Anyone is welcome to come and take their fights to the Blitz Pit. However, the same rules as any official matches still apply regardless, and there generally aren't any rewards to be given out to the winner unless both participants are officially registered fighters.

This is essentially a sort of "Free Join" Roleplay space of the Blitz Pit. Anyone is welcome to set up their own battles here if they wish to challenge someone.


Battles are usually fought as a one-on-one, last man standing match. There are instances of team matches, but the teams must be equal unless the fighters desire otherwise. The goal is to knock your opponent unconscious, or otherwise render them incapable of fighting back. Those downed will have a 10 second countdown to stand back up, before disqualification. Anyone who lands outside the ring will also be disqualified.

If you must fight with a weapon, then please use a simple, non-lethal one if possible. There will be no weapons with the risk of immediately killing your opponent; Guns are especially taboo. If you should unfortunately kill your opponent, you will be disqualified. Please also try to fight with your own strength; No power boosting items allowed.

please try not to pull any hair, ears, tails, or noses. You'll be called out on those offenses as a foul. Three fouls and you're disqualified. Any Instances of Godmodding will also count as fouls.


Match 1: Splice VS Destiny ~ Winner: Splice The Hedgehog

Splice stepped into the ring with an enthusiastic grin on his face. He hadn't fought in the Blitz Pit in a while, even though it wasn't official this time. He waited to see if the challenger had arrived yet.

Destiny walked to the ring and stretched.She yawned and looks at Splice with a grin."Ready?" She asked Splice as she transform her arm into a scythe blade.

Splice whipped out a pair of daggers from his belt and assumed a fighting stance. "You betcha!"

Just then, the announcer climbed onto the ring. "Oh okay, I see you guys are ready. I'm just going to monitor the match and be your referee." He claimed. "Well then! Let the match begin!"

Destiny dashes torward to Splice and backflips.She land behind him and slashes him.

It was a rather awkward attack, but thankfully he was able to block the oncoming slash by watching her movements. He caught her blade in between her daggers and pushed her arm back to follow up with his counter; he sent his foot arcing up toward her jaw.

Destiny ducked his foot and arc her leg torward his other leg.

His leg gave away and he felt himself falling forward. Reacting quickly, he planted both hands on the ground and sprung back up into the air, just enough to somersault up-right and deliver an axe kick toward her head.

Destiny was knocked back to the ground and got back up.She dashes torward him and slid under him.She shoots fireballs at him.

Splice was startled when she slid under him just after he landed. He managed to turn around without stumbling over--and was met with a fireball to the face. And another. The flames died out in a puff of smoke upon impact, leaving him blinking in ����rise. Everything happened so fast, his mind was having a bit of trouble catching up. He shook his head and got back into his battle stance. "You're pretty quick! But let's see you handle this!" He dashed toward her, holding his arms out behind him, and quickly brought them toward her in a scissor-like slashing motion with his daggers.

Destiny look at the daggers and then Splice.She cross her arms in a shape of an X to block the attack but she got a cut on her arm from Splice's daggers.

Keeping on the offensive, he quickly brough his arms out in a similar fashion, threatening to cut her again with the same attack. With his arms uncrossed, he followed up with an uppercut to her chin. The moment it came close to her face, his fist would burst into flames and he would leap off the ground, attempting to knock her airborne.

Destiny was knocked into the air and land on the ring.She attempt to get back up again and glares at Splice with a smile."Lets dance,"She summon little fire origamis around Splice.She snaps her finger and the little origamis explodes.

Splice shielded his face from the explosion. Her view of him was completely obscured as the flames surrounded him. Suddenly, it sounded like something else exploded. Splice launched out of the flames, his entire body ablaze, and shot down toward her from above like a burning cannonball.

Destiny was blown outside of the ring.She hit the ground on her back.She tried getting up but fell."Ouch...."She was dizzy and stand still trying to clear her vision

Splice bounced upward once before making a three-point landing back on solid ground. Suddenly a whistle blew loudly, right before the announcer exclaimed "Ring out! Splice is the winner!"
Splice made a triumphant fist pump before twirling his daggers around and sheathing them in their place on his belt. He walked down the steps and stopped in front of Destiny. "Not bad. You were pretty good in there." He complimented.

Destiny gets up and smile."You were awesome at the ring too!"She extends her hand to splice and smile a big smile.

Splice shook her hand with a grin. "Heh, thanks. By the way, there's something you should probably know by now." He pulled his hand back, and snapped his fingers. A small flame appeared in between them, and grew bigger as he opened his hand back to let it sit in his palm. "Fire's one of my specialties. That's how I was able to turn the tables."

Destiny blinked at Splice."No wonder...."She rubbed her head and sweatdrops."So thats how i losts hehehe..."

Splice chuckled. "The more you know!" He clenched his fist, letting the fire die out. "Well then, see you later. Maybe we can have a rematch sometime." He then headed out the arena.

Destiny waved."See you!"She walks out and rides on her gear away from the arena.

Match 2: Marina the Sea Dragon VS. Destiny X

Marina walked into the pit, looking around to see her fighter, she waited impatiently for her fighter, tapping her foot.

Flying in the arena was Destiny X, charging up a Fang Dropper

Marina smirked, "Finally, you came" she had no weapon, but she had a secret weapon that nobody knew about.

"Me & my blade Light will show all darkness," X said

"Really, then try to hit me, hedgehog". Marina mocked X

"FANG DROPPER" X yelled while doing the attack

Marina tried not to yell as his fangs sunk into her leg, she kicked him in the stomach to try and get him off.

X did a FALCON KICK in the stomach while  saying "Oh we're doing kicking now!"

'Switch!" Marina pulled a fan from her wings and moved it side to side, making a buffeting wind that was very strong. (It's really not a weapon, as it just buffets the enemy)

X using his psychokinetic levitation he grabbed the fan & used it against Marina.

It had no effect on the dragon, Marina clawed at X's stomach, then flew up high in the air.

"Sword Dash" X said while spin dashing up to marina & stabbing marina

"Your tough, but i'm tougher" Marina grabbed a bucket of water, swollowed the water. Gurgling the water, then a gigantic spray of water, big as a waterfall, and has the force of a waterfall, it hit X directly. (Ok people who say that this is god modding, it's not, it can't kill anyone, either can make them pass out or get hurt)

Then X was going dark.His Grew 999999 Quils His whole body was turning dark red except for his eyes which were black completely and blasted a blast as big as Eggman.

(As big as Eggman, lol) Marina felt like giving up, "Must....not...give.. UP!" Marina growled,  standing up slowly, she wondered when this would stop, it was either him or her. Then, Marina realized she relying on power, not her speed.

"This is my normal state.This is a dark form a form i possess by being mad.And this has to go even further beyond.AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHRRRRGHHHHHAHAHHAAAAAAAA."X said while going super with no chaos emeralds."This is now my super state when i absorb chaos energy.I did it this time by using my power."X said while doing chaos spear

Dodging the attack, Marina yawned, "You think that's an attack!?!" "Hmpf, that's sad!" She said, running around the stadium, not worried at all.

"CHAOS BLAST X10" X yelled as doing 10 Chaos Blasts bigger than 4 eggmans

Marina screamed as it hit her, but she didn't fall, when it was over, marina just stood there, as if she had been paralyzed, Marina fell to the ground, closing her eyes, very peacefully

X didn't know what to do so he just went and put a blanket on marina

Marina woke up just in time, "Thank you, and you won!"

"Thanks. Good Game"

"Your welcome, anyway, i'll see you later!" She said, as she flew away

"Adios" X said as he was chaos controlling

The announcer got there too late. By the time he made it to the ring, both combatants had left. "Oh...Well that's never happened before.." He muttered, adjusting his glasses. "Well, no skin off my back." He then took off, leaving the arena to go get himself a cup of coffee.

Match 3: Blind the Serval Vs. Silver Abelard

A figure clad in iron armor reluctantly entered the arena. His helmet was tucked under his arm, revealing the feline face of a silver cat. He frowned, wondering who on earth could be challenging him. While he was officially registered, he was usually out of town unless there was a tournament going on. And when he was in town, he didn't get many challenges. This was the first non-tournament match he made it to in a long time. And what's more, it seemed to be from an outsider. That was what really troubled him. Had he made an enemy? Was some new guy browsing the list of fighters and randomly chose him? He had no idea, but he couldn't help but feel uneasy about it. He cast away all his worries as he made it to his end of the ring and scanned the area for his challenger, placing his helmet firmly over his head.

The sound of someone approaching from behind would be heard by Silver. As the cat would turn, a tall yellow and black spotted wildcat walked into the ring, on the correct side. He had a sense of calm and discipline to him, and held his arms crossed. The light blue headband tied ofer his eyes shifted a little as Blind "watched" his opponent, his ears turning to face him. "Greetings." He commented, as he expected the cat to turn around.

The armored cat indeed turned to look in the opposite direction--but quickly sensed a presence in front of him and looked back, silently concealing the fact that he was startled. "Good evening." He said. He immediately took notice of his blindfold, and realized that his opponent was true to his name: He really was blind. "You must be a powerful opponent if you can fight without your sight."

Blind shrugged, "Some of the best warriors don't require sight to see. Let us test how well I do against you, shall we?" He asked, while still standing up straight. He stood a little over four feet tall, and looked lean but muscular. "Would you like the first move?" He offered.

"Certainly." Silver reached behind his back, and grabbed his trusty spear from it's resting place. He felt strange approaching a blind man with hostile intents, and even stranger that the blind cat might very well put up a good fight. Shrugging off his doubts, he raced across the ring, and delivered his first blow in the form of a swift spin strike with his spear.

Blind jumped and spun, turning his body in a horzontal position as he flew over the weapon. He adjusted himself, landed and did a quick leg sweep, aiming to knock Silver to the ground, "Don't underestimate me..." He wasned.

Silver watched as he gracefully soared over his head, but was quite ready for his following attack. He blocked the kick with the wooden end of his spear, holding it down against the ground. Lifting it back up, he spun it around once before striking at the top of Blind's head with the same end.

The wildcat swiftly spun out of the way, after his move was blocked. He then lunged backwards to avoid the following attack. He wasn't seeing anything, yet seemed able to sens his entire surroundings somehow. He took off his pair of white gloves and threw them at Silver, before opening a small portal, and allowing a pair of icy blue and purple gloves to fall through, and into his hands.

Silver held his spear horizontally, letting the gloves hit it and hang off like clothes on a line--which soon dropped off when he lowered his weapon, staring in awe and disbelief at the sudden portal forming. As the gloves fell into the hands of the blind man, Silver could only wonder just who this mysterious person was.

Blind slipped the larger gloves on, then closed the portal. "Surprised, I hear..." He commented, then readied himself for another attack.

"'Bewildered' is the word I would use." Silver corrected him, even more alarmed that he could somehow hear his inaudible state of shock. He had no idea what to expect now, or how to approach him. He had one lingering strategy in mind, but he wanted to save it for when he needed it--and for after he knew just what this man was capable of. He decided to take a frontal approach, and attacked in a similar fashion as before, swinging his weapon in a diagonal motion. However, he sprung off the ground just after the swing, attempting to flip over his head while swinging his spear out to strike him in the back at the same time.

Blind reacted swiftly, by grabbing the blade of the spear with his hands. The new gloves didn't seem to take any strain from the sharp blade, and blind then spun around to catch one of the feet, getting kicked by the other. He would then let Silver hang from his foot and throw a knee at his back.

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While Silver was caught off guard, and took the knee to his back, he ended up swinging back to land a punch toward Blind's face, letting go of his spear in the process. He would kick his foot out of his grasp and land in a kneeling position with his hand outstretched. Acting quickly, he thrust his other hand upward to try and snatch his spear back from him.

Blind moved his head to the side, trying to dodge the pnch, but took it at the very side of his jaw. There wasn't much resistance as the cat pulled his foot free. Blind pushed the spear up as Silver grabbed at it, and threw a kick at the cat's forehead in the process. Once Silver had the spear, he jumped back to get some distance.

The kick didn't seem to do much against Silver's helmet, other than make an audible 'Clang'. Once he had his spear, he knew he had to think of some way to weaken him. His best bet was to fool his senses, somehow. He came up with a few clever, but risky ideas. Putting one into action, he began to charge forward. Like a javelin thrower,he threw his spear at Blind. It would land blade down only a foot in front of him, but hopefully would have made him react thinking it was him. Meanwhile, Silver lunged toward it immediately after throwing it, and managed to grab the end of it while airborne. He pulled himself forward like a pole-vaulter and attempted to kick Blind with both of his feet.

Blind wasn't fooled, and he ducked under the kick, lying on his back, he kicked upwards with both feet, aiming to hit Silver in the lower spine, or pelvis. He then rolled to the side and flipped upright to ready for another attack.

The kick to his back served as a painful lift into the air. He performed a backflip and landed with his back facing him. He immediately whirled around, ready to guard or counter any oncoming attack.

Blind immediately followed by a swift and powerful two-pronged jumping kick, aimed for the cat's head. They might daze if it worked. Blind would then drop to the ground, leaving a small window for attack.

Silver managed to block the kick with his forearm, being pushed back slightly from the force of the blow. With his other arm, he quickly thrust his spear toward Blind's shoulder.

Blind jumped off the forearm, pushing the both of them apart. He landed on his back with a thud. He rolled back and flipped off his shoulders back onto his feet and was prepared for the next attack. His hands were held in front of him in a defensive martial stance.

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Silver chased after him, hoping to keep the pressure of offense on him. He twirled his spear around and struck at him multiple times aiming for both of his sides, utilizing both ends of his weapon.

Blind stood there waiting. The first two strikes his his upper arms, then Blind grabbed for the middle of the weapon's shaft, hoping to stop the strikes. He then brought his foot up to the cat's chest and made a strong thrust, hoping to launch back with the spear.

Match 4: Bull VS. Smash

Smash headed up into the ring, curiously wondering who wanted to fight him. It wasn't very often that an outsider challenged him, though considering his status in the Blitz Pit, he wasn't surprised. Once he made it to the ring, he began to do a few stretches in preparation for the upcoming match. Whoever this dog was, he would be ready for him.

Bull walked into the arena nervously, he held his arm next to his side. He didn't like this at all, Marina had made him do this, and he wanted to be a nice friend and voulenteer. "Uh, hello." He squirmed.

Smash stood up straight and looked at his opponent. His eyebrows shot up in surprise; This guy was nothing like he'd imagined. He expected to see a brawny dog bigger than he was, but instead got a nervous little kid no older than 10 years. Was he even allowed in here? Let alone, going up against someone more than twice his age? This wouldn't be a fair match, and he'd probably get in trouble for beating up a kid. Still, not all opponents are what they appear to be. He knew that better than anyone. "Hey kid, are you really up for this?" He asked. "Hate to brag, but I'm definitely not the guy you want to be fighting first--if at all. Aren't you a little young to be here in the first place?"

Bull looked insulted, but instead of yelling he looked quite calm, "Sure, i'm old enough, checked with the officals, and about the second thing, i'm tougher than I look, I just don't like to fight, but i'm doing this because of my friend, she challenged X, and now I challenge you."

"The officials must've lowered their standards or something..." Smash muttered under his breath. Just then, the announcer walked onto the stage. He looked back and forth between the two fighters, just as surprised as Smash was to see the boy. Smash gave a simple nod, signalling to him that it was okay. Or so he thought.

With a clear of his throat, he spoke "Okay then. If you're both ready, then go ahead and begin. I'm just going to do what I always do here."

With that, Smash turned to his new opponent. "The first move is yours." He beckoned, gesturing him to bring it on.

"Ok!" Bull kicked with force, this being the first time he has fought anyone. Ever

Smash nonchalantly blocked the kick with little effort, pushing his leg to the side.

Bull was surprised his kick didn't hit Smash, If that didn't work, I just rely on my brains more than my bronze"

"You're wide open." Smash reminded him. In the next second, his fist connected with Bull's chest, not hard enough to do any real damage, but holding enough force to push him back a step or two.

"You can do the next move", he said, wiping dust off himself, it seemed like he didn't even hit him.

He still felt awkward hitting a kid, but he noticed that he seemed to be a bit sturdier than he looked. Maybe he can hold up on his own. He thought as he decided his next move. But first... He took a heavy step forward and brought his fist toward Bull's gut in rather a slow, but powerful punch.

Bull didn't flinch or move at all, "Hah, that tickled". Bull punched Smash in the hips, not enough to break them, but with great force.

He took the hit, seemingly deliberately, and slightly staggered backward. He rubbed the side of his hip where he was struck. But he didn't seem to be in great pain. Instead his face showed a look of interest, as he assessed the blows they traded. He'd confirmed a few things, but still wanted to know more about his opponent. Suddenly, without warning, Smash came at him again. He threw a barrage of punches as fast as the wind, aiming at just about every section of his body within reach.

Bull stumbled, but looked quite impressed, Bull then started punching the ground with such force the it started to tremble, it was the move Earthquake.

Now Smash began to look somwhat troubled. He hit him hard, and he hit him several times and made him stumble, but was he damaged at all? He couldn't tell, but something wasn't right about this kid. The fact that he started causing an earthquake wasn't helping. He crouched down low to the ground to keep his balance. If this kid was really as tough as he was making out to be, then it was time to stop holding back. He sprung forward, twirling in mid-air to give a swift spin kick to his face, hard enough to knock him clean over.

Dodging the attack easily, Bull wondered what he could do now, "Aha! The fan that Marina let me borrow". He pulled out a beatiful fan, this fan buffets anyone in it's path, Bull started waving it, as a salty seawater smell filled the air.

He landed on the ground just behind Bull, skidding and turning to face him and ready to follow up with another attack. He was immediately met with the smell of the sea, and a strange feeling from the fan. He had no clue what he was trying to do, but seeing as he was already so close, he easily could easily put a halt to it. He batted Bull's arm away and sent a crushing jab toward his chest.

