Contains Spoilers for the fangame, Splice The Hedgehog!

The Black Rose Orphanage

The Black Rose Orphanage as seen in Splice The Hedgehog

The Black Rose Orphanage is the only orphanage in Greenflower City. It takes care of a surprising number of children who have lost their parents, and is arguably one of the most financially succsessful settings in the entire city. However, there are rumors of shady dealings, black marketing and blackmailing behind the scenes. The outside of the building by itself is somewhat disconcerning, as it has darkened walls and is surrounded by a barbed wire fence, which looks to be electrical but no one really knows.

Black Rose Orphanage v2 (PianoFlute ver)

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Orphaned Characters

Quite a few of the characters in the series were orphans living at the Black Rose Orphanage. After growing up and leaving, they later met and became friends, unaware that they had once lived in the same place as children. These people include:

While they all eventually became friends after they left the orphanage, neither of them had known each other's past times (Save for the four siblings.) Some characters, like Smash and Pearl, were orphans who actively avoided the Black Rose.

Foreshadowing connections

Through many events transpiring in Smash and Co.'s Roleplay series, Things ominously seem to lead back towards the Black Rose Orphanage, or it is strangely mentioned at times.


Splice The Hedgehog (RPG Fangame)

In this game, the Black Rose serve as one of the major antagonists throughout the story. Splice knows full well that the orphanage is the main stronghold for the evil organization. Their base of operations is actually hidden below the orphanage itself, in a secret underground lair. As a child, Splice accidentally discovered the location alongside his caretaker, Clara, and the two were forced to flee when the Black Rose confronted them.

The Black Rose Orphanage is only visited twice throughout the story; the first time is in the beginning of the game when Splice recieves the mystery call intended for Agent Nero. The second time is when the heroes infiltrates the hidden base to put a stop to the Black Rose's evil once and for all. The hideout has three basement levels, with the final floor being laid out in the shape of a rose. They have high security and use advanced technology, utilizing Elemental Rings to their fullest extent.

It is unknown how the evil gang managed to dig deep enough to make three basement levels...though there is the possibility that the orphanage itself was built on top of a pre-existing area...

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