Finding the Blue Blur is the fourth chapter of The Blonde Blur.


The craft Christina was on was getting closer to her destination. Trying to keep her balance, she was on her knees holding her bags with her left hand and her hat with her right. Suddenly, her destination was becoming closer, up to the point where she could actually piece together what it looked like. One thing's for sure, it wasn't at all what she imagined.

The aura around the craft ceased and the motor started going. The machine was all confused, so she had no idea what was going to happen. It just went straight, like Krys was still controlling it, except it went faster. She tried to find the breaks on it as she approached the dock, but there was no breaks. The craft's machine was programmed to stop at a certain point, but since it didn't start it just kept on going. She was suddenly bolting into the dock.

Petrified, she took her luggage with both hands and jumped right as she reached the dock. The craft crashed into the dock, and then it exploded. Christina was still high in the air for the jump. She landed safely, but then her luggage fell on her. She wiped the dust off of her clothes and her jaw dropped when she saw the town.

It was very western like with a lot of dirt for ground and no sidewalks;that's because all the main roads were somehow levitating in the sky. There were many posters of the Blue Blur figure she has seen before. Christina dragged her luggage;which fortunately had wheels on the dirt. She then sat down on a bench and read the note that she got days ago.

She never looked at the back, which apparently had some sort of drawing on it. It looked like a gigantic tree. On the drawing was small handwriting reading "Go to this tree." Christina then put the card away and started carrying her luggage to her destination. It also read "Mobo Park". "So I just got to go to this Mobo Park and find the tree just like this one. This should be easy." Christina told herself.

She was walking for ten minutes and finally reached the park. She entered the gates. It looked like a part of Mobius that wasn't even part of the town area. It was all green with a bunch of trees. "Great..." She muttered, "This is like finding a needle in a haystack." She looked at the card again. There was one tree that looked significantly larger than the rest. She looked at the notecard. Perfect match. She shurgged and walked to the tree, laying on it.

She layed there for about an hour. No response. She fell asleep, and then tossed on this one spot. Suddenly, a huge part of the tree opened up. It was a giant hole. Christina woke up but then she fell down this hole in the tree. Plummeting about fifteen feet, she lands on her stomach. There was a tunnel with lights lighting up. She kept on walking for about a half a mile, until it reached a dead end.

Angry that she walked a mile for nothing, she slammed her foot on the ground. Suddenly, a green ray shined a light on her, scanning her body up and down. "CODENAME:NEW GIRL MATCH FOUND. ANALYSIS COMPLETE. ACCESS GRANTED." The dead end then opened up, and Christina couldn't believe what she has seen.

It looked like a normal room. The dead end closed and she was looking around. There was a total of ten rooms. A synthesizing voice was on the microphone saying, "CHRISTINA TRANSON. PLEASE REPORT TO YOUR ROOM. YOU ARE THE LAST ONE ON THE LEFT. YOUR CODENAME IS NEWGIRL." She obeyed the computer and dragged her luggage into her room. She closed the door and turned on her lights. It looked exactly like her room. Every detail, except for her windows. She puts her luggage down, and as soon as it hits the ground, The synthesizing voice goes off again.

"CHRISTINA TRANSON. PLEASE REPORT TO THE ROOM OF THE BLUE BLUR. IT IS THE CENTER ROOM , THE IMMEDIATE LEFT AFTER YOU WALK OUT." Christina walks out of her room, shuts her door, and walks to a room with a sign hanging over it reading, "THE BLUE BLUR"

She opened the door of The Blue Blur, and the lights were turned off. The door somehow slammed shut behind her. She couldn't see a thing. She was already scared, but she heard a voice saying, "Well, well, well, look who we have here." The voice sounded familiar to her, but she couldn't piece who it was.

There was a spotlight on the bottom of a long staircase. As the voice went on with his speech, it followed it's way up the staircase. "Obviously you would be naive enough to fall for that foolish note, leaving behind your family and friends at Mariala City. You did exactly what I asked, but what you don't know is that this place is...."

The spotlight was finally on the blue blur, and Christina gasped to see who it was, "A TRAP!" The figure said. This Blue Blur mystery was solved. It was none other than the iconic blue speedster himself, Sonic the Hedgehog.

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