After the events of Sonic the Hedgehog 06, Silver is out seeking for new adventures. As he thinks about Sonic and friends, he want to know what's going with Shadow the Hedgehog. However Silver runs into Amy, he asks her on how much she know about Shadow the Hedgehog. Amy fills him in about on how Shadow is the way he is. So Silver decide that he wants to return the favor to Shadow. Silver heads to Tails workshop asks Sonic and Tails for assistance to travel back through time.


The Birth of Maria the Hedgehog: Part 1

(After the Events of Sonic the Hedgehog 2006, Silver the Hedgehog continues on his new adventure as he set skies flying over cities.)

Silver: It's been awhile since the last time I've seen Sonic or Shadow ever since we've took out Mephlies and banished Iblis forever. And a friend risk her life to save mine.


Silver: Fall into Slumber with my soul, Iblis! You curse Flames of disaster. (Iblis shoots fire into the chaos emerald, and into absorb Silver.) HHHHHAAAAAA! (flames didn't work) NO! Why won't it accept me as a vessel? ha. (Blaze touches Silver by the shoulder.) Blaze!

Blaze: I'll take Iblis. (Silver looks at her.) Don't worry. My soul is already alit with flames. I will be accepted. Come on silver, make it quick. Use your chaos control to stop time. Then seal us into a different dimension.

Silver: No, I can't do that to you!

Blaze: Didn't we already go through with this? We agreed to save the world at price! (Silver tries to make a move but can't do it.)

Silver: I can't! I wouldn't know what to do without you! You've fought along side me to save the world. You're my Friend... Right?

Blaze: You're still so Naive. But....I...I've always liked that about you.( As the flame gets more and more effective for Blaze to handle, she drops the Chaos Emeralds, and start flowing in spirit.)

Silver: Blaze!

Blaze: Good luck, Silver.

(Back to Silver at flying over cities.)

Silver: I still miss her. I still can't find out we're my next adventure will start without Blaze along my side. (Over at a sea, Silver sits down watching the sea.) Maybe I could join with Sonic and his friends and start off there. But another thing I can't understand is Shadow. I'm trying to figure out what he said of what already come for him in the future. I could go ask him. (Amy appears out of nowhere.)

Amy: Silver? (Silver looks.)

Silver: Amy.

Amy: It's good to see you again.

Silver: It's good to see you too, Amy.

Amy: What are you doing out here all by yourself?

Silver: Oh, nothing.

Amy: Are you still thinking about your friend?

Silver: Unfortunately, I am.

Amy: Hey, cheer up, I'm sure your friend will come back to you sooner or later.

Silver: yeah I guess your right. Hey by the way, have you hear anything new from Shadow lately.

Amy: No why?

Silver: I'm trying to figure him out. He always so mysterious.

Amy: That's what everybody says about him.

Silver: uh, you know about him?

Amy: Me, Sonic and the others know about him quiet well. It all start at place called space colony Ark. That's where Shadow was born.

Silver: Space Colony Ark?

Amy: That's were Gerald Robotnik, Dr. Eggman's grandfather created him. It was around 50 years ago.

Silver: Then how did you make it through this time.

Amy: Well the people got angered by Eggman's grandfather the people shut down the research. And he sent Shadow into space, and he end up on Prison Island. 50 years past by Eggman crash through the Island and released him out of his coma. Everybody thought he was Sonic, and Shadow was against everybody that was in his way. But things change when he finally realize what he was created for, to be a hero. So, he and Sonic join forces to stop Gerald Robotnik plan to crash the Ark into earth. But then he just vanished.

Silver: Then how he's still here.

Amy: Well it all happen when Me, Sonic and the gang were out looking for the Chaos Emeralds in the galaxy. We were out match again machines. There was no way for us to stopped the machines. But quickly at eyes Shadow appeared again. He acted like he never seen us before.

Silver: Wow that's quiet a story telling. But you know I bet he is the same hedgehog that he's from 50 years ago. He might of used Chaos control to forget what happen when Space Colony Ark tried to crash into earth. And it probably erased his memory. (Rouge over hears what Amy and Silver talking.)

Amy: What are you trying to say Silver?

Silver: What I'm trying to say is, I want to help him. I also hear that there's this one person in his head that he can't get over. Right?

Amy: Yes. That's Right.

Silver: You don't happen to know this persons name do you?

Amy: Unfortunately, the person that's always stuck in his head. Her names Maria. She's also the grand daughter of Gerald Robotnik. Why did you want to know that?

Silver: Cause.....I want to return the favor.

