Maria saves Shadow's life from Metal Sonic D.


The Birth of Maria the Hedgehog: Part 4

Maria: Sh....Sha...Sha...dow. ( In a speed of light. The capsule breaks.)


( M. Sonic D is right up in front of Shadow, M.Sonic D raise his feet onto Shadow's head, lifts leg up. In a speed of light M. Sonic D misses and Shadow was right beside Sonic, Silver and Knuckles.)

Knuckles: What just happen?

Amy: Guys look up there ( Amy points to near were the Master Emerald is at.)

Tails: Its her. ( It was Maria. But she has appeared as a Hedgehog. Yellow skin, Blue Clothing, Blue/White boots, Blue Bandana, and Blue/White gloves.)

Maria: I'm alive. But how? ( Maria looks over by the water. And she sees her reflection as a Hedgehog.) I'm a Hedgehog. It's Impossible. Tails, tails must've found a way to make me live.

Eggman: Who on earth is that?

Sonic: Don't you remember anything Doctor Eggman.

Silver: Thats Maria. (Shadow can't hear anything, cause he's unconcness. He got hit really hard.)

Eggman: That's a lie, She would never be in this time. ( Maria runs back to were Sonic and others are standing.)

Sonic: Hey are feeling any better.

Maria: I'm a Hedgehog. I look, I look so hideous.

Sonic: Hey cheer up, you look great.

Maria: Do you really think so?

Sonic: I know so.

Eggman: There's no time for mushy emotions. Hand over the Chaos emerald.

Maria: Whose that?

Silver: Dr. Robotnik Eggman.

Maria: Robotnik? He's got the same last name I have. That can't be true.

Tails: You and Eggman have the same grandfather Gerald Robotnik.

Maria: So he's my cousin. Why would he do such a thing like this.

Sonic: He'll do anything to get what he wants. (Maria looks over the side.)

Maria: aha. Shadow.

Soinc: He's alright, he's just Unconcness. Eggman's robot took him out. Just leave it to us.

(Sonic, silver and Knuckles all just in to take out M. Sonic D.)

Maria: I wish there was something I can do. ( Maria sees a Chaos emerald in Shadow's hand. She grabs it, Amy goes up to Maria.) What's this thing?

Amy: That's called a "Chaos Emerald." If you use it power a miracle will happen.

Maria: Really. ok.

Amy: What's wrong Maria?

Maria: I just that, I get to be along with Shadow now. But I'm not used to violence.

Amy: Hey, Maria. Don't worry. Here I made this for you.

Maria: A necklace.

Amy: Its to bring you good luck. That's all you need is luck. You just need a little confidence in yourself

Maria: Thank you Amy. (Maria looks at the Chaos Emerald.) This thing things tell me something.

Voice: Use chaos control.

Maria: Ok. (Maria stands up.)

Amy: uh, Maria what are you doing?

Maria: Chaos Control. ( Chaos responded and made a beam to M. Sonic D to make it weaker.)

Knuckles: Did you see? She made the machine weaker.

Sonic: ok let finish this. ( Sonic, Silver and Knuckles take out M. Sonic D. and gets rid of it once an for all.)

Eggman: You haven't seen the last of me Sonic.

Sonic: Well done Maria.

Maria: I didn't know I can do that. ah. Shadow.

Tails: quick let take him to workshop.

(Shadow dreams about his past about Maria. At Space Colony Ark)

Maria: Shadow. Shadow.

Shadow: what is it?

Maria: Come here. (Shadow get up a walks to find Maria.)

Shadow: Maria, where are you?

Maria: Surprise. (Maria jumps behind him.)

Shadow: Maria take it easy.

Maria: I was just trying to surprise you. Hey can you come with me.

Shadow: To where?

Maria: To something special. ( Maria and Shadow take a space shuttle.)

Shadow: uh, Maria, where you taking me?

Maria: To show you around earth. You always want to see the Planet. So I'm give you the chance to see the world.

