The Battle of Angel Island is the name of the Final Story in the action, adventure game Sonic Adventure 3: GX. Hence, this page features the Final Story of the game in full detail. It is unlocked once the player has completed all 6 storylines of the game (100%). These are The Wind Whispers Sonic, The Snowy Kingdom and the Tiger, A Wolf in the Shadows, Tales of the Time Traveler, Chaotix Inquiries and The Robot's Revolt. In addition, the player must have collected all 7 Chaos Emeralds by clearing all 7 Mach Speed levels with either Sonic, Shadow, Blaze or Metal Sonic to access Final Story Mode.

Stages in the Final Story

These are the stages and Boss battles accessable only through the Final Story. All 20 characters are playable here with the exception of Metal Sonic.

  1. Security Gadget (Sonic, Tails, Shadow, Silver)
  2. Fallen Angel (Gamma, Tails, Amy, Rouge, Team Chaotix, Silver, Big, Julie-Su, Shadow, Omega, Knuckles, Cream, G.U.N. Soldier, Blaze, Sonic, Fang)
  3. Chaos Core (Sonic, Knuckles, Big)
  4. Final Fleet (Tails, Amy, Shadow, Rouge, Omega, G.U.N. Soldier, Silver, Cream, Blaze, Team Chaotix, Julie-Su, Fang, Gamma)
  5. The Pandemonium (Knuckles)


  1. Egg Diviner (free)
  2. Enerjak (Knuckles)
  3. Nocturnal Citadel (Super Shadow, Super Silver)
  4. Albion Thaumaturge (Sonic)
  5. Argus (Knuckles)

Final Story

In the first cutscene, we see Dimitri from behind in front of a huge mural in an unknown location while sad, ominous music plays in the background. The camera zooms out and the cutscene cuts to black. In the next cutscene, we see a severely damaged Metal Sonic, who arises from the rubble back at the last Echidna colony and searches for the altar with the 9 Albion artifacts in it. After finding it, he searches for his master in the rubbles until he finds him. Dr. Eggman stands to his feet and places all of the Albion artifacts to the slots in the altar. With this act, he reawakens the Echidna's most dangerous, most powerful war machine ever created. Dr. Eggman laughs diabolically and the scene ends there. A short cutscene follows in which Enerjak (Dr. Finitevus) is walking in a dark hallway guarded by Dark Legionaires.

The story then continues from the point where Silver's Story and Team Chaotix's Story left off. Silver, Blaze, Cream, Vector, Charmy, Mighty and the Omni-Viewer are at Dr. Magic's base in the Alpine Peaks. Having just defeated him, the G.U.N. forces have arrived to arrest him and secure the area. As Silver is looking at the Golden Epics, Dimitri appears gliding in the sky with his tenticles and rapidly steals the four Golden Epics from his hands. The heroes do not manage to react to his unexpected arrival and quickly chase after him.

In the next cutscene, we see again Dr. Finitevus as Enerjak in his Nocturnal fortress in the Twilight Cage. He orders his Dark Legion army to mobilize and opens a portal to Earth. The portal opens above Central City, from which Dr. Finitevus' dark, flying citadel invades the blue skies. The citizens become terrified and evacuate the city. As the flying fortress passes just above the city, it unleashes its Dark Legionaires. Sonic, Tails, Amy and E-102 Gamma are also in the city and witness the invasion. They help evacuate the citizens. Eventually, Shadow, Rouge, E-123 Omega and Professor Pickle appear and meet up with the rest. Pickle expresses his concern about the city and the heroes try to figure out what is happening. They notice that the flying fortress led by Enerjak is heading towards the Angel Island. The heroes head quickly to the Angel Island.

Adventure Field: Central City

(Head to the Angel Island as quickly as possible).

Afterwards, the story switches to the headquarters of G.U.N.. Hugo Brass witnesses the invasion of the huge, flying citadel from his computer monitor and orders the soldiers to go and protect the city's people.

At the Angel Island, the heroes meet up with Knuckles, Julie-Su, Big the Cat, Cream, Silver, Blaze, Locke, Archimedes, Espio, Charmy, Mighty, Vector and Omni-Viewer, most of whom just came from Echidnaopolis. They all have a talk with each other on what is going on. Vector explains that Dimitri had been controlling Dr. Magic all this time to get his hands on the Golden Epics, which he stole from Silver. Before long, on the horizon, they witness the massive Albion Thaumaturge approaching from the north by foot through the sea, surrounded by Dr. Eggman's armada of battleships. At the same time from the west, Dr. Finitevus' massive, floating citadel soars through the skies and approaches the Angel Island in attempt to conquer it.

