The Battle of Angel Island was a battle of the Persian Cat Clan against the Echidna Clan and took place on Angel Island. The battle lasted for 3 years and was led by the leaders, John, Jezi, and Jordan (Led from 1962-2009). The battle started on April 13th of 2006 and ended on April 15th of 2009. This battle only takes place in the RFU (Rainbow Fanfic Universe).

How It Started

The Persian Cats had taken over half of Angel Island about 3 years before the battle, and obviously the Echidnas weren't happy about that. They planned to attack and gathered many troops. This took 2 years to do, because so many men did not want to, but the generals forced the echidnas to, anyways. While the echidnas were gathering their troops, Jezi heard about the attack. She warned John and Jordan, and they started planning on their attack on the troops. The Persian Cat Clan ambushed a camp on April 13th, 2006, and this is how the war started.

The Battle

For 3 years, the Persian Cat Clan and the Echidna Clan fought each other until finally the Persian Cat Clan won on April 15th of 2009. The reason was because in the greatest camp of all of them, the Persian Cat Clan ambushed the Echidna Clan. The Persian Cat Clan won because the Echidna Clan weren't fast enough to get their weapons. But although the Persian Cat Clan won, the Echidna Clan was seeking revenge and decided to assassinate the leaders. So they snuck up on John and Jordan one night (on April 20th) and killed them. They didn't know where Jezi went and tried to seek her out, but she was warned of this and ran away and hid in Ice Cap Town. Because of this, she was no longer the leader of the Persian Cat Clan, and so her daughter, and Jordan and John's sons became the next leaders of the Persian Cat Clan.

How It Was Settled

The Persian Cat Clan decided to make a treaty with the Echidna Clan that they would give up half of Angel Island, but would be able to take it back in a year, and the two clans would swap with each other on who would rule one half of the island. The Echidnas agreed, and so every other year, the two clans swap positions on who gets to rule one half of Angel Island.

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