Bull flipped over, getting up quickly, Bull bit Smash, then moving his jaw side to side, then slammed his jaws on Smash's leg.

Before he could even sink his teeth into his leg, Smash lifted his foot up and away from his maw, and let him kiss the sole of his boot as he kicked him in the face.

Bull wiped off his tongue, "Your good!" Bull stood there, focusing as hard as he could, a green energy ball was in his hand, then threw it a smash, and exploded on contact. Bull covered his eyes at the explosion.

That proved to be a big mistake. While Smash was blown back from the explosion, he wasn't knocked down. He guarded the projectile the best he could, and was sent skidding back. But since he was still standing, he had an opportunity to counter. He lunged forward and swung at him with both fists clenched together, bashing at him like a club with bone crushing force.

While he did get hurt, it was also a big mistake, as a gigantic flame came out of his paws.

Smash found his arms singed after bashing through the flames. He backed up quickly, and took a moment to think about his next move as he smothered the fire on his arm.

Bull thought of his next move, then he made fire come out of his hands, but instead this Smash was trapped in the inferno.

Smash's eyebrows bounced upward as he realized he was surrounded by a ring of fire. Still, he kept his eyes locked on Bull. He had to make a move fast, before the fire closed in on him. He backed up until he was nearly at the edge of the fire wall, and sprinted forward. He made a daring leap into the air, his body glowing slightly as he cleared the top of the flames, and quickly descended upon Bull with his arm cocked back. He unleashed a powerful punch that would not only emit a bright flash upon impact, but cause an explosion of energy as well.

Bull was stunned and hurt by the blast but in desperate needs, he ran towards Smash, wanting to ram him.

Regaining his composure after the attack, Smash spread his arms out, almost welcoming him to try and ram into him

Bull was confused at this, but still continued to run towards Smash. He eventually collided with him, seemingly toppling him over. However, Smash grabbed his shoulders and rolled onto his back. With the help of his foot, he successfully hurled him way over his head and toward the edge of the ring, judo style.

Bull was suprised that happened, but he got up slowly, hurting his leg badly.

Smash jumped back to his feet and turned to his opponent. He had a feeling that this match would soon be over. He gestured him to make another move, if he could.

Bull got up, pushing his leg back in place, he gestured that Smash could make the next move.

He narrowed his eyes at him. "C'mon, Kid. Don't copy me; I was telling you to make the next move."

Match 5: Marrow the Raccoon Vs. Drew the Wolf

Drew walked into the match. He stood there, waiting for Marrow. He adjusted his gloves and retied his shoes, trying to pass time.

A slightly larger than average sized figure walked into the arena. He wore a black cowl to conceal his body, as he made his way towards the center of the ring. Once there, he stood and silently faces his opponent. His golden eyes glowed with urge for battle, and the rest of his face was hidden behind a white, solid mask.

Drew had a slightly confused yet frieghtened look on his face. He stook a step back to increase the gap between them.

Marrow took a step closer to his opponent, keeping his arms at his side, so he appeared to be a head, with a blank mask and piercing yellow eyes. He glared at his opponent in silence, then waited for his move.

Drew shrugged and lightly sprinted at Marrow. He did an agile jump and sent a kick to Marrow's head.

Marrow moved quickly to the side, avoiding the kick. He spun around and let his cloak fly towards Drew in an attempt to ensnare him, but wasn't counting on it. He looked at his opponent, as his full suit of bone-crafted armor showed. The bone-clad warrior glared at Drew. The whole time, he had been thinking, but hadn't said anything.

Drew landed on his feet. He turned around and looked at Marrow. He smirked and charged toward him. He jumped and flipped over Marrow, standing behind him.

Marrow spun around, throwing a wide-armed swipe at the wolf's midsection. He then would use his left arm to try to block the next attack.

Drew did a backflip to avoid contact. "Whoa!" He yelled before tripping and falling. He sat on the ground. He had hurt his tailbone. He slowly got up painfully.

Marrow hurled the knife at him as he was getting up, leaving little time to dodge. The knife's pommel would hit, instead of the blade, however. Marrow then held his right hand over his shoulder, as a piece of his armor jumped out and formed a clever-like blade in his hand. He walked towards the wolf, ready to hack him to pieces.

Drew sideflipped out of the way of the oncoming knife. He quickly jumped backwards and looked at Marrow. He ran towards him, a trick up his sleeve.

Marrow waited for him to approach, then stepped back, swiping at him with the blade.

His blade had barely cut him, only scratching his forehead and leaving a small mark. Drew dropped to the ground. He slid and attempted to knock Marrow off balance.

Marrow managed to hold his ground, the footconnecting with his armor and staying there. Marrow attempted to bladeslap Drew as he was close.

Drew grunted in pain as his ankle made a popping noise as it hit Marrow's armor. He carefully rolled away from Marrow. He got up and had some trouble standing up.

Marrow ran towards Drew and swung the blade at his stomach, if he hit, it would leave a moderate-sized gash. He also raised up his left arm to block an attack, if needed.

Drew jumped, but was slashed on his leg. He landed on his opposite leg, the leg with the ankle injury. He fell down and walked backwards slowly.

Marrow dropped the blades and charged forward, unsheathing the durable,sharp claws from his fingers. He tried to slash his claws across the wolf's cheek and left chest as he got close enough.

Drew was successfully slashed. He fell back in agonizing pain. He got on one knee and clutched his cheek, blood soaking his clothing and gloves.

Match 6: Striker the King Cobra Vs. Neil Clements

Striker slithered in the arena, looking around, he wasn't nervous, his venom would come in handy.

A figure appeared at the far entrance to the arena. He walked in confidently, yet modestly. He was a strange hybrid; that of a cat, and a scorpion combined into one. The exo-skeleton that covered half of his body reflected a little light off its dark green surface. He soon reached the middle, and stopped, setting his staff up straight and stared at his much younger opponent.

Striker looked at his much older opponent, then scratched his head, he didn't know which breed he was, but he didn't mind, everyone was different.

Neil stood and looked at his opponent, swishing his large scorpion tail from side to side slowly. The four and a half foot cherry wood staff clamped tightly in his right hand, and his pincher-like claw curved from his wrist across the back of his hand. He smiled, "Hello, what might your name be?" He asked, then Stretched out a little.

"My name is Striker". He replyed, stretching out his tail and spraying a little venom on the floor so he could practice targting using his venom, "you get the first move"

Neil nodded in response, "Neil." He remained where he was standing, "And I offer it back to you." He said, smiling and making a welcome gesture with his left hand.

"Thanks" He said, while springing up in the air, tricking Neil into thinking he would attack him, instead, he took a deep breath, and he breathed out, making the air toxic.

Neil had a faint idea that his opponent was toxic, as he was a cobra, and spat venom. He held his hand near his mouth, forcing away the toxins around his facial area, while gripping his staff with the other.

Striker wasn't surprised at this, as many people can do that. He dodged the attack quickly, and then started to hiss and spread out his gigantic hood.

Neil was a little stunned by this for a second, then adjusted his position into a feral fighting stance, and hissed, witha combination of a cat and a scorpion's hiss. His large, barber tail flicked warningly, and was raised high.

In response, he stuck out his long and deadly fangs, positioning them so that if he came close, he'd bite.

Neil stepped closer and swung for the fangs with his long staff. He aied to either hit them, the jaw, or the nose.

Striker dodged it, but his tail got hit.He aimed his fangs at Neil's arm.

Neil spun around again, to deliver another blow to the same area, not really focusing on defense.

Striker was surprised, he didn't expect him to do that, he admitted, he was getting tired of this, the were doing the same thing they did before, Striker bit him in the arm, not caring if he would hit him.

The fangs hit the exoskeleton on Neil's arm, but they slid, so the whole forearm would be in the snake's mouth. The staff made its connection at the base of Strikers jaw. It would form a bruise and hurt quite a bit, but not stop him. Neil raised his tail over his head and plunged ot down at Striker's back, the venomous singer poised for action.

The stinger hit back, this hurt him more than anyone, he kept himself from screaming, and this time, bit the fuzzy, flesh part of his leg.

Neil quickly jammed his staff down, and stopped the snake from biting his leg. He shoved the staff into the ground, and left ot there, before quickly hopping back.

Striker jerked his head back quickly, then thought of ways to defeat him, then started to wrap around him, and stared at him, wearily.

Neil quickly grabbed the staff out of the ground, then slammed it back down, sending dulled stalagmites into the snake's underbelly.

Striker held back a scream in pain, ripping the stalagmites out of his underbelly. Hall the sudden, covered his fangs in darkness then venom, and bit Neil

Neil twisted his whole body to avoid the attack, then jumped back, making a weak upper-cutting swipe with his staff at the cobra's neck.

Striker grabbed his neck, then tripped Neil with his tail, and bit him in the leg, seeping venom into his leg.

Neil dodged the grappling attempt, but was tripped by the tail. The fangs dug into his leg, and he went wide-eyed. He swung the staff directly at Striker's nose, aiming to get the mouth off his leg.

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Striker got off of it before he could hit him, he felt weak, but he had to go on a little more.

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Neil hobbled back, keeping his leg off the ground. He placed his right hand on the leg to draw out the venom, while his left hand tightly gripped the staff to keep him stable. He made a jab at Striker's nose with his tail, again.

Striker stood back, he felt like he was going to throw up, he felt weak, he felt like he was going to give up, but he didn't. Striker was going to whip his tail at Neil, getting ready for the whip like tail move.

Neil pulled the venom back out of his leg, kinetically, then readied for the next attack.

Striker was getting mad at this, he whipped his tail, targeting Neil.

Neil planted his staff in front of the strike. The tail would hit and probably hurt Striker if he didn't stop the move.

Striker was figuring out why he didn't just not block so that he could get hurt, he shook his head and then stopped in the middle of his move.

Neil hobbled back, then levitated a piece of earth, forming it into a spike. He then shot it at Striker.

Striker saw the spike, he slithered away from it quickly just in time, he started to focus on his energy, then from his claws, came a big flame.

Neil stomped the ground, sending up a piece of earth. He smashes the chunk towards Striker, splitting into sharp fragments in a scattering formation.

Striker then made an aorua of fire around his tail, then tried to smack Neil with it.

Neil again blocked with the staff. He then hopped forward and struck at Striker's base of the tail with his tail.

Striker yelped, more pain, more chance he had of losing. Striker bit Neil on his tail, while he had the chance.

Neil pulled his tail back, and would swing the staff again, to have it crash down on Striker's head, trying to cause a concussion.

When it came down on his head, he felt like throwing up even more, until he couldn't take it, doing all the moves he had done before.

Neil blocked the first tail sweep, then tried to ram his fist, and claw into the snake's mouth as his bit, but was caught off-guard by the flaming tail sweep and was knocked some distance away, with a burn abd bruise on his side. He didn't move back towards his opponent, but instead jammed his staff into the earth, then pulled it out, forming a crude earthen hammer head on the end of it. In doing so, he fell over, from failing to support his leg. He used this to his advantage by coating the leg in a rock brace, and pushed himself back up.

Striker was weak from the attack combo, letting himself obvious to attack.

The claw would have stabbed the inside of Stiker's mouth. Neil stood where he was, and pounded the ground with his hammer, sending a wave of staaagmites to pop out of the ground in a line, heading towards Striker.

Striker doged some of the stalagmites, but got hit with one big stalagmite. Striker took out a pipe, then started to hum a hypontising melody.

Neil wondered what the pipe was for, and soon gor his answer. He listened to the melody and started to get hypnotised. He brought the hammer over to his face, before succoming to the tune.

Striker wondered if he had won, not knowing, he still played the flute.

Neil continued to stand there, staring into space, but he was slowly getting over the song. He sddenly broke from the trance and shook his head. He Broke off two pieces of the hammer and put them in his ears to dullen the song, and its effects. "Cheap trick." He stated, "But let's finish this..."

Striker wasn't ready to lose, he braved himself for whatever he would do to him, he closed his eyes, closing himself out from everything.

Neil hobbled quickly towards Striker and pounded the ground with his hammer, sending up a chunk about the size of a basketball. He struck it with the hammer, sending it flying towards Striker's chest, then got close and swung the flat of the hammer for Striker's left temple, in an attempted knock out.

Striker fell to the ground, "I didn't win, but atleast i'm not a sore loser". He said before the annoucer said Neil won.

Neil smiled and bent over. He picked up the snake's torso and head, then set them on his shoulder. He carried him out, letting the end of his tail drag on the ground as he exited the arena.

Striker then got up by himself, waving to Neil.

Neil motioned for Striker to follow, as he walked over to a healer.

As he walked into the healer, he waved goodbye.

Match 7: Marissa the cat Vs. Vindice the Sheep-bat

Marissa walkes to the ring and waited for her opponent,Vindice.She taps her foot and looks around.

Vindice stepped into the ring, two shadow arms sprouting out of his back along with his two tentacles. He grinned, and he stepped closer to Marissa.

Marissa was pretty frighten of Vindice's tentacles.She shaked a bit and stepped back away from him.

Vindice's tentacles appeared ribbon-like, and not much scary, but maybe a bite menacing. He stepped closer to Marissa.

"Are you my opponent?" he asked in a rather loud and serious tone. He still grinned. Marissa nodded slowly.She twitched a bit and step back.

Vindice looked Marissa over. "No need to be scared, just tell me when you are ready to begin." Vindice smiled lightly, and looked the arena over.

Marissa looked at Vindice and nodded slowly."I'm....ready"

Vindice nodded and smiled lightly, and bowed, gesturing for her to make the first move.

Marissa summon her computer and type something in.A cannon appeared on her hand and fires at Vindice.

Match 8: Thermos vs Twilight

A hooded figure wearing a black trench coat and black pants made his way into the arena. The purple soles of his red and blue shoes tapped silently against the ground. A purple cross scabbard was strapped to his back by dark gray straps. Mostly hidden by his trench coat was a holster strapped to each thigh, both holding a fully automatic pistol inside with spare ammunition in his pockets. His Thermokinetic abilities would protect these items from damage.

Fotiagos Imperium had recently come in contact with a rather strange client. Instead of a target, he was tasked in showing his fighting prowess and was given directions to this establishment. The wolverine accepted both out of the hefty reward he would receive afterwards and the fact he wanted to see how powerful he was. Being in such a crowded place put him on edge and the firearms were to be used as a means to defend himself in case he walked straight into a trap. Registering himself as his nickname, Thermos, he was ready to see just how strong he was.

Not long after Fotiagos entered the arena, another hooded figure clad in dark colored clothing entered. This time it was a rusty colored dingo wearing an a black jacket over a gray shirt with an elaborate dragon design on it. He was also wearing long black jeans with a studded belt to hold them up, black and gray shoes, dark gray leather gloves, and a unique black and silver gauntlet on his right forearm. There was also the handle of a sword attached to his waist, but there was no blade to go with the handle.

Zorovar Hallstrom had received an "invitation" to the Blitz PIt to fight against an opponent. He wasn't told who he was fighting, nor why. All he was told was that there would be a reward for participating in this tournament. Win or lose, he would be given information regarding an ancient artifact that Zorovar had been hunting. Not currently busy with treasure or monster hunting, Zorovar decided to accept the challenge. Besides, Zorovar didn't mind a good oppertunity to keep his fighting skills razor sharp. He registered himself by the alias he had adopted, Twilight, and had waited for his turn in the battle ring.

Fotiagos lifted his head up slightly to look at his opponent, only giving the dingo a view of his purple furred muzzle. His nose twitched about at a vaguely familiar scent.

"That smell... I recognize it from somewhere." He muttered. He fumbled the spare magazines in his pockets before lifting his black fingerless gloved hands up to remove his hood. "So, you're my opponent?" He stated, pulling the hood down, showing his red and blue furred head. His arms then dangled freely at his sides as his cold and unmoving midnight eyes stared down his unbeknownst ally.

Zorovar looked at his opponent in mild surprise, recognizing him as the wolverine he had first met during a zombie uprising in Station Square several months ago. Fortunately, that crisis had been resolved in such a manner that it pratically never happened, though everyone who was involved remembered the whole event. Despite being mildly surprised that an old ally was his opponent today, he answered his question. "Yeah, I am." He said cooly, some confidence in his voice. "Got a problem with that?"

Fotiagos also expressed mild surprise as he realized why the dingo's scent was familiar. He was the first one that aligned himself with the wolverine that short time ago. Half a smug smile even stretched across his violet muzzle.

"Not at all, actually." he responded, his voice lacking the soulless tone, but still overly calm and moderately confident. "It's most fortunate to see you survived, Twilight. I presume this will be most fun." he went on. He briefly clenched his right hand into a fist, the crimson fur and hand markings glowing for a short moment. He did the same with his left fist and his blue attributes followed a similar manner. Usually the Thermomancer was a heavily offensive combatant, but he was quite aware of his ally's power and chose to take things slowly this time around. He shuffled his feet about and stared Zorovar down. "Now, shall we get this underway?" he inquired, the smirk leaving his visage as he braced himself for the battle.

Zorovar pulled out the handle of his sword. While it looked useless in a fight due to having no blade, it wouldn't be for much longer. Almost a second later, a large black blade erupted from the hilt. The blade looked like it weighed a lot and would require two hands to properly hold, but Zorovar was holding the sword with only one hand with no difficulty. With a stylish side flip towards Fotiagos and a spinning swing, Zorovar ended the movement with a relaxed posture with the blade resting on his shoulder. "I'll give you one last chance to walk away." He said, knowing fully well that his opponent wouldn't.

Fotiagos watched with wonder as his ally unsheathed his weapon. Given the circumstances of their initial encounter, the wolverine had yet to witness his more magical abilities. Now was the time to show his own, but not quite at the moment. Within moments and a blur of red, blue and black, he reached both hands behind him and unsheathed his blades. Additionally, he gave the hilts their respective twists and pushed the bottoms together, locking them in place with an opposing rotation and creating the staff like Adnecto.