Shadow: Thank you Maria.

(At Tails workshop. Shadow is still sleeping having his dream.)

Maria: Is he going to be ok Tails.

Tails: He'll do just fine Maria. He took a big hit from that battle.

Maria: (Maria sits down beside Shadow. Rouge see Maria siting down beside Shadow.) I wish there something that I can do. By the way Tails, Thank you.

Tails: For what?

Maria: For bring me back to him.

Tails: no problem. But don't thank me. Thank Silver, he's the one who wanted Shadow to be happy.

Maria: By the way Tails can I speak with you in private.

Tails: Sure.

Maria: Be safe Shadow. ( Tails and Maria walk outside. Rouge enters Tails workshop, looking at Shadow.) Tails can I ask you on where you met Shadow?

Tails: Why do you want to know that?

Maria: Because ever since I arrive here. I began think on happen 50 years later to this point. I want to know on what I missed.

Tails: oh. Well, Shadow was awaken at prison island.

Maria: So they did put him under Military operation.

Tails: But Eggman found him and brought him back to life with a Chaos emerald. The same way your brought back to life.

Maria: Please keep going, what else did I miss when he go out of prison island.

Tails: Well he thought that you want revenge on the people that killed you. So he took his own way to take out people by using Space Coloney Ark.

Maria: oh my. He really did missed me.

Tails: But we helped him realize on the true purpose. We told him that you wanted him to be friend with people.

Maria: Yes, that is true. He always wanted to know about what its like to be in this Planet. So I made a promise and showed him what its like.

Tails: It doesn't matter. Once he wakes up, he'll be very happy to see you once more.

Maria: Your right. And I'll be happy to see him to.

( Back to Shadow and Rouge. Shadow wakes up.)

Rouge: ( Shadow sees Rouge.) Shadow your awake.

Shadow: I had the strange's dream ever.

Rouge: About what?

Shadow: About the past. (Shadow gets up.) What happen to me?

Rouge: You almost got crushed. Lucky that girl save your life.

Shadow: What girl?

Rouge: Your old friend.

Shadow: That's Impossible. Maria is gone. There's no way that she would be in this world especially in this time. ( Shadow walks out of the workshop.)

Rouge: Shadow where you going.

Shadow: What I do best.

Silver: You can't go now.

Shadow: You again. What were you planing, and what do you mean "a favor?"

Silver: See for yourself.

Shadow: (Shadow sees the broken pod thing.) What is that for? Where you guys experimenting?

Silver: No. We saved a persons life.

Maria: ( Tails and Maria show up.) Shadow.

Shadow: (Shadow turns around. Looking shocked.) W-Who are you?

Maria: ( Maria goes up in front of him.) Shadow its me. Maria.

Shadow: No. That can't be true. ( Sonic and Amy arrive.) What kind of game is this? The Maria I once knew was dead. The G.U.N. soldiers killed her. And she was human. Not this dumb looking hedgehog.

Sonic: Shadow! ( Now Maria gets upset.)

Shadow: I'm sorry, who ever you are, your not the Maria that I once knew.

Maria: (Maria sheds tears in her eyes.) Shadow. ( Shadow goes outside and runs.)

Sonic: Shadow!

Maria: I'm so sorry, I should've been here.

Sonic: Hey Maria, don't worry about a thing. Just give it some time.

Silver: Let me go talk to him.

Maria: No, I will.

Amy: But how will you ever find him?

Maria: My heart will point the way. ( Rouge gets annoyed.)

( Shadow is at the Location where Shadow and Maria would talk to each other.)

Shadow: Me and Maria would always speak to each other right here. Talk about promises.


Maria: Shadow.

Shadow: yeah Maria.

Maria: Promise me that when you'll always look at my eyes, you'll know that its me.

Shadow: I will.

( Back to Shadow in present.)

Maria: ( Shadow just realizes something.) Shadow. ( Maria stops by Shadow with tears in her eyes still. Shadow looks at her.)

(End of Chapter 4)

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