The Black Bolts

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This story or stories consist of the adventures of the bounty hunter group "The Black Bolts"

Each story will be set up with:

-Title of Story

-A quote from me or a famous author

-The actual Story and any chapters that follow.


The back stories of Ridel, Hazel and Cools are explained ont there Fanon pages so if you want to know there origins go check them out.

Included Characters

Black Bolts:

Ridel the Procupine

Hazel the Hedgehog

Cools the Hedgehog

Dark Dynamites:

Bombshell the Porcupine

Sheena the Cat

Rust the Fox

U.C.L (United. Crime. Lords):

Matter the Echidna (leader)


Team Future:

Sparks the Hedgehog

Silver the Hedgehog

Blaze the Cat

Eclipse Government:

President Laziano the Bat


Gregerton the Chameleon

If you want your character in my stories

If you want you character to be part of this epicaly long seires than contact me, my Wikia name is Ridel the Porcupine.

Now if you want you character to be in here are the requirements:

-They must be from the Sol Dimension

-They must not have any contact with Mobian characters

-They must be Anti-Heros or Villians (they can be heros it will be harder to fit them in the stories though)


Book 1- Enter The Black Bolts

    "The smart man knows how to fight, but the wise man knows when to fight"- Quote (me)

Chapter 1:                                                                                                                                                                       Sol Circus "Woooo I finaly made it", said Ridel. "Im finaly at the Sol Circus, the journy has been long but worth it. Ridel had been travelling to the Sol Circus in hopes of actualy becoming part of there acts. Ohh how foolish am I forgot to tell you about Ridel. Well Ridel is a Porcupine born on planet Eclipse in the Sol Dimension, he was abandoned at age 5 and left at an ophanage. But Ridel is currently 15 and he had left the orphanage to join the Sol Circus. Anyway back to the story.Ridel entered the Circus. Ridel hadnt been to a circus in years but he was very familier with all the tents and setups. Ridel then walked into a tent that was labled "Sign Ups". The Sol Circus had been lacking in performers lately so there are trying despretly to hire more. Ridel then walked up to a desk with an older women behind it. She was a Tiger who had verry long fur and baggy skin. "Are you here to sign up", She said in a shrill voice. "Ummm ohh yes", Ridel said. "Alright then name", she said but this time much more pleasent. "Uhh Ridel, Ridel the Porcupine. He said nervously. "So what skills do you posses Mr.Ridel",she asked. "Acrobatic skills ma'am", He said. "Well your in luck we are about to start tryouts for some acrobats, just head behind me and into the tent and stand in line Mr.Ridel"she instructed.Ridel walked into the tent, when he first got in he saw 3 other men much larger than him is size. One of the men was an Albatross, the second was a another bird like creature but Ridel couldnt tell what spiecies he was. Then Ridel spotted another Porcupine that was very familer to Ridel. Ridel Glanced at him much more intensly. Ridel then recognized him as his long time rival Bombshell the Porcupine. Ridel and Bombshell both lived in the same orphanage. Bombshell always tormented Ridel and turned all the other kids in the orphanage. Ridel was ready to walk out of the tent before Bombshell could spot him. Right as he was leaving he heard a "whoose" from the opposite side of the tent. Ridel turned his head to see a girl Hedgehog. She was around Ridel's hight, she had clean "hazel" fur, bright yellow eyes, wore a black and red shirt, jeans that went downt to her knees, and spines that went down to around her breast level then curled at the end. Ridel stared at her for a minute and blushed. The girl then said to Ridel, "Are you here to tryout". Everyone turned around including Bombshell. "Ridel long time no see". "Uh oh

Chapter 2: Tryouts?

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