"You really think I'd walk away from this?" He questioned sternly, midnight black eyes narrowing at the dingo.

"No." Zorovar stated simply. This was the answer he hoped for. However, because the Blitz Pit had rules against killing opponents, he needed to do one thing first. With no warning, a black shadowy figure dressed in black clothing like that of a spellcaster materialized next to Zorovar. Zorovar took out his sword and crossbow, presenting them to the shadowy figure. The figure, assumed to be female, then brought out a silver staff with color changing crystals on each end. Her staff glowed green, and then the dingo's weapons glowed green for just a bit before the glow died down and the weapons were no longer glowing. Zorovar then put back his crossbow and held his sword with both hands, taking a fighting position. Meanwhile, the shadowy female figure made her way to the side of the arena and off the stage. She would be watching the match.

What had just happened was that Eclipse, the shadowy sorceress that always accompanies Zorovar, had placed an enchantment on both of Zorovar's weapons so that they would be inable to kill Fotiagos. The sword could still cut through him, but it would not cause any permanent damage. However, Fotiagos, should he be hit, would still feel an intense amount of pain. The crossbow also was enchanted to prevent fatalities.

Zorovar smirked at his opponent, "Alright. Just remember this, when the blade's at your throat, I gave you the chance to walk away." He then twirled his sword around with incrdible speed and held it with one hand outstretched to the side, the blade pointing towards the ground at an angle.

Fotiagos watched the events unfold with curiosity. He had even found his head leaning ever so slightly to the left as he found himself lost within the multiple thoughts circling his head. Zorovar's smirk snapped him from his light trance and he met the dingo with one of his own.

"Likewise." he replied confidently. With a series of swift and impressive twirls and jabs with Adnecto, the wolverine assumed a fighting stance, his unwavering stare never leaving the Vampiric canine. This would usually be the time his heavily offensive fighting style was unleashed, but seeing as how this was for entertainment in conjunction with knowing his foe was no easy fighter to overcome, he decided to go on the defensive for once. Witth his visage retaining its usual stillness, the Thermomancer gave him a gesture to strike first.

Zorovar nodded and took a few steps towards the Thermomancer at a leisurely pace, as though he were taking his good time. After reaching about halfway, he suddenly dashed forward with astounding speed, especially for someone carrying a very heavy looking sword. As he made his way closer, Zorovar pulled out Harbinger with his free hand and fired two bolts at the ground in front of Fotiagos. Since the crossbow had the stun and explosive crystals inserted, the bolts would create a blinding flash and deafening bang in front of the wolverine. He then put away his crossbow and threw his sword up in the air, causing it to spin rapidly as it gained altitude. He jumped into in the air, grabbed his sword midflight, and come down hard, aiming to hit Fotiagos with the full force of the sword attack.

Seeing as how Fotiagos kept a keen eye on the canine, he was well aware of the trajectory in which the crossbow was fired. As such, avoiding a projectile head on was not a worry. He watched the bolts plant them selves into the ground and instinctively turned his back on them, suffering only a high pitched ringing in his ears. Gritting his teeth against the pain, he turned around right as Zorovar preformed his maneuver. As the sword came his way, he avoided it with a swift sidestep, then induced a quick spin. Once he completed a full circle, he would take a diagonal swing at the dingo with one of the bladed edges of Adnecto. Afterwards, he would give the weapon a twirl, keeping the momentum of his weapon going where he would initiate an identical swing.

Zorovar's sword slamed the ground with a loud thud as it missed it's target. However, just as Fotiagos swung at Zorovar, the dingo immediately raised his sword to block the attack. After he stopped his opponent's blade in its path, Zorovar took a quick step back to put some distance between him and his opponent. He held his blade with one hand, which was surprising considering that the large blade he was using looked like it would be a two handed sword. He would then slam his sword against the ground with an overhead swing, creating a black blade of dark energy that emmited from the sword and towards the Thermomancer.

Fotiagos' second swing struck nothing but air and the bladed tip even dug slightly into the ground. Swiftly retreiving his weapon, the wolverine decided to go on the offensive, dashing for Zorovar with great speed. His midnight black eyes watched the dark construct of energy rapidly approaching him. With a swift sidestep, he narrowly avoided it and continued on with his velocity. While he performed this maneuver, he detached his swords. Upon nearing the dingo, he would apply a barrage of swift and powerful slashes with the twin swords, all aiming for different places with varying angles. Additionally, Zorovar may possibly see the blue fur on the left side of the wolverine's body emit a glow. The temprature around him would also make a gradual decrease.

Upon noticing his previous attack's failure, Zorovar quickly attempted to counter Fotiagos' barrage of twin bladed fury with two blades of his own. Zorovar gripped the hilt of the sword with both hands, and then pulled his hands away from each other. His sword suddenly split right down the middle, resulting in the creation of two identical black swords that seemed to resemble katanas, one in each hand. Being an experienced and skilled swordsman himself, Zorovar would be able to block his opponent's attacks and leave them in a stalemate. Although he noticed that the temporature was starting to decrease, Zorovar did his best to ignore the growing cold. While locked in the stalemate with his opponent, Zorovar attempted to raise his swords, along with his opponent's, high above their heads and kick Fotiagos back with a swift, but powerful kick to the wolverine's stomach.

The sound of steel clashing violently against each other resonated throughout the arena as the rivals fought on. Fotiagos soon strangely found his arms being as the battle between swords carried on. This left his adversary's midsection open for attack and the wolverine raised Ignis to make its mark. However, it seemed Zorovar was quicker and the Thermomancer was sent stumbling backwards a few steps, the wind being knocked out him slightly.

"You're quicker then I expected." He said, grinning at the canine and regaining his footing. With the temperature reaching chilly levels, the swordsman remained where he was, opting to go on the defensive for a change.

"That's one of the reasons I'm still alive today." Zorovar replied. He then did something unexpected. He thrust one of his hands forward, causing a wave of darkness resembling black fog to rush towards the Thermomancer. The attack was too wide to avoid by sidestepping, and Fotiagos was too close to dodge it. Once the attack connects, the wolverine would be caught in a swirling mass of dense, black fog. This would not only leave him virtually blind, but he would also feel an eerie chill unlike any normal coldness. In addition, he would feel like he was weighed down, as the black mass would restrict his movements until it either faded, or was repelled somehow. During this moment, Zorovar would slam a fist covered in a blackish energy into the ground, causing a black puddle to appear in front of him. A moment later, three spider-like creatures about 1 foot tall would crawl out of it. Each spider-creature had four legs and was covered in some sort of organic armor. Each creature would stay infront of Zorovar, awaiting his command.

Fotiagos remained calm and collected as the fog enveloped him. The temperature left him shivering, which is something that hasn't happened to him since his childhood. This began to worsen exponentially, but thanks to the wolverine's near mastery of regulating his body temperature, he was able to adapt to this new level and it even gave him access to his Cryokinetic abilities sooner then he expected. The blue fur on the left side of his body as well as Glacies was now shrouded in cyan icicles. He closed his eyes for a short while then opened them. By doing so, he imbued his vision with his Thermokinesis, giving allowing him to perceive the infrared spectrum and be able to detect his opponent's heat signatures if the fog allowed it. If this however, did not not work, Fotiagos would resort to using his plethora of enhanced senses to predict Zorovar and his companion's attacks. This wouldn't be the first time he fought without his vision and while he was weighed down slightly, this would do little to stop him. Remaining on the defensive, he waited for the moment to strike, taking careful note of each vibration felt through the air and the ground, the dingo's scent, the sound and location of his footsteps; all of these would be under the swordsman's attention.

"Attack!" Zorovar commanded his minions. Without hesistation, the spider like creatures made their way to attack the Thermomancer. The first of the three, located on Zorovar's far left, curled up into an armored sphere and rolled towards Fotiagos, attempting to ram him and knock him down. The other two crawled towards their target. Due to their armor, they did not move very fast. They would reach Fotiagos several seconds later, where one would attempt to swipe at him with it's forelegs, while the other would fire a volley of three dart like projectiles at Fotiagos. These darts were semi-poisonous, but wouldn't do any lasting harm on the wolverine. Meanwhile, Zorovar would silently make his way around and wait for an oppertunity to attack Fotiagos from behind. He would have no trouble seeing the wolverine through the darkness. As for the thermomancer, it would be unlikely he would detect the spiderlike creatures' body heat from within the swirling fog, due in part to their armor and to the fact that they were creatures of darkness. Zorovar, however, would likely be detected through the fog as he made his way around.

Just as Fotiagos predicted, his thermal vision did little to aid in catching sight of the canine. WIth only a sigh, he reconnected his swords and gripped the newly formed Adnecto in preperation. The first of 3 began rolling towards him. The wolverine gave a swift twirl of his weapon, quickly building up momentum then plunging the frozen tip of Glacies into the shadowy beast, possibly penetrating its armor and sending ice coursing throughout its body. What he was attemlting to accomplish most importantly was stopping the beast in its place. Since he was aware this likely failed to kill it, he kept his right hand gripped on the weapon, applying additional force to at least keep it pinned. His left hand was being used to form a shpere of ice that was launched at the one that had approached and swung at him. This had the possibility of freezing it, or at least Fotiagos hoped so as he had no other means of defending himself. Finally, a faint noise was picked up through his sensitve ears, mainly the whirling of small projectiles. On instinct, he formed a thin wall of ice in front of him and the sound of the darts boucning off of it was heard barely a second after. Finding himself preoccupied, he had wondered what had become of Zorovar. He was the main threat, not these simple distractions. First he needed to see if they would cause him any more hindrance.

Fotiagos' blade didn't penetrate the armored beast as the wolverine had hoped. However, it certainly stopped it in its tracks, causing it to spin in place and kicking up smoke like a tire in a burnout. The spiderlike creature that had attempted to swipe at the Thermomancer was hit dead on with the sphere of ice, causing it to freeze in place. The now frozen minion could be seen shaking periodically, as though it was trying to break free of the ice that had trapped it. The third minion's volley of projectile's were stopped by Fotiago's icy wall. The third minion curled into a armored sphere and started to charge at an incredible speed not towards Fotiagos, but towards his sword. If the attack connected, the sword would be knocked out of his hand and the spiderlike minion that was spinning in place would suddenly charge forward as it would no longer be hindered. With the distance between Fotiagos and the spinning minion, Fotiagos would have very little hope of getting out of the way if and when his sword was knocked away.

As for Zorovar, he took out his crossbow and inserted a wave crystal and a wind crystal. This would give his crossbow the ability to fire powerful gusts of air that would knock over almost anything in its path, including the spiderlike creatures and Fotiagos. For now, he bidded his time, waiting to see how things played out within the black fog, which was starting to dissipate to the point that it would vanish within about 30 seconds.

Fotiagos grunted in struggle to keep the minion in its place. The more the spider spun in place against the bladed tip of Glacies, the more force Fotiagos would apply, possibly breaking through the armor after some time. With one of the pests frozen in place and the other pinned down, the dingo himself and the other minion were really the only threats for the moment. Zorovar's location remained unknown, but the wolverine was now focused on the creature heading his way fast. There was no way to move from harm's way. If he did so, he'd run the risk of being run down from the other. He growled in frustration as he reached his right hand into the holster on his right thigh. He was hoping he wouldn't have to resort to using these weapons, but now that he thought about it, he'd rather send those who could be possibly setting a trrap for him a warning if they chose to confront the wolverine. As the spider charged towards him, Fotiagos took aim and squeezed the trigger. 17 bullets of rapid sucession would fly through the air and towards the beast, hopefully killing it, if not severely damaging it. Either way, he was hoping it'd at least slow the thing down so he can properly dispose of the other 2, then finally face his friendly rival.

The flurry of bullets hit the approaching monster dead on. While the first few bullets richocheted off, the remaining bullets hit it with enough force to cause the spiderlike monster to veer away from him and collide right into the other spider that Fotiagos was trying to detain with his sword. This ended the deadlock between the wolverine and the minion. The spider that had been spinning against Fotiagos' sword was now on it's back, trying to get itself upright so that it could continue the fight. Even though the creature was armored on every part of its body, the armor underneath the creature not as strong as the armor on the rest of its body, meaning that it would be an adequate weakpoint for the Thermomancer to take advantage of. The other spider that had been barraged by bullets earlier  was now damaged and on its side, but it would slowly try to get back up to return to the fray. The frozen spiderlike minion that Fotiagos had frozen earlier was just starting to break free from the ice that was restraining it, but it would still be a several more seconds before it could do anything to hinder or harm the Thermomancer.

As for Zorovar, he fired three shots in rapid succession at Fotiagos after the deadlock was broken. Becuase of the crystals in his crossbow, the weapon would fire a series of wide blasts of wind at the wolverine instead of a few crossbow bolts. Given the distance between Zorovar and Fotiagos, it would be next to impossible for the wolverine to get out of the way. The wolverine would either have to quickly do something creative, or be hit with enough force to send him flying several feet away.

The resulting impact from the creatures colliding with one another caused the multicolored predator to stumble back a few steps. The grip on Adnecto waned as he briefly struggled to regain his composure. Right as he was about to retain his footing, he was blown back a good distance as a result of Zorovar's crossbow. The double bladed sword slipped from his hand and was blown back a greater distance. The cyan ice shrouding Glacier vanished as the Thermomancer released it. Fotiagos reacted swiftly, forming a ramp of ice upon nearing the ground which allowed him to stop midair and hover above the ground. He faced the dingo ready to face anything thrown at him since a few moments passed since the bolt was unleashed.

Zorovar was satisfied to see that the Thermomancer had been blown back a good distance, but his satisfaction soon turned into surprise as the Wolverine managed to recover so quickly. However, his focus quickly switched to Fotiagos' weapon, which was laying on the ground a moderate distance away. In almost half a second, he switched out the wave crystal for a bomb crystal. Then Zorovar took aim at the bladed weapon, aiming for the ground immediately infront of it, and pulled the trigger. If the bolt hit where Zorovar had aimed, the bolt would release a short-ranged, but intense, omnidirectional blast of air. This would in turn blow the Thermomancer's weapon even further away, and likely out of the arena, leaving Fotiagos without his sword. While Zorovar was fully aware that this wouldn't render his opponent defenseless, it would definitly give the vampiric dingo an advantage.

Meanwhile, the spiderlike monster that had been knocked onto its back had nearly uprighted itself. In just several seconds, it would be upright again and attempt to help the other minion that was on its side get back up. The frozen minion was now only half frozen, its entire front half thawed out. Its front two legs were scrapping against the ground as though it were trying to pull itself out of the ice.

Fotiagos' attention turned to his weapon just as swiftly as his opponent. Knowing exactly what he was going to attempt, the wolverine took off for Adnecto in a quick burst of speed using his makeshift ramp of ice, placing the firearm back in its holster as he did so. Since his ally utilized bladed weaponry, the wolverine felt he'd be at a disadvantage without his and would eventually face defeat. This was not an option for him and he was determined to retrieve his weapon. Fotiagos reached the sword right as the dingo took aim and fired. On instinct and while he continued forward, he formed a barrier of ice between him and the bolt while simultaneously grasping Adnecto with his free hand. The subsequent explosion shattered the blockade and sent the warrior sliding against the ground a good distance, stopping barely within the boundaries of the ring. The ice shrouding the left side of his body melted back into his now blue fur. He had become disoriented from the explosion and struggled to his feet with a groan. His vision was slightly blurred plus a ringing sound punished his eardrums. Despite this, his grip on the double sided sword was strong and he utilized his other enhanced senses to distinguish his surroundings. It would be a short time until he fully regained his composure.

Seeing that his opponent was now on the edge of the arena, Zorovar took aim again. All it would take was one shot from an explosive wind bolt to knock the wolverine right out of the arena, resulting in a win for Zorovar. However, after several seconds passed, he lowered his weapon without firing.

By now, the frozen minion was almost entirely thawed. As for the other two minions, they were now back on their feet and awaiting Zorovar's orders.

Through his dillutated state, Fotiagos watched as his foe took aim and braced himself to react accordingly. However, the crossbow ceased to fire much to his surprise. Swiftly shaking the effects of the explosion, the wolverine regained his senses and began a  leisurely walk back towards the center of the ring, exhanging looks between Zorovar and his minions. His grip on Adnecto shifted from strong to weak and it appeared he was plotting a course of attack.

Zorovar watched Fotiagos approach. In case Fotiagos was wondering why Zorovar didn't pull the trigger, Zorovar decided to speak. "Why end the fight now?" he asked. "Things are just starting to get fun." As soon as he said that, the two spider minions rolled at Fotiagos. Just as they got close, however, one of them uncurled from it's sphere form and fired a volley of about four darts at Fotiagos. The other one kept rolling at him to close the distance. As soon as it was close, it would uncurl and lung at Fotiagos with a swipe to his legs. The swipe would deal some damage, and potentially force the wolverine back a bit.

Fotiagos let out a smirk at the canine's statement. At this moment, he stopped a fair distance away from Zorovar.

"It would be more difficult to defeat me than you know, even if you did fire a bolt from your crossbow." He claimed. The smug grin vanished completely as the duo of creatures made their way towards him. As the small torrent of projectiles came his way, he held Adnecto out at the right angle and proper timing, causing the darts to ping off the steel blades. With the other rolling towards him, he swiflty held the large weapon in his left hand and reached for the holster on the right side with his free hand. He was beginning to get annoyed with these creatures and wanted to dispose of them here and now. The automatic pistol was brought out and aimed at the minion, where he squeezed the trigger and sent another 17 bullets right at it. Even if it veered off to the side, Fotiagos would follow its movements and keep his aim on it.

After the clip was emptied, he placed the empty firearm in the pocket of his trench coat. He would then detach his swords and sheeth them, where he would retreive the pistol from his coat pocket and reload it with one of the spare magazines that lay next to it. He would place it back and repeat the process with the gun in his left holster. After doing so, he would hold one in each hand and would divert his attention to Zorovar and his minions. This maneuver would have only took a mere moment and the wolverine was prepared.

