The Archie Comics Sonic series faced a massive revival after the crisis known as the Hyper Genesis Wave, which rebooted the series in a similar fashion to DC's New 52 and caused many obscure characters to die in battle against Enerjak. After Enerjak's eventual defeat, he had came across a being known as the One Who Discovers who showed the echidna that he had not only rebooted the already existing Multiverse, but had also added to it. Enerjak started to change along with the others, but had retained memories of his previous incarnations, Pre and Post-Super Genesis Wave.

Notable Alternate Worlds

The multiverse is split into 3 parts. One for the bright worlds, one for gloomy and dark worlds and the other for horrible worlds that shouldn't exist.

The Shining Stars

The alternate worlds in this group are the worlds where evil is either non existent or completely dominated by good.

  • Mobius Prime (Base World)
  • Mobius-2
  • Mobius-7
  • Mobius 17
  • Mobius-19
  • Mobius-38
  • Mobius-1863

Doom and Gloom

  • Mobius-637
  • Mobius-228
  • Mobius-3
  • Mobius-92
  • Mobius-001
  • Mobius-333

End of the Worlds

  • Mobius-9412
  • Mobius-993
  • Mobius-1935
  • Mobius-666
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