"A New Route" is the third chapter of The Blonde Blur.


Only twenty minutes until she arrived in what she hoped was the town of Mobius. However, the train stopped short. She tried tapping the person next to her asking if it was a mistake. The woman explained how the train they were on lead to "Mystic Ruins". She was horrified that she got on the wrong train. Confused and angry at the same time, Christina effortlessly grabbed her luggage and stromed her way outside to have a nice long conversation with the conductor.

"Where in God's name is this place?" She asked him, folding her arms.

The conductor looked very sloppy, his hat was crooked, his tie was tucked in, his blazer was buttoned wrong, and the worst part;his fly was open. "This is Mystic Ruins, lil' ladeh," he started to say. With the way his voice sounded, it was obvious that he was terribly drunk. "See, l-look at your ticket."

Christina snatched the ticket, and shoved it in his face. She was really upset now. "It states RIGHT on the ticket that I am on the train to MOBIUS, not Mystic Forest or whatever this place is called!!!"

"Lil' ladeh, from Malaria.. I mean Mariala City, Mobius is on Train Ehh."

Although he pronounced the important words of that sentence wrong, she understood what he meant. Her world started to turn black. "Train... E?" She then turned back to him "BUT YOU'RE THE CONDUCTOR! You're supposed to tell me if I'm on the right train!!!"

He said nothing. He got in the train without apologizing or even saying goodbye. Christina walked down the steps, sat on the ground near the forest, tucked in her knees and hugged them. With a sigh, she lowered her head on her kneecaps. She felt like a fool.

Nobody bothered the hedgecat for a whole twenty-five minutes. A grey horse with darker grey hair and a white sheep with green hair emerged from the forest area behind. The sheep, whose name was Ingrid Becker, pointed to Christina, as the horse shrugged and walked away. This horse was named Thresh Grasswood, and Ingrid pulled his jacket to stop him. Thresh shrugged again and walked with Ingrid to the blonde beauty.

Most people when they see their friend down tap their shoulder and help them up to see if they're okay. Not Thresh. Thresh was familiar in situations like these. He took Christina's arms and pulled her up with so much power, she was flying... but now she's falling. Ingrid put her wrists together and clapped her hands to make cotton appear from the sky to catch her.

"Christina, are you okay?" Ingrid asked her and Christina gave her a confused look, "You just looked like you were crying alone in the corner like you've been bullied and beaten to a pulp, we just had to see what was wrong!"

"I didn't give a crap, but the sheep paid me to come here." Thresh muttered, as usual.

"Aww Thresh, that's the nicest thing you've done to me..." Christina said sarcastically, then she shook her head and turned to Ingrid, "By any chance, is there some sort of route to Mobius? I was trying to get there, but the conductor screwed up and sent me here instead."

Thresh loudly chuckled, as Ingrid pulled his jacket hood. "Hey, be nice!" She commanded, "If I remember.. Oh yeah! Thresh, didn't we see Krys and Alyssa just an hour ago?"

"I don't remember, I definitely remember seeing Alyssa though." He told the two of them. He shook his head rapidly, and pointed to the boat. "Now I remember! They went on that tiny raft thing. She asked me if I wanted to go to the 'Egg Carrier' or whatever." He closed his eyes and continued spitting out details, but Christina already left for the Egg Carrier raft.

Somehow, it was like a machine disguised as a raft, because it just moved rapidly on it's own without her pushing it. The blue oceans looked gorgeous as she made waves to crash on the rocks and sand. As she looked up she saw clouds, birds, and a mysteriously large object in the middle. As she got closer to it, it was definitely the Egg Carrier. The ride was only five minutes long, which was good for Christina.

This was perfect for Christina because Krys's magic can summon nearly everything she can think of, and she was thinking of summoning a private plane or boat or something to send her to Mobius. As she made her way up the stairs. She had never been here before, so she checked many of the areas, like the pool private room and much more. However, she spotted Krys and Alyssa on the bridge. She quickly ran up to it to find the two.

Krys spotted her best friends running up the stairs, "Christina?" she started to ask, "Do you have any idea how dangerous it is here?"

Christina nodded in agreement and then the alicorn asked why she was there. She then told her about the whole Blue Blur thing. Krys agreed to find some way to get to Mobius. She then pointed to the raft that she got on. "But the raft is how I got here from Mystic Ruins...." She told her.

Alyssa, the girl next to Krys, then giggled. "Duh, this is Krys we're talking about!" She told her, "She can just use her magic to control the direction of the raft." Christina then nodded as the three ran to the raft. Alyssa then pointed to a mysterious "black spot" past the ocean. "Straight ahead is Mobius!" Alyssa told her. "Make sure you say hi to Cream for me~" Krys then used her magic to put hollographic tracker on Christina and the raft to see if they're heading straight up.

Christina got on the raft and sat on it. It started to move and make white waves. However, Krys's horn lit up to turn the waves from blue and white, to blue and the aura of her horn;lavender. She was off.

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