Sonic and the other come travel back to their own time with Maria. Maria who suddenly get a strange feeling in her body, collapse on the ground. Tails and the others do everything they can in order to save Maria's life.


Sonic the Hedgehog

Miles "Tails" Prower

Knuckles the Echidna

Amy Rose

Silver the Hedgehog

Maria Robotnik/Maria the Hedgehog

Shadow the Hedgehog

Metal Sonic

The Birth of Maria the Hedgehog: Part 3

( Maria is lying down on the ground. Sonic goes over to Maira, tries to wake her up.)

Sonic: Oh no. She's not waking up.

Tails: I thought this would happen.

Knuckles: What whould happen.

Tails: Well, when were, going through time. The bad side would be that Maria would hardly stand a chance to be in this time presents. 50 years has past so she aging rapidly. Plus she was suppose be dead when those solider took her out. At this rate she'll turn into dust if we don't do something.

Sonic: So what do we do?

Tails: We take her to my workshop.

( At Tails workshop. )

(Tails Builds what appears to be a capsule.)

Sonic: Wow, Tails what is this?

Tails: Its something that I built to keep out from duting. Plus this is were I'm going to transform her into a new body so she can survive in out time. But In order to let this through, we need those Blood samples. And we need a chaos emerald.

Rouge: We got that coverd.

Tails: Rouge.

Sonic: So you did make it out of that Vortex.

Rouge: You wouldn't think that I would leave without say goodbye. Beside it would be the same without have Knuckles around.

Knuckles: ( Knuckles give blushing look.) I outta smack that out of your mouth.

Rouge: Here. ( Hands the needle to Tails.)

Tails: How'd you get this?

Rouge: Well it wasnt that hard thanks to Silver.

( Out of nowhere a Camera Robot spot on Sonic and the others.)

Eggman: What are those fools planning to do? Well I guess I'm going to have to enterupt there little experiment. I got a Chaos emerald to snach. So I'll send in someone that is sneak and clever. Metal Sonic D go and get that chaos emerald.

Metal Sonic D: A fermative.

( Back Tails work shop.)

Tail: ( Tails grab the Needle from Rouge.) Thanks Rouge this should do it. ( Tails takes out the blood from Shadow into a Machine. goes something that looks like a tubes. And it get ready to transfer blood to Maria.) Alright Amy I need your blood.

Amy: Ok. ( Amy injects the needle on her skin. Injects the blood out. Gives it to Tails) Here you go.

Tails: This should. ( Does the same process over again.) This is going to take some time.

Silver: ( Silver shows up at Tails shows up at Tails workshop.) How's everything holding up?

Tails: I'm still working on it.

Eggman: Sonic! I've got a suprise for you.

Sonic: That sounds like Eggman. ( Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, and Silver go outside.)

Tails: How'd he find us.

Eggman: I'm here to find out what's going on with that little Experiment that going on.

Tails: That's only for us to know.

Eggman: Now kindly hand over that Chaos Emerald to me. And I'll let you go.

Sonic: Forget it Eggman.

Eggman: Then I'll just have to take it from you by force. Now go get them Metal Sonic D.

M.S: A Fermative doctor.

Sonic: Tails you stay here, while me, Silver and Knuckles take care of things here.

Tails: Ok.

Knuckles: Now lets get him. ( Metal Sonic D fights off Knuckles and knocks him out. Silver steps in to take out Metal Sonic D. But for some reason M.Sonic D is immune to Silver Teleckonisis. M. Sonic D knocks Silver out.

Eggman: That just leave you Sonic, know hand over that chaos emerald and I spare you life.

Sonic Forget it Eggman. ( Shadow see Sonic and the others fight off M. Sonic D.)

Shadow: Doctor. I will not have any person or something to be good as me. ( Shadow runs to the fight scene.)

Eggman: (Eggman sees Shadow coming by.) ahh, its Shadow.

Shadow: ( Shadow jumps into the air.) Chaos Spear! ( M. Sonic D Stops the Spears and redirects it back at Shadow.) No way. ( The chaos spear hits him.)

Sonic: Shadow!

Shadow: I'm fine.

( Meanwhile at Tails workshop.)

Tails: Come on work.

Rouge: Here.

Tails: Thanks Rouge.

( Back to the fight.)

Shadow: I'm not going to lose. ( Shadow continues fighting off against M. Sonic D. M. Sonic D continues on fighting and fighting Shadow beating him.)

Eggman: Now get the Chaos Emerald. ( Metal Sonic D appears to do something weird. His chip reprogramed. Shadow I brudly beat up from Metal Sonic D. M. Sonic D goes up to him.)

Sonic: Shadow, get up. ( Shadow couldn't get up. three of the Chaos Emerald started to reacted and the Master Emerald reacted as well.)

( At Tails workshop.)

Maria: Sh....Sha...Sha...dow. ( In a speed of light. The capsule breaks.)


( M. Sonic D is right up infront of Shadow, M.Sonic D raise his feet onto Shadow's head, lifts leg up. In a speed of light M. Sonic D misses and Shadow was right beside Sonic, Silver and Knuckles.)

Knuckles: What just happen?

Amy: Guys look up there ( Amy points to near were the Master Emerald is at.)

( End of Chapter 3 )

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