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When Sophie (Amy Rose) is snatched from her bed by a giant hedgehog, she is worried about being eaten. Luckily, the BFHG (it stands for Big Friendly Hedgehog Giant, and is played by Sonic) is far too nice and jumbly. Had Sophie been snitched by the Fleshlumpeater (Shadow), the Bloodbottler (Eggman), or any of the other giants... rather than the BFHG... she would have become breakfast. When she hears the other giants are going to England to swallomp a few nice little chidlers, Sophie must stop them.



Human Characters

  • Sophie (Amy) (Roblox3ds77)
  • The Queen of England (Sally) (open)
  • Mr. Tibbs (Tails) (open)
  • Mary (any fan characters) (open)
  • Bakers (any fan characters) (open)
  • The Head of the Army (any fan characters) (open)
  • The Young Pilot (Rotor) (open)
  • The Head of the Air Force (any fan characters) (open)

Giant Characters

  • Fleshlumpeater (Shadow)(open)
  • Bloodbottler (Eggman) (open)
  • Gizardgulper (any fan characters) (open)
  • Childchewer (any fan characters) (open)
  • Bonecruncher (Scourge the Hedgehog) (open)
  • Maidmasher (any fan characters) (open)
  • Butcher Boy (Metal Sonic) (open)
  • The BFHG (Sonic) (Roblox3ds77)

If you know any giants from the original BFG book, please type them down.

Part 1: Sophie Gets Snatched

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