The spider minion that had been rolling at him was killed by the bullet storm. It skidded to a stop and landed on its side. After a few moments, it disintegrated. The other minion had started moving towards Fotiagos in order to attack him with a swipe from one of its forelegs. The frozen minion was now free and started rolling towards the other minion to provide back up.

Meanwhile, Zorovar quickly put away his crossbow and pulled out his sword. He would then charge at Fotiagos. Should the wolverine decide to aim a gun at him, Zorovar would be prepared to take action to avoid the shots.

As both creatures made their way to Fotiagos, each one would have a firearm fixed on them with deadly and highly accurate aim. Once again, the triggers were squeezed and the flurry of bullets rained upon both beasts. Fotiagos would keep them in his sights even if they were to move. By the time half of the clips were emptied, Zorovar had made his approach. The Thermomancer was intent of emtying the rounds onto the minions to increase the chance of disposing of them. As such, he'd likely have little time to react to the dingo's attack, but this didn't mean he was completely vulnerable.

As soon as he got close, Zorovar would toss his sword high into the air before attempting to grab his opponent. With one hand, he attempted to grab Fotiagos collar and then pulled him in for a quick, but powerful blow to the stomach. Thanks to the monster hunter's vampiric strength, the punch would pack so much power that it would knock the thermomancer high into the air. Zorovar would then leap into the air, catch his sword midflight, perform a single frontflip due to the momentum of the sword, and attempt to hit his opponent with an overhead slam, forcing himself and Fotiagos downward with a lot of force. Because of the enchantment that Eclipse had placed on the sword prior to battle, the blade wouldn't slice Fotiagos into two from the attack. However, if Fotiagos somehow blocked the initial grab, the whole attack would fail.

Match 9: Kyle VS Endac

Kyle calmly walked up the stairs leading to the ring, fully prepared for his battle. He didn't really plan on participating in the Blitz Pit again, but this time was different. He was challenged to a duel. A friendly duel, but a duel nonetheless. And he accepted eagerly and confidently. As he cleared the last step onto the ring, he looked around to see if his opponent had shown up yet.

His opponent stood across from him, leaning against the entry way admiring a glock he was holding. He looked up his blueish gray eyes flashing. He smiled and nodded, his White silvery hair falling in his face slightly. He stood up straight stepping forward and said "Hello, friend. It seems we shall have our duel then afterall. Let it be known though, that i shall use some of my half dragon abilities, but anything too major, such as entering any higher states, or any powers beyong my breath weapon, i accept as disqualification." He bowed to the hedgehog drawing his claymore, the blade bursting into flame as he drew it. It seemed to be made of only flames, no metal. "A blade of solid flame, made by a good blacksmith." He then spun it and smiled at him, the two handed claymore obviously handled as a one handed or two handed blade.

Kyle gave an understanding nod. "I will also refrain from entering a higher state of power, to make it a fair match." He gave a bow in return, before drawing the Gemblade from its sheath. The sword glowed a brilliant golden hue, illuminating the area around him. "Although, I should warn you; the Gemblade controls the six elements--including Fire. It is not only unaffected by elemental attacks, but can also absorb them to fuel its power." He pointed his sword toward him, "Your sword may just be at a disadvantage."

He nodded slowly looking at the blade again before his mouth twisted into a smile and nodded again. "That may be true." He said as he then turned back to Kyle and taking a canteen from his hip he threw water on the sword, extinguishing the flame. When the steam cleared from the blade it was now sharpened obsidian. "Now if it touches fire it'll reignite, but there is no immidiate elemental power to it, so..." He said smiling as he pointed the sword at his opponent. "Ready to fight?"

Match 10: Florida the Python Vs. Misaki the angelhog

Florida slithered into the arena gracefully, looking around for the Anglehog, she didn't know a Anglehog was, but she didn't worry. She stretched her tail out to get ready for the match, she wasn't getting inpatient. This would give her time to train.

Misaki flied into the arena.She landed and her wings turn into smaller wings.She stretched her arms and looks at Florida."You ready?"She questioned Florida.

"Yep, you can make the first move." She replyed to the anglehog. She put herself in a postion to strike.

Misaki's wings turns bigger.She stays still for a few minutes and then shoots ice beams at Florida.

Florida dodged all but one that had targeted her tail, she smashed it easily. Florida grabbed on to Misaki's leg, then started to spin, then slammed towards the ground.

Misaki was slammed on the ground with a loud "Oof!"Misaki flied up and then start shooting ice shards at her.

Florida got hit with them, wondering how she would get out of the icy prison, struggling around.

Misaki flies around Florida shooting shards repeatly.

Florida lunged herself at the wall, they broke off easily. She was ready to strike. Finally, she lunges herself at Misaki.

Misaki looked at her not knowing what to do."What do I do?!"

Match 11: Ryder vs. Gemini

Ryder stepped into the ring. The tall, muscular blue and black wolf was itching to fight. He cracked his knuckles and his neck, and quietly waited for his opponent to arrive.

A young dograbbit stepped into the arena. She skittishly looked for her oppenent, and when her gaze met Ryder's, she immediately felt more nervousness dwell inside her. She drew in seven deep breaths, and she continued to count her deep breaths as she gazed upon her opponent. She had been force to enter within this tournament by her family, wanting her to discover her "true power."

"Greetings..." Ryder said. The wolf took a few steps forward, moving closer to the center of the ring. He looked over Gemini briefly with his piercing golden-yellow eyes, before speaking up again. "Ready?" He asked.

Gemini nodded slightly, not really speaking. She gave a slight wave, and threw off her cloak, revealing her delicate-looking figure from underneath. She shyly stepped forward and gestured for Ryder to make the first move.

Ryder looked over her again, giving an unnoticeable smirk at her small figure. He knew, however, to never assume someone's strength to coincide with how strong they look. The wolf would hold back at first, just until he got a taste of what Gemini was capable of. Watching her gesturing to him, he gently spoke, "As you wish..." Ryder dashed close to her and attempted to deliver a low, sweeping kick, to knock his opponent off her feet.

Gemini hopped up, and as she hopped up into a crouched position, she swept a kick at Ryder's face. She also then started to fill Ryder's ears with a shrill scream that only he could hear.

Ryder took the kick. It seemed to do very little to him in terms of damage, however, and he instantly shrugged it off. The scream seemed to be quite bothering to him and his ears. The wolf moved, attempting to deliver a powerful punch to Gemini's stomach.

Gemini ultimately got hit by the punch, and reeled backward to regain herself, but then she balled her fist and they glowed with a myserious dark blue energy.

At the moment Gemini was sent backwards by the punch, Ryder moved toward her again. As she regained herself, the wolf was right next to her. In one swift motion, he twisted his body and brought his right leg up in the air above her head. He then swung down his foot, attempting a vicious kick at her head. Ryder kept an eye on his opponent's energy-covered fist as he did this.

Gemini reached up, seeing him kicking, and grabbed his leg. She sent the energy from her hands up at him, but the energy made her a bit tired, and she swiftly let go of his leg, and dived to his legs, trying to knock down the wolf. Gemini was already feeling tired as she did this.

The energy forced into Ryder's body caused him to lose his sight. While only temporary, this would lessen his ability to fight efficiently. Feeling Gemini dive into him, he was knocked to the ground on his back. As he landed, he sent a powerful kick at her, as he felt her on his leg.

Gemini was sent backward by the kick, but she regained herself, using some of the energy from her palms to heal herself. She waited for Ryder to get back up on his feet, before she would attack.

Ryder had hopped back up to his feet in no time. In the blink of an eye, the wolf was barreling toward his opponent. As soon as he was close enough, he would let out a flurry of strikes; each with a large amount of force behind them.

Gemini took each of the strikes, but she sent a few more balls of energy at Ryder. She closed her eyes, getting herself through the pain.

Ryder continued his assault. In the midst of it, he moved swiftly and managed to dodge about half of the energy spheres.

Gemini sprung backward, finally taking in enough of the attacks, and handspringed even further away from Ryder. Her fists then sprang to the ground, sound waves running through the groun, and the ground rumbled.

As Gemini leaped away, Ryder halted his attack. He began to move slowly toward her. As the ground started rumbling, however, to keep himself from falling, he widened his stance, bent his knees, and placed his hand palm-down on the ground for stability. Ryder would remain still until the tremor stopped.

Gemini crept around the ground, not very affected by her own tremor. She crept up behind Ryder and delivered a kick towards his back.

Ryder was struck on the back. The wolf was knocked off balance, and landed on his stomach with a bit of a thud. He shot his elbow up in back of him, trying to strike Gemini as he remained on the ground.

Gemini dodged his elbow, having enough time to see it come up at her. She delievered another kick to his back, and another one directed to his ankle.

Ryder took both hits, before pushing himself back to his feet. He twirled, swinging his foot, to attempt to strike Gemini in the side of her stomach.

Gemini was struck, and she fell over, gasping. Then, around her, she began to glow, groaning.

The glow of energy led Ryder to step back. He watched Gemini carefully, not daring to get too near her. The wolf would shift from the offensive to defensive now.

Gemini got up, and she glared at Ryder. She sent a projectile of blue energy towards Ryder. She groaned loudly, but was also growling. 

Ryder didn't want to be hit by the projectile, so he moved quickly to get out of the way. He darted to the side, avoiding the strike, before taking a careful step toward his opponent. He stood, watching her, ready to move should she do anything else.

Gemini's hands began to glow with a light blue energy. The small rabbitdog then launched a blinding projectile of the blue energy, ready to strike at him with all she had.

Match 12: Wendy vs. Vixen

Entering the arena was a six armed, red tinted skinned creature, with the body of a beautiful human female, however with six arms. Her lower body was snakelike, and she seemed to slither with great agility. She came into the arena, and stared at the other door. She was challenged by a person named "Vixen".

Appearing at the opposite side of the ring was a sickly-looking dark blue echidna, dressed entirely in black. In her left hand, she held a long-bladed scythe; the blade of which was worn dull and blunt, and was currently incapable of slicing. Vixen gazed upon her opponent with her dull, seemingly lifeless silver eyes. Without making a sound, she took a fighting stance, allowing Wendy the first move.

Wendy quickly drew her six swords. The top two were Falchions, the middle two hands held Bastard Swords, and her bottom two posessed curved Scimitar blades. The Marilith sized up her opponent. She was abnormal, cold, and seemingly lifeless. The Demon could smell Devil on her, but Echidna was most certainly not one herself.  

Seeing her opponent draw the six blades, Vixen grinned. "This is going to be fun..." The undead echidna muttered to herself.

Wendy slithered foward with great speed and agility, slashing all six of her blades at her foe.

Vixen blocked most of the strike with her weapon's long blade. She swung her leg to kick the side of one of Wendy's swords, preventing it from hitting her. The echidna pulled her scythe, attempting to jar a few of the swords from Wendy's grip, and dived down and rolled a few feet before standing back up and facing her opponent.

Wendy kept her swords in hand with relative ease, then proceeded to let out a flurry of slashes at the undead echidna.

Vixen, once again, blocked many of the slashes with her scythe. The rest she blocked with her right arm, which became covered in deep wounds. The echidna grinned and laughed eerily as black, sludge-like blood spilled from the slices on her arm. She didn't seem to be hurt at all. Vixen quickly swung her scythe, attempting a hit at Wendy's sternum.

The weapon sliced at the demons stomach, but barely did any damage, due to the uncanny resistance she had to mundane weaponry. She then attempted to use all six of her blades in a lightning quick attempt to sunder Vixen's scythe.

The scythe was torn from Vixen's grasp, and sent crashing on the floor a few meters away. As soon as she felt her grip fade, Vixen began running toward her weapon to retrieve it. The more she moved, the closer her muscles would be to locking and leaving her temporarily immobile.

Wendy moved with rather alarming speeds, attempting to grab Vixen and constrict her. With her agile body and great speed, there was little to know chance Vixen could get to her weapon before Wendy grabbed her.

Before she was even halfway to her scythe, Vixen was grabbed by her opponent, who had coiled around her. Vixen remained still. Being constricted would not be very effective; the echidna could hardly feel pain, and had absolutely no need to breathe.

Wendy coiled around Vixen, and started to constrict the Echidna, keeping all her swords at ready. "Give up?" the Marilith asked, and she smirked. "I can keep this up all day."

Vixen simply laughed. "Never." She said. "I have all day as well..."

Wendy sighed. She could use a rest. She relaxed the higher parts of her body just enough to reduce the strain, and continued to increase the pressure on Vixen. She would crack her at all costs.

Vixen didn't struggle, and remained quiet. She was unable to breathe, and thus couldn't laugh or speak, but this didn't matter to Vixen. As the pressure on her increased, her bones were slowly growing nearer to their breaking point. Vixen had decided to simply wait out the strangling.

Wendy knew, that as much as it would help to just slice off the undead Echidna's head, she was forbidden to do so. With a quick motion, she moved her snake-like torso in a way that made the Echidna go flying in the opposite direction of her scythe.

Vixen, in the air, curled her body as to roll when she hit the ground. After landing, she twisted her body and stuck out her leg, causing herself to slide to a halt. The echidna quickly picked herself off the floor. The pressure of being squeezed would cause Vixen's agility and movement speed to decrease further. It wouldn't take too much more for her muscles to lock. Vixen stood still and watched her opponent.

Wendy quickly moved for the Echidna's scythe, and grabbed it in her hands. She then flung it against the ground, far away from the two of them. The Marilith then turned to glare at Vixen.

While Vixen didn't want to move much, as to prevent her near-dead muscles from freezing up, she began to slowly move in the direction of her scythe. She watched the marilith out of the corner of her eye as she walked.

Wendy quickly darted forward, attempting to bludgeon Vixen with the flat of each of her blades, hopefully scoring a knockout. However, this was unlikely, but still, Wendy could not let Vixen retrieve her scythe.

Vixen started to run. However, she took the hit to the side of her head, knocking her off balance. She swung out her left foot, attempting to kick Wendy. The echidna had to fetch her weapon in order to effectively fight. Luckily, Vixen didn't have to worry about potentially being knocked out; it was impossible for her to lose consciousness.

Wendy was hit in the snake part of her body, but was able to continue whacking at Vixen with her blades. She needed to discern whether her hypothesis was right or not. 

After landing her kick, Vixen stabilized herself so she wouldn't fall. Rather than attempting to dodge, the echidna allowed herself to be struck with the swords. She was beginning to feel some pain, albeit not very much. Vixen ran toward her scythe, which she would pick up when she was close enough.

Wendy was sure her opponent was undead. That meant she needed to keep attacking her via bludgeoning. She kept hitting Vixen with the flats of her blades, attempting to stop her from getting her scythe.

Vixen endured each of the hits, and proceeded to pick up her weapon. Ignoring her tiring muscles, the echidna span and swung the worn blade of the scythe for a blunt hit at Wendy's head.

Wendy was hit in the head. The inherent hellishness oc the blade actually hurt her, and hurt her bad. She cried out in pain as she attemtped to slam all six of her swords at Vixen.

Vixen blocked half the blades with her scythe, but was struck with the other three. The feeling of pain was intensifying in Vixen's body. The hurt was there now, but bearable. The force of Wendy's hit knocked Vixen off-balance, but she swung her scythe at the marilith again.

Wendy would only keep slamming the swords at her. Her normal calmness was replaced by rage and determination.

The pain in Vixen's body was rapidly increasing. The echidna began to run, but stopped. A horror-struck expression was on her face for a split second; her muscles had frozen and she was unable to move.

Wendy positioned her swords all to one side of Vixen. She was preparing for her ultimate attack: The Whirlwind Slash. She then swiftly slammed all six of her blades into Vixen's side, likely slamming her to the side.

Vixen was slammed against the ground with a large thud. The force of the impact knocked one of her back teeth loose, and it fell out of her mouth along with some rancid, sludgy black blood. Due to her current immobility, the echidna had no way of picking herself back up.

Wendy quickly put her tail over her Vixen forcefully. "Give up!" the Marilith yelled. "You've lost!"

"Ugh!" Vixen wanted to squirm away, but she was unable to move. The echidna was much too stubborn to surrender, however. "Nope!"

Match 13: Phantom vs. Raptyre

Raptyre quietly stepped into the arena, carrying her ornamental glaive. As a part of her training, her family had made her challenge a stranger to a fight; Phantom being that stranger. The young wolf looked weak at first glance; her elegant hair and demure face gave the impression that she wasn't a fighter. However, her scraggly fur, large polearm weapon, and somewhat muscular body showed otherwise. She watched the other side of the ring, waiting for her opponent to arrive.

A small melanistic serval walked into the ring. He was clothed in a well-worn light gray cloak/cowl. His body size showed that he was even younger than she was. The cat stared at Raptyre, and his golden eyes glowed faintly. At his side were a sheathed shortsword and dagger. He eyed his opponent carefully and came up with a make-shift strategy.

Raptyre lowered her weapon in front of herself. She separated the blade from the pole so they could be used as separate weapons. The wolf returned the blade to her belt, and took up a fighting stance. She twirled her staff a few times, and looked at Phantom. "You can have the first move..." She spoke with her soft, gentle voice.

"The first strike... is yours." The serval replied, keeping his face hidden from his opponent. He held out one hand and gestured for her to attack. He then stood motionless with his hands at his side.

Raptyre nodded. She got up from her fighting stance and began to slowly move toward Phantom. After walking the majority of the distance, the wolf began to run. She swung her staff, attempting to strike the serval's shoulder.

Phantom simply bent backwards, letting the staff whiz above him. He adjusted himself and lunged at her, throwing a punch at her chest as she would ready for another blow.

Raptyre was struck in the chest. To prevent herself from losing her balance, she staggered backwards and jabbed her staff at the ground behind her for support. She leaned backward and attempted to strike Phantom with a swift, upward kick.

