits" and fought along side them. On the final day of the battle, Zerofuse's group controversially attacked with combined attack, destroying most of the city. This led to Zerofuse's wanted search.

After he remained in hiding, he kept in contact with the people he fought with. Impressed with their talent and potential of others, he made a group with the desire to become a "super team". In reality, they just want money, power, and respect to some degree.

The Blood Army's first "mission" was to steal information recorded about them and their individual files. This required The Blood Army to infiltrate a G.U.N. base to recover their information. The mission was FUBAR and went out unsuccessful. However, G.U.N.'s computer database was damaged, preventing the tracking of the members.

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