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The Android

Biographical Information
Age 30-34-36-52 (But sill looks 30 since she was Roboticized)
  • Amy Rose (Daughter)
  • Rainbow the Porcupine (Twin Brother)
  • Jade Rose (Son)
  • R.O.B. (Dr./Detective Inspector William O' The Hedge) (Boyfriend)
  • Rob O' The Hedge (Nephew)
  • Jon O' The Hedge (Nephew)
  • Andre O' The Hedge (Brother In-Law) (Deceased
  • Mari-An O' The Hedge (Niece In-Law)
  • Powser Rose (Grandson in Super Smash Bros. Beyond)
  • Crimson Rose (Granddaughter in Super Smash Bros. Beyond and Super Smash Bros: 6 Years Later)
  • Bowser Koopa Jr. (Amy's Rapist in Super Smash Bros: The Comic, Amy started to Loathe him)
  • Doctor (to Sonic, Tails and other Freedom fighters)
Romantic Interests Willy O' the Hedge (Boyfriend)
Species Robian/Porcupine/Superhuman
Appearance Information
Gender Female
  • Pink Porcupine
  • Red Dress
  • Ando-Gadgets
Attire Same as Description
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Crazy Critters
  • G.U.N.
  • Fungus Spores of Justice
  • Game Central Security
  • Ando-Quill tail slap
  • Ando-Legs
  • Ando-Arms
  • Ando-Gatling Gun
  • Ando-Goggle
  • Knuckles
  • E-123 Omega
  • Pauline
  • Dr. Eggman
  • Ashura the Hedgehog (Sometimes)
  • Toadsworth (In Super Smash Bros. Beyond)
  • Bowser
  • Medic/Dentist/Undercover Cop

Dr. Daria Amethyst Rose (AKA the Android) is one of Amy's unmarried Parents who fell victim for the Roboticizer, but she was the first victim who escaped from the Roboticizer  and she nearly became a Robian with only gadgets and an ando-Skeleton  under skin. She rescued R.O.B. (Dr./Detective Willy O. The Hedge) From getting roboticized fully.

Mario and Friends

She, along with Detective Willy and Jade, helped Amy Rose run away from Mobius to the Mushroom State because Sonic told Amy on the phone that he will never be interested in her and in Amy Rose: The Movie, at the near end of the story, Daria helped Sonic find Amy who is searching for a game she thinks she really belongs all around the Video Game Universe because without Amy, the Sonic Games will not continue on. In the Castle sitters episode of Mario and Friends When Tails is house-sitting Peach's Castle with Sonic helping him, Tails introduces Daria Rose to Angela O'Haru's pet Chao named "Fungus". before it died and and she said "Get that chao away from me, I'm Allergic!!" And in one of the Shorts, the Android meets Princess Sally Acorn and her Daughter Julia, who must've called Daria a "Tooth Fairy" which is strange to the Porcupine Dentist like herself.

Super Smash Bros.: The Comic

After Amy told her about Amy's curse she tells Amy that some men deserve better women than the ones who have a crush on them, and in Why do Super Smash Bros. fall in love? it revealed that she and Sonic caught Bowser Jr. raping Amy. So she gave Bowser Jr. Roundhouse moves. . . Android style.

Super Smash Bros: 6 Years Later

Daria helps out with Princess Daisy and Luigi so they can find the Murderer of Daisy's Brother and Daria meets a strange Lion shaped robot with an organic brain implant named "Scar Pride" and as she/Daisy/Luigi was about to battle Captain Syrup of the Blacksugar Pirates, before Syrup was knocked out by metal fist of a strange figure who reveals to be Scar so Daisy/Luigi/Daria starts to battle him instead.

Super Smash Bros: Beyond

She has been doing her dental work fixing Miley Prower's teeth, giving her braces while Cream the Rabbit, Gemerl the Gizoid and Cheese the Chao walk into Pauline's House and ask Daria rose for her help on catching the murderer of her father Ice the Eagle and Daria replies "Sorry, lass, but I'm doing some dental work right know; wait until I'm finished." Cream agreed as she, Gemerl and Cheese sit on Pauline's couch to wait. In the Princess no more episode, Daisy was her Dental assistant after Daisy got paid by Banjo and Kazooie for round-housing all the gruntlings in Gruntilda's factory.

Super Princess Peach: Ally or Enemy?

Daria needed assistance from Peach to get rid of 50 Rabbids in the Hedge Haven at the Kingdom of Mercia because they were messing around with her dental utensils and Willy O' the Hedge's Medical supplies. She also helped Peach find her brother Rainbow in The Kingdom of Darby at Leprechaun Mountain.


She was born to the Royal family at the Kingdom of Darby but after her parents died, the heirship was lent to Daria's brother Rainbow. So after she moved to the Kingdom of Mercia she met Willy O' the Hedge and they begun to fall in love which is why she was pregnant with the twins, Amy and Jade. Even Daria and Willy were proud of Amy aging from 8 to 16 fast because of the ring of the Acorn, but Daria was disappointed hearing that Sally won't let Amy be part of the Freedom Fighters because Amy still has a mind of a Child.


Lets just say she's allergic to Anchovies, which doesn't actually kill her but makes her sick. It all started back when she was 18 and she and her brother went out for pizza. Ten minutes after Rainbow ordered anchovies, they started, but that's when Daria gained a nauseated stomach, dashed into the bathroom and vomited in the toilet.


She has the same strict personality as Vanilla the Rabbit, but she also has more wisdom and courage than Vanilla.

Voice Actress

If there has to be an Actress who can voice her in Official Sonic Games, then it has to be Roma Downey . The reason is because Daria has the same Irish accent as Monica from Touched by an Angel.

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