Phantom also bent backwards to avoid the kick, having it almost touch his chin, but then quickly reacted by putting his hands under the foot to hold it up in the position, and likely prevent much choice of attack for Raptyre.

While her foot was caught, the wolf didn't fret. She quickly tightened her grip on the staff as well as keeping it balanced against the ground. Raptyre then pushed herself up and forced herself toward Phantom with both legs outstretched.

Phantom was kicked, and reeled backwards from the force,tripping and landing in a sitting position. He quickly got back up, "Before this gets any further," He asked, "Are we going to play fair?" He said, smirking.

Raptyre returned to a standing position and picked up her staff, holding it in front of her. The wolf nodded. "All the fights I've been in have never been fair... I'd like at least this one to be..." She spoke.

No spectre form for me. He thought. He drew the jet-black, yet oily-looking shortsword and readied himself.

Raptyre watched the serval draw the blade. Out of instinct, she swung her staff toward his hand, attempting to disarm her opponent.

Phantom slid his hand to the side so the blade would block the staff. He gave the weapon a quick spin, trying to make an opening to punch Raptyre in the torso again.

Raptyre's grip on her staff held firm, but as Phantom pushed it with his sword, the wolf stumbled, wide open for an attack.

Phantom quickly continued the spin with his body and came whirling around to deal a hard blade slap to the unguarded side of Raptyre's muzzle. The force might break the jaw, but this isn't very likely.

While the force of the hit didn't break Raptyre's jaw, it did send her to the ground. The wolf landed awkwardly on her side, on top of her right arm, and on top of her staff. She growled softly from the pain. Raptyre swiftly grabbed the glaive's blade with her left hand. She then moved to slowly pick herself up.

Phantom waited until she got up, "Fair fight..." He muttered, then slashed at her right arm with the blade.

Raptyre tried to block the hit, but she wasn't quite fast enough with her left hand. The wolf felt the skin of her arm be sliced open, and growled softly. She swung her left arm, attempting a wide slash across her opponent's chest.

Phantom quickly pulled back the blade to block. He did bloc, but his hold wasn't very strong. He quickly spun down, under the blade, going for a leg sweep.

As Phantom swept at her leg, Raptyre remained still. Her stance was wide enough so that she didn't move much. She slashed her blade at her opponent, attempting a heavy slash at his shoulder/arm.

Phantom pulled the blade up to bokci it on his arm at the last second, but the force pushed him down to the ground. He lay pinned, then drew his dagger and sliced at her wrist with his free hand.

Raptyre released her grip on her blade and pulled her hand away after her wrist was sliced, but she moved her foot to Phantom's chest to keep him pinned. "Give up" The wolf said.

Phantom didn't. He pulled his legs back so they wrapped around the wolf's shin and yaned them back, trying to pull the leg out from under Raptyre. He would quicly roll to avoid getting kneed, if successful.

As she felt her leg be grabbed, she quickly tugged it upwards to pull out of the serval's grip, and watched him roll. Raptyre jumped, hoping to land standing on top of Phantom. If she succeeded, he would be flattened against the ground, as well as hurt from the force and Raptyre's weight. The wolf kept her injured hand close to her body while she did this.

The foot stomped, skimming Phantom's back. The serval quickly dove forwardto get out from under her and rolled. After a second he would stand up again.

After landing, Raptyre quickly adjusted herself, putting more weight on her left foot. She had twisted her right ankle when she landed. As she watched Phantom get up, Raptyre ran in his direction, ignoring her ankle, and dived, attempting to tackle him.

Phantom dove forward, at her feet. If it had been normal circumstances, this would be a leg sweep, but this time it was to dive under her tackle attempt. He rolled on the ground for a few seconds afterwards.

Raptyre crashed onto the ground, sliding and tumbling several feet. Her chest took the most damage, but her ribs remained intact. However, she had dislocated her right shoulder. As soon as she stopped rolling, she would pick herself back up, wincing in pain. The wolf still had plenty of fight left in her.

Phantom flipped back up to his feet, and readied his blades. He stood, and waited for her next strike.

Raptyre ran at Phantom. To keep her injured arm in place, she held it close to her body with her other hand. Raptyre would swing a wide kick at Phantom's side when she was close enough.

Phantom sheathed his dagger as she came close. He held the grip on his blade with both hands, as he used it to block the kick.

Raptyre brought her foot back down to the floor. She let go of her arm and attempted to steal Phantom's dagger from its sheath.

Phantom looked as the wolf moved forward to steal the dagger. He didin't stop her, and dropped both of his weapons and tried to clap on both of the wolf's ears as she snatched the dagger. If he succeeded, Raptyre would be discombobulated.

Raptyre grabbed the dagger and removed it from the sheath. But right as she was doing that, she felt Phantom clap on her ears. She clenched her eyes shut at the ringing in her ears, but was standing wobbly, and had a loosened grip on the weapon.

Phantom quickly moved up to her and threw a punch straight at her diaphragm. If he hit, he would deliver a double-handed punch to the back of her head. He stood a relatively high chance, due to her already being discombobulated.

Raptyre took each hit, and fell to the ground, landing on top of the dagger, which sliced her belly. She coughed out a speck of blood, before shaking her head to clear it. Raptyre moved to stand back up and face her opponent.

As she was getting up, Phantom tried to snatch the dagger. Once she was fully up, he sheathed it, and waited on her.

When Raptyre was fully up, she ran her finger over the wound on her belly. Looking at the blood it left on her hand, she clenched her fist. Raptyre stepped toward Phantom and attempted an uppercut at his chin.

Phantom bent backwards, the fist missing his chin by about an inch, then tried to grab the arm and twist it, so Raptyre would be turned away from himself.

As Raptyre's body was made to twist, she span herself in the same direction, crouching and extending her leg out to try and sweep the serval off his feet.

Phantom tripped and lie on the ground. He quickly rolled to the side, and drew his dagger and readied to stab her foot, if need be.

Raptyre hopped, landing on her left foot. As she landed, she swung her right foot at Phantom's head, as if she were kicking a soccer ball.

Phantom moved the dagger to try to stab her foot, but instead, it was merely kicked aside, and his wrist took the blow. He jumped in pain. and managed to land on his feet, and held his left hand up to his chest.

Raptyre planted one of her feet and brought up the other. She kicked her foot straight outward, aiming at Phantom's stomach. The wolf's attacks seemed to be becoming much more aggressive. Raptyre was determined not to let herself lose. She would fight with all she's got to the very end. The wolf was a pure-blooded fighter.

Phantom was kicked, and slid back in pain. He lurched and rolled into a ball from pain, but then extended his legs, rolling forward, as he expected another kick to follow.

Rather than kick him again, Raptyre followed Phantom as he rolled. She jumped up into the air, hoping to land square on top of him.

Phantom quickly reacted by throwing his weight to the side to avoid being stomped. He stook his legs out, using them to spring into the air, and land a few feet away from her.

Raptyre landed, watching Phantom spring up. The wolf charged straight toward him, aiming to plow into him and force him back to the ground.

Phantom quickly shuffled to the side to avoid her. He then drew his dagger, ready for another attack.

Raptyre slowed her pace to a stop before spinning around to look at Phantom. She began to slowly move toward him, making sure to keep her distance, however.

Phantom slowly started to circle around her. He waited, watching her feet and hands for a slight mistake, where he would take his chance.

Raptyre kept her body facing Phantom the entire time. She followed the curve he walked in, moving slowly closer to him. The wolf then suddently darted straight at him. When she was close enough, she would swing a low kick at him.

Phantom leapt high into the air, soaring cleanly over her head and landing some distance behind her.

Raptyre span around to face him. Now he's just dodging everything... She thought to herself. If I keep exerting too much energy in my attacks, I'll be too winded to do anything if he decides to fight back... Time to switch to the defensive. The wolf grabbed her arm and pushed it back, painfully popping her shoulder back into place. She briefly stretched her arms and moved forward, stopping when she halved the distance between herself and Phantom. He tries anything, and I've gotta be a wall, blocking everything.

Match 14: Graviton vs Sparrow

Graviton the hedgehog made his way into the arena. Wanting to put his abilities to the test, he found this place out of pure luck. He was confident in his fighting prowess and actually found himself quite anticipated about paricipating in this. Never out of reach was the mystical purple gemstone, the Gyro Emerald, which was firmly gripped within his black gloved hand. Being somewhat impatient, he waited for his opponent to make their entry.

The opponent showed up a minute later. He was a young, teenaged white mink with explosion burns over his eyes, and on his forearms and shins. He stood silently and watched Graviton, trying to decide what to do. With a name like Graviton his opponent had to control gravity, right? Regardless, he stood there and waited for Graviton to make the first move.

Graviton's violet eyes watched the mink enter the ring. With a quick flick of his wrist, the purple emerald vanished in a cloud of smoke. Since him and the gem were composed of identical energy, the dark purple hedgehog was able to store it within his body where it would act as a sort of battery for his abilites. He would then assume a fighting stance, gesturing for Sparrow to make the first strike.

Sparrow watched him move with his goldenrod-orange eyes. "You sure?" He asked in a dry, raspy, voice, but then charged before getting an answer nd threw a two face punch, leg sweep combo.

Graviton simply nodded, and before he could aditionally voice his reply, Sparrow came charging towards him. The Gyromancer crossed his arms over his face to deflect the duo of punches. The leg sweep caught him off guard somewhat and he found himself falling to the ground. Once he did hit the ground, he rolled backwards and swiftly jumped to his feet, stumbling about for a brief moment as he did so. Sparrow would see red, positive shaped markings form from the hedgehogs hands as he gathered energy. Once he collected enough, he would make his move, or defend himself in case his foe went on the offensive.

As he saw te hedgehog rolling, he lunged forward, then landed nd threw the same combo.

Graviton let out a smirk as the distance closed between him and his foe. As Sparrow threw his duo of punches, the hedgehog caught them in his palms. Upon making contact with both hands, the mink would find himself two and a half times heavier as a result of his increased gravity brought on by Graviton.

Sparrow was already throwing the kick as tat happened. The increased weight strengthened the kick by the same ratio and also sped it up some. Te sweep would now do damage instead of just a trip. Sparrow then tried to hop back and gain a little ground, if his opponent were downed.

Graviton predicted the kick would follow after the duo of punches and braced himself. Given his durability, he only felt a light throbbing on the impact point and only stumbled backwards. The markings would vanish and Graviton would charge at his foe, throwing 3 light punches at his stomach hoping to stun him, then would finish with a slow and powerful uppercut to the bottom of his chin that would inflict high damage.

Sparrow moved backwards and swung sideways, punching to deflect the first one of Graviton's blows, and possibly spinning him out of the combo. If not, then he'd be hit by the second and third, but bend back to avoid the uppercut.

Graviton's first fist went flying to the side and was knocked off balance slightly, but was able to land his second punch. Regaining his footing, he sent his uppercut which unfortanately missed. He swiftly pointed his left palm at Sparrow where the red markings would be seen once more. Gathering up energy for a short moment, he launched an orb of crimson energy. Given the lack of distance between them, this would most likely find its mark and would double Sparrow's gravity for the next 7 seconds. Hopefully, this would hinder his mobility.

Sparrow grabbed hold of the arm as it was charging, and forced it up. The shot narrowly flew over his head. The two-handed grip on the arm did leave his torso open for a brief attack, though.

The shpere flew upwards, but came back down after a short distance. Moments away from striking Sparrow, it vanished in the air as it could only travel so far. Thinking quickly, Graviton saw the opening and crouching slightly, sent a hard elbow to his foe's gut. Not only would this cause moderate damage, but he was hoping he'd be stunned by this. He was planning to reverse the grip Sparrow had on his arm, turn around and flip him over his shoulder and onto the ground.

Sparrow paid the price, and both maneuvers worked. He was hit, and stunned enough to be flipped. He lay on the ground, stunned for a minute, but then watches Graviton. The next strike would get a little surprise.

Graviton's next action would be swift. Sparrow would have little time to watch the hedgehog as his leg hoisted into the air and brought itself down heel first onto the mink's chest with great force. He was unaware of what would happen next.

Right as the foot struck, a small sparkling object formed between the foot and the chest. Uopn being struck, it exploded, and would launch the foot back, giving Sparrow enough tine to get up. Due to the angle and speed, Graviton would have seen nothing, except his own foot.

Graviton was completely caught off gaurd. This combined with his natural lack of balance resulted in him taking a couple clumsy steps backwards before falling flat on his back. His mind took a few moments to think what just happened. Jumping to his feet, he came to a conclusion he'd have to keep a careful eye on his foe. Considering he took some time to regain himself, he only prepared to defend himself in case Sparrow chose to capitilize the situation.

Sparrow immediately flipped back to his feet and ran forward,then did a spin, throwing a kick at his opponent's right ribs. After this, he hopped back and prepared for another attack.

Black ovular markings would appear on Graviton's hands next. Swiftly pointing his left palm at Sparrow, a black orb would be formed and unleashed right as the mink went for his spinning kick. If struck, his gravity would be reduced to zero for a short time and he'd most likely float around until the effects wore off.

Sparrow was struck as he hit the hedgehog. He started floating away, and looked at Graviton, readying to try to counter.

Not wasting any time, Graviton swiftly charged for his opponent. Right as he reached the mink, he sent a swift and powerful uppercut. This would most likely send his flying upwards to possibly dangerous heights if he had no safe way of getting back to the ground. Even if Sparrow did block, he would be sent upwards. One Graviton threw his punch, the zero gravity effects would ware off after 2 seconds.

Sparrow blocked the fist, but was still launched. He blew himself down to the ground with two small explosions, and stood on his feet, until the effects wore off. He then prepared for the next attack, knowing that his opponent might soon figure out his explosive secret.

Seeing as his opponent propelled himself safely to the ground, Graviton leapt back to give them some distance. Situated in a fighting stance, his violet eyes stared down Sparrow. Truthfully, he was at a loss on what to do. He learned already that physical attacks had repercussions and his only ranged options were his Gyro Spheres, but those had not been too useful. Going on the defensive was his best choice right now and he waited for his opponent to make his move.

Sparrow slowly, and tauntingly approached the hedgehog, making slightly exagerated steps, while maintaining his battle stance, "Wonder what I can do?" He asked, slightly teasingly. When he would near Graviton, the mink would throw a right cross, left uppercut to the diaphragm combo.

Seeing as how Graviton watched every single move the mink made, he was able to deflect both of the attacks, raising his arms up and each allowing them to strike his forearms. He gritted his teeth in mild frustration. He couldn't just sit idly by and allow his defences to become gradually depleted. With this in mind, he applied a weak low kick aiming for Sparrow's side and followed it with a higher placed on with much more force.

Sparrow swung his own foor to kick the ankle of the hedgehog, trying to injure it, but was his by the high punch and flew forward a few feet, before getting back up.

After the mink was sent flying back, Graviton remained where he was shaking his ankle about. His body's durability in addition to his natural adaption to high pressure allowed no serious injury. With his gaze never leaving Sparrow, he swiftly dashed for him. Once he reach a close distance, he suddenly rocketed into the air using his formidable strength to do so. At the peak of his jump, he curled his body into a spiky ball. Sparrow would see a red aura shroud the hedgehog. At this moment, Graviton dropped down with great speed towards his foe, hoping he would deal much damage.

Sparrow charged up two more sparks, one in each hand and lunged backwards as Graviton flew down. He launched the two of them at the side of the ball, as it crashed into the ground. The two sparjs were more concussive, then forceful, possibly stunning Graviton, instead of blowing him back, like last time.

Graviton formed a small crater upon landing, his now 180 pounds cuasing much damage to the ground. Despite the impact, he wasn't disorientated, but this was changed as he turned to face his opponent. His vision blurred from Sparrow's blasts and he even stumbled about. He was vulnerable to attack for the moment, but this would be short lived as the hedgehog worked quickly to regain his composure.

Sparrow lifted one of his legs up to the side and with an explosion propelled it towards Graviton's left jaw, and once he had passed another explosion launched it towards the other side of the jaw.

Graviton was struck with the first attack, sending his flying a fair distance and landing with a loud thud on his back and getting the wind knocked out of him. The impact to his muzzle left him dazed, and desptie his dilluted state, he jumped up to his feet and stroked the spot where Sparrow had struck.

"Impressive." he simplay stated.

Sparrow ran toward Graviton and as he neared, he was propelled forward by an explosion that happened behind him. He soared towards the hedgehog, sticking out a leg, which with another explosion was propelled into a quick topspin, which spun around multiple times, before it would reach the hedgehog.

Match 15: Valencia vs. Terrador

Valencia stepped into the arena. The small arctic fox was not very interested in fighting, but had decided that she wanted to keep her battle skills from fading. After hearing about the Blitz Pit, she decided to go there looking for a fight. Valencia stood silently at her end of the ring and watched the door at the other side, awaiting her opponent's arrival.

Moments after, the brown hybrid made his way into the arena. Since he was a regular in the tournaments held here, Terrador was always welcomed. This location wasn't far from his mountainous abode and he felt himself enjoying the luxury of testing his fighting prowess. Stern emereld green eyes stared down the canine as the badgermolechidna reached his side of the ring. With the Baculum Petra in his front right pocket, the Geomancer was prepared for battle.

"I presume you are ready?" he rigidly asked, shuffling his bare feet along the floor as he assumed a fighting stance.

Valencia stood still and nodded, not speaking. She motioned for Terrador to make the first move.

Terrador nodded as the diamond shaped marking on his head began to glow. He stood upright as the circular mark on his right foot donned a similar glow. Valencia would see the hybrid apply a swft stomp, forming a small hole in the ground. The marks on his right hand glowed next as he crouched slightly and thrust his arm forward, sending the splitting ground careening towards her.

Valencia reacted quickly. She created a small platform of light, ultracondensed into a solid, underneath her feet, and forced it to rise, sending her up into the air, over the attack. She soon created another floating light platform, which she landed and stood on. Might wanna stay off the ground, if I can help it..... She thought to herself. The fox then created three lime green orbs of light, and sent each hurtling toward Terrador.