The heroes discuss of what their actions must be to protect the Angel Island. Locke speaks first. As one of the last surviving members of the Brotherhood of Guardians, Locke knows the secrets of the Angel Island very well, as well as how to defend it and to prepare if for battle. He tells them that during the Forgotten War, the Echidna Tribe used their Albion technology to enforce the Angel Island to protects it against the Nocturnal Tribe. Thus, they fortified the Angel Island with ancient, mechanical robot soldiers, cannons, turrets, defense units and even ancient aircrafts, which remain hidden underground waiting to be reactivated by the Guardian of the Master Emerald. He urges

The Albion Thaumaturge controled by Dr. Eggman. Picture from Xenoblade.

Knuckles, the current Guardian of the Master Emerald to go to the Master Emerald's altar with him to activate the Angel Island's defense units while the rest of the heroes go to prepare the Echidnas and the Cat Kingdom for battle.

Adventure Field: Angel Island

(You cannot leave the Adventure Field from this point on. Head to the Cat Kingdom and talk to the villagers to inform them of the upcoming war against the Eggman Empire and the Dark Legion. Then, head to the Echidna village nearby and do the same. Afterwards, you will gain control of Knuckles. Head to the altar where the Master Emerald is. Locke will follow you).

Knuckles and his father Locke reach the altar where the Chaos Emerald is. Locke instructs Knuckles to place their hands on the Master Emerald and together, harnessing the Chaos energy from all of the Sacred Treasures of the Brotherhood of Guardians, they chant a hymn. The hymn activates the Master Emerald and releases a powerful shockwave that covers the entire island. The shockwave, made of Chaos energy, reawakens the ancient techonolgy that remained dormant for all these millenia underground. The island starts shaking. Parts of it collapse and huge, ancient technological pillars arise from the ground, mechanical soldiers are activated, cannons, turrets and even ancient spacecrafts created by the Echidnas when they went to space detach from the inside and the periphery of the island and fortify the aerial space. The pillars create a huge energy field that covers all of the Angel Island's diameter, protecting it from Dr. Eggman's armada. Knuckles and the rest of the heroes witness in awe the reawakening of the ancient army the Echidnas had created. The battle between the Angel Island and Dr. Eggman, allied with Dr. Finitevus's Nocturnal citadel, will be fierce.

The heroes make all the final preperations and then, the battle begins. Eggman's battleships begin shooting at the energy field around the Angel Island to weaken it so that Dr. Eggman can penetrate it in his Albion Thaumaturge. The Nocturne, led by Enerjak, activates its cannons and does the same in attempt to destroy the force field. Locke worries that the defenses of the island will not stand for much longer and something must be done. Tails thinks of a very risky solution. To go find Dr. Magic and help them with his technology to empower the defense units. Silver reacts negatively but Espio reassures him that there is a chance he will help them. After everyone's agreement, Tails sets up the Tornado. Sonic, Silver and Shadow will go with him.

Adventure Field: Angel Island

(Get to the tornado. As soon as you begin ascending in the skies, you will be attacked by the enemy's fleet. Destroy them and protect the Angel Island).

Minigame: Sky Chase II

(After completing the minigame, you will reach G.U.N.'s navy, where Dr. Magic is held captive. Go and rescue him).

Stage: Security Gadget (Sonic, Tails, Shadow, Silver)

Sonic, Shadow, Tails and Silver reach Dr. Magic's cell. Just nearby is Fang the Sniper's cell where he is also imprisoned Dr. Magic, though not surprised to see them, is pleased to see them. Silver explains to him that they need his help to protect the Angel Island from Dr. Eggman's and Dr. Finitevus' invasion. Dr. Magic offers to assist them but first they must take him to his base at the Alpine Peaks to retreive his devices. Fang pleads the heroes to free him from his cell as well to help them with their mission, but is ignored. They free Dr. Magic from the cell but at that moment, Hugo Brass appears with his soldiers and orders the heroes to cease their actions. Then, G.U.N. Commander Abraham Tower steps in and agrees with the heroes to let Dr. Magic go. Hugo Brass becomes enraged and denies but Abraham Tower states that he takes his position back and mobilizes the entire G.U.N. army to go battle at the Angel Island against Eggman and Dr. Finitevus. The heroes and the G.U.N. squad evacuates the base, with Fang yelling at them to come back. Suddenly, a missile from Dr. Eggman's armada blasts the base and causes an explosion, breaking Fang's cell. Fang then picks up his hat, which fell to the ground after the explosion and laughs mischievously. He picks up his Marvelous Queen and heads to the Angel Island.

