The Black Diavols
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The Black Diavols are a group of beings from the Putriverse that serve Buer, the Black Wheel of Decay. Like most of the Putriverse residents that serve Buer, they are treated like little more than servants to the Black Wheel. All of them are related.

They are considered the Putriverse counterparts to Ka's White Cherouvs.

Physical Appearance

Standing at an average of 2 feet tall, the Diavols all have pitch-black fur, two pairs of purple, bat-like wings, purple hair and two pairs of long ears, as well as a red ruff of fur around their necks. A pulsating ball of darkness levitates above their heads, and they all have red antlers. They all have a single long, thin tail ending in a red fur tuft, and their body shape is generally petite in form, with slender arms and petite, digitigrade legs. The only biological difference between all of them (except for minor differences in body shape) is eye-color, which comes in a wide variety of colors.

Because of the many physical similarities, the Diavols have taken to wearing different accessories, having different hairstyles or dying different-colored markings into their fur. Males and females are hard to distinguish separately; however, the latter tend to have slightly prominent chests.




All of the Diavols are capable of flight, Spectramancy and a moderate level of basic HellMagick, as well as limited teleportation, able to blink a maximum distance of two feet. Individually, their power is average, but working together they are quite a force to be reckoned with.

All of them are functionally immortal; while they are able to die, they do not permanently stay dead. A Diavol that perishes will be revived in the Putriverse within the span of one month.

All of the Diavols are capable of sensing demonic energy in a person, as well as any form of darkness in their heart and soul.

Notable Black Diavols

  • Ghatori - Male Diavol. He has ice blue markings on his body, as well as green eyes. He also has a relaxed personality.
  • Alerakdra - Female Diavol. She has pink markings on her body, as well as orange eyes. She also has a cocky personality.
  • Ridvere - Female Diavol. She has golden markings on her body, as well as dark blue eyes. She also has a timid personality.
  • Yiandril - Male Diavol. He has gray markings on his body, as well as pink eyes. He also has a bold personality.
  • Zuphlas - Female Diavol. She has light purple markings on her body, as well as gold eyes.

Friends and Foes




  • Hell's Hounds - Despite the two groups being allied with Buer, they generally don't get along with each other.



As a whole, the Diavols tend to behave like mischievous little brats (with some exceptions), yet display a curiosity and naivety similar to that of the White Cherouvs. They are sometimes considered Buer's "imps".

Naturally, each of them has their own individual personality as well.


Being a lower caste than most of Buer's forces, the Black Diavols often get the short end of the stick, and are treated like little more than servants. Given their small size and speed, they tend to serve as Buer's scouts. It is rather obvious that the Diavols are not fond of the Black Wheel, but are far too terrified of him to revolt.

Like the White Cherouvs, it is shown that the Black Diavols are capable of traveling to Mobius, primarily to cause all sorts of (relatively harmless) mischief.


  • They were formerly known as "The Black Ministers".
  • Their name comes from the Greek word "diavoláki", which means "imp".
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