The Bizarre Life of Tesla Hunt is a "franchise" based off of popular video game series "Sonic The Hedgehog", created by Alphonse Uprising in May 2005.


The Earth in Tesla's universe is almost like our Earth in the real world. However, it has minor differences. Some countries in real-life are in other continents, and some continents are in different positions.

The meteor that struck Earth billions of years ago was much larger in this universe in mass, and destroyed one third of the planet, also causing a nuclear winter lasting 600 years.

Technology is highly advanced but has mid-80s influences.


Team Radical

Tesla Hunt (b. 1989 Earth year) - The Upsilonish-American main character. Described to be a fast-thinking hedgehog with electric powers.

Curtis Radical (b. 1989 Earth year) - Tesla's dumbwitted best friend with super strength.

Izzy Castile (b. 1990 Earth year) - A highly athletic Canadian tomboy.

Mario Scuderia (b. 1990 Earth year) - A very cowardly Ottovian mechanic nerd.

Other characters

Tessa Huntress (b. 1992 Earth year) - Tesla's long lost sister. Nazario Scuderia (b. 2005 Earth year) - Mario's adopted brother

Astra The Unerinadae (b. 144 Unearth Year)




Andromeda Pirates

Alastair McQuasar (b. 1978)

Video games

Main titles

The Bizarre Life of Tesla Hunt


The Bizarre Life of Tessa Huntress

Film adaption

There is a slight possibility that a CGI film could be made about Tesla and Team Radical.


  • The universe was based off of the dreams Alphonse Uprising had in the past.
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