When Sonic, Tails, Silver and Shadow return to Angel Island with Dr. Magic, Knuckles informs them that the energy field has been broken and Dark Legionaires with Eggman's robots have penetrated the island. The defense units, due to their age, are not strong enough to repel the enemy's forces. Thankfully, G.U.N. has arrived under the command of Abraham Tower for assistance. The heroes decide to split into teams, spread across the island to head to the defense units and empower them using Dr. Magic's special devices.

Stage: Fallen Angel 

(Gamma, Tails, Amy, Rouge, Team Chaotix, Silver, Big, Julie-Su, Shadow, Omega, Knuckles, Cream, G.U.N. Soldier, Blaze, Sonic, Fang)

In the midst of the battle. Julie-Su notices that Locke has disappeared. Knuckles goes to find him.

Adventure Field: Angel Island

(Talk to the townspeople, they will tell you that Locke has gone to Teotihuacan).

Knuckles encounters Locke and Dimitri standing in front of a large, stone mural in the ruins of Haven. The mural is seen to depict many monstrous tentacles coming from the sky, grabbing a piece of land. Dimitri explains to both Locke and Knuckles that he will have his revenge against the Echidnas of the Angel Island for banishing him away from his brother. He lost his life during the civil war and he was not there to save him because

The stone mural depicts an ancient prophecy in which Argus will be summoned once again to consume the entire Angel Island.

he was exiled by the High Council of Echidnaopolis. Dimitri's plans and inventions were constantly beshadowed and fought against in favour of others. Locke tries to reason with him but Dimitri does not listen. Knuckles remembers from the events in Sonic Chronicles: the Dark Brotherhood a tale about a creature that appeared from out of nowhere 4500 years ago during the war between Knuckles' tribe and the Nocturne tribe and devoured the entire Nocturnal kingdom, teleporting it to the Twilight Cage. Dimitri then confirms Knuckles' thought, that he intends on summoning Argus using the Golden Epics to banish the Angel Island to the Twilight Cage. Dimitri then takes out the 4 Golden Epics and sings a chant in an ancient Echidna language. The skies become dark red, a hole opens just above the Angel Island and then, huge, red tentacles come out of the sky. They pierce through the Angel Island's force field, ultimately destroying it. Argus begins consuming the island's vegetation while large chunks of the island begin falling apart.

Now, with the energy field destroyed, The Egg Thaumaturge and the Nocturnal Citadel invade the island. The Angel Island's resistance proves too weak for Dr. Eggman's monstrous titan. With the energy field completely wiped out, Eggman launches a massive attack on the Angel Island. Eggman robots and Dark Legionaires spread throughout the island and begin exterminating Echidnas. Sonic uses the power of the Chaos Emeralds to transform into Super Sonic and take him down but is unable to even lay a scratch on him. With 3 enemies to repel, Dr. Eggman's Albion Thaumaturge, Dr. Finitevus' Nocturnal Citadel and Dark Legion army and Argus, summoned by Dimitri coming from above, all hope is lost. Locke tries to remain calm and tells Sonic that there is a way to actually take down the Albion Thaumaturge. When the Echidnas created this machine, they also invented another titanic robot to help them counter the Albion Thaumaturge back at the Forgotten War. They hid it in the underground of the Angel Island. If Sonic manages to take control of it, there is a chance to at least stop Eggman. To reawaken the machine, they have to get to the core of the Angel Island and place there the Master Emerald along with the 7 Chaos Emeralds. Sonic and Knuckles will head there with Locke's guidance while Big will carry the Master Emerald to the centre. They will go there through a hidden passage from Haven. Meanwhile, in order to spare some time, the rest of the heroes will launch an attack on Dr. Eggman's fleet.