Amy: shouldn't you be telling this to Shadow.

Silver: (Silver gets up.) Amy. I need to speak to your friend Tails.

(Meanwhile at Tails workshop)

(Tails is working on a Machine)

Tails: Man this is really tough. (Sonic stops by.)

Sonic: Hey, Tails what's going on?

Tails: Oh nothing just working on a project.

Sonic: Oh I forgot to mention have you seen Amy around. I haven't seen her anywhere.

Tails: The last time I seen her is that she went to watch the sea.

Sonic: Really. That girl's always wondering off.

( Amy comes to Tails work shop.)

Amy: Sonic!

Sonic: Hey, its Amy.

Tails: How'd you get here so quickly?

Amy: Him. (points to Silver.)

Sonic: Silver. What he doing here?

Silver: Nice to see you Sonic.

Sonic: Nice to see too. How have you been pal?

Silver: I've been fine. I actually came here to talk to tails.

Tails: What is it Silver?

Silver: You don't happen to have a transporter do you?

Sonic: Why do you need a transporter?

Silver: To save a life.

Sonic: And who might that be?

Silver: It doesn't matter, Could you be able to make a transporter. From the past to here.

Tails: I'm pretty sure we can.

Silver: Sonic remember when used Chaos Control to save another person.

Sonic: Yeah, wait you want save a person's life.

Silver: That's what I just said.

Sonic: Well Ok then lets go then. Your not leave me out of the fun.

Rouge: Then I'm going with too.

Amy: Rouge.

Tails: What are you doing here?

Rouge: What do you think? I know about Shadow's past too you know.

Tails: wait that's what this is about? To save a persons life is in Shadow's past.

Silver: how'd you know that?

Rouge: I happen to have great hearing you know. Beside Shadow's my friend as well.

Sonic: I seems to me that you two want Shadow to live in peace.

Silver: yes that exactly right.

Amy: So we're bring Maria.

Tails: That's difficult to do Amy.

Rouge: How's that?

Tails: Well we're traveling through. And we're bring a person back to this time.

Silver: So what's your point.

Tails: you got to think 50 years, is along time from now. If we bring back Maria, she'd be aging rapidly. And possibility turn into dust.

Sonic: There must be a way to save her in this time.

Tails: If Maria tries to dust out, we could use DNA.

Rouge: You mean Shadow's blood.

Tails: Remember he's created from Black Doom. And, we're probably going to need your blood too Amy.

Amy: Why me?

Tails: cause your female hedgehog. and she's a female as well.

Amy: My, I would like to see Shadow happy again. I'll do it, if it comes to that point.

Sonic: So its settled, Lets go reunite Shadow and Maria.

Tails: Oh no

Sonic: What is it tails?

Tails: That power is out.

Silver: what do we do now?

Sonic: I know someone who could give us a boost. (Rouge gets a smile on her face.)

( On floating Island, Knuckles is sitting down on an ancient ruin, guarding the Master Emerald.)

Knuckles: ha, another day to sit and relax.

Rouge: Hey Knucky!

Knuckles: Oh great its you again.

Rouge: Is that anyway to be polite to a lady.

Knuckles: I don't.... (interrupted by Tails.)

Tails: Knuckles!

Knuckles: Its Sonic and tails. And Silver. what's he doing here?

Sonic: Hey Knuckles, we need to use you Master Emerald.

Knuckles: For what?

Silver: to travel through time.

Tails: We're doing this for our friend, Shadow.

Knuckles: Shadow, what's he got to with this.

Rouge: to save a persons life.

Knuckles: you mean that Maria girl.

Silver: Hold on guys. Couldn't we just use the Master Emerald to travel through time.

Rouge: Now why didn't I think of that before?

Knuckles: You know I might not like Shadow but doing this is, I know its the right thing to do for him.

Tails: lets try using the Chaos Emeralds to do it. Maybe the Master Emerald can hold a vortex to stay open for us.

Silver: I have 1.

Tails: But we're going to need 2,

Rouge: Don't worry I got that covered.

Tails: She's got a Chaos Emerald too.

Sonic: (Rouge tosses it to Sonic.) Alright lets do this.

Both: (Silver and Sonic stand in front of each other raising there chaos emeralds.) Chaos Control!

( The Vortex opens)

Rouge: Its open.

Sonic: Knuckles, we're going to need you stay behind. Do what you do best.

Knuckles: You got it.

Shadow: (Out of a far distance. Shadow see Sonic, Silver, Tails, and Rouge go through the vortex.) What are they up to?

(End of Part 1)

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