Terrador watched the arctic fox carefully. He couldn't sense her vibrations in the earth any longer, so he had to resort to defense much like he preferred to begin with. Stomping the ground once more, a portion of the earth below him sprung into the air. Stretching his arms to the side, the rocks clung to his body and was formed to fit his figure. His emerald green eyes stared at Valencia through the makeshift visor as he assumed a fighting stance, the rock armor making it somewhat difficult. Giving her a gesture to attack, he prepared himself for what would come next.

From atop her platform, Valencia watched Terrador cover himself in rock armor. The arctic fox stretched her arms and cracked her neck. Not wanting to get down close to Terrador, she would attack from up on her platform. Valencia extended her arm in front of her, before clenching her fist and drawing the arm upwards and back toward herself, causing several long spikes of light to come shooting up at an angle towards Terrador, coming from the ground behind the badgermolechidna.

Terrador watched the fox closely knowing she was preparing a sort of attack. Given his lack of mobility, he couldn't turn to face the number of projectiles launched his way. Fortunately, the armor did its job and the Geomancer simply lurched forward a step with a small amount of the armor breaking off. Aside from being slightly shaken, he swiftly recuperated and aimed both rock covered fists at Val. Within seconds, large chunck of the armor came flying towards the hybrid with decent speeds, ironically in the shape of a fist at that. He unleashed these a few seconds apart to better his chances of making a hit.

Valencia saw the rock fists flying toward her. She dissipated her light platform, causing her to drop, narrowly avoiding one fist and completely dodging the other. She landing lightly with her feet on the ground, facing Terrador. She kicked out with her leg, causing a rectangular pillar of light to shoot up in front of her opponent, angled to hit him.

Terrador took an abrupt step backwards and not only narrowly avoided the pillar, but slipped out of his armor while keeping it upright. The rocks were destroyed upon contact, leaving a light layer of dust covering a portion of the arena. Once this cleared, Terrador would be nowhere to be seen. Of course after a few moments, the badgermolechidna would make his pressence painfully known to Valencia.

As soon as the dust cleared, Valencia looked around, searching for Terrador. She remained standing still, her eyes scanning the arena.

Terrador was apparantly gone from the arena and there was no sign of him. This was until a faint rumbling in the ground right in front of Valencia. Before she could even notice this for long, the green streaked, brown warrior burst from the ground fist first aiming the dark brown spikes on his knuckles for her muzzle. This would cause moderate damage and perhaps knock her back. He kept an eye out for any notion of a counter attack.

The fox didn't notice Terrador until it was too late. Valencia was struck square in the muzzle, and was knocked backward, landing mostly on the back of her head. She groaned as she quickly sealed hself in a small but thick box of light to protect herself as she got back to her feet.

Terrador landed with a slightly loud thud, smirking confidently as he made a sucessful strike. The short staff within his front left pocket as well as the marking on his forehead donned a glow. The stone weapon would free itself from the Geomancer's clothing and begin to float in front of him. Once he placed both hands on this, not only did all his markings glow brightly, but the staff grew in size, starting from the dimunitive half a foot, to the 4 feet to better fit the badgermolechidna. With a series of quick and impressive swings and twirls of the Baculum Petra, the hybrid awaited his opponet's next attack.

Valencia seemed to stay inside the block of light for quite some time, when all of a sudden, she struck. By pushing her foot against the wall of the box, she sent it hurtling for Terrador. As the wall was flung, she manipulated the rest of the light from the box into another platform underneath herself, causing it to rise and keep her off the ground.

Reacting quickly, Terrador placed the tip of his staff onto the ground. In an odd sight, the weapon suddenly grew 3 times in length, sending the hybrid upwards as he grasped onto it. Since he was aware he couldn't retract the weapon before the projectile struck, he simply released it thescond it reached maximum length, sending him flying upwards at an angle towards Valencia. Her projectile caused the Baculum Petra to be sent elsewhere as it returned to its normal size. Terrador was rapidly approaching the fox, both hands high above his head conjoined to form a large fist. With a spirited shout, he would send his fists downward once he reached her, using both the large amount of momentum in conjunction with his own formidable strength, to send forth a highly damaging attack.

Valencia's ear twitched at the sight of the brown hybrid coming right for her. Wanting to keep away from him and play the defensive, she manipulated the light at her feet to shoot her body backwards several yards. Curling her body uplike a ball, she was able to travel through the air faster. "Wheeee~!" The arctic fox caught herself in a small box of light, where she remained still, watching Terrador.

Terrador had seen the fox leap back and within the few seconds he had before hitting the ground, he came up with an alternative for an attack. His fists collided with the ground, sending a shockwave with a moderate radius. If Val was on the ground, she would find it difficult to balance. This however, was the least of her problems as the badgermolechidna had formed a precise tremor aiming right for her. Once the splitting ground would reach her, it would abruptly stop and a blunt pillar of rock would protrude towards her from the ground with great speed.

Valencia was elevated in a case of light, causing her to not feel the tremors. However, as the pillars of earth shot up, they shattered the box and struck the werefox in the side, sending her crashing to the ground. As she landed, she hesitated for a brief moment before she would try to pick herself back up.

Given the kind of warrior Terrador was, he simply watched and waited for the fox to get to her feet despite multiple openings for attack. His stance was still refined and battle ready in case any surprises came from his vampiric foe.

Valencia stood up and silently stared at Terrador for a brief moment. She shot a quick glance down at his bare feet, before returning her gaze to his face. Pressing her boot firmly to the ground, she twisted her foot, causing a blunt spike of light to shoot down at him from directly above his head.

Terrador's stern and rigid emerald eyes never ceased their lock on the Vampiress. He watched in readiness as her foot was met with the ground. He picked up the vibrations from her stomp and was expecting to feel a subsequent vibration from an attack forming from the ground. This wasn't the case however and he realized it all too late. The Geomancer braced himself for impact. One of the badgermolechinda's natural defenses were his rock hard dreadlocks, which appeared weightless as the gracefully flow about. Thanks to these, he was merely stunned and briefly immobilized from her strikes. Valencia's window of oppurtunity for another strike would be slim and she'd have to react quickly.

Valencia's specialty was her speed, however, and she was able to react in the window of oppurtunity she was given. The fox made an orb of light appear in front of Terrador and quickly caused it to grow and burst, creating a small explosion near the brown hybrid.

Valencia's attack blinded the hybrid, casing him to press his hands against his sealed shut eyelids. With this, he was sent back, but was able to regain his footing and simply skit a fair distance before coming to a halt. With his vision hindered to useless extents, the badgermolechidna would soley rely on sensing the fox's vibrations to detect her movements.

Match 19: Judas the wolf (ユダウォルフ) vs. "Voltio" Tyon

Judas walks to the center of the ring and said " alright let's get this party started ^_^". Showing no fear a radian with overconfident he stretches his right arm and a red long sword appears. "Glad you accepted my challenge and I won't go easy on just don't get mad when you lose" said judas smiling.

Voltio jumped up to the ring, wearing a collar. "Please, I insist to try your hardest. Try not to get mad when I beat you instead.", replied Voltio grinning.

"Oooo big shot hu ^_^" judas pulls out his black short sword with his left hand."let's see who defeats who" quickly locks on to Voltio bioelectric field and took an defensive stance.

Voltio draws his sword." Okay, let's rock."

"Alright Kuro Piasa!"[At the instant of the slash Tsubaki absorbing Judas's negative energy, releases the highly condensed negative energy at the tip of the blade, magnifying the slash attack, which flies forward. This slash takes the form of a shooting star.]

Voltio Smirks and does a side roll avoiding the shot." My turn" He draws his sword and blasts a charge of lightning from it.

"-_- you do know regular lightning won't work on me"[He simply absorbs Voltio's attack]."let's go"[using his lightning dash to creat multiple of after images around Voltio]

"I know, just wanted to make sure it was applicable to your normal form too", remarked Voltio. He put his foot out in the afterimage's way.

"It's good to know that your lightning is only poison in your Diablo form"[suddenly appears in Voltio's blind spot and swings with red long sword while at the same time using his free handgriping his black short sword for a potential counter attack]

Voltio ducks and attempts to sweep kick Judas.

Judas drops his red sword and falls but manages to save himself by rerolling away"You're not getting away from me"[Dark energy surrounds Judas’s hands forming a dark claw, slashes at Voltio at high speed]

Voltio is struck. "Heh, not too bad. Let me try this" He jumps at Judas.

"Check this out"[just before Voltio lands on him he use his lightning dash to creat an afterimage and suddenly appear behind Voltio]"Hidden move"[starts with an elbow strike to stun voltio] "Venom Strike"[then use a powerful punch which sends a large amount of dark energy through Voltio's body. The dark energy reduces reaction time and acts like poison.]

The voltio Judas struck disappears and Voltio strikes Judas in the back. "You aren't the only one who can do that Judas."

Judas was knocked back "hehe that's what I get for being cocky" [stretches his right hand and the red long sword teleports back into his right hand]" Gotta be more careful but I still have some tricks up my sleeves"[pulls out his black short sword with his left hand also a round shield suddenly appear on his back]

Voltio does a little warmup before aiming his sword at Judas. "Alright kid, show me what that other style can do for you."

"Let's see if you like my two blade fighting style"Judas quickly electrify his body causing his round shield to starts to levitate off of his body."HERE I COME" he change his grip on his black short sword to a reverse grip while charging at Valtio.

Voltio performed a roundhouse kick aimed at Judas' midsection.

Judas's round shield flow right in front of Voltio's roundhouse kick, blocking it. Taking this opportunity to let go of both of his swords, the swords start to levitate just like his shield"Now for the stronger version". While the two swords attack from Voltio from two opposite directionit he starts with an elbow strike to stun Valtio "Finishing strike" Then creates a large sphere of dark energy and blast it through Voltio's body. The dark energy reduces reaction time and acts like poison"STAR CANNON".

Voltio jumps back to avoid the swords. He is struck in the waist by the blow but shoots lightning at the ball, destorying it but being affected by a small trace.

Judas's two swords and round shield starts swirling around him "I thought I hade you there ^_^". He then grabs hold of his red long sword "Now's your turn show me what you got"

Voltio grabs his sword and charges at him." Okay then."

"Kuro Piasa"At the instant of the slash the red long sword absorbing Judas's negative energy, releases the highly condensed negative energy at the tip of the blade, magnifying the slash attack, which flies forward. This slash takes the form of a shooting star.

Voltio blocked the attack. It sends him into the wall though.

Judas said "Does this mean I win since I nock you out of the ring?-_-"

" Got ya" The voltio vanishes. The real Voltio stand behind him. "OVER HERE JUDAS."

Judas immediately dashed forward and turned around facing Voltio"Man I gotta know how you did that, it it some sort of energy clone or something?"

"It's a one time thing only. Now let's get serious." He took on a more serious face.

Judas with a confused face"Really then what about when I used venom strike on you? Puff you disappeared like a ninja."

"I copied that from you. Then I used my own version. I can't anymore." Replied voltio.

"Why not there's nothing preventing me from creating afterimages all day" Replied Judas

Voltio dashes at Judas with surprising speed.

Judas jumps really hi and his round shield levitates under him, lifting him higher"Can you get me way up here?"

Match 20: Misty vs. ???

Match 21: Marco vs. Fist the Echidna

Fist cracked his knuckles as he waited fr his opponent. "I'm ready!" He yelled. He hopped up and down, throwing small jabs in the air. He started to dance around, showing off.

Marco walked in, noticing his opponent at first. Hey stretched out his wings.

Fist looked at Marco. "Hey. Put up a good fight. Got it?" He ordered, his hands glowing a bright purple color.

I will" He answered.

Fist gave Marco a simple smirk. "Ready?" He asked.

Match 22: Dj vs. Toxicity

Dj walked into the arena: carrying her Ipod which was attach to her headphones. While waiting for her opponent, she streched out.

A spotted black feline with light lime green hair stepped out into the arena. She stared at the ocelot at the other end of the ring hyperly, gripping the shortsword at her side. Energetically, she began to cartwheel her way to the center of the ring. Toxicity beamed a huge grin as she looked at her challenger. "Hello!" She said happily with a wave.

"Hi" She said, waving to her in response, she unplugged her Ipod from the headphones, but still wore the headphons. "You make the first move" She signaled.

Toxicity drew her shortsword and ran her hand along the flat sides of the blade. As she did this, she was creating a thin film on the metal with the poison in her fur to be a damage booster. The ocelot then darted forward. She would slash her blade at Dj's torso when she was close enough.

Dj turned up her Ipod, then let the music play on 100, being deafening.

The loud noise was greatly irritating to Toxicity as she slashed with her sword. To tone out some of the sound and lessen the pain in her ears, she clenched her eyes shut, stepping forward and thrusting her blade in the direction of Dj's shoulder.

Dj's shoulder got a cut, she then ran towards Toxicity, bringing her fully turned up Ipod to her ear.

Toxicity covered her ear with one of her hands, still gripping the sword in the other. She spun around, putting some small distance between her ears and the noise. The black ocelot thrust out her blade, attempting to stab Dj through her lower chest.

Dj did a backflip just in time to avoid the blade.

Toxicity watched Dj land before making her next move. The black feline pushed herself forward with her feet, moving quickly toward her opponent. She attempted to slash Dj across the muzzle.

Match 23: Nate the Hawk vs Whirlwind the Hedgehog (Draw)

Whirlwind was sitting in the middle of the arena, waiting for his opponent rather impatiently. "Geez... When will he show up?" Whirlwind said.

Nate rides into the arena on his board he jumps off an lands on the ground while his board dissapears into a black portal. "Whew sorry i'm late."

Whirlwind got up and slowly approached his opponent. "Geez, man. What the heck took you so long?" Whirlwind asked.

Nate looks at Whirlwind, cautious of any sudden movement. "Oh I was fighting some tough cookie, was pretty lucky to survive".

"Well, I can tell...." Whirlwind said. "You sure you're still up for a fight? I won't go easy on you, y'know."

"Oh trust me...." Nate said. "The feeling is mutual". Nate then gets into a fighting stance.

Whirlwind goes into his battle stance. "Suit yourself..." Whirlwind told the grey bird. The bell rang and Whirlwind quickly threw a kick at Nate's abdomen. "Ryah!"

Nate jumps over Whirlwind and turns around to throw a punch at the back of his head.

Whirlwind dodges just in time and quickly unleashes Chaos Pulse at his face. "Chaos Pulse!"

"Crud" Nate said. Nate is knocked back by the blast and lands on his feet. "Tch, nice one!". Nate gets ready to attack. "But can you top this.." Nate dashes at his opponent in a wind like state just as he's about to hit Whirlwind he telports behind him and slashes at him.

Whirlwind is hit by the slash. "You just made a grave mistake...." Whirlwind's eyes begin to glow red and is being surrounded by a glowing red aura, boosting his power. Whirlwind then teleports directly in front of Nate and unleashes a hard and fast combo

Nate barely manages to put up a gravitational force field before the barrage begins. "Daaaaym!!!"

As Whirlwind finishes his combo, Whirlwind launches a full-force uppercut at Nate's chin.

As the hit is about to connect Nate does a matrix dodge and gets back up."You might wanna cover your ears". Nate then does his long not used move, the Sonic Squawk.

Whirlwind barely covers his ears on time and is blown back by the Sonic Sqwuak. "Damn, that hurt. And I was about to think you were some kind of coward..." Whirlwind manages to recover and utter a ten-word statement.  "It's time to show you what I can really do!" 

Whirlwind channels his Chaos Energy to his hands and unleashes everything he has at Nate. "This will end it!" Whirlwind exclaimed.

"Ah the typical last ditch effort move. Sorry that isn't going to be enough!" Nate become entangable causing all the attacks to go through him.

"What the-...?" Whirlwind immediately halts his attack. "Experience has taught me that you're about to use a form......" Whirlwind asked Nate. ".....IS THIS EVEN ALLOWED!?" Whirlwind suddenly screamed

Nate stands there puzzled and becomes tangable."Um dude, I cant stay entangable y'know and if I were to transform the sky would have darkened" Nate briefly looks up in the sky. "Which I see is the same color"

"Fell for it!" Whirlwind dashes to Nate and quickly unleashes multiple punches right at Nate's face, blow after blow.

"Aw, cheap shot!" Nate takes all of the blows.

Whirlwind finishes his combo, but is starting to feel exhuasted. Whirlwind thinks to himself "Geez.... When will he give up?"

Nate stands there slightly exhausted "Heh... My turn." Nate goes to punch whirlwind but then teleports above him ready to punch the top of his head.

Whirlwind sense Nate's aura and dodges in the nick of time, but can't throw in a quick attack due to exhaustion. "Man, that was close!"

Nate lands on the ground and looks at Whirlwind "Ok then let's roll." Nate the lauches a flurry of gravity bolts at Whirlwind.

Whirlwind dodges them all as he goes after Nate. Whirlwind uses Chaos Control to teleport right in front of Nate and give him a good right knee kick at his abdomen, followed with a right hook. "Bring it down!"

Nate in the shock of Whirlwind teleporting in front of him stumbles backwards dodging the attack."Jeez that was scary". Nate then put's his hand on the ground and a large harmless shockwave goes across the ground.

Whirlwind manages to jump before the shockwave hits him for cautious measures and telelports to Nate again, this time unleashing a fast axe kick on his head, knocking him down.

Nate takes the axe kick. It knocks him to the floor. "Ack my beak!". Nate looks at whirlwind and grins. "Such a shame this match has to end. You see when i released that shockwave it allowed me to alter the gravitational pull of anything within it's radius. You may have jumped but the circle still passed you. Gravity x 30!". Suddenly the atomsphere in the arena felt heavy.

