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Teaser Prologue

Calypso never did notice the enormous robot come crashing through the wall; she didn't hear it, didn't feel it's thunderous steps, and nor does she remember it crashing into her at it's top speed. The young hedgehog flew at least ten feet across the polished wood floor, and hit one of the marble pillars that reached up to the roof.

Of course, it hurt, but she couldn't notice the pay with all of the commotion.

She heard her mother shout out in horror as more of the robots came barreling into the palace home, and begin rampaging through it.

As far as her skirt would let her, Calypso ran down the only hallway that wasn't full of screaming people, dead people, or robots that were creating this ear-piercing high pitched squeal.

Only one of the robots followed her, and this one seemed bigger.


...More dangerous.

There was a person inside of it, only his round and mustached head was visible. He looked at Calypso with glasses-covered eyes, and charged... she screamed.



"Wagh!" the purple hedgehog sat up with a yelp, and stared at the vixen that sat a mere few feet away from her. Tokala stared back, obviously noting the hedgehog's sweating forehead and hearing her rapid heart beat.

Before she could say a word, ask a question, or anything else, there came an high-pitched squeal from the jungle behind him. They both turned their heads, and froze...

The Apocalypse Chronicles Part 1: Ender of Worlds

Chapter 1

"Calypso! Come on girl, we have to go!" Tokala set down in blowtorch for a second, and stood back to admire the motorcycle she had just newly finished. "I made something so I can keep up with you as well! Not as fast as you, but I'm sure you could cut down ya' speed just a bit, right?"

Only silenced answered the vixen has she packed up her tools. Birds were silent above her, and she swore that she didn't even see insects flying about her head in the jungle.

"Caly! If you're taking a trip to the ladies roo--err, jungle area--you could have at least told a girl, ya know?" Tokala stood up tall, and looked to where her hedgehog friend had disappeared into the brush. "Calypso!"

Taking a running start, the vixen began to make her way through the trees and the bushes in an attempt to find her friend. Tokala ran, disturbing birds and animals from their homes as the distinct smell of smoke filled her nose. She saw the sight of black smoke as the tree-canopy above her began to get thinner and thinner until she reached the tree line, and gasped.

There was Calypso standing perfectly still, and in front of her was nothing but a burnt black field that stretched on for miles. Tokala clearly remembered the field was once bright green, with spots of colorful flowers here and there.

Could this have happened over night?

"I did this. I remember it." the hedgehog said, falling to her knees into the ash. Burning hot spots were so close to her pants, those that could catch fire at any given moment.

"Calypso, darlin', you couldn't have done all of this in one night..." Tokala knew of Calypso's uncontrollable power, but what was it for, and how did she get them? She had no idea. "O-or, some of Dr. Eggman's robots came chargin' through here lookin' for us. It's a possibility."

"No, Tokala!" Calypso stood up again and turned around. The front of her shirt was covered in ash, and her gloves were slightly singed at the tips. "I remember waking up last night, and I did this! All in a single minute! I destroyed this jungle!"

Tokala fell silent as Calypso showed her rage. A force-field repeatedly appeared around her, before bursting with a blast of air and energy. There was a deep rumbling sound heard in the distance, but the vixen knew that sound all too well. Not only that, but she saw the shining metal robots coming over the distance at a stedy speed. "See, girl! It was Dr. Eggman, not you!" she grabbed the hedgehog's arm as she dragged her along. "Let's go!"


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