The Gods of Mater'Cia are deities that inhabit and sustain Mater'Cia. They are supernatural, immortal beings who each have his or her own duty in maintaining the balance of their world, and other dimensions as well, under the order and name of Exapico.


The gods are incredibly old having been within and at the time of the birth of all dimensions and world.


According to research, there may be more than 300 Ale'Cieldras, but here are the main ones.

Name Mythology Role as an Ale'Cieldra Symbol Realm Festival Kanji Name
Ancorielda Goddess of Magic and Choices
Bionima = Nijidenme Goddess of Life, Birth and Afterlife, Wife of Morthet'L and Mother of Olagniyum 虹澱女

Lady of the Rainbow Grove

Cosal = Akuraiken Vulcan God of Volcanoes, Mountains and Canyons 悪雷拳

Demonic Lightning Fist

Dialihora = Juutenkainohi Goddess of Law and Balance, Queen of Deities 十天戒ノ妃 Queen of the 10 Holy Commandments
Elphidia Goddess of Hope
Eulyco = Gutsukishi Wolf God of the Hunt and Survival, Father of Werewolves, Wolves, Dogs and Hounds, Beast-Leader Natural selection, encourager of fauna development, protector and maintainer of ecosystems 紅月獅

Beast of the Crimson Moon

Evidelo = Hakumaryuutei Demon Dragon God of Judgement, Honour and Justice, Husband of Xhaluneriya and Father of Elphidia, Infechra and Zatyrix, Father of Dai'Behmians Creator of the Dai'Behmians, instigator of judgement systems, maintenance and interference of H-Waves and U-Waves. 白魔竜帝

Divine Demon Dragon Emperor

Exapico = Juuyoshinmikoto Primordial God of Multiverse, Creation and Entirety Kosgenes 十世神命

Emperor God of the 10 Dimensions

Illumeris = Jinshiteiryuu Primordial God of the Sun and Day Maintainer of day-night cycle, emitter of Tz-Waves, irradiation of the sun 神市帝龍 Guardian Emperor Dragon of God's City
Jenyuro Demon God of Discord and Chaos, Husband of Yurriphella
Kataj = Suiyokanmei God of the Seas, Water and Rain Maintainer of Em-Waves, maintenance of water presence, sea levels and aquatic life and environments 水夜監命 Protector Lord of Watery Nights
Ledaziem = Hyoutouwashi God of Winter, Ice and Snow 氷刀鷲

Ice Blade Eagle

Lyucelina = Shiraenmiya Goddess of Light and Faith, Wife of Illumeris 白苑宮

Imperial Elysium Residence

Marelso God of War, Battle and Weapons Natural selection, interference of H-Waves and U-Waves
Morthet'L God of Death and End, Ruler of Siolnehem, Husband of Bionima and Father of Olagniyum
Mylorus God of Warning, Nightmares and Security Forewarns disasters, protector of multiversal balance, Oversees incoming threats
Qualiphia = Risshikaimiya Goddess of Knowledge, Intellect and Civilization, Wife of Tenelim and Mother of Revmorila 律獅界宮Residence of the Melody Beast Realm
Revmorila Goddess of Dreams and Messages, Daughter of Tenelim and Qualiphia Materialization of thoughts and memory into the subconsciousness, encourager of civilization
Samalik = Daisorakan King of Deities, God of the Skies and Atmosphere, Husband of Dialihora 大空冠

Grand Sky Crown

Shelanoir = Hansekitoku Goddess of the Earth, Nature, Agriculture and Harvest, Wife of Kataj and Mother of Cosal 槃世木督 Overseer of the Nirvana World Tree
Tenelim = Kuregentei Primordial God of Darkness and Night, Husband of Qualiphia and Father of Revmorila 暮現帝

Twilight Illusion Emperor

Uleshiria = Rokkan'Yomiya Goddess of Souls, Spirituality, Creativity, Imagination and Awareness, Wife of Xilkoriq Encourager of racial advancement, instigator and invoker of creativity and awareness, maintenance of H-Waves and D-Waves Lereternia (12th Sep) 六魂読宮 Observatory of the 6 Souls
Vyrastelia = Seikoushimiya Goddess of the Stars, Planets, Space and Cosmos 星光獅宮

Starlight Beast Residence

Xhaluneriya = Sakiseishimiya Goddess of Songs, Emotions and (Energy) Waves, Wife of Evidelo and Mother of Elphidia, Infechra and Zatyrix, Mother of Reyvateils Lhastoria Lhariel Ysheria 咲星詩宮

Blooming Star Poetry Residence

Xilkoriq = Souhankaryuu Dragon God of Fire and Civilization, Husband of Uleshiria 蒼槃火龍

Azure Nirvana Flame Dragon

Yurriphella = Hibika Goddess of Order and Harmony, Wife of Jenyuro Maintainer and emitter of U-Waves 響歌

Resonant Ode

Zatyrix Demon God of Fertility, Corruption, Despair, Violation and Murder, Son of Xhaluneriya and Evidelo and Brother of Elphidia and Infechra Zelmoria


True Form- Every deity has a true form. A deity's true form is a forme of massive energy. However, only deities can gaze upon each other's true forms. That cannot be said for mortals. If a mortal gazes upon a deity's true form, they will end up dead in several ways: either from burns, disintegration or instant death. Each deity's true form has its own unique power and effect on the world and mortals.


As deities, they are incredibly powerful. They can have an omnipresent presence, meaning they can be in many places at once. They are immortal, meaning that they cannot be killed by normal means.


Even though they are all-mighty and powerful existences in the dimensional continuum, they do have weaknesses like any other beings.

Although they can be in many places at one, they still can be captured. One would have to capture the larger part of their consciousness, or to put it simply, one of the manifestation their focus is greatest at.

They have a weakness that they keep guarded a secret: their true essence. Every living being and deity has a true essence within them. Deities however, keep their essence hidden through various ways. If their true essence is destroyed, then they die, since they cannot live without it.

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