Whirlwind had begun to feel numb, he couldn't move. He had to break out somehow. "That damn hawk...." Whirlwind's aura had begun to grow extremely large, feeling blind rage, and his eyes began to flash a killer blood red. The mark on his hand began to glow, marking that the Wrath's power has fueled Whirlwind. "I am getting sick of your gravity tactics, you half-a** punk!" Whirlwind screamed.  "NOW YOU'RE GONNA GET IT!" Out of his own rage, Whirlwind had (somehow) managed to make himself teleport to Nate, grab him, and throw him right at the wall, albeit not too hard as to not kill him.

Using the wind Nate manages to use the wind to manipulate his movements and landed with his feet on the wall. He calmly jumps off and lands on the floor. "My, my, temper, temper.And for the record i'm not a half a** punk i'm just more of a tactician. Gravity x 60"

Still blinded by his rage, Whirlwind teleports right in front of Nate and grabs his head before he even has the chance to do so. "GIVE UP AND I'LL STOP THIS MADNESS!" Whirlwind angrily exclaimed

Nate jumped and two footered Whirlwind in the chest. "No way am i gonna lose! Heck i sound just like my dad..."

While Whirlwind has the chance, he quickly dashes to Nate and delivers a powerful blow right at Nate's beak. "Y'know... I've been itching to punch that beak of yours by the halfway point of this fight..." Whirlwind continues to punch Nate's beak mercilessly.

Nate reach's up into the air and throws a ball of gravity. It stops midaire a few feet behind Whirlwind and begins to suck in air. He hopes pull in Whirlwind. "Gravity - 40, that should hopefully add some negative gravity to him which should repel him into the gravity orb."

Unfortunately for Nate, claws begin to sprout from Whirlwind's hands, enabling him to be able to hold on the ground. As he holds on, Whirlwind notices that Nate is using the two stones around wrists to control gravity. Whirlwind decides to let go and try to destroy them, unbeknownst to Nate.

"How lucky are you..." Nate looks at whirlwind hanging on to floor via claws. Nate then fires a gravoty pulse at whirlwind.

Whirlwind uses Chaos Control just in time. He reappears behind Nate, grabs his wrists, takes of the Arks off and crushes them with his bare hands. "You're finished!" Whirlwind unleashes a hard and fast Chaos Pulse at Nate's beak, blowing back to the ground.

Nate becomes entangable and folds his arms."You mindless moron! You've doomed us all!". The sky then darkens and a black hole opens above the arena sucking in the nearby surroundings. A demon pops out of the hole and stares at Whirlwind, "You fool! The Arks of the Cosmos  absorb gravity from the planet ..releasing all of that power at once could cause implosion unless they are fixed!"

"Well, if Nate used his own fighting skills and not those damn Arks, I WOULDN'T HAVE DECIDED TO BREAK THOSE THINGS IN THE FIRST PLACE!" Whirlwind shouted. "Luckily, I discharge my Chaos Energy into the Arks, so I should be able to fix them with Chaos Regeneration." Whirlwind gathers up the smashed Arks and fixes them with Chaos Regeneration. "There... All done." However, Whirlwind throws the Arks into the stands. "But, we fight with just our fists and feet. No usage of powers from here on." Whirlwind re-enters his fighting stance.

Nate looks at Whirlwind. "That means no Chaos powers and Wind powers included."Nate quickly sqwuaks series of spell words and another portal opens. The other three weapons Nate owns falls from the hole and land on he bench near the edge of the arena."I'm only going to use one weapon at a time, kind of l like a tag team.Prepare for a serious a** whooping without powers."

"Wait, isn't summoning weapons some kind of power... Agh... Nevermind. Bring it on!" Whirlwind said. He quickly throws a punch at Nate's abdomen. "And it's called Aerokinesis, genius!"

Nate parries the punch with his knee and aims a kick at Whirlwinds face. "Gosh now i feel like an idiot I use it all the time!"

Whirlwind barely dodges and can't unleash another attack due to his muscles straining. "Damn... I've unleashed too much Chaos Energy... I dunno if I can continue..." Whirlwind thinks to himself. "Hmmm... Maybe if I manage to exhaust Nate's stamina... Alright... It's worth a shot!" Whirlwind silently tells himself. Whirlwind slowly moves away from Nate's position.

Nate jumps near the bench and grabs a golden and green hammer called "Newton's Hammer". He then jumps toward where he was before.​I know he's exhausted he had a good chance to attack just now. I wonder how long he can last,​ Nate thought."Let's see how long you can jump for." Nate then swings his hammer downwards and a dangerous shockwave forms heading towards Whirlwind.

Whirlwind manages to dodge. "Hey, wait a minute! Aren't weapons prohibited from these matches!?" Whirlwind exclaims. "Especially high-lethal ones!?" Whirlwind adds.

Nate sighs "It's not like I'm gonna hit you directly with it I'm just gonna cause some shockwaves..." Nate then slams the hammer down on the ground again.

Whirlwind manages to dodge again. "You seriously don't get it! I mean, you even have other weapons that seem lethal from what I can tell! Where the hell is the referee anyway!?" Whirlwind angrily exclaims.

Nate stops for a second. Hmph, he has a point. Maybe I should stop, after all, swinging this hammer takes energy. Nate throws away the hammer. "Alright have it your way." Nate then gets into a fighting stance.

"Glad to see you've remembered the rules to these matches..." Whirlwind calmy replied. "Okay, let's go!" Whirlwind then throws a quick combo at Nate.

Nate puts up his hands to block the quick combo, once it is done he turns and does a quick kick sweep. "Well it's hard to trust those who trick their opponents."

Whirlwind is hit by the sweep, but manages to roll way before Nate launches another attack. "Well, I can't blame you for that one." Whirlwind quickly dashes to Nate's back and unleashes a fast knee kick to his back.

Nate takes the knee to the back and stumbles forward. He then front flips and lands on his feet, then turns to face Whirlwind. "I also cant argue with someone with such a temper! I mean's almost as bad as Kraze's!" Nate runs towards Whirlwind jumps in the air and does an axe kick.

Whirlwind takes the blow but manages to land on his feet. "Who? Ah, nevermind." Whirlwind swiftly uses a slide kick and delivers an uppercut right after.

Nate jumps over the slide kick and turns around to do a roundhouse kick on Whirlwinds head, whilst he's doing the uppercut.

Whirlwind tilts his head to dodge the kick and quickly relataliates with a roundhouse kick. "Take this!"

Nate takes the kick to the beak."Argh, again with the beak!"Nate the proceeds to hit whirlwind with a fast punch combo ended with a swift kick.

Whirlwind dodges the punches but is caught off guard by the kick. "It's a habit of mine to hit that's been hit again." Whirlwind quickly unleashes what he likes to call his "Hurricane Combo", in which he throws a series of punches and finishes it with a hard and fast uppercut.

Nate takes all of the blows and then takes the uppercut. He is knocked into the air and then does a backflip. He lands on his feet. "Dont touch the beak!". Nate says in a stern voice. The sky darkens and the wind blows roughly. A dark red aura is formed around him. He then seemingly snaps out of his trance and the winds stops and aura dissapears. "Phew, that was close. Didn't wanna kill you".

"Makes sense. I mean, if you kill me..." Whirlwind trails off. "...which is next-to-impossible if he can't use Chaos Energy..." Whirlwind thinks to himself. Whirlwind unleashes a fast knee kick at Nate.

"You make it sound like i cant kill you..." Nate said. He does a sidestep to dodge the knee and then lifts his right leg to kick Whirlwind in the face.

Whirlwind is hit by the kick but manages to land at his feet. "Well, there are the rules... But other than that, if you can't harness Chaos Energy, I have to admit that's next to impossible..." Whirlwind then throws a swift right hook at Nate's face.

Nate is hit with the right hook and then proceeds to do a series of rapid punches and kicks, this should hopefully cause a blow exchange.

Whirlwind dodges all of them except for that last blow, which sends him to the ground. "Huff... huff... Not too shabby..." Whirlwind says and ceases his attack and grins.

The audience sees that the fight has finally neared a conclusion.

Nate looks at his opponent, "'ve held up....pretty good..." Nate says. He's near the point of exhaustion. Nate then delivers what supposedly is the final blow aimed at Whirlwind's stomach.

However, Whirlwind barely dodges and teleports behind him to deliver a good roundhouse kick, knocking him out after a few seconds. "Huff... huff.... That's it, I'm pooped." Whirlwind says, and he passes out from exhaustion.

The audience is confused as they do not know who is declared the winner..

Nate attempts to get up but then falls down. "Whew.....wanna call it......a tie...." Nate gasps.

Whirlwind heavily breathed, ".....Sure...."

The Announcer walks into the ring. "Laides and gentlemen lets give it up for this spectaculer performance. Though it was a tie, let's put our hands together for Whirlwind the Hedgehog and Nate the Hawk!!!"

As the crowd went wild, Whirlwind and Nate slowly stood up and raised their fists, savoring the moment.

Match 24: Areya the echidna Vs. Miyuki Akuroma

A small, child like fox taps her foot lightly as she waits for her opponent to come. "I was told it was an echidna, but that's still not helpful..." She sighs and continuously adjusts her fingerless gloves.

The red female echidna comes to the ring,sighing .She look at the small fox,then smiling."This might be easy."She grins,patting onto her bag beside her

Miyuki sighs. "How incompetent. I didn't expect my enemy to be so...rude." She quietly walks around the echidna at a distance. "How dissapointing. Ah well.. Do you want to start, or not?"

Areya shrugs as she steps back a bit."You go first I guess.."She pats her bag,gently.

"If you insist." Running towards the echidna, the fox quickly swipes her leg under Areya.

Areya's eyes widen as the leg swipes under her.

"Tch, how didn't you see that one coming?" Miyuki quickly jumps back and lifts a hand, powering up ESP, getting ready for an Ice Blade.

Areya backs away,digging for something.She found it but doesnt she doesnt seem to want to take it out

Miyuki quickly shot icicles around Areya. She then jumps on top of one of the icicles.

Match 25: Pearl VS Max

The familiar pink echidna stepped into the arena, headed for the ring. The stands were somewhat barren at this hour; mostly people who were interested in unofficial matches stuck around the Blitz Pit till the evening, but she could hear the cheers of her friends who showed up just for the occasion.
She wore a mint green tracksuit as opposed to her usual attire; her long purple hair was tied into a ponytail with the two ends of a red headband wrapped across her forehead. Pearl the Echidna had only fought two times in the Blitz Pit before, and both of them were in tournaments her brother convinced her to join. The last thing she anticipated was catching the eye of someone who wanted to challenge her in a private, one-on-one match. It was on her mind all afternoon since she received the notification. Who was this Max? What was he like? And why her?

"I guess I'm about to find out..." She uttered to herself as she walked into the ring.

Max smiled as he entered the Blitz Pit. He was already a Rank C; if he beat this "Pearl" girl, he wouldn't be an S Rank, but he'd be S Rank material! That's what I'm talking 'bout!

But... who was this Pearl?

That girl who defeated Rodney, dumbass. That's why you registered her to fight you. Was she strong enough to defeat him? Most likely. Was she young? *mental shrug* Was she a dude? Go jump off a cliff.

Max jumped into the ring, wearing his trademark outfit; a yellow short-sleeve vest that had his name on it and casual black pants. No one had come to see him - he wasn't too well-known.


BWAHAHAHAHAH! Max was quite popular in the Blitz Pit. As he got in the ring, he waved at a young purple raccoon and his father who were fans of him. To be popular was to be expected, though. He joined at the same age that the legend "Smash the Echidna" did, and with some more training, he would soon be in S Rank...

And I might get to meet him!

He hoped.

When he saw Pearl... he almost jumped back. She looked strong - but that was to be expected. She looked like an -

Max could've shot himself. This was Smash's sister, the cute bruiser Pearl the Echidna. I've heard a few things about her... But I got tricks up my sleeve. No Emeralds are allowed, but since I can go Super on my own, Sage Max will be adequate.

Max put his left pointer and middle fingers to his head. Her aura was bursting with excitement, like it was begging to come out. And from what he sensed... she had tricks, too.

Thank Chaos I've been training with Shadow. Or else, this would've been over in a second. Whatever. Better introduce myself to the competition.

"Hey," Max greeted her.

"Hello." Pearl greeted back. At first she was surprised to see a human before her, but she soon recognized his face. He was a regular here at the Blitz Pit; one of the few humans in the ranks and one of the fewer people her brother never faced. "Nice to meet you. Let's have a good fight." She wasn't exactly sure what to say to someone she was about to tussle with, but fortunately the MC arrived before things got awkward for her.

"Good evening to you, battlers! And to all of you who came here for this match today!" He spoke with his usual gusto. "In this corner we have our preteen punisher, Max Irvaron!" The small crowd cheered on cue with his gesture toward him. "And our challenger; one who has the potential to become another successor to the late David Corliss: Pearl the Echidna!" Despite the cheers, Pearl didn't waste a second to loosen up and take a fighting stance.

"Now then, let me just quickly go over the rules with you." The announcer lowered his mic as he gave them both a brief rundown of the rules of battle in the pit. Afterwards, he raised his microphone again, "Now, get ready! Begin!"

Pearl steadied herself, allowing Max to make the first move but preparing to deal with whatever he can dish out. "I'm ready; show me what you can do!"

Max smiled. "I'm gonna show your family what I'm made of! I'm coming at ya, full speed ahead!"

Max bolted at Pearl (shooting a burst of air at the watchers) and charged his fist with Chaos Energy. "Chaos Fist!"

He attempted to punch right across her cheek.

While she didn't have too much time before he closed in on her, she could see what he was planning to do from a mile away. She poised herself, ready to retaliate, and quickly ducked under his swing. She crouched low and bounced right back up with a strong uppercut aimed for his chin.

Max too saw the attack coming and met the blow with a kick. Then, he landed on his hands and tried to breakdance-kick her.

(OOC: I'm having trouble picturing how he could accurately kick in the position he was in, so I'm just going to assume that he rose his knee to try and block the blow...which still wouldn't be that effective since she's aiming upward.)

With both of his legs extended outward and swinging at her, Pearl saw an opportunity she couldn't pass up. Instead of trying to dodge, she crouched low again and stopped the assault with her hands by grabbing him by the ankles. "Gooooing over!" She summoned all her strength to stand and hurl him over her shoulders to slam him face first into the floor behind her.

All Max could manage was "AW CRAAAAA-" before hitting the floor face-first. When got up, he was a bit woozy, but his mind was straight in a few seconds so that he could get the idea jumping back to get some space between them.

"I saw you fighting that Freezle guy. By the time I got to Mobius, it was archived, but I watched it anyway. Sadly, I didn't learn anything. I'm just a fan." Max made a "come at me" gesture with his hand. "Make the next move."

Pearl gave a small smile of satisfaction, remembering the challenges she faced in the last tournament years ago. The smile vanished as quickly as she made her move to close the distance. She planted her feet firmly on the ground before him as she threw a straightforward but powerful punch toward his chest.

Max caught the punch and sighed. He lowered his head. "Now I see how predictable my Chaos Fist was."

Go Super and wrap this thing up! Max almost listened to the suggestion, as his eyes started to turn red, but Max shook his head and threw Pearl across the ring.

Or so he planned. When Max caught her fist, Pearl grabbed his wrist with her free hand and sent her left foot arcing upward towards his armpit with a sudden burst of speed. She fully intended for him to catch her punch in order to leave a weak spot open for her real attack.

As Max took the blow, he stamped his feet into the ground to stop any plans of a ring-out. Max snapped, and a Chaos Arrow appeared behind her. However, it was silent, so she couldn't have noticed it. "Hmph. You're stronger than I anticipated. LET'S SEE HOW YOU DEAL WITH THIS!"

Max unleashed Chaos Rain, and moved Chaos Arrow to hit Pearl. His sides pained.

No more Chaos Powers for now.

Pearl could tell he was up to something; he snapped his fingers, but nothing appeared to happen. It seemed like a random action, but she hadn't forgotten the emerald green Chaos Energy he used before. The moment he began to shout, she knew that he was using that power again. Dodge! Her instincts shouted at her. Not taking any chances in wasting time looking behind or above her, Pearl dove to the right to avoid whatever she felt was coming at her.

As soon as Pearl recovered her footing in a crouch, she looked to see what she was up against. A storm of Chaos Spears came and were all shot at her. The Chaos Arrow went high into the air, waiting for the moment to strike.
Seeing the storm of spears, she knew she had no choice but to run to avoid them. She broke out into a sprint, hearing the crash and crackles of the Chaos Spears striking the ground behind her. She made sure not to stray too far from Max himself, however, in case he planned to try and force her out the ring. Eventually, she made a sharp turn and charged at him from the side. Her arm reeled back, seemingly ready to punch.

Max grinned devilishly as he dropped the Chaos Arrow down on her head. "That was a nice dodge."

Pearl made a slight pause approximately three feet away from him, and made a sudden leap into the air just before the arrow dropped. Had it not been a feint and she followed through with the punch, it would have struck a bulls-eye on her cranium. With her arm still cocked back, Pearl sprung toward the arrow and over his head. Her body gave off a slight glow as she focused her own energy in her arm, and punched through the side of the Chaos Arrow with an explosion of energy that shattered the arrow.
For an instant, her body and hair changed color and she was surrounded by an intense aura. But by the time she landed behind him, it had all but faded and she was back to normal. She didn't waste another second to break out into another sprint. Her plan was to lead the Chaos Spears following behind her straight into Max.

Max grunted and made all the Chaos Spears disappear. "You're a short-range fighter, huh? That would've been easy to take advantage of... if I had no limits."

Max started running around Pearl so quickly, it seemed like there were twelve Maxes. She was taken by surprise, but decided not to stop in the center and charge on through. However, she was caught in the chain. Max kept running for five solid minutes before stopping, sending Pearl flying through the ring.

