"A letter?" is the first chapter of The Blonde Blur.


It is a humid cloudy day in Mariala City, the sun was nowhere in sight. 17 Cherrytree Lane, a mansion owned by the Transon-Svettreco Family, is seen with a line of happy customers waiting for an elevator to take them down to their basement. The basement happens to be the well-known boutique ran by the one and only, Christina Transon! She is seen with a clothing hanger behind her. The room is colored in a bright purple with pictures of the family, a few couches, a coffee table and a dressing room.

Christina gives a sharp grey tuxedo, dress pants, and black polished shoes to a man. He then gives her the 640 dollars that she needs. Behind her was a lady waiting for a cute outfit for her daughter. It was oddly small, but she still gave it to her. She earned a good 172 dollars from that. However, then a little girl came up and ordered her outfit. She got 318 dollars from it! A teenage boy placed an order for a wool jacket for the winter, or maybe so that he could look at Christina's beauty. She said she'll have it ready by tomorrow.

When she was about to take the next person's order, a hooded figure from the back slowly walked up to her. HIs whole face was covered with a robe covering his entire body. Under the hood, was a black mask revealing nothing. He put his hands on the counter. Christina looked a little scared. "Check your mail." The hooded figure reminded her.

Christina's head tilted. She raised an eyebrow. She was obviously curious. "Why?" She asked him, "Is there something wrong?" The hooded man shook his head no. Christina blinked twice, "Umm... I guess maybe the next time I'm free I'll w--"

Before she could say anything further, the people behind him were impatiently waiting for him to move and complaining about it. The figure then slowly walked away from the counter into the middle, taking a deep breath in. He then magically disappeared and the robe that he was wearing laid down on the floor. She noted to check the mailbox later. She then served all of her customers until there were none left. It was now 10 hours past midday, and she turned the sign from opened to closed.

Christina dragged herself upstairs, with bags under her eyes. She went up three flights of stairs into the bathroom to remove her makeup, take a shower, brush her teeth, and dry her hair. Thirty minutes later, it was eleven, and Christina was absolutely exhausted. She turned on her white noise, and pulled down the sheets. Sliding into bed, she lie down her head on the pillow, and covered herself with the four layers of sheets she has. Slowly, she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

The next day, it was 10:45, and Christina woke herself up. She slowly opened her eyes, and rubbed them. She pushed down her sheets, and rolled out of bed. Christina then remembered, "The mailbox!" She shouted. Dashing down the stairs she went onto her front porch, while her mom were making her stepchildren breakfast. She opened up the door, and then opened the golden, new-looking mailbox. She was looking through all of her mom's dumb catalogs and bills, she finally found the letter.

The front of the letter read "To Christina Transon" and it didn't say the person who it was from was absolutely unknown. She put the letter in the pocket of her purple pajama pants, closed the mailbox, and went back inside. Her mom asked what she wanted for breakfast. "Sunny-side up on toast?" She asked, as her mother nodded. She then walked over to the kitchen and said good morning to her siblings. Christina then took out the letter that she had in her pocket. The children gathered around her as she read it quietly out loud.

Christina Transon,

I have heard about you, and your heroic friends. I have watched you save the day numerous times, and now I want to test your abilities and strengths to join my elite team of superheroes. I can't wait to meet you and watch you fight alongside me. If you accept this request, you will have 24 hours to gather your bags and belongings and head out to Mobius, just a few towns over, where we will meet. See you there.

- The Blue Blur

Bloodstone looked up at her, it looks like she wanted to cry. Her golden yellow pupils were shaking. She was frowning and sniveling. "Y-y-y-you're..." She started to say, "You're not going to leave, are you?" She said. Her eyes looked so adorable and huge.

Christina looked down upon her sister. She gave her a somewhat caring, pathetic look. She then sighed and closed her eyes. "Oh, Bloodstone." She started to say. Then she let out, Bloodstone was softly crying and tightly hugged Christina. Christina didn't mind, she instead closed her eyes and started to stroke Bloodstone's red hair, and hug her.

Christina nodded. Carly served her breakfast. Christina took her toast and eggs upstairs into her rooms. She had a lot to pack. She went into her closet and took out her giant traveling bag. She packed a few pairs of clothes if her's got dirty, a hairbrush and dryer, the books she rented from Krys about her elements, her laptop, and a few bottles of fresh water.

She then walked into her bathroom, undressed and turned on her shower. Locking the door, she walked to the shower door, opened it, and closed it when she hopped inside. She wasn't singing, like she usually does. She was just washing up, especially her hair.

After she got out, she, naked and with her hair done straight, put on some clothes:A regular grey top and white three-layer skirt under a dark purple dress coat. For footwear, she wears white laced boots with three inch-heels and soles. Finally, she is wearing two white gloves and a floppy sun hat with a grey ribbon on it. She grabbed her white purse from her shelf, containing her phone, fan, wallet, money, and makeup. She has five hundred thousand dollars of on her credit card, and ten thousand in cash.

She then walked downstairs, down the two flights of stairs into the living room. She then looked back at her mother and siblings, all eating. Her siblings stare at her. All that's on their minds are "Is she really going to do this?" and "Where in the world is she going?". Christina, closes her eyes, turns her head around, and opens the front door.

Carly then notices her daughter trying to leave. She drops her dish in the sink, and her jaw drops. With anger she storms towards her, shoving all obstacles out of the way. As Christina started to walk down the stairs, Carly opened the door. "Young lady!" She shouted at her. Christina's face looked startled. "Where in the world do YOU think your going?"

Christina turned around to her mother. She ran the stairs and tightly hugged her. "Mom," she started to say quietly, "I received a letter to travel to Mobius. I'm going there to start my training with the Blue Blur." While she was talking, Carly was slowly understanding, but she was horrified, "If I have any photoshoots or appointments, please cancel them until I return."

Christina then turned around and walked away from her mother. Carly ran inside her house to go get her husband, Tempest, and the kids. Christina, with her head held high, walked away from her house. She then stopped and sat on the curb. "Blue Blur..." She thought to herself.

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