Sonic, Silver, Tails and Rouge travel back through time 50 years in order to save an old friend of Shadow's, Maria Robotnik. But as they travel back through their own time, something terrible goes wrong. Maria Robotnik loses her Consciousness.


Silver the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog

Miles "Tails" Prower

Knuckles the Echidna

Rouge the Bat

Maria Robotnik

Shadow the Hedgehog

Amy Rose

G.U.N. Soliders

The Birth of Maria the Hedgehog: Part 2

( Sonic, Silver, Rouge and Tails goes back to 50 years later on Space Coloney Ark. They Arrive at the time.)

Silver: Wooow, this is Space Coloney Ark?

Sonic: yep.

Silver: This place is really huge.

Tails: Its been a while since Me, Sonic and Rouge have been on the Ark.

Rouge: Yes, its been awhile.

Silver: Hey guys look, down there. (Points to Shadow and Maria running in a hallway.)

Sonic: Hey, its Shadow.

Rouge: That must be Maria.

Silver: Come on guys lets go. there in danger

( Past Shadow and Maria try to run from G.U.N.)

Past Shadow: Maria stay in here. You'll be safe. (Maria goes to a lever. Shadow trys to walk thru the door. But before he was able to enter the door. A glass tube falls onto Shadow.) Maria! What are you doing?

Maria: I'm sorry Shadow. But I don't want them to hurt you. Shadow promise me something

Past Shadow: Anything.

Maria: Promise me that you will protect people and that you'll be friends with them.

Past Shadow: Maria!

Maria: You're created to help people. (Before Maria pulls the the lever. Silver, Soinc and friends try to stop the soliders to reach Maria. Silver uses his telekonsis. Rouge and Tails help Silver out to stop the soliders.)

Sonic: Silver.

Silver: Go Sonic go find and save her. we'll hold them off.

Sonic: Ok. (Sonic runs as fast as he can.)

( Back to Past Shadow and Maria.)

Past Shadow: Maria!

Maria: I'm sure you'll be very happy Shadow. (Maria starts shed tears in her eyes.)

Past Shadow: Maria!

Maria: Good bye, Shadow the Hedgehog. ( Right at the time Maria trys to pull the lever, Sonic arrives at the same time as she pulls the lever.)

Sonic: Shadow? (Sonic sees Maria pulling down the lever. The capsule drops into space. Maria goes to the window.)

Maria: Good bye, Shadow.

Sonic: (Sonic goes over to the window and sees the capsule floating in space.) So that's what happen to him.

Maria: (Maria sees another hedgehog right beside her.) W-Who are you?

Sonic: Me. I'm Sonic the Hedgehog.

Maria: You're Hedgehog.

Sonic: got that right.

Maria: But how'd you get here.

Sonic: I came here with some friends of mine, we're from the future.

Maria: The future, that's Impossible.

Sonic: Hey anything's possible. We came here to rescue you.

Maria: Me. Why?

Sonic: To help out a friend of mine. You know him already.

Maria: Shadow. He's in the future.

Sonic: of course. And if you come with us you can see him again. And he'll be very happy to see you once too. cause in the future. He thinks of you.

Maria: He does.

Sonic: Yeah, but if you come with us everything will change.

Maria: Ok. I will go then. wait. what about the soliders?

Sonic: My friends got that coverd. Now hold on tight.

Maria: Ok. (Sonic and Maria run out of the room.)

(Tails, Rouge and Silver fight off against the G.U.N. Soliders)

Silver: Where's Sonic? He should be here by now.

Tails: He's coming right now. (Sonic runs with Maria.)

Sonic: I got Maria, now lets get out of here. (Silver, and Tails follow Sonic and Maria to the Vortex. They reach the Vortex and jump through.)

(Back at ancient ruin)

Knuckles: I hope Sonic and the other make it through. (Knuckles sees Sonic and the others.) Hey It's Sonic and the rest of them.

Silver: We did it.

Sonic: We saved Maria.

Amy: Oh Sonic. Are you ok. (Runs up to Sonic huging him.)

Sonic: I'm fine Amy. (The Vortex closes)

Knuckles: Hey wait a minute. Wasn't Rouge with you guys.

Tail: Yeah She was.

Knuckles: oh well, Its her lost.

Sonic: (Maria looks around her.) Hey Maria, are you feeling ok?

Maria: yeah, this place is so beautiful.

Amy: It sure is. Oh I'm sorry I haven't introduced myself, I'm Amy Rose. What your name?

Maria: Maria.

Amy: So your the one Shadow always mentions about.

Maria: Yeah. I forgot guys I haven't truly introduce myself properly. I'm Maria.

Silver: I'm Silver the hedgehog.

Tails: My name is Tails.

Knuckles: And I'm Knuckles.

Maria: Where's Shadow?

Tails: We haven't seen him lately.

Amy: Do you want to see him?

Maria: No, I want to suprise him. ( Maria feels something weird in her body.)

Silver: Are you ok Maria?

Maria: Yeah, I'm, Ok.

( Still at a far distance.)

Shadow: What are they still up too?

Rouge: (Rouge appears right in front of him.) Hey there Shadow.

Shadow: What have you been doing?

Rouge: Oh nothing.

Shadow: You're hiding something Rouge.

Rouge: I need you to do something.

Shadow: Like what?

Rouge: I need your blood.

Shadow: what for?

Silver: (Silver Shows up where Shadow and Rouge are.) Shadow.

Shadow: Silver, what are you up to?

Silver: A favor. (Silver uses his telecosis to freeze Shadow.) Now Rouge. (Rouge takes the needle, ejects into Shadows body and take his Blood.) Trust me Shadow you'll think me later.

(Back to Maria, Soinc, Tails, and Knuckles.)

Maria: Thank you Sonic

Sonic: For what?

Maria: For giving me a second chance.

Sonic: Hey, doesn't everybody diserve second chances. (Smiles)

Maria:.... (Maria faints)

Sonic: Maria, Maria. ( Soinc tries to shake it off of Maria.) Oh, no she's not waking up.

(End of Chapter 2)

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