The Amazing Adventures of Edgar Eagle

The Amazing Adventures of Edgar Eagle
Format Animated series
Genre(s) Action/adventure
Created by Dennis Joseph (comics)

Kenneth O’Herlihy (adapted for TV by)

No. of episodes approximately 27 per season
Run time 30 minutes
Rated TV-Y7-FV
Network Teller Brothers
Starring Reeves the Eagle, Margo Rutherford, Allen Lexington, James McClane, Mason White
First aired September 6, 2XX1

The Amazing Adventures of Edgar Eagle is a fictional TV program seen in BearfootTruck’s fanfic "Mighty Sonic". The show is based off the popular comic book series Edgar Eagle. Both the comic and its animated adaptation are popular around the world.

Overview & backstory

Kenneth Edgerton was a mild-mannered accountant working for Amalgamated Amalgamations Inc. One day, while taking a hiking trip in the mountains, he found a golden eagle feather. However, this was no ordinary feather. Upon picking it up, he summoned Yu-Na, an eagle god from another planet. Yu-Na asked Edgerton if he will become the guardian of the planet, and if he says no, then the feather will disappear and he won't remember any of this. Edgerton accepted the offer, so he got the power to turn into the superhero Edgar Eagle. Using his secret identity, he fights villains and saves the world, just like Superman.

The title sequence opens with the following narration:

"Quicker than a cheetah,

More loyal than a beagle,
Stronger than a grizzly bear,

He's Edgarrrrrrrrr Eagllllllleeeeeeeee!"

The series is generally faithful to the comics. However, the backstory in the comics is different: Edgerton was a more abrasive character prior to becoming Edgar Eagle. He was exploring a cave when part of it collapsed, trapping him inside. Here, he met Yu-Na, who offered to free him from the cave if he would be nicer and more respectful to people. Of course, Edgerton accepted, and he became Edgar Eagle.

Certain villains from the comic are either missing or reduced to minor appearances, such as The Instigator, Armagedyn & Glüüm. The series also introduces an element not present in the comics: The Edgarmobile, a vehicle that can transform into a car, a submarine or a helicopter and is equipped with various gadgets. Edgar Eagle calls upon the Edgarmobile should he need extra speed.


  • Reeves the Eagle as Kenneth Edgerton/Edgar Eagle
  • Margo Rutherford as Ellie Lewis – Kenneth/Edgar's girlfriend
  • Allen Lexington as Ivan Alexander – The main villain of the series
  • James McClane as Mark Johnson – Kenneth’s best friend & co-worker at Amalgamated Amalgamations
  • Mason White as Jack Guntherson – The gruff but kind CEO of Amalgamated Amalgamations


  • Edgar Eagle first appeared in the AoStH episode "Blank-Headed Eagle", where Scratch got into an accident and believed that he really was Edgar Eagle. Coincidentally, the Eagle Chopper from this episode resembles the Edgarmobile's helicopter form.
  • Out of the entire main cast, Reeves & Allen Lexington are the only cast members who play a character of the same species (Lexington & Ivan are both humans). Margo Rutherford is human, but her character is also an eagle. James McClane is a fox, but his character is a human. Interestingly, Mason White is a cat, but his character is a dog (a Mastiff, to be exact).
  • Reeves' name is a reference to George Reeves, the actor who played Superman in the 1950's Superman TV series. It can also be a reference to Christopher Reeve, the actor who played Superman in the four Superman films made between 1978-87.


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