Stage: Chaos Core (Sonic, Knuckles, Big)

Stage: Final Fleet (Tails, Amy, Shadow, Rouge, Omega, G.U.N. Soldier, Silver, Cream, Blaze, Team Chaotix, Julie-Su, Fang, Gamma)

Boss: Egg Diviner (free)

There is a cutscene following the Boss battle where the heroes are seen battling against the Dark Legionaires and Eggman's robots in the Angel Island. Omega gets fatally wounded by a shot from Dr. Eggman's robots and is disabled. Gamma witnesses Omega's severe damage and, after being himself damaged, offers to give his energy drive which powers him up to Omega to save his life, as Gamma does not wish to live any longer and serve Dr. Eggman. Tails then replaces Omega's energy drive with that of Gamma. Gamma deactivates for ever and Omega starts functioning again. He is told of Gamma's sacrifice in order to save him. With this action, Omega feels remorse for Gamma and vows to keep struggling to defeat Dr. Eggman in memory of Gamma.

Meanwhile, Sonic, Knuckles, Big and Locke reach the core of the Angel Island. It is a vast, spherical chamber with floating cubes and large Echidna statues. The walls are decorated with shiny blue hieroglyphics. There is an altar in the centre for the Master Emerald. Big places it there amd Locke chants some ancient Echidna words to summon the titanic machine. The entire island starts shaking as the titan ascends from the ground. Before they can get out, they are assaulted by Enerjak (Dr. Finitevus), who challenges Knuckles to a battle in his Nocturnal Citadel. Knuckles accepts and heads to Dr. Finitevus' citadel for their final confrontation. Meanwhile, the titan arises from the ground and Sonic gets in. He uses the power of the Chaos Emeralds to transform Shadow and Silver into their super forms to destroy Dr. Finitevus' citadel.

Stage: The Pandemonium (Knuckles)

Knuckles encounters Dr. Finitevus in his Enerjak form, ready to battle.

Boss: Enerjak (Knuckles)

The battle between the two is fierce. Knuckles uses the Sacred Treasures of the Brotherhood of the Guardians to defeat them. At one point during

The destruction of Angel Island

the battle, Enerjak grabs Knuckles and flies throughout the citadel taking the battle in the air. Knuckles sees his entire island in despair as Argus eliminates everything on the Angel Island. Dr. Finitevus then exclaims "The island has fallen!" to which Knuckles replies "... and I am still alive!". As the battle between the two echidnas continues, Knuckles seems to be losing and is on the verge of dying. Locke, who is watching the battle from afar cannot bear to see Knuckles suffering and heads to the Master Emerald (which is back to where it was) and with tears in his eyes, chants a hymn which makes the Chaos Emerald shoot a powerful beam to Enerjak. Dr. Finitevus loses his powers as Enerjak and falls down to the floor in defeat. Knuckles sees his father's sacrifice and nearly sheds a tear. He acquires the Enerjak suit from Dr. Finitevus. Knuckles spares Dr. Finitevus' life and leaves him lying on the floor in defeat. He witnesses his island's devestation by Argus and heads to battle him alone as his friends battle Dr. Eggman and the Dark Legionaires.

Boss: Albion Thaumaturge (Sonic)

Boss: Nocturnal Citadel (Super Shadow, Super Silver)

Final Boss: Argus (Knuckles)

London Music Works - The Best of Hans Zimmer - 160 BPM (From ANGELS & DEMONS)

London Music Works - The Best of Hans Zimmer - 160 BPM (From ANGELS & DEMONS)

Music for the Final Boss, Argus

As Enerjak, Knuckles successfully defeats Argus. Super Shadow and Super Silver have managed to weaken Dr. Finitevus' Nocturnal Citadel to the point where it has lost its attack units. The heroes finally see some hope. Still, Sonic is battling Dr. Eggman, the two controlling two titanic machines created by the Echidnas. At first, Sonic looks as if he's losing. However, he gains full strength and counters the Albion Thaumaturge's attacks. The heroes cheer him up. Dr. Eggman becomes anxious as he is slowly losing. Then, Sonic attacks the Albion Thaumaturge with all his might and pulls out his entire arm. Dr. Eggman tries to resist but he is no match for Sonic's continuous attacks. He then delivers the final blow and destroys the control panel inside its chest, where the Albion artifacts are. The Albion Thaumaturge collapses and Dr. Eggman falls from the cockpit down to the sea along with its rubble.