Pearl had stopped just before reaching the edge of the Max ring, changing her tactics as she realized he wasn't moving along with her. (If he was, she'd have tried to lure him into accidentally running off the ring.) Instead she shoved both arms in his path. She had hoped to be able to stop him, but she underestimated how much recoil she'd take from him and lost her balance almost immediately. She spun and stumbled a few feet away, falling to one knee back at the center. She looked up to see that he was just still going, and began to wonder exactly what his plan was. Now all she could do was sit and wait for him to tire out, or make another move.

Max ran behind her so quickly, she wouldn't be able to see him. As she watched the other Maxes run, he almost waved, but that would've blown his cover. He tried to side-kick her in the back.

The after-images Max left behind quickly began to vanish, indicating that he was no longer running anymore. This could only mean one thing, but unfortunately Pearl was not quick enough to realize in time before she felt the painful kick connect with her back. She fell forward with a cry of pain to her hands and knees.
Knowing that he was behind her now, she quickly pushed herself back up and whirled around to deliver a sweep kick his way.

(Just let it be known that Max is ambidextrous.)

Max took the kick and fell to the ground. He had a look of worry on his face as he got back on his feet. "Hey, Pearl, you okay? Hearing that scream made my heart hurt more than my ears did."

Pearl stood up and narrowed her eyes at him, "You'll have something hurting more than both of those if you don't watch it." His comment clearly offended her. She sprung forward in the next moment, suddenly lashing out with a series of quick punches to quickly overwhelm him.

Max was blown off his feet, flat onto his back. Before anyone could start counting, he slowly got back up. "Ah, I see. You took it as an insult."

Max jumped at least 20 meters back to get some space between them, narrowly dodging another attack from Pearl. But in doing so, he would find himself dangerously close to the edge. Pearl approached him slowly, with a calm yet determined composure. "In battle, you don't have time to worry about your enemy getting hurt. The more you spend fretting over your opponent's well-being, the more chances you give them to turn your world upside-down. You're the one who challenged me, aren't you? If you've been holding back all this time because you're afraid of hurting a girl, then I'm going to be more than insulted." She stopped about 3 meters away from him, and took a defensive stance. "I want you to come at me with everything you've got."

Max simply walked right past her, to the middle of the ring. "You think I'm holding back because you're a girl?! HA! I ain't a sexist freak, Pearl." Max got into a fighting stance. "Truth is... I want you to come at me with all you got." Max's eyes started glowing red. "But if you want me to first, then so be it!"

He yelled for half a second, and suddenly, he was a blonde, red-eyed human. A fire-like aura was surrounding him, and he was floating five feet into the air. He crossed his arms. "Don't act like the victim. You wouldn't have liked it if I accused you of holding back 'cause I'm a kid, no?" He winked. "Your energy is restricted. Show me what you can do." Max floated back to the ground. "Because what sex you are doesn't matter - I'm going to try my hardest to kick you butt." He started running at Pearl at speeds faster than sound. "Wondering about an opponent's well-being isn't a flaw!" He got closer. "Caring about someone who has a heart and a mind isn't a flaw!" He was running so quickly now, it seemed like her was hovering above the ground. "A flaw is something that is bad - but the only bad thing is BEING RUTHLESS!" With that, Max charged up and Chaos Fist, and aimed for Pearl's chest with a punch.

This was precisely the situation Pearl was trying to instigate. However, the immense speed was too much for her planned counter attack. She only had time to brace herself before she took the brunt of the blow at full force. However, she wasn't sent back any further than a couple inches; Pearl was at least quick enough to grab his extended arm with both of her hands before his fist blew her out the ring.

She looked up at him with a weakened, bloodied grin. "...G-gotcha." Suddenly, her body exploded with power as a bright green aura surrounded her. She had unleashed her High Tension state, and used her right hand to grab him by the shirt while still holding his wrist with her left. "Shining...!" She then attempted to lift him over her head, "Pitch!" and hurl him out of bounds with a mighty throw. She sent an Energy Burst from her hands to give her throw an explosive force, which would send him flying twice as fast as it normally would.

Max was sent flying in the air at supersonic speeds, but stopped before he got to the edge of the ring. "...Short-range fighter, huh? That's easy to take advantage of."

He started to float into the air, and in the sky, Super Chaos Spears and Super Chaos Arrows were just waiting to fire. Max created to torpedo-like blast the size of Pearl and sent them and the Super Chaos Spears/Arrows at her. If the two larger blasts got near her, they would explode immediately.

(...I'm not godmodding, right?)

(In my experience, if you have to ask then 90% of the time you are. I have a few problems with this, but most of which I can sort of let slide. Even though I find it hard to believe that he could stop himself at the edge after being sent flying at supersonic speeds when they were already at most 4 meters away from the edge of the ring. Also, they are indoors. He can't fly into the sky; only up to the hanging stage lights. ~Smash The Echidna~ Smash life.png 14:07, June 27, 2017 (UTC))

Pearl wasn't simply going to let him get away that easily. As soon as he stopped and she realized that it wasn't over, she got ready to strike again. She had to be careful, otherwise she might be the one falling out of bounds! She rushed in close as he began to float upwards, and sprung up after him with a mighty, energy-burst powered leap. She quickly caught up to him, raising her left leg to swiftly kick him under the chin. "Eagle Destroyer!" Following her attack name, she quickly brought her heel down towards his head, threatening to dunk him down to the floor below with another energy-burst powered axe kick.

Max was sent straight down to the ground before he could even blink. He landed on his stomach before getting up. He realized that she was going to attack whenever she could... That's a genius plan, Max. He dusted himself off before facing Pearl. "I'll let you have a free hit."

Pearl did not let up at all. After knocking him flat, she performed a mid-air somersault and used yet another Energy Burst to propel herself downward. With her arm reeled back with energy concentrating into her fist, she threatened to drive her fist into his back before he had time to get up. If successful, the energy in her fist would release a blast powerful enough to heavily damage the floor under him; the damage it would do to him would be much more severe.

Max instantly jumped away before Pearl was smash him, but he was a little off-balance due to the blast. "Man, you're fast!" His hair started to spike up as he got into a fighting stance. "But how'll you deal with... projectiles?" He made two balls of Chaos Energy his size and fired them at Pearl. If they got near, they'd explode.

Pearl found herself needing to take a breather. But there wasn't any time to relax. As she pulled her fist out of the cracked stone floor, she saw the two giant orbs forming in his hands. She was not in an optimal position to deal with this. She needed to close the distance on him without getting blasted out of bounds. Even if she used her energy to block it she wasn't confident that she could maintain her balance so close to the edge. There was only one option.

As the two Chaos blasts began to close in on her, Pearl charged right toward them. With a mighty, yet graceful leap, Pearl used another Burst jump to clear the two projectiles. It was then when she learned the hard way that they exploded when close enough. The blast sent her soaring forward, startling her more than harming her as she lost her composure. Her mind raced as she realized she could still make this work, and attempted to use this momentum to strike him with a flying kick.

It was too fast for Max too dodge by running. However, he formed a plan; a risky one, but a plan. Be let the kick hit him, but now, they were both flying. Max got the wind knocked out of him, but he telported to the center of the ring before she took them both out of the ring. He held his side as he took as couple breaths in.

(What, did you expect Max to simply try and counter it, breaking his arm/chest/everything in the process?)

(No. But they weren't close enough to the other side to fly off.)

Pearl slid across the floor, skidding to a stop before pushing herself back to her feet. She was breathing heavily, now beginning to struggle keeping up her high tension state. She just needed to catch her breath...

Max's hair started to turn brown before going back to blonde. "We're not... getting anywhere... with this..." He sighed. He fired ten Super Chaos Spears and fifteen Super Chaos Arrows, but doing so caused him to go back into his base form. While she was busy with those, ye would recharge on Chaos Energy.

Pearl didn't have much choice other than to run. She dashed to the side, circling him as she evaded each spear and arrow, gradually getting closer with every few steps. She pushed herself to go faster, making sure she was out of harm's way.

As Max quickly refilled on energy, the blasts subsided. He bolted towards Pearl and tried to trip her with a swift breakdance-sweep kick.

Pearl took the kick, but gracefully planted her hands down on the ground and performed a perfect flip. She turned and made a back flip before landing a few feet away from him, ready to get back into combat. She lunged forward and attacked with a drop kick, aimed at his head.

As Pearl got up, he did also. Though it seemed to be happening in slow motion for Max, when Pearl attempted to kick him, he quickly stepped to the side and tried to chop her neck.

(All apologies are due if I'm being an impatient little brat, but can I idea this dead?)

Match 26: Mackenzie the Tiger vs Terra the Ocelot

On a table, a brown tiger wearing a yellow jacket and blue pants with white spirals on them kept his legs on the table, a drink in his hands as one of the announcers, a gray bear, went insane. "Trip the Spider manages to land a flurry of kicks to Jace the Hawk's stomach! Is... is THAT A SUPLEX?! IT'S A SUPLEX, FOLKS! TRIP GRABS JACE BY THE ABS AND SENDS HIM DOWN FACE-FIRST! Is Jace down for the count? Count with me now, folks-"

Mac smiled, sitting upright and placing his drink on the table. "One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten!"

The announcer grinned. "Trip is our winner, our lovely audience!"

Dang, Jace got owned. Mac thought, laughing to himself and giving Trip a fist-bump as he left the ring. I'm next, right? It'd be pretty nice to win this one, especially since someone challenged me. I bet they're gonna be this huge, muscular rhino dude. Mac grinned. Man, that would be FUN!

Mac threw off his jacket, revealing a yellow short-sleeved shirt with a white stripe as he hopped into the ring. The announcer still seemed giddy from the last match. "That was an exciting bout, wasn't it? Well, don't be leavin' just yet, folks, because we have a special match next. Our Blue Thunder, Mackenzie-"

"I've asked you a million times not to call me that," Mac interjected, slightly red in the face as the audience chuckled a little.

"-Mac Hartley has been challenged by an anonymous fighter! We're not sure whether they are here right now or not, so let's-"

"No need," said a voice in the stands. They were wearing a brown cloak, and they hopped onto the fighting floor. "I'm here." The voice sounded... feminine, and naggy, like someone Mac knew, but the cloak was slightly muffling it.

"What's up with everyone interrupting me today?" peeped the announcer nervously.

"I'm tired of your ego, to be frank," continued the challenger. "I've seen a few of your matches. You must think you're so great, don't you? Maybe all of that money has made your head bigger. Me?" The cloak stuck a yellow arm out, and claws popped out of their paw. "I'm here to shrink it back to size."

"It looks like we have a grudge match here today! But, fighters, we're not here to talk with our mouths - you talk with your fists in the ring!" reminded the announcer.

"Yeah, I remember," said Mac, eyelid arched and lightly smirking. "Well, buddy, if you can talk big, let's see you show up. And can you take off the stupid cloak? I get it if you're some type of emo wannabe, but you honestly just look ridiculous."

"With pleasure," replied the voice, throwing it off and revealing a yellow, brown-spotted ocelot wearing a green, golden-lined vest and green shoes. "Mac, you best be ready to lose."

Mac laughed for a long time. "Oh, this is rich! Terra, the village guardian, trying to beat me!" Mac got into a fighting stance. "Girl, I'm gonna enjoy this."

"When I leave you unconscious on the floor, don't expect me to apologize," Terra shot back, getting into a stance of her own. "Oh, and I apologize, Mister Bear. My name is Terra Fauna the Ocelot."

"Alright, people, our fighters seem ready so let's begin the countdown for Mackenzie-" Mac sighed. "-versus the newcomer, the Fauna Fighter! 3, 2, 1, GO!"

Mac was about to jump back, but Terra didn't hesitate, slamming her fist into his face. Mac did a flip, landing on his back and quickly getting up. The tiger jumped high, falling down with an electric fist and hitting Terra in the stomach, pushing her back.

"You rely too much on your powers," Terra said, rubbing her mouth. "You throw away your chances at growing your natural skill."

"I'll show you natural skill!" Mac said, rushing forward. "I might not have my sword or my guns, but there's no way I'm losing in a-" Mac was cut off short by a fist to the chin, making him stagger a little as Terra rolled her eyes.

"If you ran as much as your mouth did, maybe you'd be faster than me," she said, going in for a flurry of jabs to Mac's stomach. Though Mac managed to block them, Terra followed up with a sweep kick nearly immediately, knocking him off of his feet. He landed on his hands, however, doing a breakdance kick to Terra's jaw before charging his foot with electricity and kicking her in the cheek. Terra rolled, stopping before she could hit the edge.

She burst forward in a rush of speed, and she seemingly disappeared. Mac, using his energy-sight, sensed her coming from to side, putting his fist up to block the kick she attempted. Terra seemed to stay in place, confusing Mac, but then, just too late, he sensed another incoming attack. Whilst an afterimage of her was still struggling against Mac's fist, the real Terra appeared in front of Mac, kicking him in the stomach and hitting him on the chest.

Mac fell on his back, wiping his mouth before getting back up. "Well then, Fauna, look like you've gotten a lot faster. Can't have the White situation again, huh?"

Terra folded her arms. "You're still going easy on me. I've knocked you down twice. Those ideas do not correlate well when together." She changed her stance, jumping into the air and flipping before she punched downwards, but Mac jumped back in the nick of time, dodging it. Terra grumbled, and her hands began to vibrate rapidly.

"The hell?" Mac said before Terra vibrated quickly enough to create a wave of small, concentrated wind and firing it at him. Mac fell on his hands, jumping back up before realizing just what Terra was trying to do. The chick's trying to ring me out, huh? Mac then charged his legs with electricity and ran in circles as Terra continued firing gusts. The audience went harsh releases of wind in various temperatures.

Mac, after a few seconds of running, frowned, and his hand began to spark. Then, he fired a burst of electricity at Terra, and it hit her in the face, causing her to vibrate immensely with a jagged expression. Mac smiled. "So, you don't want me holding back, ey? Well, if you want to lose that badly, then allow me!" Mac's aura flared blue, and his fur turned a light blue color as his clothes turned white. "This is my tranquil awesomeness incarnate. Y'know what that means?"

Mac turned into lightning, delivering an upwards punch to Terra's stomach. "This is over!"

Terra replied by punching him in the cheek with a downwards punch. "Is it really?"

Mac growled as he attempted a sweep kick, knocking Terra off of her feet. Terra landed on hand hand whilst sideways and spun around, delivering a two-leg kick to Mac stomach. Then, she grabbed his head with her legs, using her claws to grip on the stage, and flipped, doing a leg-performed suplex. Mac's face was stuffed into the ground, and Terra turned around. Mac rose up with a high punch, landing a blow in her stomach. Terra coughed, the effect of the last stomach blow he'd performed stacking up, and Mac released a burst of pure aura around him, knocking Terra back.

Terra wiped her arms before lunging at Mac. Mac prepared to block and counter the attack, but Terra jumped over him. Mac then attempted to grab her leg, and Terra, before she hit the ground, did a back-kick, hitting Mac in the jaw. Next, she rolled in front of him, performing multiple stomps to his face. Finally, she grabbed him with her legs, threw him into the air, jumped into the air and did an upside-down kick, sending the now-blue tiger onto the floor with a "Thump!"

Terra waited for Mac to rise up again, and once he did, she skydived with claws bared, attempting a painful grab to his face. Once she got into his range, however, Mac released a burst of electricity, shocking Terra (literally) and leaving her suspended in the air as the burst went on. Mac threw two punches to Terra's face before grabbing her legs and twirling around, throwing her to the edge of the stadium. Terra wasn't going to go far enough to be ringed out, however, so Mac ran to where she would slow down in movement, doing an electric hook to her face and knocking her to the other side of the stadium before doing it again. Eventually, it seemed like Terra was just getting hit by a blue streak endlessly... until it ended with Mac placing an orb of energy to her chest and let it explode, sending Terra to the center of the stadium.

Terra was nearly dozing off when Mac smirked, rushing to her with readied fists. Terra put her foot out when Mac came near, effectively tripping him. Before he could hit the ground, however, Terra bared her claws and seemingly ran through Mac before she retracted them. Mac floated in the air for half a second - after that, he yelled and hit the ground. The two cat-like fighters both glared at each other and growled as they disappeared, strong explosions of wind occurring around the arena. After a few seconds of invisible clashing, Mac and Terra were hovering around the ground whilst moving while they fought, trading blows and matching one another's strength. Their bout was cut short when Mac did a kick, however, and Terra staggered as the tiger charged a Spin Dash. Terra was late to react to it, and before hitting her, Mac put his leg out, releasing an energy-filled kick to the top of her head as a small inferno appeared around them.

Mac looked at the nearly-fallen Terra, breathing heavily. "See, Fauna? You... can't... beat me..."

"I'm not... done just yet..." Terra said, forcing herself to get up. "Some lousy fur color change... won't stop me!"

"Well, this 'lousy fur color change' is beating your butt silly, so-" Terra interrupted him, rushing up to him and punching him in the face, making Mac nearly trip backwards and hold his mouth in pain. What an asshole! Mac thought, catching Terra's fist before she could connect another blow to his face. Mac smiled cockily, but Terra then seemingly vanished, and Mac felt the impact of a knee hit his head. He staggered again, tripping onto his back, with Terra looking over him and giving him a harsh kick in the side that made Mac roll over in pain.

"I'm not even sure how you were able to best Luna," Terra coldly stated as Mac tried to get up, only to get kicked down by her again. "I haven't seen a sliver of goodwill in your soul since the day I met you. You might be powerful, but..." Mac stood once again, but Terra boosted up to him and landed a knuckle-focused blow to his face, sending him rolling backwards as sweat dripped off his face. "...your character is pitiful."

Mac got up once again, a flash in his eyes as they turned brown for just a split-second. Since when has she been this fast... and strong? Mac asked himself, rubbing his arm. A few weeks ago, I thought I'd be able to take her easy... and here I am, nearly losing in TAI. Terra jumped in the air and attempted an axe kick onto Mac's should, but Mac focused, releasing a burst of energy in retaliation. Then, Mac created a disc of yellow energy and threw it into the air.

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