"The Battle for the Chaos Emeralds" is the fourth episode in the animated series, Sonic Adventures. It first streamed on YouTube on 7th September 2017 worldwide and it is based on Sonic Adventure 2.


After Shadow steals a chaos emerald, Sonic must fight Shadow in a tense battle for the chaos emeralds, Tails and Rouge join in as well.


  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Tails the Fox
  • Knuckles the Echidna
  • Shadow the Hedgehog
  • Rouge the Bat (First Appearance)
  • Professor Gerald (Only Appearance)
  • Maria (Only Appearance)
  • Dr Eggman
  • Biolizard (Only Appearance)


After Losing a Fight Against Perfect Chaos, Shadow then Finds a Chaos Emerald in the City Museum, Steals it and easily escapes while being caught on security cameras hearing what he’s saying as well, the next morning Knuckles Sees someone heading near the master emerald, as Knuckles finds the impostor, it turns out to be a G.U.N. spy who he knows, a female bat named Rouge. But then the government calls Rouge to Spy on Eggman to see what he’s up to, then she initiates the mission immediately. Meanwhile, back in the city, Sonic is being chased by Cops and Guard Robots, later that evening, Tails catches up Sonic to help him until both Sonic and Tails come across Shadow who introduces himself and has the chaos emerald, after seeing that Shadow has a Chaos emerald, Sonic realises that Shadow has set him off. After a short fight, Shadow bids Sonic Farewell before teleportation away until Sonic and Tails are arrested. Back at Eggman’s Lair, Rouge hears everything about Shadow and Eggman’s Evil Scheme to collect the 7 chaos emeralds to power the eclipse cannon on the space colony ARK to destroy the city, and then Rouge comes in and tricks the villains into finding the emeralds on Prison Island. The next morning, Tails tells Sonic that Shadow is the Ultimate Life Form created by Professor Gerlad Robotnik who was killed by G.U.N. leaving Shadow no choice but to seek revenge on humanity, then Sonic and Tails escape their cell on Prison Island and come across Shadow in Prison Island’s Rainforest, then Sonic and Shadow Begin another fight but then Rouge calls Shadow that she’s locked in the vault with the six emeralds and then Eggman Calls Shadow to leaves the island before the dynamite system that Shadow has set will blow up the island then Sonic, Tails and Shadow call a quick truce to Rescue Rouge and leave Prison Island. After Freeing Rouge, Shadow uses Chaos Control teleporting the four of them back to Scarborough and then Shadow teleports himself to the Space Colony while Rouge introduces herself to Sonic and Tails and tells them that she was just trying to convince Shadow about his secrets, then the three of them head to a launching station and use a rocket to head to the space colony. Then after seeing Sonic arrive, Eggman tells Shadow to instantly destroy him while he loads the emeralds into the eclipse cannon. Just as Sonic Sees the Off Switch for the eclipse Cannon, Shadow gets in the way of him but then Tails and Rouge Convince Shadow with a video of Professor Gerald and his Granddaughter, Maria from a long time Telling Shadow that his real purpose was to protect the people of the world, then Shadow finally Realises his true goal, then Eggman calls Shadow that a Dinosaur-like Prototype has tooken the emeralds and then Sonic, Tails, Shadow and Rouge Find and defeat the Prototype, but the prototype then warps himself and fuses himself on the eclipse cannon and drags the space colony towards the city, The Sonic and Shadow Use The Chaos Emeralds to turn into Super Sonic and Super Shadow to defeat the prototype. After defeating him, Sonic and Shadow use chaos control to put the Space Colony back into its stable orbit, after that Sonic saves Shadow from falling after using up all of his energy, Then Back on Earth, Eggman still Vows for World Domination while Sonic and Tails wish Shadow Good Luck with his new job as a G.U.N. Agent along with Rouge.


Chaos Control
Prison Island
Sonic VS Shadow on Prison Island
Sonic VS Shadow
Shadow Saved Rouge
Sonic, Tails and Rouge
City Escape
Professor Gerald Robotnik
Shadow's true Purpose
Maria Robotink
Super Sonic and Super Shadow
Sonic and Tails with Shadow and Rouge
Shadow and Rouge


  • This episode is based on Sonic Adventure 2.
  • This episode marks Only Appearances of Professor Gerald, Maria and The Biolizard.
  • This is the first episode where Shadow turns into Super Shadow.


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