In the dark skies above, Argus has been defeated and his body falls down to the sea. However, due to its immense size, it falls on top of Knuckles, who does not manage to escape, knocking him unconscious. Before he falls to the sea, Silver flies and catches him, bringing him back on the Angel Island safely. Dr. Finitevus witnesses the entire events from his fortress. With disappointment, he opens a portal with this warp rings
22 The Destruction of Laputa (Choral Version) CitS OST

22 The Destruction of Laputa (Choral Version) CitS OST

Fitts the entire atmosphere, the name says it all.

and walks through it, teleporting to another dimension. His severly damaged fortress is crushed by Argus' falling body and they submerge under the sea. On the Angel Island, the heroes try to bring Knuckles back to his senses. The unconscious Knuckles sees a vision in which he speaks with Dimitri. He explains to him that the Echidnas of the Angel Island were not his enemies and that his brother, Edmund was considered a very influential figure there to the point where he was appointed the first Guardian of the Master Emerald. Dimitri finally accepts this fact and apologizes to Knuckles for all he did against him and his own race. He tells Knuckles to go burn his father's body according to the Echidna traditions, then gather all of the Sacred Treasures of the Brotherhood of Guardians and the 7 Chaos Emeralds go to Haven. He then redeems himself and bids goodbye to Knuckles. Following this interaction, Knuckles wakes up lying on the grass on the Angel Island, surrounded by all his friends. In the meanwhile, Sonic leaves the titan back to Angel Island's core and returns to find all his friends. Knuckles, then burns his father's body and does as instructed by Dimitri. He excusses himself from his friends and heads to Haven while the rest help out the injured Echidnas.

Knuckles reaches the ruins of Teotihuacan known by the Guardians as Haven, their secret base of operations. He summons the seven Chaos Emeralds and awaits anxiously to see what will happen. After a few moments, he witnesses all of the deseased Brotherhood of Guardians, along with his father Locke. Knuckles speaks with some of its members, who congradulate him for his bravery and for his actions. After that, he speaks
Brotherhood deceased

Knuckles sees the ghosts of all the Brotherhood

with his father. Locke reveals that he had lied back at the events in The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Rise of the Heroes, when they met. 7 years ago, when Locke was Guardian, Knuckles fought alongside the Brotherhood when the Angel Island was in danger. His father tought him how to fight and become a skillfull Guardian. However, when Dr. Finitevus appeared and the island was in grave danger, he initiated a genocide against all of the Echidnas of the island. He caught many of the Brotherhood and after dissecting them, banished them to the Twilight Cage. Still, the remaining ones succeeded in defeating Dr. Finitevus. In their final confrontation, an accident occured in which Knuckles was struck by Chaos energy, leaving him unable to remember clearly these events. Following Dr. Finitevus' defeat, he went to the Oracle and was told of a prophecy according to which Argus would appear and devestate the Angel Island if Knuckles was not completely cut off from the rest of the Echidnas and Locke resigned as Guardian. Thus, Knuckles was appointed Guardian of the Master Emerald while Locke built a city underground for the Echidnas to live in. If Knuckles ever found them, the prophecy would come true and Argus would eventually be summoned, which unfortunately did happened and cost the lives of millions of Echidnas, including his own. Knuckles feels sorry for what he did but Locke cheers him up for all he did for his friends and his race. He instructs his son to rebuild Echidnaopolis so that the remaining Echidnas can live in peace and prosperity, to start a new beginning. Knuckles is moved by his father's words and promises to keep his word. They hug each other and bids ferwell to all of the Guardians.

The war is over. Dr. Eggman has been defeated. The Albion Thaumaturge has been destroyed and Eggman has fallen into the ocean. His battleships retreat from the skies of the Angel Island. Argus has sunk into the ocean, after crashing on Dr. Finitevus' citadel. The Dark Legionaires have surrendered. Nevertheless, the Angel Island has been severly damaged. Large parts of it have collapsed into the ocean. The vegetation has
15 Confessions in the Moonlight CitS OST

15 Confessions in the Moonlight CitS OST

This piece fitts the atmosphere for when Knuckles talks with with deseased father.

