The Biolizard is a secondary antagonist who appears in the Sonic Adventures episode, The Battle for the Chaos Emeralds. He was "ultimate life form" prototype created by Gerald Robotnik, but was abandoned when Gerald created Shadow the Hedgehog. He later played a part of planning to destroy the United Kingdom to avenge the death of his creator, but was defeated.


The Biolizard was a colossal and grotesque four-legged lizard-like beast with flame skin and a dark gray underbelly. He possessed a long neck, gill-like flaps on the sides of his torso, a medium-long and thick tail, and had three large and sharp toes on each foot which had gray and metallic cuffs. He also had a large mouth with no teeth and four yellow spikes on the lower jaw. On his back, hips and tail, the Biolizard also had yellow patches of skin.

The Biolizard had several robotic parts attached to his body. His eyes were like gun-turrets and he had a large disk-shaped machinery with a red orb in the middle on his back. He also had several cables on his back and a set of green cables on his jaw joints which were connected with the machinery on his back, along with a stump of green cable on his forehead.


Unlike Shadow, the Biolizard was more akin to a primitive animal, possessing a low intelligence and learning ability. Despite his villainous tendencies, he was extremely unruly, reckless and hostile, causing so many troubles that the researchers onboard the ARK feared for their lives. He was also sensitive to temperature and humidity changes, and would react violently when possessing the power of the Chaos Emeralds.


  • This is the second animated series to feature the Biolizard, the first one being Sonic X.
  • The Biolizard has the roars of a Triceratops and a Tyrannosaurus Rex.
  • The Biolizard only Fought the charatcers, Sonic, Tails, Shadow and Rouge.


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