"Off to Mobius!" is the second chapter of The Blonde Blur.


About an hour and a half passed by and Christina was still on the crub, trying to puzzle the mystery of who this "Blue Blur" guy was. The wind was blowing wildly with her hair. She scanned the letter about three times more, and then rechecked to see if she had everything. She then looked up at the sky and thought, What am I going to do? What if it's a fake? What if Mimi's tricking me into this? She wanted to get up, but she lowered her head showing only her sunhat.

A few minutes later, Alexis and Michelle walked over to Christina, they asked if she was okay, and she replied with a simple, "It's complicated." The two girls asked what was wrong, and she explained the story about the letter. Michelle gets it first and notices that that was why there were bags everywhere. She then got up and took a walk with her girls.

They walk all around the city, many reporters and paparazzi gathered around the group of three throwing questions at the young lady, and she simply said she didn't want to talk about it. The others run away with her to hide behind an ally. Not just any ally, but the ally. As in where all of David's Swag Fests are held. David was just up there setting up some things with Danny and the two both noticed that something felt wrong. Christina then explained to her boyfriend and David about the problem as the two both nodded their heads and said "Ohh" in perfect unison. A bunch of the clique David was in was still setting up. David told them that Cole's running the Swag Fest tonight.

The girls walked with her through the streets where no paparazzi and went inside the mall. A bunch of fans gathered around the group as the girls told Michelle to distract them since she's the bubbliest. The other four walk the mall's OrangeWasps, while Michelle is attracting the other people. When they made it they called for a table for five. It was about a fifteen minute wait, giving Michelle enough time to race back to the place. She was five minutes late, as they were already seated. She looked torn apart, and then she just sat down.

The four of them were asking Christina more and more about the situation because they were really worried about what was going to happen to her. David then pointed out that she didn't quite read the letter to them yet, so she took out her purse and got the letter. She read it aloud to her friends and they all heard what they were asking. Michelle slammed her hands on the table, almost spilling everyone's drink yelling "IT'S A FAKE!". Alexis put her hand on her mouth and made a "SH" notion to Michelle.

The five of them then got their food and chowed down. Not once did they bring up the conversation of Christina's departure while they were eating. The food was probably that good. David was the first one to finish, burping obnoxiously. Alexis softly punches him in the shoulder with a napkin. He didn't know what to do with it, and she pointed to her face. David "ohh"ed and washed his face from all the grease. It's been a while since he's been out with only girls. Plus Danny. They then split the check evenly, left behind fifteen dollars for the waiter that served them, and headed out into the streets again.

Christina then guided her bags and the rest of the group to the train station. It was a long walk, but that was a good thing to make their last moments without her a long few last moments. Throughout the walk they asked her one last time if she was being serious about doing this. Sarcastically she said "no", as they all jumped up in joy and shock and said "REALLY?" at the same time. She then replied "no" notioning that she was being sarcastic. They made it to the train station. The five of them walk up the staircase and look at the map. Alexis told her that it was only 45 minutes by train.

Christina purchased her ticket. It's been a while since she paid full price for something, since usually there are so many Transfans in the world, that usually the price is dropped or free. David told her to remember to take the F Train. She listened to him and got on board. The conductor looked at her ticket and allowed her on board. She waved one by to her friends, as they all ran up and hugged her one last time. They were all going to really miss her, as the hug lasted so long, that the conductor told them to hurry up.

She sat in the middle row, nearby the window looking out into the clouds. The train started moving as her friends waved to her. Alexis was sobbing quietly as David comforted her, while Michelle was bawling like a baby. She laughed, slapped herself with both of her hands and said there was no need to worry. But there was one problem she wasn't aware of. She got on the wrong train......

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