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Ahriman after the Seedrian bombing runs

The Ahriman uprising occured on the planet Fresia when the resistance organization known as the U.R.F. tried to ignite a Fresian revolution to remove the Colonial Seedrian Government from power. The attack was led by rebel leaders Maric The Fox and Connor Jax who had a force of roughly 2,000 men which was backed by the Ahriman city guard consisting of about 1,500 men. They were faced off by a Seedrian force of about 6,000 troops. The attempt ultimatly failed but it succeded in arousing feeling of rebellion in the hearts of the fresian people and fear in the hearts of the Seedrians.

The Battle

The original plan was for the uprising to begin when the Seedrian high council was visiting the city to discuss what to do about growing levels of discontent in the native population of the city. This plan was accelerated when the seedrians discovered one of the U.R.F.'s weapons caches and discovered that the organization was preparing for something big. Upon hearing about the bust, rebel commander Maric Zavier "Maric the Fox" ordered the attack to comence immedietly without consulting his superior Priam or his co-commander Connor Jax. The battle was joined as the rebel forces captured both the military's barracks and the capital building. The seedrians then immedietly retaliated senting an entire infantry division to defeat the rebels. All of Fresia held its breath waiting to see how the bloody battle would end.

The Seedrian Response

The colonials responded to the uprising by sending the 8th infantry division consisting of entirely seedrian troops to retake the city. This assault was lead by Captain Sindreena who unkown to her superiors had a dark history with Maric Zavier. She was a strong believer in the Seedrian system, a tough and skilled fighter, and was well trained in military strategy making her the obvious choice for the job. She deployed her forces to defend the section of neighborhoods inhabited by seedrians and then began a slow and gradual retaking of the city. After putting this plan in motion she set about ending her personal vendetta against Maric Zavier. After being defeated by Maric the captain survived to return to her post and see the battle through to the end, but her chance to kill Maric had been lost.

Battle For The Capital Building

The Ahriman capital bulding was the first location seized by the rebels in the opening minutes of the uprising. Naturaly a location of focus for both sides Maric had planned a careful ambush for the seedrian troops tasked with taking it back, using all six of the heavy machine guns that the ahriman guard possesed to create a deadly crossfire from which no one could escape. Phi squad was used as the bait for the trap and they succeded in luering the seedrians into the main courtyard, where they were fired upon by the carefully placed MG's and suffer horrible casualties. However to the astonishment of the rebels the seedrians did not withdraw but instead reinforced their units and continued to attack. The fresians were baffled that they were pouring units into what was clearly a trap, but they failed to understand that there was a strategy to it. Accepting mass casualties in order to deplete the enemy's numbers and ammunition. The battle for the capital building continued for four days until the rebels abandoned the position and fled the city.

The End of The Uprising

After five days of almost constant fighting the exausted rebel army finally gave out. The U.R.F., the city guard, and the armed civilians who had joined in the uprising were either captured and imprisoned (Like Maric and Connor Jax) or fled into the wilderness and headed out to regroup with the U.R.F. Captain Sindreena was unable to convince her superiors to kill Maric and thus he was sent with what was left of his men to be exiled on Platea. Ahriman was almost completely destroyed in the battle and took almost a century to rebuild.

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