been rampaged while most of the Echidnas have now been eradicated by Dr. Eggman. Knuckles goes to meet his friends, who are helping out the Echidnas. He witnesses all the damage caused by the war. The Angel Island now seems irreparable and Knuckles is saddened. The heroes have a talk with each other on what they have to do to restore the Angel Island back to its former glory. Knuckles tells them to start rebuilding Echidnaopolis as his father told him, so that the Echidnas can have a better future from now on. Charmy notices something protruding out of the sea and calls the rest of the heroes to see. They witness Dr. Finitevus' fortress rising from the sea and transforms into a beautiful temple where it
Princess Mononoke Main Theme

Princess Mononoke Main Theme

Some fitting music for the final scene.

stands in reminiscence of Dimitri's redemption. Finally, Knuckles heads to the Master Emerald and by harnessing the powers of Enerjak, he activates a hidden power of the Angel Island to rebuild itself. The heroes witness the vegetation all around them to slowly grow back again. Large pieces of land which fell from the Angel Island during the war slowly begin to rise from the ocean and attach themselves back to the island. The final scene shows Knuckles as Enerjak standing on top of a hill, next to the Master Emerald, with his staff raised in the sky while the Angel Island rebuilds itself from the parts that fell into the ocean while the heroes watch him from afar in a sundown.


Thomas Bergersen - Ocean Princess (No Vocals)

Thomas Bergersen - Ocean Princess (No Vocals)

Epic music for the credits. By Thomas Bergersen

After the credits, there is a post credit scene. Knuckles is sitting on a porch in the temple that rose from the ocean earlier. As he is viewing the Angel Island while thinking, he is approached by Sonic. He sitts next to him  and the two have a short conversation regarding everything that happened lately. Knuckles expresses his concern about his people but also about the mystery surrounding the Golden Epics. Sonic agrees with him and hopes for the best. The scene ends as the two friends watch at the Angel Island from afar.

After you get all emblems in the game, you will unlock a hidden prize. This prize is the True Final Story and is accessed by selecting Tails as a playable character in Adventure Mode. When you select Tails, head to the Central City Adventure Field and stand for 3 seconds next to the restaurant. A hidden cutscene will be shown Where Tails is searching for Sonic in the city. He eventually finds him crossing the street. The two welcome each other. Tails infroms Sonic that he wants to show him something really important at Prof. Pickle's laboratory.

Adventure Field: Central City (Sonic)

Sonic and Tails arrive at Prof. Pickle's laboratory. There, they are warmly welcomed by the Professor himself, his assistant and all of the heroes; Amy, Knuckles, Cream, Big, Silver, Blaze, Shadow, Omega, Rouge, Julie-Su, Espio, Charmy, Vector, Mighty, Archimedes the Omni-Viewer and John Washington. Pickle informs the heroes that he has called them here to show them a groundbreaking discovery. He shows them the panel with all of the 9 Albion artifacts on it. The goverment retreived it following Dr. Eggman's defeat and Pickle was allowed to take it and examine it. He tells them that after a very long study, he concluded the following. The Albion civilization was not a mere war tribe but a highly advanced society, well ahead of their times and this was not by accident. They were scientists, who observed nature and recorded everything. He then places the artifacts in a different pattern and activates a switch. The artifacts' coggs start rotating in a different manner than before and emmit a blue aura with some ancient symbols. Pickle tells them that from his studies, he found numerous accounts of an Echidna scientist called Dave. He ventured into space some 15.500 years ago on board his spaceship, the Monolith, and explored the stars. He eventually found himself exploring distant planets from a faraway world. He saw civilizations and met people until he wrote down all of his experiences on a book, which passed to the scientists back at Albion. The

Dave on board the Monolith, exploring the stars and distant worlds.

scientists were astounded to read about Dave's explorations of different worlds and wrote everything down in a book that was to become one of the Golden Epics. His writtings not only contained his explorations and memoirs but also served as a map on how to get there. Eager to explore these worlds, the Albion scientists read thoroughly his works and constructed an astrolabe, a cosmic compass based on Dave's instructions in order to one day visit these lands and pass this knowledge to the next generations. However, they sealed this astrolabe inside the 9 Albion artifacts, which instead of serving just for creating wars and destruction, they would be passed to the ones with good intentions and intelligent enough to decode their true purpose of creation and be used as an astrolabe which, with the help of the Golden Epics serving as the map would lead to the distant worlds Dave once explored and benefit mankind. While Pickle is explaining all of this, Fang the Sniper is eavesdropping from outside the window. The cutscene ends with Sonic, who remarks that all of this puts them into a whole new adventure signalling the end of their current adventure...

...and the start of a new one .

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